Chapter 1505 – Leaving

Yin Huaikong had a hat and wore a black robe, causing others to be unable to see his appearance clearly, nor were they able to notice the changes in his expression.

However, at this moment, Chen Xi clearly noticed that Yin Huaikong’s aura started surging and becoming vicious. Obviously, he’d been provoked by Li Fuyao’s words, causing him to become enraged.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion because of this. All these senior brothers and senior sisters of mine from Oracle Mountain really are proud!

“So what if you’ve comprehended the method to become a god? Don’t forget that you’re still an Immortal King now! So long as you’re an Immortal King, then you’re bound to be buried here!” Amidst his loud shout, Yin Huaikong attacked once more. He controlled the Dark Calamity Domain to form all sorts of ferocious and evil gods and the phenomena of calamity, and the impetus they revealed became even more shocking and terrifying.

“The Godrank Realm is only a step away from me.” Li Fuyao smiled lightly before he suddenly strode forward. It was an extremely simple action, yet it caused the imposing aura around him to suddenly change, and it was suffused with an extremely vast aura of divinity!

It was even to the extent that one could faintly notice strands of divine flames coiled around his body. Every single strand of divine flames seemed to possess a god residing within it, and the god was solemn and supreme.

He’d actually attained the Dao and become a god in a single step!

“Becoming a god in a single step! Dammit! Li Fuyao! You madman! Aren’t you afraid that that the Last Days Domain will restrain you and take you away!?” When he witnessed this scene, Yin Huaikong was utterly enraged, and he seemed to not dare believe his eyes and was slightly taken by surprise.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as well. Never had he imagined that Li Fuyao would choose to advance at this moment and step foot into the Godrank Realm. Moreover, it was so casually and easily accomplished. It seemed as if so long as Li Fuyao was willing, then he could become a god at any time!

This was extremely terrifying!

But Chen Xi’s heart sank right after that, and it was precisely because of what Yin Huaikong had said. Once he becomes a god, then wouldn’t Fifth Senior Brother be immediately noticed by the Divine Chains of Order and be restrained into the Last Days Domain?

Li Fuyao seemed to be completely indifferent towards all of this. He smiled lightheartedly while his eyes that were even more dazzling than the stars surged with strands of dense divine radiance, and he lightly flicked his right sleeve.


It was an extremely casual movement, yet it emanated a myriad of verdant leaves that were suffused with divine radiance, and they formed boundless divine talismans as they struck down.

In an instant, along with a wave of terrifying explosions, the innumerable ferocious and evil gods and the phenomena of calamity were all crushed into pieces. Moreover, the sky and the boundless universe in the heavens and the earth shattered into pieces at this moment and collapsed with a rumble!

The might of a single strike from him actually destroyed this Dark Calamity Domain!

At practically the exact same time, Li Fuyao suddenly took a step forward, and then he stretched out his right arm in an extraordinary arc before his palm directly enveloped down towards Yin Huaikong.

“Fellow Daoist, head to the Last Days Domain with me!”

“No!!!” Yin Huaikong was furious. His entire body rumbled as it surged with strands of terrifying energy fluctuations, and he actually vanished into thin air at this instant and avoided Li Fuyao’s attack.


However, right at the instant he dodged, he was grabbed ahold of by Li Fuyao’s palm, and his right arm was torn away, causing a strand of golden blood to spray out and dye the air red.

All of this occurred in a thousandth of an instant, and it was swift to the point Chen Xi wasn’t even able to react. So, he couldn’t help but feel shocked in his heart.

After that, the heavens and the earth shook while the world transformed, and the scene before his eyes suddenly changed. He’d once again appeared before Dao Emperor Academy.

The setting sun glowed red like blood, and its blood red radiance filled the sky.

The area outside Dao Emperor Academy was covered in ruins and a scene of desolation. The entire Darkombat City had been razed to the ground, and it had transformed into a horrifying expanse of ruins.

There wasn’t a single enemy left in the surroundings, and similarly, Yin Huaikong was nowhere to be found.

“What a pity! He was still able to escape death.” Li Fuyao sighed lightly while he exerted strength with his palm, causing a bang to resound as the severed arm he tore off Yin Huaikong’s body was crushed into powder and vanished without a trace.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to all of this, and he said in a worried tone, “Fifth Senior Brother, you’ve advanced into the Godrank Realm, so…”

As he spoke, he looked up at the sky. Up above in the sky, the door stood towering while numerous Divine Chains of Order coiled around it, and it was like a sharp sword that floated above the heads of all.

Li Fuyao smiled as he said, “There’s no need to worry. I’ve been waiting for this day since a long time ago. If I still don’t head over, then Eldest Senior Brother and the others would probably get impatient from staying at the Last Days Domain for so long.”

Chen Xi was stunned. He was naturally reluctant to immediately part with his Fifth Senior Brother after they’d just met.


“The Dean has appeared!”

“The Dean is alive!”

Meanwhile, a wave of surging cheers resounded. When all the instructors and students in Dao Emperor Academy saw Chen Xi’s figure appear, all of them shouted with pleasant surprise.

Earlier, when Chen Xi was brought into the Dark Calamity Domain, all of them didn’t know what had occurred, and it was even to the extent they didn’t know where Chen Xi had gone. They thought Chen Xi had suffered misfortune, and all of them were extremely worried.

Now that they saw he was completely fine and safe, all of them were naturally overjoyed.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly surprised when he saw this. Because the forces of the Sovereign Sect actually didn’t seize the opportunity from before to besiege Dao Emperor Academy, and he felt this was slightly strange.

After all, even he and his Fifth Senior Brother, Li Fuyao, were trapped within the Dark Calamity Domain and were unable to escape it. At that time, if the Sovereign Sect seized the opportunity to attack the academy, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Chen Xi was just about to ask about it when Li Fuyao suddenly smiled lightly and looked towards the distance before he said, “Little Junior Brother, look who has come.”

Chen Xi was slightly stunned when he heard this, and he looked along Li Fuyao’s gaze.

A young man with a stately figure, warm features, and a modest bearing was walking over step by step in space.

He had a carefree bearing and was like a refined scholar that was heading to the capitol to take the state exams. Moreover, he held a 1m long and 3 inch wide ruler that was completely pitch black.

However, as soon as he appeared, a grand scholarly aura effused out, and it gave others an awe-inspiring feeling of being upright and just. He seemed as if he was a divine king that intended to rebuild the order of the world and return peace to the world.

“Qiu Xuanshu!?” Chen Xi was surprised as he recognized this person. It was actually Qiu Xuanshu that he’d met once while in the Dark Reverie.

“Fifth Martial Uncle, Youngest Martial Uncle.” Qiu Xuanshu came forward and bowed.

Chen Xi was instantly stunned, and then he heard Li Fuyao say from the side. “He’s Fourth Senior Brother’s disciple. He was cultivating in Azureforest Academy within the Dark Reverie’s Unknown Lands before this, and then Fourth Senior Brother brought him back to the sect later on. He’s been cultivating in the sect since then.”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, and he said in his heart, When I met this fellow all those years ago, who would have imagined that he would actually become my Martial Nephew?”

Most surprising to Chen Xi was that Qiu Xuanshu had actually advanced into the Immortal King Realm now and based on Qiu Xuanshu’s aura that was vast and boundless like an ocean, he was actually not much inferior to Chen Xi.

Within Dao Emperor Academy, most of them were puzzled as they were unable to identity the identities of Li Fuyao and Qiu Xuanshu.

“Who’re they? Their auras are so formidable. When looking at them from afar, it caused me to arouse the thought that I’m unable to go against them. I feel as if I’m like an ant.” A great figure from the Dragon Dimension was surprised and bewildered.

“They’re heirs of Oracle Mountain. If I’m not wrong, that’s probably the Fifth Lord, Li Fuyao. He attained the Dao through the striations of plants, and he comprehend the profundities of the Talisman Dao in nature and creation. His cultivation is unfathomable.” Zhou Zhili sent a voice transmission to the others in a low voice, and his voice carried a wisp of shock and reverent. “As for the other person, if I’m not wrong, then he’s probably someone from Oracle Mountain as well.”

The others couldn’t help but be extremely shocked when they heard this. Only now did they recall that Dean Chen Xi had another identity, he was an heir of Oracle Mountain!

For a time, the entire surroundings were deathly silent while the gazes they shot at Chen Xi and the others revealed a wisp of reverence. That was the Oracle Mountain! The most mysterious paradise amongst the three supreme sects of the three dimensions!

Thump! Thump!

After he greeted Chen Xi and Li Fuyao, Qiu Xuanshu flicked his sleeve, and three bloody heads instantly rolled to the ground. All of them were glaring angrily with their eyes wide open, and their gazes carried a wisp of unwillingness.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrows. “What’s this?”

“The Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect ranked at the sixth, ninth, and twelfth position. Earlier, when Fifth Martial Uncle brought me over, I saw they intended to seize the opportunity when both of you were trapped to attack the academy, so I stopped them.” Qiu Xuanshu spoke modestly. “This is all thanks to Fifth Martial Uncle’s guidance, otherwise, with my ability, I would have almost been deceived by their concealment techniques.”

Only now did Chen Xi understand why the Sovereign Sect didn’t seize the opportunity from before the attack Dao Emperor Academy. It turned out that his Fifth Senior Brother had made arrangements for everything since the beginning, and Qiu Xuanshu had taken action on his behalf.

Chen Xi hurriedly expressed his gratitude. This time, if it wasn’t for the arrival of Li Fuyao and Qiu Xuanshu, the curtains to this battle would definitely not be drawn so easily.

On the other hand, when everyone within Dao Emperor Academy heard that those three Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect who were at the Immortal King Realm had actually been annihilated by Qiu Xuanshu, they couldn’t help but gasp in their hearts. Every single one of the members of Oracle Mountain really are heaven defying!

“Little Junior Brother, there’s no need for that.” Li Fuyao smiled, and then he gazed at Qiu Xuanshu before he said, “Why are they only three heads?”

“Originally, there were eleven of them, but right after I killed these three, they suddenly retreated for some unknown reason, causing me to be unable to stop them in time.” Qiu Xuanshu spoke apologetically.

“That was probably Yin Huaikong’s decision.” Li Fuyao pondered deeply before he said, “This isn’t your fault. Not to mention that it’s impossible for you to annihilate all of them by yourself. If the battle carried on, then it would cause you to fall into danger instead.”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly raised his head and gazed at the sky while a wisp of a helpless expression suffused his face. He shook his head and said, “Little Junior Brother, I have to go.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he looked up into the sky. Sure enough, he noticed that the numerous Divine Chains of Order around the door in the sky seemed to have noticed something, and they’d started to awaken from their slumber and became eager to take action.

“Fifth Senior Brother.” Chen Xi’s heart shook, and he felt slightly reluctant.

“There’s not much time left. I’ve recorded everything within this jade slip. No matter if it’s to deal with the Sovereign Sect or heading to the Last Days Domain, it’ll be of use for both.” Li Fuyao patted Chen Xi on the shoulder and smiled, and then he suddenly flashed and teleported into the sky.

“Little Junior Brother, Martial Nephew Xuanshu, take care of yourselves!” In the sky, Li Fuyao’s lighthearted and warm laughter resounded. However, in the eyes of everyone, his figure had suddenly transformed into a wisp of divine light that swiftly charged into the door in the sky.


The Divine Chains of Order around the door were alarmed. However, before they could take any action, Li Fuyao’s figure had already vanished behind the door.

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