Chapter 1504 – Dark Calamity Domain

The Overarching Heaven Net descended from the sky, and Jiang Taizhong had a savage expression while he intended to fight desperately with his life on the line.

Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament in hand as he arrived, and he attacked Jiang Taizhong from the side.

A fair and slender enormous hand suddenly appeared, and it tore through the Divine Restriction and grabbed onto an opportune moment to kill Chen Xi.

At this instant, three different actions had occurred, and it played out into a scene where a mantis stalked a cicada yet was attacked by the oriole at the back. It had occurred unbelievable swiftly, and it was extremely shocking and dangerous.

All of this seemed as if it would end with the death of Chen Xi. But right at this critical moment, an extremely verdant leaf drifted down out of thin air, and it moved along an indescribably profound arc and with an unbelievably swift speed to obstruct the enormous hand.

Time seemed to have slowed down at this moment while space seemed to have been frozen, and every single movement had become slow.

One could clearly notice that this leaf was completely round and seemed flawless. It was extremely verdant while its surface was densely covered with strands of veins, and it seemed completely like a work of nature, glistened brightly, and was suffused with a strand of an indescribably mysterious aura.

As soon as it appeared, the...

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