Chapter 1504 – Dark Calamity Domain

The Overarching Heaven Net descended from the sky, and Jiang Taizhong had a savage expression while he intended to fight desperately with his life on the line.

Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament in hand as he arrived, and he attacked Jiang Taizhong from the side.

A fair and slender enormous hand suddenly appeared, and it tore through the Divine Restriction and grabbed onto an opportune moment to kill Chen Xi.

At this instant, three different actions had occurred, and it played out into a scene where a mantis stalked a cicada yet was attacked by the oriole at the back. It had occurred unbelievable swiftly, and it was extremely shocking and dangerous.

All of this seemed as if it would end with the death of Chen Xi. But right at this critical moment, an extremely verdant leaf drifted down out of thin air, and it moved along an indescribably profound arc and with an unbelievably swift speed to obstruct the enormous hand.

Time seemed to have slowed down at this moment while space seemed to have been frozen, and every single movement had become slow.

One could clearly notice that this leaf was completely round and seemed flawless. It was extremely verdant while its surface was densely covered with strands of veins, and it seemed completely like a work of nature, glistened brightly, and was suffused with a strand of an indescribably mysterious aura.

As soon as it appeared, the lethal and dangerous aura that enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body had suddenly vanished without a trace, causing Chen Xi’s originally tense nerves to swiftly ease up while a surprised expression filled his eyes at this moment.

At practically the exact same time, the fair and slender palm that tore through the sky showed a slight sign of stopping. It seemed as if it had noticed danger and actually stopped forcefully in midair, and then it was suddenly withdrawn as if it had been electrocuted!

However, it was still a step too late. The green leaf seemed as if it had eyes and drifted over, and it gently descended like a petal onto the enormous hand…


At the instant the leaf and palm came into contact, an extremely emerald green glow suddenly lit up. It was blazing and dazzling, and it revealed an expanse of mysterious and profound talisman diagrams as it rumbled and smashed down.

In an instant, the enormous hand seemed as if it had been struck by lightning, and a bone deep crack was slashed open on its fair and tender skin, causing golden blood to spray out and dye the surrounding sky red.


Chen Xi gasped. All of this was vividly displayed before his eyes, allowing him to instantly recognize with a single glance that it was shockingly an obscure and profound Divine Talisman Diagram that had floated up into appearance from that leaf!

Could it be that it’s a Senior Brother from Oracle Mountain that has come?

That can’t be. The calamity has swept through the three dimensions now, and the gods have ceased to exist. All the Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters in Oracle Mountain have headed to the Last Days Domain a long time ago. So how could there be any more disciples left in the three dimensions?

Chen Xi was slightly bewildered in his heart.

“The Divine Agarwood Leaf! Li Fuyao! You were actually not taken away!” Suddenly, a shocked and furious cry resounded. This voice was feminine and hoarse, and it surged through the heavens and the earth.

Li Fuyao!

It’s Fifth Senior Brother!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he suddenly recalled that his Senior Sister Li Yang had once said that amongst all the disciples of Oracle Mountain, only his Fifth Senior Brother had re-cultivated the Immortal King Realm for certain reasons. In this way, Senior Brother Li Fuyao really might be still within the three dimensions!

Sure enough, right at this moment, a clear and warm voice resounded. “I still haven’t attained the Godrank Realm now, so why should I leave? Yet you, Yin Huaikong, have advanced into the Godrank Realm a long time ago, yet you executed a body seizing technique to suppress your cultivation at the Immortal King Realm. This has gone against your intentions to abide by the Heaven Dao.”

As he spoke, the Divine Restriction Chen Xi set up rumbled and shattered into a rain of light that sprayed into the surroundings.

However, to Chen Xi’s shock, he wasn’t standing outside Dao Emperor Academy any longer, and he’d arrived at a mysterious world instead!

This place was completely covered in darkness and boundless desolation. It was like a universe that was without stars, and it was empty and deathly silent.

This caused Chen Xi to be shocked in his heart. He instantly understood that he’d unknowingly fallen into the Sovereign Sect’s trap, and he might have been teleported into a Secret Realm or a strange treasure!

For example, Meng Xinghe’s Myriad Starnet Disk had a world of its own within it, and it could soundlessly drag one’s enemies into it.

After that, Chen Xi noticed that a figure stood extremely far in the distance. The figure wore a hat while the figure’s entire body was enveloped by a black robe, causing Chen Xi to be unable to see the figure’s appearance clearly.

The imposing aura emanated from this person’s entirely body was like an abyss of darkness while the place he stood was enveloped by eternal night. Dark clouds surged while the surroundings were filled with the aura of calamity. When looked at from afar, he was like the overlord of this expanse of the world, and it was horrifying.

“Little Junior Brother, he’s Yin Huai Kong that’s ranked at the first amongst the Seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect, and he’d advanced into the Godrank Realm a few thousands of years ago. Presently, he has executed a secret technique to suppress his cultivation in order to reveal a cultivation at the Immortal King Realm now.” A warm voice resounded once more by Chen Xi’s ears. Chen Xi raised his head to look over, and he saw a young man was standing by his side while smiling at him.

The young man wore a high crown and ancient clothes, and he had a refined bearing. Even though his appearance was ordinary, his eyes were brilliant like the stars, and he carried a smile on the corners of his mouth. Moreover, even though his body wasn’t enveloped by divine radiance, while he stood there casually, he had a bearing that was towering like a mountain, extremely calm, and vast. It seemed as if even if the heavens were to collapse, it wouldn’t even be able to bend his backbone by an inch.

He was the Fifth Lord of Oracle Mountain, Li Fuyao!

“Fifth Senior Brother.” Chen Xi cupped his hands together while a wisp of warmth flowed in his heart. At the critical moment, it was still his Senior Brother from the Oracle Mountain that had come to assist him, and it caused him to be rather happy in his heart.

As he spoke, he’d noticed that Jiang Taizhong was completely restrained by the Overarching Heaven Net and lay by Li Fuyao’s side. Moreover, Jiang Taizhong’s eyes were shut tight, and Chen Xi didn’t know if he was still alive.

“There’s no need for courtesy. Little Junior Sister told me everything before she left.” Li Fuyao smiled very warmly, and it felt like bathing beneath a spring breeze and caused Chen Xi to arouse a feeling of closeness towards Li Fuyao. Liu Fuyao possessed a type of extremely unique charm.

“Hmph! Aren’t you the same as well, Li Fuyao? After you advanced into the Godrank Realm, you just had to reincarnate and cultivate once more. How truly stupid of you! Now, you probably have no hope of entering the ancient God Domain!” Yin Huaikong spoke with a feminine and hoarse voice. His entire body was coiled by black mist, and it caused him to seem like terrifying like an emperor of darkness.

“I’m not like you. The Heaven Dao of the three dimensions thinks of me like a rebel, yet you…are just a dog led around by the Heaven Dao. Yet now, you’ve suppressed your cultivation and are unwilling to head to the Last Days Domain, so this isn’t any different from going against the will of the Heaven Dao, and it’s a great disrespect to it.” Li Fuyao spoke slowly while keeping his hands behind his back, and his eyes were extremely dazzling as he looked at Yin Huaikong from afar. Moreover, his voice was calm, clear, and warm, yet every single word he spoke was like a blade that struck the heart.

“Hmph! I can’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with you when you’re about to die. This Dark Calamity Domain is formed from the Quintessence Blood Essence of twelve Immortal Kings, and I originally intended to utilize it to crush Dao Emperor Academy. Now, it can be utilized as the burial ground for the both of you brothers. You can be considered to have died a good death.” Yin Huaikong grunted coldly, yet he didn’t get infuriated at all and seemed to be extremely scheming.

As soon as these words were spoken, Chen Xi’s heart shook as he finally understood why the Sovereign Sect had never shows itself while he annihilated all those Immortal Kings earlier. It turned out that the Sovereign Sect actually intended to use him to kill those Immortal Kings and set up this Dark Calamity Domain with their Quintessence Blood Essence!

Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but feel cold when he realized this. He was entirely unable to deduce when the Sovereign Sect had set up all of this, or how they were able to confirm that he would be able to annihilate those Immortal Kings!

“Little Junior Brother, there’s no need to worry about it. No matter if you were able to annihilate those Immortal Kings or not, the fate they faced would definitely be death. The Sovereign Sect has never taken any of these fellows to be one of their own.” Li Fuyao’s warm and clear voice sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears and explained everything to him.

“As for the Dark Calamity Domain’s set up, it was actually very simple. Restrictions had already been placed within the bodies of those twelve Immortal Kings that sided with the Sovereign Sect, and after they perished, the Quintessence Blood Essence within their bodies would activate the restrictions and condense this Dark Calamity Domain. This is a trick that the Sovereign Sect always uses, and it isn’t really very profound.”

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi finally came to an understanding, and he couldn’t help but feel slight pity towards Jiang Taizhong and the other Immortal Kings. Would they have imagined that such a day would come when they joined the Sovereign Sect?


Suddenly, wind and lightning started surging within this empty and deathly expanse of darkness, and it transformed into numerous ferocious and evil phantoms of the gods that appeared all over the heavens and the earth.

“Li Fuyao! Chen Xi! I’ll send you both on your way!” Yin Huaikong’s voice was icy cold as he flicked his black robe, and he seemed to have transformed into a demon god that controlled the world and determined life and death.

His voice hadn’t finished resounding when the ferocious gods that covered the sky had whistled over through the air, and they aggressively assaulted Chen Xi and Li Fuyao while suffused with the surging aura of calamity.

“Yin Huaikong, I forgot to tell you that I’ve already comprehended the method to become a god before I left the sect. If you’re willing, then I can bring you along to the Last Days Domain with me!” Li Fuyao smiled indifferently when facing all of this. His clothes fluttered while his entire body surged with strands of an obscure and terrifying aura that swept towards the surroundings.

A shapeless gale suddenly coiled around Li Fuyao’s body, and it transformed into numerous verdant leaves that fluttered throughout the sky.

Hiss! Hiss!

All of those leaves contained numerous mysterious and obscure Divine Talisman Diagrams, and they smashed down from all directions. They actually shattered and minced apart all of those ferocious gods that covered the sky.

Moreover, it was even to the extent that the sky in this expanse of dark space was torn apart and was on the verge of shattering!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim endlessly with admiration in his heart when he witnessed this scene. He originally felt that he was already invincible in the Immortal King Realm, yet no matter if it was in comparison to Yin Huaikong or Li Fuyao, he noticed that he was still greatly inferior.

It was a sort of control towards energy, and it was a sort of enlightenment of the energy of the gods!

Even though he was merely a thread away from accomplishing this, this mere thread had decided the gap between them.

Actually, he was clearly aware that Yin Huaikong was at the Godrank Realm, whereas his Fifth Senior Brother had even reincarnated to re-cultivate. So in terms of their understandings of the Divine Dao, they naturally far surpassed him.

Simply speaking, Li Fuyao and Yin Huaikong had already stepped on the path to seek the Divine Dao, whereas Chen Xi still hadn’t taken that step through the threshold.

“The energy of the gods! How could this be possible!? You just reincarnated three hundred years ago. How could you have possibly comprehended the Grand Dao of the Gods again after such a short period of time!?” Yin Huaikong was slightly taken by surprise, and he let out an extreme rare shocking and furious voice while his tone even carried a wisp of disbelief.

“It doesn’t mean that others aren’t able to accomplish something that you’re unable to accomplish. Not to mention that you, Yin Huaikong, are utterly not qualified to compare yourself with me, Li Fuyao, because such a comparison would only make you feel despair.” Li Fuyao smiled as he spoke, and his voice was clear and warm as before. Moreover, it didn’t carry a forceful and resolute tone, and it was as if he was describing an extremely ordinary fact.

But it was precisely such an attitude that caused the black mist around Yin Huaikong’s entire body to surge, and he seemed to have fallen into a furious state.

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