Chapter 1503 – Unexpected Event

The Divine Restriction had been activated, and talismans surged and covered it densely.

After he successively slaughtered eight Immortal Kings, Chen Xi’s movements still weren’t affected by the outside world at all.

He was silent and murderous as he moved with sword in hand, and he was like an ethereal gust of wind that drifted through every single corner of the Divine Restriction.

This formation had been personally set up by Chen Xi, and the detailed changes in every single area of the grand formation was revealed down to the smallest detail within his heart, allowing him to take precise and swift action within the formation.

At this moment, he wasn’t fighting all the Immortal Kings all by himself like he had earlier, and it was an entirely different situation now. The last four remaining Immortal Kings were restrained in different corners of the Divine Restriction, allowing him to rely on his own strength to crush these enemies one by one.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Within the Divine Restriction, sword qi shot into the sky and formed a blazing mass. Along with the dense and obscure talismans that surged like the tide, it transformed the divine restriction into a chaotic and turbulent ocean of light, causing others to be unable to see exactly what was occurring within it.

They could only hear the furious howls of Immortal Kings, the sounds of battle, and the miserable shouts that ceaselessly resounded throughout the world. It caused chills to run down...

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