Chapter 1502 – Slaughtering Immortal Kings As A Warning

As soon as Chen Xi finished speaking, the expressions of Jiang Taizhong and the others changed. This bastard actually intends to annihilate all of us?

On the other hand, the hearts of all the members of the forces that followed behind these Immortal Kings shook violently. Especially those that possessed slightly weaker strengths, they were even terrified to the point of being on the verge of trembling while terror filled their hearts.

“What high-sounding sentiments! Chen Xi, do you think the Sovereign Sect would watch as all of this occurred?” Jiang Taizhong took a deep breath and sneered without end.

He’d already changed his method of address and stopped insulting Chen Xi as a bastard, and this obviously showed that his state of mind wasn’t calm at all at this moment, causing him to inadvertently reveal a wisp of fear towards Chen Xi.

The Sovereign Sect!

The atmosphere in the surroundings instantly froze when these words were spoken.

Yes, no matter if it was Jiang Taizhong and those Immortal Kings or all the forces that followed behind them, all of them had sided with the Sovereign Sect.

On the other hand, their operation to attack Dao Emperor Academy this time was being watched by the entire Immortal Dimension. Under such circumstances, how could the Sovereign Sect just watch as all of this happened and the operation failed?

It definitely wouldn’t!

So long as someone had half a brain, one would know that the true might of the Sovereign Sect was probably...

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