Chapter 1502 – Slaughtering Immortal Kings As A Warning

As soon as Chen Xi finished speaking, the expressions of Jiang Taizhong and the others changed. This bastard actually intends to annihilate all of us?

On the other hand, the hearts of all the members of the forces that followed behind these Immortal Kings shook violently. Especially those that possessed slightly weaker strengths, they were even terrified to the point of being on the verge of trembling while terror filled their hearts.

“What high-sounding sentiments! Chen Xi, do you think the Sovereign Sect would watch as all of this occurred?” Jiang Taizhong took a deep breath and sneered without end.

He’d already changed his method of address and stopped insulting Chen Xi as a bastard, and this obviously showed that his state of mind wasn’t calm at all at this moment, causing him to inadvertently reveal a wisp of fear towards Chen Xi.

The Sovereign Sect!

The atmosphere in the surroundings instantly froze when these words were spoken.

Yes, no matter if it was Jiang Taizhong and those Immortal Kings or all the forces that followed behind them, all of them had sided with the Sovereign Sect.

On the other hand, their operation to attack Dao Emperor Academy this time was being watched by the entire Immortal Dimension. Under such circumstances, how could the Sovereign Sect just watch as all of this happened and the operation failed?

It definitely wouldn’t!

So long as someone had half a brain, one would know that the true might of the Sovereign Sect was probably hiding in the shadows and watching all of this coldly from the sidelines.

This was precisely where Jiang Taizhong’s confidence lay when he dared to speak such words.

“The Sovereign Sect is only a dog of the Heaven Dao, yet all of you actually take pride in being able to side with the Sovereign Sect. In this way, all of you’re even inferior to dogs.” Chen Xi spoke with a calm and indifferent expressions, and he didn’t conceal his ridicule and disdain at all as he spoke. He seemed to utterly not care about the threat that the Sovereign Sect posed.

The expressions of Jiang Taizhong and the others instantly became even more unsightly because Chen Xi didn’t just call the Sovereign Sect a dog, he even said all of them were worse than dogs. In the past, when had all of them who possessed such supreme statuses suffered such humiliation?


They were Immortal Kings and were even the leaders of top powers. They ruled over an area of the Immortal Dimension and commanded the winds and clouds there. They were respected and revered no matter where they went, so would anyone dare to disrespect them verbally?

“Chen Xi, if you act in this way, then the entire Dao Emperor Academy will be buried because of you. Can you bear the responsibility for such consequences!?” A thin young man that wore a Daoist’s robe shouted loudly in a grim voice. He was a senior at the Immortal King Realm from Dao Secret Academy.

“Haha! All of you came to attack my Dao Emperor Academy, yet you still dare to use it to threaten me now. It’s simply laughable!” Amidst his cold laughter, Chen Xi suddenly withdrew the Talisman Armament, and his figure flashed as he launched his attack!

At this moment, he’d already almost fully recovered the exhausted Immortal Force within his body, and combined with the might of the Divine Restriction, it was sufficient for him to deal with all sorts of situations.

It was impossible for those Immortal Kings to wait for death to arrive. So when they saw Chen Xi charge into the Divine Restriction, all of them withdrew their strongest treasures and prepared to seize this opportunity to desperately seek for a path towards survival.


The entire body of that thin young man from Dao Secret Academy glowed. He was like a heavenly exalt that had descended to the world, and a black horsetail whisk suddenly appeared in his hand before he attacked mightily with the intention of breaking through the Divine Restriction.

An Artificial Spirit Treasure!

A glow flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes as he recognized the horsetail whisk as a Divine Artifact, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised in his heart. The wealth of these old Immortal Kings is really abundant to an extent that’s beyond my imagination.


The aura of divinity surged from the horsetail whisk, and it was like an expanse of chaos was being swirled around within it. It destroyed and blasted apart numerous talismans that formed the restrictions, and it intended to break through the Divine Restriction while revealing peerless might.

Chen Xi smiled as he flashed over to go against this young man.


The Talisman Armament tore through the sky. Its dim and simple body surged with numerous divine talisman diagrams, and it actually fused together within the Divine Restriction before Chen Xi, and it drew support from the energy of divinity within the Divine Restriction, causing Chen Xi’s might to suddenly raise greatly.

His green clothes fluttered while he revealed an empty and otherworldly bearing, and he even carried an aura of divine might as he collided with the thin young man.


Both their treasures collided, and they executed all their ability. One of them was like a heavenly exalt that had descended to the world, and the other was like an emperor of the sword that was patrolling the world, and they fought to the point the heavens and the earth dimmed down.

One could clearly notice that as soon as they entered into battle, the thin young man was in a disadvantageous position, and he was completely suppressed by Chen Xi. If it wasn’t for the Divine Artifact in his hand, he would have probably been crushed by Chen Xi long ago.

“Huff!” The thin young man had realized this as well, and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence while he roared loudly. Suddenly, a golden ethereal figure floated up into appearance, and it transformed into a heavenly exalt that glared furiously and held an enormous seal in its hand.

In an instant, the Divine Restriction rumbled as it started to tremble violently. The ethereal golden heavenly exalt was peerlessly mighty, and the enormous seal in its hand was branded with divine energy as it smashed down with unimaginable might.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi grunted coldly. He had a fierce expression between his brows as he withdrew a bowl.


It blocked the attack of the ethereal figure, and then he held the Talisman Armament himself as he charged out explosively like a Roc and slashed down with his sword.


His sword struck directly on the enormous seal while sword insight surged from within it, causing time and space to warp and shatter before rumbling resounded, and then the enormous seal was forcefully smashed into pieces.

After that, the ethereal figure suddenly started trembling before cracks spread like spider webs on its body.

Crack! Crack!

It cracked open and exploded into pieces that rumbled as they shot towards the surroundings.

Everyone was shocked because Chen Xi was too formidable. He’d actually went head on against that ethereal figure of a heavenly exalt by himself, and he’d even annihilated it with a single strike of the sword. This was truly shocking.


The thin young man coughed up a mouthful of blood as he staggered back, and his entire body had become extremely dim because he’d suffered a heavy injury.

“How could this be possible! The Universe Six-Corner Heavenly Exalt Dharma Body possesses the energy of the gods, and I even sacrificed ten thousand years of my quintessence, yet I was actually unable to resist a single strike from this bastard!” He roared furiously while his pale face revealed terror, and it even carried a form of dense shock and bewilderment.


Chen Xi didn’t speak, and it was a wisp of sword qi that greeted that thin young man instead. The wisp of sword qi was covered in dense talismans that were dazzling and gorgeous, and they drowned his entire body beneath them.

His voice stopped abruptly while a strand of the dark golden blood of Immortal Kings surged out and covered the Divine Restriction.

Another Immortal King had perished!

Even though Jiang Taizhong and the other Immortal Kings were trapped in other areas of the Divine Restriction, they’d clearly sensed all of this. At this instant, a wisp of terror and coldness surged out from within their hearts, and they seemed as if they were at a funeral. Moreover, they felt a strand of unprecedented rage and terror from inside out.

They didn’t hesitate to madly utilize all their ability with the intention of breaking free of the restriction.


Chen Xi didn’t even spare a glance towards this, and his figure flashed as he charged into another area.

At this moment, as soon as he made a move, there would absolutely be no room for negotiation. Firstly, it was because this Divine Restriction exhausted too much energy, and it would collapse soon, and secondly, he was worried that the Sovereign Sect would interfere and disrupt the action he was taking.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At one area of the Divine Restriction, a short and plump crimson robed old man was smashing the dark green iron rod in his hand at the Divine Restriction, and his expression was gloomy and savage while cursed. “Dammit! Dammit! Why hasn’t the Sovereign Sect made an appearance? If I knew this would happen, then I wouldn’t have gotten myself into this no matter what…”

Suddenly, his figure froze while he became vigilant in his heart. He suddenly raised his hand and saw a green clothed figure appear to be passing through space and time towards him.

In an instant, his chubby cheeks trembled while his expression turned grim, and he cried out in shock. “Chen Xi!”

“Looks like I made you wait. I’m truly sorry, I’ll send you on your way right now.” Chen Xi spoke coldly as he flashed over.

“You…just you try!” The crimson robed old man roared furiously. At this moment, his body seemed as if it was blazing with flames, and it emanated a boundless immortal glow. He utilized all his might to swing the dark green iron rod in his hand with the intention of fighting Chen Xi to the death.


Chen Xi sneered as he activated the force of the Divine Restriction to restrict the time and space in the surroundings. After that, he swung the Talisman Armament in his hand horizontally, and then a vast and brilliant strand of sword qi sprayed out.


The crimson robed old man seemed even weaker. No matter how he struggled, he was unable to break free of the restraints of the Divine Restriction, and he was unable to obstruct the might of Chen Xi’s horizontal swing of the Talisman Armament. It instantly slashed him apart at the waist, causing his corpse to split into two while fresh blood shot out.

At this instant, his miserable shrill cry sounded like a boar was being slaughtered, and it resounded through the sky and only vanished after a long time.

The bodies of all the other Immortal Kings shook while a wisp of despair surged out from their hearts. How do we continue fighting this battle? The Divine Restriction had locked down the surroundings while Chen Xi is peerlessly formidable! Can anyone go against him?

“Let’s attack together with our lives on the line!”

“That’s our only chance!”

In the Divine Restriction, two Immortal Kings had gathered together. After they discussed it together, both of them decided to fight desperately against Chen Xi with their lives on the line because only in this way would they have a chance at attaining victory and surviving.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s figure appeared out of thin air, and he said indifferently, “I said it since the beginning, all of you shameless bastards that are even worse than dogs don’t deserve to continue living, nor are all of you qualified to bring me down with you!”

As he spoke, Chen Xi shot through the sky and circulated the energy of the Divine Restriction to lock down the surroundings. At this moment, he was murderous and merciless as he launched a slaughter with the Talisman Armament in hand!

After a short moment.

“AH!!!” An Immortal King roared loudly while his body was slashed into two along with the Immortal Artifact in his hand, causing a rain of light to spray out while a rain of blood poured down.

“You… Chen Xi, I had a friendly relationship with Dean Meng Xinghe all those years ago. Now I’ve realized my mistakes. So please spare my life. I swear that from today onwards, I’ll repent thoroughly and turn over a new leaf. Moreover, I’m willing to fight the Sovereign Sect with you, and I won’t hesitate to lay down my life to repay you.” The other Immortal King spoke with a trembling voice. At this moment of life and death, he’d actually spoke out and begged for mercy!

This had exceeded the expectations of everyone, and it even caused everyone from Dao Emperor Academy to feel extreme contempt towards him. Because a supreme Immortal King that had commanded the winds and clouds for so many years was actually terrified to the point of wailing and begging for mercy now, and this was something that was really unbelievable.

Chen Xi’s black hair hung loosely on his shoulders while his gaze was terrifying and like a bolt of cold lightning. His expression was calm and emotionless as he pressed down with the Talisman Armament in hand, and he wasn’t moved at all from the beginning until the end.


Fresh blood sprayed. This Immortal King wasn’t even in time to resist before Chen Xi had slit his throat while his soul collapsed and was minced into pieces. He perished on the spot.

“Why is this happening!?” Waves of exclaims of terror resounded from afar. It was all the forces that had come along with these Immortal Kings. Now that they witnessed Immortal King after Immortal King being annihilated and causing them to lose their protections, they instantly started shivering while their countenance turned pale from fright. Moreover, they almost fell limply to the ground from fear.

Chen Xi was like a cruel and emotionless primeval Fiendgod that stood before them. Up until this very moment, he’d actually annihilated eight Immortal Kings by himself, and it shocked the hearts of all!

That was eight Immortal Kings, yet they’d been annihilated just like that!

Who would have imagined this would happen?

Without any doubt, because he possessed the assistance of the Divine Restriction, Chen Xi had already obtained an absolute advantage at this moment, and he terrified everyone. His power and influence were so strong that it was already capable of causing others to tremble in fear upon hearing his name!

At this moment, everyone within Dao Emperor Academy were stunned by this scene while waves surged without end within their hearts. It was excitement, shock, happiness, and pride!

This was their Dean!

Today, he intended to slaughter a group of Immortal Kings as a warning to the world!

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