Chapter 1501 – Crushing Immortal Kings With A Divine Restriction

This time, Jiang Taizhong and the other eleven Immortal Kings had led the forces of the Jiang Clan, Wanqi Clan, Zhongli Clan, Vastsky Academy, Bitter Silence Academy, Dao Secret Academy, and Grand Desolation Academy, and they’d arrived here menacingly with the intention of sweeping through Dao Emperor Academy and completely annihilating it.

Never had they imagined that during the first battle and when merely facing Chen Xi alone, they’d suffered a heavy injury and successively lost four Immortal Kings.

Such an unexpected event was simply like a strike to the head, and it caused their entire bodies to feel cold while their expressions turned unsightly to the extreme. They felt an indescribable feeling of horror and heaviness.

On the other hand, to those forces that had come along with these great powers, they were terrified to the point their souls almost left their bodies, and they felt as if they’d fallen into an icy pit. Just Chen Xi alone was already so troublesome and terrifying, so they wondered how they would continue fighting this battle.

At this point, they’d lost the complacency they’d had prior to this, and it was like a bucket of icy cold water being poured down on their heads. Their entire bodies felt cold while their will to fight was gradually collapsing and vanishing.

On the other hand, the morale on Dao Emperor Academy’s side had risen greatly, and they let out thunderous cheers that resounded through the sky. No matter if it...

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