Chapter 1500 – Successive Annihilation

The one-armed old man was killed, and his corpse had been cut into two, causing golden blood to rain down while his miserable shrill cry tore through the sky.

An Immortal King had perished just like that. His eyes carried bewilderment and even a feeling a great terror, and he’d died without closing his eyes just like that.

This scene caused everyone’s scalps to go numb while they felt suffocated. All of them were shocked, and they were unable to accept what had just occurred. How could this have happened? This had exceeded their imagination.

While under the joint siege of twelve Immortal Kings, Chen Xi had actually launched a mighty counterattack and crushed an Immortal King in one ago. How imposing and powerful was such an action?

That was an Immortal King. An existence that could overturn the world with a single thought and destroy and enormous area in a single moment, and extremely formidable and supreme existence.

Presently, the gods had ceased to exist in the three dimensions, and Immortal Kings were already the most supreme existences. They could move freely and invincibly throughout the three dimensions, yet at this moment, one had actually been easily annihilated here!

Many others had even clearly noticed that during the process where Chen Xi annihilated the one-armed old man, it wasn’t that no one had tried to rescue the old man, but all of them had been blasted away by Chen Xi, and not a single one of them was able to turn the situation around at all.

How could all of them not be shocked by Chen Xi’s peerless bearing?

If it was said that Chen Xi’s achievements of killing the group of Immortal Kings within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace was a peerless and splendid achievement in combat, then this was a miracle.

It caused everyone to feel disbelief and be unable to accept it because he’d just stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm and didn’t possess the assistance of the energy of Karmic Luck from within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, yet he possessed such shocking and heaven defying combat strength. What would his combat strength be in the future? It was impossible to imagine, and it would probably be unprecedented and reign supreme amongst all the Immortal Kings in the world!

Only a small portion of people understood exactly how terrifying the combat strength Chen Xi possessed was.

Because when he was still at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, he’d similarly not relied on the energy of Karmic Luck within the divine palace to annihilate Wanqi Qing and go head-on against the senior of the Mu Clan, Mu Rongtian, causing Mu Rongtian to retreat in the face of difficulties!

At the square outside the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, Chen Xi had even gone head-on against the joint forces of two Immortal Kings, Jiang Cangyun and Zhongli Gui, and he’d annihilated both of these Immortal Kings in the end.

At that time, he was still only at the Half-step Immortal King Realm!

Yet now, he’d advanced into the true Immortal King Realm, and his combat strength had undergone a tremendous transformation. He’d stepped foot onto a perfect Immortal King Grand Dao, and he’d condensed the Primeval Dao Quintessence.

That was a type of extremely formidable energy, and it was difficult to find a single Immortal King that had condensed the Primeval Dao Quintessence amongst thousands of Immortal Kings!

Coupled with the assistance he received from the Talisman Armament that had been refined once more and was comparable to an Artificial Spirit Treasure, could anyone at the same cultivation realm within the three dimensions be a match for him?

At this moment, it wasn’t just everyone within Dao Emperor Academy that were shocked, even all those forces that came to attack were shocked. They were dumbstruck while it was impossible for their hearts to calm down because Chen Xi was too terrifying, he was like a peerless and formidable enemy, and he was simply unreasonably heaven defying!

“Ancestor!” A group of people roared loudly while their faces were covered with terror. That old man was the senior of their clan, and now that he’d perished, they’d completely lost any form of protection.

The other Immortal Kings were all terrified, and they couldn’t help but retreat while feeling terrified and uneasy. Even if their group was large in numbers, it was unable to give them an absolute feeling of safety.

In the sky, the one-armed old man had been killed while Jiang Taizhong and the other ten Immortal Kings seemed as if they were facing a formidable enemy. All of them circulated their entire cultivations, and their entire bodies were suffused with brilliant Immortal King Energy. They stood side by side like numerous divine mountains that emanated blazing light which echoed with each other from afar, and it caused the heavens and the earth to be suffused with boundless light while a rain of light filled the surroundings.

After this unexpected event, all of them had fully understood how formidable Chen Xi’s combat strength was. It exceeded their understanding, and it didn’t conform to the situation they expected.

This was a very dangerous situation!

They were originally fearless as they thought Chen Xi had just advanced into the Immortal King Realm and didn’t possess the assistance of the Karmic Luck within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, so it would definitely be easy to annihilate him if all twelve of them joined forces against him. Yet now…Chen Xi’s shocking combat strength that couldn’t be judged by convention caused the situation to become dangerous.


All of this didn’t affect Chen Xi at all. After he annihilated the one-armed old man, he didn’t stop at all before flickered through space, and the Talisman Armament in his hand shook while he executed a dazzling strand of radiance from it.


It pressed down with Jiang Taizhong as its target!

This wisp of sword qi was too exuberant. It was accompanied by numerous divine talisman diagrams, and it flowed with boundless light, causing everyone single Immortal King’s heart to feel heavy.

“Bastard! Don’t you dare be arrogant!” Jiang Taizhong’s face sank while he roared furiously. The ‘Silver Radiance’ Divine Sword in his hand tore through the sky and emanated strands of sword lights of divinity as it moved to meet Chen Xi’s attack head on.


The heavens and the earth quaked while an expanse of a gorgeous rain of light covered the surroundings and shot into the sky. This area had become an ocean of sword qi that was spreading towards the surroundings with an extremely grand impetus that pressed down upon one’s soul.


Jiang Taizhong coughed up a mouthful of blood while his expression was extraordinarily livid. This was even greater proof that if it was a one on one battle, then he would utterly not be a match for Chen Xi.

This caused the other Immortal Kings to not dare slack off at all. They joined forces with Jiang Taizhong to launch attacks at the same time, and they fought with all their strength. They seemed like eleven divine mountains that were moving about with the intention of crushing Chen Xi.

In an instant, this expanse of the heavens and the earth was filled with the exuberant and supreme dark golden glow of Immortal Kings, and it emanated a terrifying pressure that smashed down towards Chen Xi.

Such a joint attack was terrifying to the point it caused one’s heart to tremble, and it was difficult for one to arouse the strength to resist it.

However, Chen Xi, who was within the battlefield, seemed like a dragon that left its lair. Not only did he not dodge, he moved to greet these attacks instead. The Talisman Armament swished through the sky as a myriad of strands of sword qi were slashed out from within it, and they collided head on with the joint attacks of the eleven Immortal Kings.

Rumble! Rumble!

The heavens and the earth seemed as if they were about to collapse and be destroyed. The terrifying fluctuations of the collision threw this area into chaos, and a rain of light rumbled through the surroundings, causing the vision of others to be obstructed.

Because it didn’t have any defensive strength, the entire Darkombat City had transformed completely into ruins at this moment. All of the buildings within the city had shattered into powder, and it had become a barren land!

It was a horrifying sight!

A battle of such a level was too terrifying. No matter if it was all the students and instructors of Dao Emperor Academy or those enemy forces that had come to attack, all of them were horrified and unable to calm down at this moment.


Suddenly, a wave of ear piercing rumbling resounded from within the battlefield that was covered by a rain of light.

After that, an extremely shrill howl resounded. “Bastard! You actually destroyed my precious treasure. I’ll fight you to the death!!”

“Old Dog, are you even worthy of trying to take me down with you?” At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi’s calm and murderous voice resounded.

His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when Chen Xi’s figure suddenly appeared within the fields of vision of everyone in the surroundings. He wore green clothes while his entire body emanated brilliant light, and he seemed otherworldly. He suddenly took a step forward, and he’d already arrived before a yellow robed middle aged man.


A wisp of sword qi arose along with his appearance. It was like a strand of light within the depths of the starry sky, and it suddenly shot down before a head soared into the sky and a rain of blood poured down!

This head flew really high up into the sky. Its face carried terror and anger, and it was filled with bewilderment and disbelief.

In his last moments, that young man seemed to be so otherworldly. The young man was calm, composed, resolute, and decisive after killing him, and the young man’s entire body was enveloped with a shapeless imposing aura.


The headless corpse fell to the ground before it exploded into pieces. Another Immortal King had been annihilated and had perished here.

The blood of an Immortal King was extremely brilliant, it was bright golden. In next to no time, it transformed into an ethereal glow that dissipated in the heavens and the earth, and it was a horrifying sight.

This scene shocked everyone once more, and it caused them to be dumbstruck like clay statues. They were practically on the verge of being suffocated, and they were unable to imagine how another Immortal King had perished at Chen Xi’s hands when just a moment had passed!

Does this mean that even if all of these Immortal Kings join forces, they still wouldn’t be a match for Chen Xi?

The battle was still going on, and it didn’t stop because of this.

It was even to the extent that the death of the two Immortal Kings had caused the situation of the battle to become even more intense.

Not a single person dared to be careless any longer. Moreover, Jiang Taizhong and the others didn’t dare hold back and they fought Chen Xi desperately.

On the other hand, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all as well. He moved about amidst the pincer attack of the ten Immortal Kings all by himself. His jet black hair fluttered while his gaze was like a cold bolt of lightning, and every single move he made caused strands of talisman diagrams to coil around his entire body while a myriad of strands of misty sword qi shot towards the surroundings. He was like an invincible and peerless monarch that was proud and mighty.

His lofty and heroic bearing caused everyone present in the surroundings to be shocked, and their minds shook while they were unable to maintain their calm.


It wasn’t long before Chen Xi grabbed an opportunity to flash forward, and he actually forcefully kicked the head of an Immortal King into pieces!


A rain of blood poured down explosively. That Immortal King didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry before he’d been annihilated on the spot, and the state of his death was so miserable that it deterred everyone in the surroundings.


However, right when Chen Xi annihilated this Immortal King, he’d revealed a trace of a weak point from behind, and it was grabbed by an old man. The old man approached Chen Xi from behind, withdrew an Immortal Artifact that seemed like a bone before forcefully smashing it down onto Chen Xi’s left shoulder.

Chen Xi’s figure swayed from suffering this heavy blow, and the vital blood within his entire body roiled while he almost coughed up a mouthful of blood.

However, to the surprise of everyone in the surroundings, Chen Xi didn’t retreat but advanced instead. He seized this opportunity to suddenly smash himself at the old man’s chest.

The old man was originally feeling overjoyed from succeeding in his surprise attack, and he intended to seize this opportunity to annihilate Chen Xi. Never had he expected that Chen Xi would actually not dodge and charge towards him instead, and it had instantly taken him by surprise.

Crack! Crack!

A wave of the sounds of bones shattering resounded. The old man felt as if a divine mountain had smashed down onto him, causing every single inch of skin, bones, and even energy, essence, and spirit within his body to explode. Thus he couldn’t help but let out a shrill cry.


After that, his entire body was actually forcefully blasted open, causing blood and flesh to shoot into the surroundings!

All of this had occurred too quickly. From the moment Chen Xi kicked that Immortal King’s head into pieces, to the moment his left shoulder was injured, and then until the moment he smashed the old man into pieces with his body right now, all of it had occurred in an instant. It was swift to the point others were unable to react at all!

When all of these sudden and dangerous successive annihilations had occurred, there were two less Immortal Kings in the surroundings.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s left shoulder was injured, causing his clothes to be tainted with blood. However, his expression was still calm and murderous. He seemed as if he hadn’t been injured at all, and the imposing aura emanated from his entire body was exuberant, monstrous, and extremely oppressive as it was before.

At this point, there were already four Immortal Kings that had been annihilated by Chen Xi in this battle.

From the beginning until the end, less than ten minutes had past!

“Damnable Bastard!” All the other eight Immortal Kings including Jiang Taizhong roared furiously while their expressions were livid and gloomy to the extreme. Their eyes almost split apart from rage while their hairs stood on end from anger.

In merely an instant, Chen Xi had actually successively annihilated two of their companions. Besides causing them to feel infuriated, they couldn’t help but feel terrified and horrified.

This was too terrifying!

It had caught them off guard, and they were unable to accept it.

It wasn’t just them, everyone in the surroundings were shocked to the point of almost losing their minds. Their pupils had dilated while they stood dumbstruck as if their souls had left their bodies because Chen Xi’s might had once again struck a tremendous and powerful blow on them, and it was inconceivable to them.

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