Chapter 1500 – Successive Annihilation

The one-armed old man was killed, and his corpse had been cut into two, causing golden blood to rain down while his miserable shrill cry tore through the sky.

An Immortal King had perished just like that. His eyes carried bewilderment and even a feeling a great terror, and he’d died without closing his eyes just like that.

This scene caused everyone’s scalps to go numb while they felt suffocated. All of them were shocked, and they were unable to accept what had just occurred. How could this have happened? This had exceeded their imagination.

While under the joint siege of twelve Immortal Kings, Chen Xi had actually launched a mighty counterattack and crushed an Immortal King in one ago. How imposing and powerful was such an action?

That was an Immortal King. An existence that could overturn the world with a single thought and destroy and enormous area in a single moment, and extremely formidable and supreme existence.

Presently, the gods had ceased to exist in the three dimensions, and Immortal Kings were already the most supreme existences. They could move freely and invincibly throughout the three dimensions, yet at this moment, one had actually been easily annihilated here!

Many others had even clearly noticed that during the process where Chen Xi annihilated the one-armed old man, it wasn’t that no one had tried to rescue the old man, but all of them had been blasted away by Chen Xi, and not a single one of them was able to turn the situation around at all.

How could all of them not be...

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