Chapter 150 – Monstrous Power and Prestige

Chapter 150 – Monstrous Power and Prestige

“Su Clan’s Ancestor, Su Yingkong!”

“It’s actually this old goat! No wonder his aura is so overbearing. Supposedly, he’d gone into closed door training to comprehend the Nether Transformation Realm a thousand years ago. Now that he’s made an appearance this time, could it be that he’s already become a Nether Transformation Realm expert?”

“This is just great, even the Su Clan’s Ancestor has stood out. I’m afraid it will impossible for Chen Xi to escape his doom.”

“Indeed. He didn’t mention the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, and only came for the sake of his clansmen’s revenge. Chen Xi is an outsider after all, so out of respect to the Su Clan’s Ancestor, it wouldn’t be good for anyone to obstruct him.”

When they saw the red robed and emaciated old man appear, the people present burst into an uproar once more, and besides being shocked, they couldn’t help but start to speculate about Chen Xi’s fate.

“Greetings Ancestor. Congratulation Ancestor, for advancing to the Nether Transformation Realm and achieving great enlightenment of the heaven and the earth!” Su Zhentian bowed as he spoke, and his gaze glanced towards Daoist Wen Xuan who was opposite of him, and he couldn’t help but sneer endlessly.

In Dragon Lake City, if it was said that Rebirth Realm cultivators stood at the peak, then figures at the Nether Transformation Realm were existences that were above worldly considerations. Only a few powers among the eight great sects, three great institutions, and six great sects possessed a Nether Transformation Realm expert that was able to deter all the powers in its surroundings with the expert’s terrifying strength.

As far as Su Zhentian was concerned, the appearance of the Ancestor today was undoubtedly just perfect. Not only was he able to proclaim the hidden resources, hidden reserves, and the strength of the Su Clan to everyone, he was also able to pin down Daoist Wen Xuan, causing Daoist Wen Xuan to not dare act wilfully anymore, and it could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

Most importantly, at this moment, the Su Clan urgently required this strength to deter the powers in its surroundings. Because after Chen Xi annihilated the six Golden Hall Realm cultivators and one Golden Core Realm cultivator of the Su Clan, the entire strength of the Su Clan had been weakened by a small portion. Moreover, in the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda today, almost all of the top disciples of the Su Clan’s younger generation had been buried, and the Su Clan could be said to have been injured greatly, to the point it had already drawn the covetous gazes and aroused restlessness in the other great powers.

Under these circumstances of having troubles both internally and externally, a Nether Transformation Realm expert appearing from the Su Clan undoubtedly provided the Su Clan the ability to deter the various powers, and those that wanted to take advantage of the Su Clan’s circumstances would have to consider the consequences of offending a Nether Transformation Realm expert.

Advanced to the Nether Transformation Realm?

As soon as Su Zhentian finished speaking, the eyes of the leaders of the various powers squinted as their expression turned surprised and doubtful.

“Wen Xuan, hand over that kid. You have no ties with him. Don’t affect the harmonious relationship between our two powers because of him!” At the instant the Su Clan’s Ancestor appeared, he shot his gaze towards Daoist Wen Xuan as he spoke indifferently.

“Hmph! You’ve only just advanced to the Nether Transformation Realm, yet you dare flaunt your prowess before me?” Daoist Wen Xuan grunted coldly. “If it wasn’t for there being many people here, and me being worried about injuring the innocent, I’d kill you right now.”

Su Yingkong’s face sank as he said slowly, “If it was before, I’d slightly fear you indeed. But I’ve advanced to the Nether Transformation Realm now, and I’ve even bound an extremely formidable treasure. If you, Wen Xuan, aren’t afraid of death, then feel free to try me.”

An extremely formidable treasure?

Wen Xuan suddenly thought of something and spoke in astonishment. “It wouldn’t be the 36 Violet-Lightning Azure Awls?”

Su Yingkong laughed loudly as he said, “I never imagined that you, Wen Xuan, knew of this treasure of my Su Clan as well. Exactly, I’ve already bound all 36 Violet-Lightning Azure Awls, and I’ve condensed them into a Violet-Lightning Azure Sword which is already a Quasi Immortal Artifact. Wen Xuan, do you still have the confidence to defeat me now?”

The expressions of everyone turned to an expression of astonishment when they heard this, and they were extremely shocked in their hearts.

“Ling Bai, what’s a Quasi Immortal Artifact?” Chen Xi frowned as he sent a voice transmission.

“A Magic Treasure that’s more formidable than a top-grade heaven-rank Magic Treasure and already possesses the potential to advance to become an Immortal Artifact is called a Quasi Immortal Artifact. But not to mention a Nether Transformation Realm expert, even a true Heavenly Immortal has to spend at least a few thousands of years of bitter refining to bind a Quasi Immortal Artifact and advance it into a real Immortal Artifact.” Ling Bai swiftly explained.

Chen Xi instantly understood. No wonder the Su Clan’s Ancestor was so confident from possessing a Quasi Immortal Artifact. Even though he’d only just advanced into the Nether Transformation Realm, he already possessed the ability to battle Daoist Wen Xuan.

The Magic Treasures in the cultivation world were divided into the yellow, profound, earth, and heaven rank. Every rank was further divided into the low-grade, intermediate-grade, high-grade, and top-grade. A heaven-rank Magic Treasure was already the existence with the strongest might below an Immortal Artifact, and Su Zhentian’s Violet-Lightning Azure Sword possessing the might of a Quasi Immortal Artifact was indeed extremely formidable.

“Wen Xuan, think about it.” Su Yingkong smiled lightly when he saw Wen Xuan go silent, and then he said with an unhurried voice, “Is it worth for the sake of an outsider?”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?” Wen Xuan said with surprise, “You’re really laughable. You feel your undefeatable in the world because you possess a Quasi Immortal Artifact?”

Su Yingkong’s expression instantly became unsightly. “I really want to know. Why exactly are you, Wen Xuan, protecting this kid in all respects?”

“Because…” Before Wen Xuan could finish speaking, an aged voice abruptly sounded out unhurriedly in the heaven and earth. “Because, he’s the brother of I, Bei Heng. Understand?”

Along with this voice, a grey clothed and grey haired old man seemed as if he’d teleported as he swiftly appeared before Su Yingkong, and then swung over 10 resounding slaps onto Su Yingkong’s face, causing Su Yingkong’s face to instantly become red and swollen.

Everyone present in the surroundings was dumbstruck when they saw this scene, shocked into speechlessness. A Nether Transformation Realm expert was violently slapped over 10 times by another, yet was actually unable to resist in the slightest?

My God!

This, this isn’t real, right?

This shock they felt from this scene had even surpassed the time Daoist Wen Xuan blasted four Rebirth Realm cultivator back with a flick of his sleeve and caused them to almost not dare believe their eyes.

Amongst the people present, only Chen Xi had a normal expression, because he knew this Big Brother Bei Heng of his possessed this level of strength.

Exactly, this person was the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder, the Master of Daoist Wen Xuan, the Earthly Immortal Realm expert, Bei Heng!

“I originally intended to kill you, but out of respect for your older brother that has passed away, I’ll let you off today.” Bei Heng casually tossed out, tossing Su Yingkong out as if he was throwing out the trash. Then his figure swayed, and he’d already arrived before Chen Xi before saying with a smile. “Older Brother has come late, and I’ve caused you to suffer great injustice.”

Chen Xi shook his head and smiled. “It isn’t to the extent of suffering an injustice. I only feel that my strength is too weak, causing me to require Big Brother’s help at every turn, and I feel extremely sorry.”

Bei Heng waved his hand. “This is nothing, you don’t have to be polite to family.”

“Disciple Ling Kongzi greets Grand Ancestor Bei Heng!”

“Disciple Wen Xuan greets Master!”

The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Master, Ling Kongzi, and Daoist Wen Xuan seized this opportunity to move forward and greet him with extreme respect.

The people present seemed as if they were struck by lightning when they saw this scene, and they were completely stunned. That old man with grey clothes and grey hair is actually the Grand Ancestor of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Master? The Master of Daoist Wen Xuan?

All this was still nothing. What caused everyone to be unable to accept was this such an extremely respected figure was actually Chen Xi’s brother! Wouldn’t that mean that even the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Master, Ling Kongzi, had to address Chen Xi as Grand Ancestor and Daoist Wen Xuan had to respectfully address Chen Xi as Martial Uncle?

The minds of everyone present was completely in disorder, and all of them stared their eyes wide open as they stood dumbstruck on the spot.

“This fellow… He really concealed it deeply!” Duanmu Ze, Du Qingxi, and Song Lin were all flabbergasted, and it was as if they didn’t know Chen Xi.

How can this be possible!? How can he possibly be brothers with the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder? Su Jiao’s countenance went pale with a swish. She was waiting for her Ancestor, Su Yingkong, to successfully capture Chen Xi so that she could humiliate and torture Chen Xi in every possible way, yet reality played an extremely brutal joke on her…

As she looked at the Su Clan’s Ancestor who’d fainted from extreme terror and rage, the pillars of support in Su Jiao’s heart seemed to want to collapse. She was truly unable to believe how an ant, that she could practically squash to death with a flip of her hand two years ago, had actually undergone such a change now. Not only had his cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds, he was even able to become brothers with the Supreme Grand Elder of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect…

But no matter how unwilling she was to believe this, the facts were the facts, and it wouldn’t change in the slightest from anyone’s unwillingness to believe it.

Her father, Su Zhentian’s, feelings were similar to hers, and even surpassed hers. Su Zhentian placed his hopes on his Ancestor to deter the various powers of Dragon Lake City and to capture Chen Xi to take revenge for the clansmen that had passed away. How could he have imagined that the Ancestor would be slapped by someone, to the point that the Ancestor fainted? The hope in his heart was instantly obliterated, and he could even foresee that after this day, it would probably be difficult for the Su Clan to hold their heads high in Dragon Lake City any longer.

“Greetings, Supreme Grand Elder!” The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciples present, such as Fei Lengcui, Qing Luo, Chen Hao, and the other thousand plus people seemed as if they’d awoken from a dream and knelt on the ground with a bang before speaking in unison.

Bei Heng’s gaze swept the surroundings as he spoke indifferently. “The person beside me is my sworn brother, Chen Xi. In the future, anyone who offends him, is offending me, Bei Heng. So don’t blame me for being merciless!”


The gazes of everyone present shot onto Chen Xi in unison, and the faces of everyone revealed an expression of shock and envy. The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect was the number one power in Dragon Lake City and even the entire southern territory, and Bei Heng was the Supreme Grand Elder of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. In the future, who would dare offend a person that was sworn as a brother by Bei Heng?

At this moment, as he looked at the shock in the eyes of everyone present in the surroundings, as he looked at all the Su Clan members whose faces had turned ashen, and as he looked ahead at Bei Heng who stood with his hands behind his back, a wave of emotion couldn’t help but emerge in his heart. A single person was able to cause a myriad of people to feel reverence, and didn’t everything before his eyes the best explanation for the saying — power and influence that dashed to the sky?

“Little Brother, let’s go. I’ve already selected a peak suitable for cultivation in the sect for you, let’s go take a look.” Bei Heng laughed loudly as he pulled Chen Xi’s arm and walked up into the sky. From the beginning until the end, he didn’t pay the slightest attention to anyone present again, and it seemed as if in Bei Heng’s eyes, only Chen Xi was worthy of such treatment from him.

“I never imagined that this fellow’s backing was an Earthly Immortal. Looks like it isn’t just difficult to seize the Nine Syllables of Truth Soul Suppression Runes Talisman and the Buddha’s Pagoda from him. Nevermind, I’ll make contact with him first. If worst comes to worst, I’ll flee right after I kill him.” In the shadows in the extreme distance, Hall Master Fan, who was covered in a black robe spoke with a serious tone.

“Hall Master Fan, that kid has followed Bei Heng back to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. How should we make contact with him?” Feng Ming felt his throat become slightly dry, as the greatness of Chen Xi’s backing caused him to feel extremely shocked, and he faintly had the thought of giving up.

“Wait! I don’t believe that he’ll stay in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect and not come out for his entire life.” Hall Master Fan gnashed her teeth and said, “We’ve lost the Soul Suppression Runes Talisman, and compared with the punishment of the Lord, I’d rather go offend an Earthly Immortal.”

“Hall Master Fan, you’re right. Then let’s put up in Dragon Lake City, and we must seize the talisman back from him even if we have to wait a few years!” When the Lord was mentioned, Feng Ming seemed to have recalled some scenes that were unbearable, and he couldn’t help but shudder. He knew clearly in his heart that if they were unable to retrieve the talisman, then the most terrifying torture in the world would probably be waiting for them.


Up to this point, the Dragon Lake City’s Hidden Dragon Rankings for this year had come to an end. Because of the sudden appearance of Bei Heng, it had completely dispersed the thoughts of the various powers to seize the Buddha’s Pagoda in Chen Xi’s possession. It also proved in another way that Earthly Immortal Realm experts really did exist in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and it wasn’t just a legend.

On this day, many things had occurred, yet there was always the figure of a person in all these things, and this person was Chen Xi. He annihilated 96 Su Clan top disciples by himself, slaughtered 32 mysterious and unknown cultivators, subdued the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, became sworn brothers with the Supreme Grand Elder of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect…

This youth that had walked out from Pine Mist City that was like a remote village seemed like a dazzling star that emitted boundless light on this day, and he was like the sun in the midday sky, causing others to be unable to forget him.

It could be predicted that in the next few days, Chen Xi’s name and deeds were bound to spread throughout the entire Dragon Lake City and throughout the entire southern territory’s cultivation world!

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