Chapter 1499 – Surging Battle Intent

All of this had occurred too quickly. In just an instant since the battle began, Chen Xi had actually trapped Jiang Taizhong with a single strike and caused the latter to fall into a dangerous situation. This had exceeded the expectations of everyone.

Mu Rongtian and the others were surprised and felt disbelief.

On the other hand, those forces that followed Jiang Taizhong over were even terrified, and they felt disbelief as well. They wondered how Chen Xi could possibly be so formidable.

Chen Xi had just stepped into the Immortal King Realm and was even unable to rely on the energy of Karmic Luck within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, so how could he possibly suppress Jiang Taizhong so easily in one go?

After all, as the Patriarch of the Jiang Clan, Jiang Taizhong had stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm countless years ago, and he was even a Peak Rank Immortal King that had fused his own Saint Dao Law with the three supreme Laws long ago. Moreover, he’d started to seek a perfect Immortal King Grand Dao and to condense a Primeval Dao Quintessence.

Such an existence was even sufficient to crush experts like Valiant Star, Midnight, Profound Path, and Ice Sky Immortal Kings that possessed a great reputation in the Immortal Dimension!

Yet now, something like this had occurred…

Could anyone believe their eyes?


At this critical moment, a black colored tortoise shell suddenly floated up into appearance from Jiang Taizhong’s hand, and it emanated jet black light that was extremely blazing. It enveloped his entire body and instantly helped him resist the rain of sword qi that covered the sky.

However, along with an enormous bang, cracks instantly appeared on the black colored tortoise shell, and then it trembled violently before it exploded into pieces.

“My Dark Myrtle Armor!” Jiang Taizhong escaped death, yet when he witnessed the destruction of his treasure, it caused him expression to turn gloomy and livid while he roared furiously without end.


Chen Xi carried a terrifying gaze as he swung his sword and attacked once more. Sword light flickered while talismans appeared, and it swept through the surroundings.

This time, the other Immortal Kings stopped watching, and they attacked alongside Jiang Taizhong. They withdrew all sorts of Immortal Artifacts and executed extraordinary and supreme techniques while they smashed down towards Chen Xi from all directions.

For a time, violent winds raged, chilly gales roared, lightning rumbled, time and space collapsed, and the heavens and the earth revealed all sorts of phenomena. All the Immortal Kings had attacked, and they caused all sorts of terrifying and world shocking scenes to arise.

When they saw this, the eyes of Mu Rongtian, Chen Haoran, Xuanyuan Pojun, and the others narrowed, and they felt worried to the extreme in their hearts. They intended to head over and assist Chen Xi.

After all, it was twelve Immortal Kings that Chen Xi was up against, and he’d just advanced into the Immortal King Realm. Moreover, Chen Xi didn’t have the assistance of the energy of Karmic Luck from within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, so how could he go against them?

“Everyone, calm yourselves and watch me slaughter this group of old dogs!” However, before they could make a move, Chen Xi’s cold and murderous voice suddenly resounded by their ears, and it caused them to be slightly stunned.

It wasn’t just them that heard these words, everyone present in the surroundings had heard it, and all of them felt that it was inconceivable. Moreover, some felt disbelief, some were anxious and doubtful, some were disdainful, some laughed with ridicule, and so on and so forth.

But in next to no time, everyone in the surroundings couldn’t be bothered to think about all of this, and their attention had been drawn over by the battle.

In the sky, Chen Xi was all alone while he held the Talisman Armament in hand. He teleported in midair as he collided head-on with the pincer attacks of the twelve Immortal Kings, and his figure flashed amidst them. However, not only was he not suppressed, he faintly showed signs of fighting them on par!

This caused everyone in the surroundings to be shocked, and they were both dazzled and terrified as they watched. Twelve Immortal Kings are attacking jointly, yet they’re actually unable to do anything to a young man?

This was extremely shocking because Chen Xi had just stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm, and he was still extremely young. Yet he was actually able to accomplish this while not relying on the energy of Karmic Luck within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, and this was simply an unbelievable feat.

In the Immortal Dimension, a peerless genius that was heaven defying to such an extent could absolutely shock others to death. He’d just stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm, yet he was actually fighting a group of senior Immortal Kings equally. It caused all of them to be dumbstruck. Especially those forces that had come here along with Jiang Taizhong and the others, all of them were terrified and astounded.


After a short moment, a strand of sword qi flashed by. It sliced off a bunch of Jiang Taizhong’s black hair, and it was just a little bit away from slicing into his neck. It terrified Jiang Taizhong to the point his countenance turned pale and he dodged madly without end.

When they saw this scene, a wave of shock instantly swept through the surroundings.

“What’s going on? Isn’t Chen Xi’s combat strength too heaven defying? Hasn’t he just stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm?”

“Don’t forget that when he was at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, he was able to rely on the energy of Karmic Luck within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace to annihilate a group of Immortal Kings. This kid is so difficult to deal with that he can’t be compared to a normal Immortal King at all.”

All those forces that were siding with the Sovereign Sect had unsightly expressions, and they were anxious and bewildered.

“Bastard! Die!” An old man roared furiously in the sky, and he was like a god of water while he controlled a dark blue jade bottle that emanated a myriad of tons of mysterious black water. It swept down like the Milky Way with the intention of crushing Chen Xi.

“Old Dog, are you even worthy of bragging like that?” Chen Xi blasted the other attacks away with a single strike of the sword, and then Chen Xi’s murderous gaze instantly locked onto the old man. At the same time, this expanse of the heavens and the earth shook violently while the Talisman Armament glowed, and it emanated a myriad of talismans as it slashed down fiercely.

With a single strike of the sword, the world dimmed while a horrifying aura exuded out, and this aura pressed down upon all the living beings in Darkombat City to the point they trembled and were on the verge of kneeling on the ground.


The sword qi destroyed everything before it with all powerful might, and it forcefully crushed through the restraints of time and space as it rumbled and surged out.


It directly slashed off the old man’s right arm!

Dazzling golden blood shot into the sky while the old man let out a shrill cry, and his face was covered in shock. Never had he imagined that he would actually be injured by a young man even while they were in such a situation.

All the other Immortal Kings that were besieging Chen Xi were horrified as well, and their expressions turned gloomy and solemn. Through the exchange of blows they’d had with Chen Xi until now, they were already clearly aware that even if this bastard before them had only just advanced into the Immortal King Realm and wasn’t relying on the energy of Karmic Luck within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, his combat strength was sufficient to be ranked amongst existences at the Utter Peak Rank of the Immortal King Realm!

In other words, in their senses, Chen Xi’s current strength had faintly arrived at the highest peak that Immortal Kings could achieve. So how could they dare be careless when facing him?

Moreover, he’d just stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm now, yet he already possessed such combat strength. This obviously showed that if he was given a period of time to cultivate, then it would probably be impossible to find a single existence in the three dimensions that could suppress him!

“Kill! No matter what, we have to kill this kid today, otherwise he’ll definitely become a disaster for us in the future!” Jiang Taizhong roared furiously while he exerted his entire strength, and he actually withdrew an Artificial Spirit Treasure that was suffused with the aura of divinity. It was a pale white colored sword that as thin like a cicada’s wing, and it was called Silver Radiance. Jiang Taizhong slashed it down towards Chen Xi’s head.


At practically the exact same time, a bowl soared into the sky from Chen Xi, and it emanated strands of illusory white divine radiance that collided with Silver Radiance.

“The Icewave Bowl!” Jiang Taizhong was furious as he recognized the bowl. It was precisely from his junior in the clan, Jiang Tingfang. Obviously, this Artificial Spirit Treasure had fallen into the Chen Xi’s hands after Jiang Tingfang had been killed by Chen Xi.

Chen Xi remained indifferent and directly disregarded Jiang Taizhong before his gaze locked onto the old man that lost his right arm earlier, and Chen Xi pursued the old man without stopping.

Even though he was encircled, they were utterly unable to do anything to him. Moreover, the extremely terrifying combat strength he revealed caused all of those Immortal Kings to be shocked and furious, and they felt more and more terrified the more they fought.

This kid is really too heaven defying! If he isn’t eliminated today, then no one in the three dimensions will be able to suppress him in the future!

At this moment, they stopped holding back and withdrew their trump cards while they besieged Chen Xi with all their strength. Their attacks grew even more ferocious, and it caused this expanse of the heavens and the earth to fall into a state of great chaos and destruction.

For a time, Immortal Artifacts rumbled and surged throughout the universe while the glow of treasures whistled through the surroundings while blazing like numerous scorching suns. Moreover, the terrifying fluctuations of the battle was even like a powerful gale from the heavens, it whistled and raged through the surroundings while tearing time and space apart as it swept out, and it actually forcefully destroyed more than half of the entire Darkombat City!

After all, Darkombat City covered an extremely enormous area, and it was like a large world. Now, more than half of it was actually destroyed, and this obviously showed how shocking the current situation was.

Fortunately, the residents of the city had noticed that the situation was bad a long time ago and fled, allowing them to avoid the possibility of suffering calamity and perishing.

“Should we make a move together and assist him?” Within Dao Emperor Academy, Chen Haotian revealed a worried expression because the situation of the battle had already arrived at its peak, and it was extremely horrifying, causing him to be unable to help but worry about Chen Xi.

“No, it’s best to listen to the Dean’s instructions.” Mu Rongtian shook his head with a calm bearing. However, right after that, he noticed a wave of displeased gazes, and he instantly understood that the others had misunderstood.

He hurriedly said, “It’s not that I’m unwilling to make a move, but the truth is that there’s no danger to the Dean’s life based on the current situation. Moreover, according to my deduction, the Dean made such arrangements because he wants us to pay attention to the overall situation so as to prevent the Sovereign Sect from seizing this opportunity to make a move.”

The Sovereign Sect!

All of their hearts shook, and they calmed down. Right, the battle before us only includes those forces that have sided with the Sovereign Sect, and the true experts of the Sovereign Sect haven’t shown themselves!

When they realized this, all of their expressions were murderous while they became vigilant to their surroundings. They were standing on guard to protect Chen Xi, and they were also vigilant against the Sovereign Sect.

In the battle, the pressure upon Chen Xi had increased greatly, yet he wasn’t fearful. Conversely, he grew more and more courageous as the battle continued. Strands of Primeval Dao Quintessence surged in the universe within his body, and they provided him with an extremely great imposing aura.

Especially after the Talisman Armament had been refined once more, its might was comparable to a Divine Artifact, and it allowed Chen Xi to completely bring forth his own strength. The more he fought, the more the surging flames of battle within his heart blazed, and his attacks became more and more fierce and ferocious.

“Old Dog, leave your life behind!” Suddenly, Chen Xi let out a long howl that sounded like the roar of a tiger. His long hair fluttered while the Talisman Armament in his hand rumbled, and it blasted away the attacks of all the others before he slashed out with a brilliant strand of sword qi that shot towards the one-armed old man.


That wisp of sword qi contained a myriad of talismans and the energy of Order, and it was sharp and dazzling as it tore through the entire sky. In the eyes of everyone else, it was like a thick and large bolt of lightning that soared through the sky while glowing brilliantly.

However, in the eyes of the one-armed old man, it was like the scythe of the god of death, and it intended to reap his life. He suddenly spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence and burned his quintessence energy with the intention of resisting it head-on.

He’d acted haughtily when he arrived and repeatedly called Chen Xi as bastard while revealing an overbearing air. Yet now, he’d fallen to such a situation, and when these two situations were compared, it was really the epitome of how life was always changing.


Time and space collapsed. That wisp of sword qi was too fierce and all-powerful, and it caused the others to be unable to lend a hand in time. The old man was forced to teleport repeatedly, and he dodged this sword strike with extreme difficulty.

However, Chen Xi didn’t intend to let the old man off this time. Strand after strand of sword qi shot through the world, and they formed into innumerable talismans of sword qi that illuminated the world.

All of these strands of sword qi were swift and violent, and no matter how the old man dodged, he was struck by a strand of sword qi in the end!


That wisp of sword qi was boundlessly vast and filled with terrifying might. In an instant, it forcefully slashed apart the Immortal Artifact that stood before the old man, and then it didn’t lose momentum at all as it slashed him in two at the waist!

A rain of blood poured down while a miserable shrill cry suddenly tore through the heavens and the earth, and it shocked everyone in the surroundings.

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