Chapter 1499 – Surging Battle Intent

All of this had occurred too quickly. In just an instant since the battle began, Chen Xi had actually trapped Jiang Taizhong with a single strike and caused the latter to fall into a dangerous situation. This had exceeded the expectations of everyone.

Mu Rongtian and the others were surprised and felt disbelief.

On the other hand, those forces that followed Jiang Taizhong over were even terrified, and they felt disbelief as well. They wondered how Chen Xi could possibly be so formidable.

Chen Xi had just stepped into the Immortal King Realm and was even unable to rely on the energy of Karmic Luck within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, so how could he possibly suppress Jiang Taizhong so easily in one go?

After all, as the Patriarch of the Jiang Clan, Jiang Taizhong had stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm countless years ago, and he was even a Peak Rank Immortal King that had fused his own Saint Dao Law with the three supreme Laws long ago. Moreover, he’d started to seek a perfect Immortal King Grand Dao and to condense a Primeval Dao Quintessence.

Such an existence was even sufficient to crush experts like Valiant Star, Midnight, Profound Path, and Ice Sky Immortal Kings that possessed a great reputation in the Immortal Dimension!

Yet now, something like this had occurred…

Could anyone believe their eyes?


At this critical moment, a black colored tortoise shell suddenly floated up into appearance from Jiang Taizhong’s hand, and it emanated jet black light that was extremely...

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