Chapter 1498 – Fighting The Group Of Immortal Kings

As they spoke, Jiang Taizhong pressed his palm down once more. An enormous hand blotted out the sky as it descended, and it shook the restrictions that protected Dao Emperor Academy to the point all of them dimmed down, and they faintly showed signs of destruction.

“Energize the formation!” That instructor within the grand formation shouted loudly once more.


The entire grand formation was filled with the fluctuation of restrictions once more, and it flickered with talismans. It was faintly suffused with an aura that was deep like an abyss, and it was extremely brilliant, causing the entire Dao Emperor Academy to seem like a scorching sun.

“Hmm? They really are willing to pay a heavy price and actually utilized various rare immortal materials as the source of the formation’s energy. Unfortunately, this is obviously a waste.” An Immortal King at the back seemed to have noticed something and laughed lightly.

This grand formation was extraordinary indeed. It was grand and magnificent, and it defended the entire academy. It stood before the academy like an extremely solid fort.

This time, Jiang Taizhong stopped attacking, and he said loudly instead, “Everyone within Dao Emperor Academy, hear me! We’ve come today for the sake of capturing and killing Chen Xi. I’ll give all of you once last chance, quickly make that bastard, Chen Xi, come out here, otherwise don’t blame us for obliterating this place and annihilating all of you!”

His voice resounded like a bell. It spread throughout...

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