Chapter 1498 – Fighting The Group Of Immortal Kings

As they spoke, Jiang Taizhong pressed his palm down once more. An enormous hand blotted out the sky as it descended, and it shook the restrictions that protected Dao Emperor Academy to the point all of them dimmed down, and they faintly showed signs of destruction.

“Energize the formation!” That instructor within the grand formation shouted loudly once more.


The entire grand formation was filled with the fluctuation of restrictions once more, and it flickered with talismans. It was faintly suffused with an aura that was deep like an abyss, and it was extremely brilliant, causing the entire Dao Emperor Academy to seem like a scorching sun.

“Hmm? They really are willing to pay a heavy price and actually utilized various rare immortal materials as the source of the formation’s energy. Unfortunately, this is obviously a waste.” An Immortal King at the back seemed to have noticed something and laughed lightly.

This grand formation was extraordinary indeed. It was grand and magnificent, and it defended the entire academy. It stood before the academy like an extremely solid fort.

This time, Jiang Taizhong stopped attacking, and he said loudly instead, “Everyone within Dao Emperor Academy, hear me! We’ve come today for the sake of capturing and killing Chen Xi. I’ll give all of you once last chance, quickly make that bastard, Chen Xi, come out here, otherwise don’t blame us for obliterating this place and annihilating all of you!”

His voice resounded like a bell. It spread throughout the academy and surged towards the surroundings.

It wasn’t that they were unable to destroy the formation and enter, and it was instead because they were unwilling to fight Chen Xi within the academy. After all, Chen Xi had relied on the energy of Karmic Luck within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace to annihilate a group of Immortal Kings by himself, so they had no choice but to be careful.

“How could my academy’s Dean be someone that all of you can meet at will? How laughable!” The instructor spoke from within the grand formation. Even if his countenance had gone pale from fear, he still gritted his teeth and spoke fearlessly.

“Hmph! With our status, even if it was the previous Dean, Meng Xinghe, he would still have to come greet us. Chen Xi is only a fledging little kid, what qualifications does he possess to put on airs like this? Quickly ask him to come out, don’t bring harm to yourself!” Jiang Taizhong spoke in an icy cold voice and in an ordering tone. He’d completely not taken all the instructors and students behind the grand formation seriously, and he carried a form of conceit and contempt.

All the instructors and students were infuriated when they heard this, and one of them said, “You bastards came here with ill intent and even wishfully hope for my Dean to come greet all of you? Do you think my Dao Emperor Academy has no one that’s capable?” His voice was resolute and utterly fearless.

“You ant! You dare to be disrespectful!? You’re simply courting death!” Jiang Taizhong’s face sank, and he berated in a cold voice.

His voice was filled with the imposing aura of an Immortal King, and it was still able to shake those instructors and students after it passed through the restrictions, causing their countenances to turn even paler while their entire bodies trembled. However, not a single one of them took a step back.

“Who’s courting death?!” Suddenly, Chen Xi voice resounded abruptly, and it resounded outside the academy like a thunderclap.

It’s the Dean!

The spirits of all the instructors and students in the surroundings were refreshed, and the pressure they felt in their hearts was greatly dispersed.

“Bastard! Quickly get the fuck out here and receive your death!” Outside Dao Emperor Academy, Jiang Taizhong’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as he shouted loudly in a cold voice.

His constant use of the word bastard caused all the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy to feel infuriated. The Patriarch of the Jiang Clan is going too far!

They felt that he was simply presumptuous and haughty to the limit because he addressed their Dean in that manner.

“A group of dogs of the Sovereign Sect dare to come and bark before my academy? Do you really think there’s a lack of dog slaughterers in the world?” Chen Xi’s voice sounded out from within the academy. This grand voice carried a strand of a dignified aura, and his piercingly cold tone carried a strand of an oppressive murderous aura.

With a single sentence, he’d taken Jiang Taizhong and all the other Immortal Kings to be dogs, and it caused their faces to turn grim.

“How presumptuous!” Jiang Taizhong was infuriated. His entire body surged with strands of dark golden Immortal King Energy as he stood there, and it transformed into a myriad of rays of divine light that suddenly whistled out with the intention of destroying the grand formation.


The divine rays of light descended like raindrops and carried a strand of supremely powerful might, and they vividly displayed the might of an Immortal King. In an instant, the heavens and the earth dimmed while time and space warped and collapsed before transforming into shattered black holes and chaotic streams.

Everyone within the grand formation felt shocked, and they felt lethally threatened. Because this was the might of an Immortal King that was executed in rage, and it caused them to feel powerless against it.

“You old dog that doesn’t know what’s good for you! You truly deserve death!” Suddenly, a loud shout resounded, and a strand of sword qi was even swifter than this voice. It was an extremely simple strand of sword qi, yet it blotted out the sky, and with a single light slash, it caused the myriad of divine rays of light to shatter inch by inch before dispersing completely.

After that, a ray of light that was paved by golden lotus flowers shot through the sky, and Chen Xi wore green clothes as he arrived on this ray of light. The pitch black and dark Talisman Armament was held casually in his hand while his gaze seemed like bolts of cold lightning, and he seemed as if he was capable of seeing through the secrets of the world.

Zhou Zhili, Chen Haoran, Mu Rongtian, Xuanyuan Pojun, Zhao Lingxi, and the other Immortal Kings were by his side, and they formed a formidable array that caused Chen Xi’s power and influence to seem even more boundless.

When they saw this scene, all the instructors and students within the grand formation cheered and were overjoyed.

On the other hand, the eyes of Jiang Taizhong and all the other Immortal Kings behind him had narrowed. After that, all of them revealed a wisp of cold smiles. Chen Xi had been forced out of the Dao Emperor Divine Palace now, so he was naturally unable to rely on the energy of Karmic Luck within the palace. In this way, the threat he posed would reduce greatly.

“Bastard! I never expected that you would be pretty courageous. I’ll give you a chance. If you want to guarantee the existence of the academy, then step down from the position of Dean, allow yourself to be captured, and leave yourself at our mercy!” Jiang Taizhong spoke coldly, and his tone was extremely blunt.

“Jiang Taizhong, to think you’re the Patriarch of the ancient Jiang Clan, yet you actually spoke such shameless words. Not only are you not embarrassed from siding with the Sovereign Sect, you even take pride in it. You’ve simply brought shame to all of your ancestors!” Mu Rongtian spoke at Chen Xi’s side, and he didn’t conceal his contempt at all. “Dean, why don’t I make a move and kill this old dog!”

As he spoke, he was about to make a move.

However, he was stopped by Chen Xi who said, “It’s only a group of mad dogs. Leave them to me!”

Chen Xi was filled with extreme hatred indeed. He’d never expected that it wasn’t the Sovereign Sect that came looking for trouble with him, and it was actually these forces of the great powers in the Immortal Dimension. This caused him to feel bitterly disappointed and extremely infuriated.

As soon as these words were spoken, it wasn’t just Mu Rongtian who was stunned, even the expressions of Jiang Taizhong and all the other Immortal Kings turned pale from anger. This kid is simply too arrogant! He doesn’t take us serious at all!

Chen Xi’s attitude that was haughty and contemptuous deeply provoked them.


As he spoke, Chen Xi’s figure actually flashed, and he took the initiative to leave the grand formation and arrive outside the academy.

Under the blood red setting sun, Chen Xi stood by himself while facing Jiang Taizhong and all the other Immortal Kings. His dense jet black hair fluttered while his imposing aura was like an abyss, and he seemed to emanate an air of being able to hold back all enemy forces by himself.


The Talisman Armament let out a clear howl that tore through space and time before it threw the sky into disorder. In an instant, Chen Xi seemed to have transformed into a god of the sword, and the space between his brows was filled with a murderous and fierce aura.

“Hahaha! How audacious! Bastard, you intend to sacrifice yourself in exchange for the survival of Dao Emperor Academy?”

“Hah! He really is young and is unable to endure provocation. Since you’ve come out here, then it’s impossible for you to turn back!”

“This bastard really is arrogant! Could it be that he intends to go against all of us by himself? Hahaha! He wouldn’t be thinking that he’ll be able to annihilate a group of Immortal Kings like he did that day, right? That’s simply laughable!”

When they saw Chen Xi had actually left the academy, it caused Jiang Taizhong and the others to be surprised and delighted. Could it be that this kid is really tired of living?

All the instructors and students within the grand formation were anxious, and they couldn’t understand why the Dean intended to face all their enemies by himself at this moment.

Even the hearts of Chen Haoran, Mu Rongtian, Xuanyuan Pojun, and the other Immortal Kings couldn’t help but jerk. They were shocked by Chen Xi’s courage, and they couldn’t help but be worried for him.

After all, the enemy was large in number. Under such circumstances, even a god would probably not dare to enter deep into the ranks of the enemies by himself.

“One, two, three… twelve old dogs at the Immortal King Realm. Not bad, such a force is sufficient indeed. However, put up a performance that’s not too disappointing to me.” Chen Xi seemed as if he’d utterly not noticed all of this, and his expression was calm and indifferent while he swept Jiang Taizhong and the others with his gaze.

What was being domineering like!?

This was exactly it!

He was all alone, yet he dared to disregard all the Immortal Kings in the world!

“Bastard! You dare act so presumptuously after just advancing into the Immortal King Realm? Quickly receive your death!” Jiang Taizhong’s face sank while he suddenly attacked. An immortal blade that was coiled by violet lightning appeared in his palm, and then he suddenly chopped down with it. It seemed like a silver river of lightning was descending, and it crushed down towards Chen Xi while accompanied by peerlessly violent might.

At practically the exact same time, the figures of the other Immortal Kings flashed. They respectively resided in the surroundings and withdrew their Immortal Artifacts to lock down all Chen Xi’s paths of retreat.


He slashed with the Talisman Armament in his hand. A wisp of brilliant sword qi shot out, and it instantly moved to greet that blade light from Jiang Taizhong. The two of them collided like the explosion of a star, causing the heavens and the earth to quake while time and space shattered into pieces and formed raging waves that swept towards the surroundings.

Fortunately, Dao Emperor Academy was protected by the grand formation that confined this expanse of the heavens and the earth and locked it down. Otherwise, this strike would have probably destroyed more than half of the buildings within the academy, because a casual attack from an Immortal King already possessed the might to incinerate mountains, boil seas, and move the world.

Jiang Taizhong’s face sank, and he thought in his heart. This bastard has just advanced into the Immortal King Realm, yet he was actually able to forcefully resist my attack. Looks like he has some ability. This caused him to not dare be careless.


At this moment, Chen Xi had already passed through space and time, and he strode over towards Jiang Taizhong. Every single inch of his skin was covered in sword qi, and he seemed as if he’d transformed into an extremely shocking ocean of swords.

“Slash!” Jiang Taizhong attacked once more. The Immortal Blade in his hand transformed into a myriad of violent torrents of thunder, and they swept towards Chen Xi as if they were capable of sweeping through an army.

The other Immortal Kings resided in the surroundings and stood on guard for Jiang Taizhong while blocking Chen Xi’s paths of retreat. They weren’t in a hurry to make a move, and they were observing and sensing Chen Xi’s flaws with the intent of finding an opportunity to annihilate Chen Xi in one strike.

As far as they were concerned, Chen Xi had just stepped into the Immortal King Realm, and he’d lost the support of the energy of Karmic Luck within the palace, so Jiang Taizhong alone was already sufficient to crush him.


Suddenly, the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s hands soared into the sky and revealed numerous divine talismans. They transformed into numerous grand and mysterious sword formations, causing it to seem like numerous scorching suns were soaring into the sky, and they emanated a myriad of strands of sword lights that crushed down towards Jiang Taizhong.


The violent torrents of thunder from the Jiang Taizhong’s immortal blade were easily crushed into pieces, and they were utterly unable to obstruct these sword lights at all. Moreover, the violent torrents of thunder had dispersed so quickly, and it was so unexpected that Jiang Taizhong’s pupils constricted while he himself was slightly taken by surprise.


Before he could recover from his shock, countless strands of sword qi tore through space and time as they shot over violently. They were like a torrential rainstorm that enveloped the surroundings, and they minced the heavens and the earth into pieces, causing it to transform into a chaotic region of sword qi.

On the other hand, Jiang Taizhong had shockingly been unable to avoid being trapped at the center of this region of sword qi!


The expressions of the other Immortal Kings changed abruptly. Never had they imagined that while the battle had only just begun, the situation would actually undergo such a shocking transformation in an instant. Moreover, the might Chen Xi revealed had greatly exceeded their imagination, and it had slightly taken them by surprise.

In an instant, Jiang Taizhong’s countenance turned ghastly pale, and he felt a lethal aura of danger surge throughout his body!

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