Chapter 1497 – The Army Presses Down

A special ambassador of the Sovereign Sect standing on the territory of Dao Emperor Academy wanted Chen Xi to agree to working together with the Sovereign Sect. It did indeed require extremely great courage to carry out such actions.

But wasn’t this a type of arrogance as well?

Obviously, Sui Wenjing was confident that with his own identity and all the forces set out within Darkombat City right now, it would be sufficient to make Chen Xi feel fearful and not dare act rashly.

Unfortunately, to his disappointment, Chen Xi didn’t say a single word from the beginning until the end. Chen Xi had a cold and indifferent expression as he sat upright on the meditation cushion, and there wasn’t any emotion on his face. Even though he didn’t move, while the energy of Karmic Luck within the palace coiled around him, it caused him to seem to possess an extraordinarily great dignified aura that terrified the hearts of all.

For no rhyme or reason, Sui Wenjing actually faintly felt slightly terrified from being stared at by Chen Xi, and this caused his expression to unconsciously become slightly solemn.

“Dean, you ought to be clearly aware that the gods of the three dimensions have been restrained within the Last Days Domain now, whereas the Sovereign Sect controls the Heaven Dao and upholds justice for the heavens. We’ve already swept through the three dimensions, and it’s impossible to stop us. All struggling is futile. My Sovereign Sect isn’t willing to allow blood to flow into rivers, so I hope that you’ll think through it carefully.” Sui Wenjing spoke once more in a deep voice. “I presume that you wouldn’t watch as this number one academy within the Immortal Dimension is obliterated in the annals of history just like that, right?”

Chen Xi still remained silent, and he just gazed at Sui Wenjing. The shapeless imposing aura Chen Xi emanated actually caused Sui Wenjing to be terrified in his heart, and he felt slightly nervous with fear.

Sui Wenjing couldn’t help but feel slight disbelief. Chen Xi has only just advanced into the Immortal King Realm, yet isn’t the imposing aura he reveals a little too terrifying? He’s merely keeping silent, yet it’s oppressing me to the point of feeling slightly suffocated.

Sui Wenjing’s heart palpitated while he faintly sensed that the situation seemed to be bad. He hurriedly spoke with the intention of seizing the initiative in the conversation and relieving the pressure he faced. “To tell you the truth, for the sake of displaying our sincerity, my Sovereign Sect has deployed twelve Elite Disciples, and the overall situation is being commanded by our Eldest Senior Brother Yin Huaikong.”

Finally, Chen Xi broke his silence, and a wisp of an arc suddenly suffused the corners of his mouth. It seemed to be an arc of ridicule, yet seemed like a sneer as well, and he said, “I’ve finally heard something useful from all your nonsense.”

“Hahaha! Dean, you’re too kind.” Sui Wenjing didn’t get angry at all, and he roared lightheartedly with laughter. He seemed to be extremely composed, and he suppressed his voice and said after a short while, “Actually, if we talk about it in detail, then there’s an extremely deep relationship between you and my Sovereign Sect.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he revealed a secretive smile.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and his pupils were like blades as he said coldly, “I don’t have the mood to beat around the bush with you. Speak frankly if you have something to say. Otherwise, I don’t mind sending your head out of the academy.”

He didn’t conceal the killing intent within his voice.

Sui Wenjing was horrified in his heart. Is this fellow really a new Immortal King? Why is he so terrifying?

Chen Xi made a chill run down his spine, and he felt as if he’d fallen into an icy pit. He was very clearly aware that Chen Xi wasn’t joking.

“Dean, you’re probably already clearly aware now. But during the primeval times, my Sovereign Sect’s Master had a Little Junior Brother called Tai Ling, and he’s related to you by blood.” He didn’t dare conceal anything and spoke frankly.

The Junior Brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master!

Tai Ling?

The hearts of everyone within the palace shook when they heard this, and they didn’t dare believe their ears. Because they’d never heard about something like this, and they were unable to believe that this Tai Ling was related to Chen Xi.

“How presumptuous! What nonsense!” Chen Haoran shouted loudly because Sui Wenjing had actually said the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy was related to the Sovereign Sect, and he felt that this was simply disrespect!

Sui Wenjing felt slightly aggrieved. He was one of the seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect, an existence that had stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm countless years ago, and his status was extremely respected. Yet when he was here, not only did he have to endure Chen Xi’s terrifying pressure, he was even berated by an instructor, and it caused him to be extremely infuriated in his heart.

Chen Xi waved his hand to indicate that Chen Haoran should calm himself, and then he said calmly, “You’re wrong. My Father is Chen Lingjun, and not the Junior Brother Tai Ling of your Sovereign Sect’s Master. Even though the two of them are related, he’s unrelated to me.”

Even though Chen Xi seemed calm on the surface when mentioning Chen Lingjun, yet waves were rising and falling within his heart. This was like a knot in his heart, and even though he’d let it go now, he was unable to completely eliminate it.

All the others were shocked in their hearts when they heard this. Only now did they understand that Chen Xi’s father actually had such a complicated identity, and it was truly unexpected to them.

“But no matter what, you’re still related to my Sovereign Sect. If it wasn’t for that, my Eldest Senior Brother Yin Huaikong wouldn’t have sent me here to display our sect’s goodwill.” Sui Wenjing tried his best to utilize a gentle tone that revealed a trace of closeness.

The expressions of all the others became slightly uneasy when they heard this.

“If I’m not wrong, your Sovereign Sect has probably already started to declare to everyone in the world that I, Chen Xi, am a pawn placed within the Immortal Dimension by your Sovereign Sect, and my identity is the Martial Nephew of the Sovereign Sect’s Master, right?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly while coldness surged within them, and he revealed a wisp of undisguised and piercingly cold killing intent. “Sowing discord and inverting the truth is what your Sovereign Sect is best at. Tell me, yes or no!”

The last three words he spoke were simply like thunderclaps, and they rumbled throughout the palace. In an instant, Sui Wenjing was dazed, and he almost fell flat on the ground.

Never had he imagined that Chen Xi would actually directly expose their plans. This caused him to simply feel as if he’d been stripped naked, and Chen Xi had seen through all his secrets down to the smallest detail. He felt utterly uneasy, and he was at a loss for what to do.

After a short moment, Sui Wenjing had a dazed expression while his entire body was soaked in cold sweat, and he left Dao Emperor Academy at a hasty pace while feeling extremely fearful in his heart. He felt that Chen Xi was too terrifying and was simply even more terrifying than a monster, and it caused him to feel indescribably terrified and helpless.

Looks like this plan won’t work, and we can only enter into battle! After a long time, Sui Wenjing gritted his teeth and decided to report this matter to his Eldest Senior Brother, Yin Huaikong.

“The Sovereign Sect really does harbor ill intent! They actually intended to throw mud on the Dean’s reputation and make the entire world be suspicious towards the Dean!” Within the palace, Chen Haoran was furious as he spoke in a cold voice.

“There’s no need to get infuriated. If I did agree to their request, then I would have fallen for their trap instead. Unfortunately, all along my path of cultivation, I, Chen Xi, have never known what compromise is.” Chen Xi waved his hand and seemed to be extremely calm instead. “Didn’t they desire to sow discord? Tomorrow, I’ll kill all of those bastards that’re acting as dogs for the Sovereign Sect! And it couldn’t be any better if I’m able to force those bastards from the Sovereign Sect to make an appearance.”

Everyone felt shocked in their hearts, and all of them knew that Chen Xi intended start the war!

However, before Chen Xi could take any action, those forces gathered within Darkombat City had taken action before him.

The flaming blood red glow of dusk from the setting sun enveloped Dao Emperor Academy, and it emanated a strand of a solemn and divine aura.

The lofty ancient building that stood numerous like trees in a forest and the extremely beautiful landscape of Dao Emperor Academy flowed with a golden glow beneath the setting sun. It was dreamlike, vast, and grand, and it was tranquil to the point it seemed like the residence of gods.


But in next to no time, this tranquility was destroyed. The earth quaked while space was suffused with a murderous and bloody aura, and a group of people teleported over from afar like a dark cloud pressing down on a city.

Every single member of that group of people were divine and supreme. Their entire bodies were enveloped by dark golden Immortal King Energy, and it was like numerous kings had arrived to patrol the world and sweep through all obstruction. It was an extremely oppressive sight.

There were even more rows of cultivators following behind them in a formidable array. They seemed like a dragon leaving its lair when gathered together, and merely the imposing aura emanated by them caused the wind and clouds in the surroundings to be thrown into disorder while the heavens and the earth dimmed down.

The forces of the Zhongli Clan, Wanqi Clan, Jiang Clan, Bitter Silence Academy, Grand Desolation Academy, Dao Secret Academy, and Vastsky Academy had arrived together!

There were actually over ten Immortal Kings amongst them. Every single one of these Immortal Kings possessed monstrous imposing auras, and their entire bodies were brilliant. When they made an appearance together, merely their imposing aura caused the heavens and the earth to fall into deathly silence, and it was extremely shocking.

Within the Academy Guarding Grand Formation that enveloped the entirety of Dao Emperor Academy, no matter if it was the instructors or the students, all of them felt terrified. This wasn’t a sign of cowardice, and it was instead a type of innate suppression. It was like how ants were tiny and powerless when facing eagles.

The difference in their cultivations was too great. So when Immortal Kings arrived, they were utterly unable to endure the extremely supreme and dignified imposing auras the Immortal Kings emanated. Not to mention that there were over ten Immortal Kings gathered together, and that sort of imposing aura caused numerous students to be practically on the verge of falling weakly to the ground.

These were Immortal Kings, supreme existences that stood proudly at the peak of the three dimensions. Along with the departure of the gods in the three dimensions, they’d seemed to have become the strongest existences in the three dimensions.

The sun and moon dimmed, the earth collapsed, and all beings fell into great terror beneath the rage of an Immortal King. This was their imposing aura. Even though it was shapeless, it was sufficient to decide the fate of most living beings in the world!

Normally, it was utterly impossible to see a single Immortal King. They were mysterious and supreme existences that held down the fort in the powers they belonged to respectively. Even though they didn’t make an appearance in the world, they deterred all in their surroundings from invading.

Yet recently, over ten Immortal Kings had appeared here in a short period of time, and they’d set their sights directly onto Dao Emperor Academy. This scene was simply like the sky collapsing, and it caused others to be unable to restrain the terror in their hearts.

A battle was about to erupt!

Today, Dao Emperor Academy and even the entirety of Darkombat City was bound to flow with rivers of blood!

“Open up the restrictions. Don’t struggle pointlessly.” Suddenly, a ferocious middle aged man from the Jiang Clan that was in the lead spoke. He had thick brows, bronze skin, and eyes that flowed with cold lightning. He was filled with an oppressive imposing aura.

He was the Patriarch of the Jiang Clan, Jiang Taizhong, and an Immortal King! Jiang Tingfang that perished at Chen Xi’s hand on that day was his junior in the clan.

It was just a simple sentence, yet it was filled with a terrifying pressure. It shook some of the students within the restrictions to the point their entire figures swayed, and they almost coughed up blood while their countenances instantly turned pale.

“Activate the formation!” An instructor shouted loudly.


In an instant, all the restrictions that were set up in the sky above Dao Emperor Academy were activated at this moment. They emanated strands of terrifying fluctuations, and they protected the entire academy within them.

“Hmph! It’s just a desperate struggle!” Jiang Taizhong grunted coldly, and he directly stretched out his hand and clawed. An enormous hand that blotted out the sky and was coiled with dark golden Immortal King Energy shot through the sky, and then it slapped down fiercely.


It suppressed the restrictions in the distance to the point of droning violently without end, and they were on the verge of shattering into pieces.

“Chen Xi really is conceited. He dared to obstruct our path by setting up this little bit of restrictions?” All the Immortal Kings in the back laughed with ridicule, and they were disapproving.

When Immortal Kings arrived, the cultivations of these instructors and students were utterly insufficient, so how could they possibly control the grand formation of the academy? As far as Jiang Taizhong and the others were concerned, this resistance was just a desperate struggle before death.

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