Chapter 1497 – The Army Presses Down

A special ambassador of the Sovereign Sect standing on the territory of Dao Emperor Academy wanted Chen Xi to agree to working together with the Sovereign Sect. It did indeed require extremely great courage to carry out such actions.

But wasn’t this a type of arrogance as well?

Obviously, Sui Wenjing was confident that with his own identity and all the forces set out within Darkombat City right now, it would be sufficient to make Chen Xi feel fearful and not dare act rashly.

Unfortunately, to his disappointment, Chen Xi didn’t say a single word from the beginning until the end. Chen Xi had a cold and indifferent expression as he sat upright on the meditation cushion, and there wasn’t any emotion on his face. Even though he didn’t move, while the energy of Karmic Luck within the palace coiled around him, it caused him to seem to possess an extraordinarily great dignified aura that terrified the hearts of all.

For no rhyme or reason, Sui Wenjing actually faintly felt slightly terrified from being stared at by Chen Xi, and this caused his expression to unconsciously become slightly solemn.

“Dean, you ought to be clearly aware that the gods of the three dimensions have been restrained within the Last Days Domain now, whereas the Sovereign Sect controls the Heaven Dao and upholds justice for the heavens. We’ve already swept through the three dimensions, and it’s impossible to stop us. All struggling...

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