Chapter 1496 – Special Ambassador Of The Sovereign Sect

The sword howl shot out like the tide, and it shook the entire universe.

However, in merely an instant, everything returned to deathly silence, and in their daze, almost everyone felt that it was a delusion they’d had.

But all of them were clearly aware that it wasn’t a delusion. The terrifying imposing aura created from that sword howl at that instant had long since affected their Dao Hearts, so how could it possibly be a delusion?

It was even to the extent that because of this sword howl, Jiang Taizhong’s voice had been completely drowned out, and it caused his imposing aura to utterly cease to exist!

Exactly what sort of Immortal Sword emanated this sword howl? And who did it belong to?

Everyone was curious.

Only Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, Xuanyuan Pojun, and the others were clearly aware that the sword howl had come from within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace!

In other words, all of this was greatly related to the Dean, Chen Xi.

They shot their gazes towards the entrance of the palace in unison, and they all had a feeling that Chen Xi was about to emerge from his closed door cultivation. This caused all of them to feel excited.


A wisp of faint light flashed on the body of the sword that was smooth like a mirror, and then it vanished, causing the entirety of the over 1m long pitch black sword to seem even more ordinary. Moreover, it emanated an aura of shedding all splendor to return to simplicity.

Chen Xi held the newly refined Talisman Armament in his hand and observed it carefully. He was able to clearly sense that there was an extremely oppressive aura amidst the calm aura of the Talisman Armament.

Especially when he immersed his mind into it. He was even able to notice numerous divine talismans ceaselessly circulating and cooperating with each other from afar, and there was a form of unique link between them. It was the interior of a mere sword, yet it was vast to the point it seemed capable of accommodating a large world!

Crack! Crack!

Chen Xi placed the Talisman Armament in the air before him and hadn’t utilized any strength, yet the space and time around the Talisman Armament was torn apart by a shapeless edge, causing explosions to resound while time and space transformed into shattered ripples. Moreover, the time and space were in a ceaseless cycle of destruction and recovery, and it formed a strange scene.

In other words, merely the might of the Talisman Armament itself now was already capable of easily tearing both space and time apart!

Such might had even exceeded the strength of Immortal Artifacts at the extreme-rank of the Void Grade, and only the Artificial Spirit Treasures of legend could rival its might!

Artificial Spirit Treasures were precisely Divine Artifacts, yet the Talisman Armament clearly didn’t carry a trace of the aura of divinity.

This meant that the Talisman Armament’s current grade was still equivalent to the extreme-rank of the Void Grade, yet its might could already compare with Artificial Spirit Treasures!

Chen Xi was extremely gratified by the transformation of the Talisman Armament’s might, and he said to himself, I didn’t waste numerous Immortal Artifacts at the extreme-rank of the Void Grade and over a hundred types of matchlessly rare immortal materials in vain. So it’s within reason that it’s able to possess such might, otherwise I would have really suffered a huge loss.

Chen Xi was especially happy because once the numerous divine talismans branded within the Talisman Armament were utilized, they would be able to flawlessly fuse with the Talisman Dao he possessed, and it was sufficient for him to bring forth an even more formidable combat strength.

This was the thing that Chen Xi placed the most importance onto.

Perhaps other immortal swords possessed shocking might, yet they were unable to give Chen Xi the unique feeling of being linked to him by blood. Only the Talisman Armament seemed to have become a part of his body.

Of course, the Dao Calamity Sword could be considered as a unique existence as well. It naturally contained a strand of mysterious energy, and once this mysterious energy was utilized, it was capable of releasing a myriad of clear colored sword lotuses that similarly possessed boundless might.

Most importantly, the Dao Calamity Sword faintly carried a countering effect towards the Sovereign Sect, and it was entirely capable of being utilized as a trump card.

After observing it carefully for a long time, Chen Xi put the Talisman Armament away, and he stood up with satisfaction. After that, he left the world of stars and returned to the palace.

Hmm? As soon as he arrived at the palace, Chen Xi instantly sensed that Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, Xuanyuan Pojun, and the others were waiting outside the palace at this moment.

I just entered into closed door cultivation for less than a month. Could it be that something major has occurred again? As he thought, Chen Xi commanded in his heart, and the entrance to the palace suddenly opened up.

“Everyone, please come in.”

The spirits of Wang Daolu and all the other great figures were refreshed when they saw this, and they entered successively. They only stopped moving when they saw Chen Xi’s figure sitting cross-legged at the deepest depths of the palace, and then they bowed in unison.

“Dean!” When they were truly facing Chen Xi, all of these great figures that ruled over an area restrained all their thoughts and didn’t dare be disrespectful at all. The reason was extremely simple, the scenes of Chen Xi annihilating the group of Immortal Kings by himself on that day was still vividly visible before their eyes, so they naturally didn’t dare to take Chen Xi as a junior.

Coupled with Chen Xi’s current status as the Dean of the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension, his reputation that was like the scorching sun in the midday sky, and the fact that he represented the dignity of the entire Dao Emperor Academy, they didn’t dare be disrespectful to him.

Chen Xi waved his hand before numerous meditation cushions floated out from within space, and then he invited all of them to sit before he shot his gaze at Wang Daolu and asked. “Everyone, there’s no need for formalities. Exactly what’s going on?”

Wang Daolu briefly thought over the recent events, and then he told Chen Xi about everything that had occurred recently.

“Hah! They’re using those great powers as cannon fodder? The Sovereign Sect really cherishes the lives of its own.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but sneer when he found out about all of this, and then a wisp of coldness that was extremely terrifying appeared between his brows. “Have you found out how many Immortal Kings have been gathered this time?”

“Presently, there are roughly over ten of them. They’re mostly from the Zhongli Clan, Wanqi Clan, Jiang Clan, Bitter Silence Academy, Grand Desolation Academy, Dao Secret Academy, and Vastsky Academy.” Wang Daolu replied calmly. “As for the other powers, their primary forces consist of Half-step Immortal Kings. So long as we kill those existences at the Immortal King Realm, then the other powers would be nothing to worry about.”

Chen Xi nodded while strands of cold lightning flowed within his gaze, and he went silent for a moment before he asked. “Did you detect any traces of the Sovereign Sect’s disciples?”

Wang Daolu shook his head. “Even though we haven’t noticed any trace of them for now, it’s predictable that the Sovereign Sect will definitely not stay out of this matter.”

“Dean, everyone in the entire Immortal Dimension is watching this confrontation between us and the Sovereign Sect, so it’s of vital importance. Please make a decision as soon as possible.” Zhou Zhili suddenly spoke from the side, and the others nodded successively as well.

The current situation was already extremely tense, and it caused Darkombat City to become the center of attention in the Immortal Dimension. So if Chen Xi still didn’t make a decision, then Dao Emperor Academy would probably lose the opportunity to launch the first strike.

Chen Xi stood up and glanced at all of them before he said indifferently, “If I’m not wrong, all those powers in the Immortal Dimension that haven’t been taken over by the Sovereign Sect are watching from the sidelines, and they’re worried that they’ll suffer the Sovereign Sect’s attack if they work together with us.”

He paused for a moment before his gaze suddenly became icy cold, and then he said slowly, “Since it’s like that, then we’ll use actions to tell the outside world that if they’re reduced to becoming dogs of the Sovereign Sect, then they’ll similarly suffer a cruel slaughter from my Dao Emperor Academy!”

As he finished speaking, his voice already carried a wisp of a cold and resolute tone.

Yes, Chen Xi was extremely disappointed in those powers that still intended to wait and see. Because if they still had some hot blood in them and held on to some basic principles, then they would absolutely not be hesitant and indecisive at such a moment.

After all, the Sovereign Sect was the public enemy of the three dimensions! Since the ancient times until now, it had caused countless rains of blood and brought harm to innumerable innocent living beings!

Now, the Sovereign Sect had resurfaced, and it intended to take control of the three dimensions and rule over all the myriad of living beings in the world. Under such circumstances, those powers were actually still afraid of the power and influence of the Sovereign Sect, causing them to be hesitant and indecisive. Such actions were more than just stupid!

Of course, Chen Xi was clearly aware that they were afraid that working together with Dao Emperor Academy would make the Sovereign Sect eliminate them. But could it be they would be able to avoid such a tragedy by not working together with Dao Emperor Academy?

Chen Xi understood their worries, yet he was unable to accept it. This was his attitude towards this matter.

The hearts of everyone jerked as they’d sensed a strand of undisguised killing intent within Chen Xi’s words. They were clearly aware that Chen Xi was already slightly infuriated, and he intended to make a show of strength with all of those powers that had gathered in Darkombat City.

“Dean Chen Xi, there’s another situation that I have no choice but to speak about.” Suddenly, Mu Rongtian finally spoke after hesitating for a long time.

Chen Xi’s brows raised. “Presently, all of our forces are allied together, so we should naturally act as one. Feel free to speak about anything you wish.”

“To tell you the truth, there are still many people within the academy that are in contact with the Zhongli Clan, Wanqi Clan, and Jiang Clan. Even though those instructors and students aren’t related to those clans by blood, but they have rather close relationships.” Mu Rongtian spoke in a low voice.

Chen Xi suddenly fell into silence and had an emotionless expression.

Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, Chen Haoran, and the other instructors of the academy felt extremely uncomfortable. All of this was something that should have been managed by them, yet it was exposed by Mu Rongtian now, and it caused them to feel extremely embarrassed.

The great figures from the other powers sighed in their hearts as well. In the past, Dao Emperor Academy was extremely formidable, and it looked down upon all the powers in the Immortal Dimension. Yet now, after it suffered a calamity, some of its instructors and students didn’t hesitate to collude with powers from outside the academy and intended to cause harm to the academy. When these two situations were compared, it naturally caused others to sigh without end.

“When I killed those Immortal Kings that day, I’d already given them a chance, and I didn’t purge the academy completely. Yet now, since they still refuse to realize their mistakes, then they can’t blame anyone.” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

Wang Daolu opened his mouth yet didn’t know what to say. This was a problem that was difficult to deal with indeed, and some instructors and students had really gone too far. Even at a moment like this, they still refused to give up, and it was truly disappointing.

“Instructor Wang, Dean Zhou. The two of you will deal with this matter. My request is very simple. At such a moment, absolutely no traitor can appear from within the academy!” Chen Xi decided in an indisputable manner.

When they heard this, Wang Daolu and Zhou Zhili glanced at each other, and then they immediately stopped hesitating and left after receiving their orders.

Right at this moment, a grey clothed old man arrived outside Dao Emperor Academy. He proclaimed his name and asked the students at the entrance to report that he sought an audience with Chen Xi, and he was from the Sovereign Sect!

“The Sovereign Sect? Hah! How unexpected! I thought they would immediately launch the battle against me. I never expected that they would actually send over a special ambassador.” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he merely pondered briefly before he instructed them to permit that old man to enter the academy.

“Greetings Dean. I’m Sui Wenjing. I’m ranked at the 4th amongst the seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect.” The old man from the Sovereign Sect was shocked in his heart when he entered the Dao Emperor Divine Palace and saw Chen Xi who sat cross-legged at the center of the palace. He really has attained great strength as it’s rumors, and he has already stepped into the ranks of Immortal Kings.

“I’ve come here this time to convey good intention to you on behalf of the Sovereign Sect. If you’re willing to work together with my Sovereign Sect, then there’ll naturally be a place for the Dao Emperor Academy within the Immortal Dimension in the future. I hope you’ll think it over carefully.” Sui Wenjing spoke in a neither arrogant nor humble manner, and he was extremely direct. He appeared to be extremely brave and seemed to be not worried that Chen Xi would become infuriated and strike him down where he stood.

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