Chapter 1495 – The Army Presses Down On The City

The world of stars.

The Infinite Divine Talisman floated within the mysterious space, and it emanated a desolate, vast, and mysterious fluctuation.

This was where the true inheritance of the Master of Oracle Mountain resided, the Infinite Divine Talisman that had fully deduced the boundless profundities of the Talisman Dao until the limit.

All those years ago, Chen Xi had once comprehended the inheritance of the swords of the five elements, the swords of Yin and Yang, the sword of wind and lightning, the Star Obliteration Sword, and various other inheritances in the Sword Dao from this place.

In other words, the Infinite Divine Talisman wasn’t a true Divine Talisman, and it was a type of inheritance instead!

This sort of inheritance was extremely unique, and it was said to be boundless. The amount one was able to comprehend wasn’t determined by one’s comprehension ability, and it was determined by the amount of Grand Daos one had grasped and the depth of one’s attainments in the Talisman Dao.

At this moment, Chen Xi had a solemn expression as he sat cross-legged before the Infinite Divine Talisman, and he ceaselessly formed numerous obscure and profound seals.

A simple, pitch black, and dark sword floated before him. Its surface glowed lustrously, and it revealed numerous diagrams of Divine Talismans.

These Divine Talismans were respectively the Azurewood Divine Talisman, Whitemetal Divine Talisman, Blackwater Divine Talisman, Crimsonfire Divine Talisman, Yellowearth Divine Talisman, Phoenixwind Divine Talisman, Demonspirit Divine Talisman, Eastern Myrtle Divine Talisman, and Darklightning Divine Talisman.

There was a total of nine divine talismans, and they resided within the Talisman Armament. At this moment, since they were being refined by Chen Xi, the images of numerous divine emperors and empresses had appeared from within the sword, and every single one of them possessed vast divine might and seemed like mighty gods.

Om! Om!

At practically the exact same moment, numerous balls of light that blazed like tiny suns flowed in midair. Every single ball of light represented an immortal material that was rarely seen in the world, and they were currently being refined by Chen Xi via a complicated technique and were transforming into the purest form of equipment refinement materials.

Amongst them were the Green Spiritbreaker Nightmare Spear, Spirit Lightning Golden Hairpin, and various other formidable Immortal Artifacts at the extreme-rank of the Void Grade. Presently, all of them had transformed into pure equipment refinement materials that appeared in the form of balls of light, and they emanated brilliant radiance.

“Huff!” Suddenly, Chen Xi’s eyes opened abruptly, and an obscure and strange word resounded like a thunderclap from within his mouth.


At this instant, a myriad of talismans suddenly appeared on the surface of the Talisman Armament that floated in midair. These talismans were dense and vast like the starry sky, and they simply seemed to be boundless.

They ceaselessly circulated, combined, and formed numerous formation diagrams. After that, these formation diagrams transformed without end while echoing with each other, and they formed numerous completely new divine talismans in the end!

Light Divine Talisman.

Darkness Divine Talisman.

Star Divine Talisman.

Eternal Divine Talisman.

Creation Divine Talisman.

Obliteration Divine Talisman.

In an instant, nine completely new divine talisman diagrams had actually appeared on the surface of the Talisman Armament!

However, those divine talismans were merely divine talismans in form. In other words, they only contained talisman markings yet didn’t possess the might and energy of divine talismans.

Before long, Chen Xi aroused all the Immortal Force within the universe in his body and started to form seals without end. In an instant, he formed a myriad of seals that were filled with boundless profundities, and they surged like tidewater into the balls of equipment refinement materials.

After that, this entire space was filled with bright light as the balls of materials emanated divine brilliance, and they whistled and surged into the new talisman formation diagrams like a gorgeous meteor shower.


For a time, the numerous divine talismans rumbled as they circulated. They emanated brilliant light and caused a rain of divine radiance to spray into the surroundings, causing this expanse of mysterious space to be illuminated to the point of seeming dazzling and resplendent.

Amidst this was light, darkness, illusory and ethereal starlight, the silent and faint glow of obliteration, a clear glow of eternalness, and the lively and overflowing radiance of creation that transformed without end. It was an extremely gorgeous and exuberant sight.

Such a magnificent sight could simply be said to surpass the wonders of nature itself, and it was a rare sight in the entire world.

This was the most critical segment in refining a Talisman Armament. Once it was successful, then the various new divine talismans would be branded within the sword and transform into a part of its might, and it would add boundless might to the Talisman Armament!

This process continued for an entire month of time.

On the other hand, Chen Xi hadn’t taken a wink of sleep or a moment of rest during this entire process. His entire attention was gathered in the refinement of the Talisman Armament, and along with the passage of time, his face started to become solemn and pale while a layer of sweat soaked his forehead.

When he refined the Talisman Armament this time, he’d inscribed all the various Grand Daos he’d grasped into divine talismans, and he’d even refined all the rare immortal materials that he possessed into the Talisman Armament because he intended to improve the might of the Talisman Armament from the Cosmic Grade to the extreme-rank of the Void Grade in one go.

Obviously, this was an extremely huge undertaking, and the consumption of his own strength would naturally be extremely shocking!

It was even to the extent that for the sake of avoiding any careless mistakes from occurring during the entire process, Chen Xi didn’t slack off at all times. Up until now, even his cultivation in the Dao Heart that was at the Heart Infant Realm was really unable to endure it any longer.

Chen Xi was an Immortal King now, and his foundation was extremely deep, yet he was still slightly unable to endure the exertion when refining the Talisman Armament, and it was even to the extent that it was even more exhausting than fighting numerous Immortal Kings. This obviously showed that when the Talisman Armament was truly refined successfully, its might would absolutely be shocking.

During this period of time, group after group of cultivators had suddenly started to appear within the deathly silent streets of Darkombat City. The most conspicuous of them all was the forces of the Zhongli Clan, Wanqi Clan, Jiang Clan, Bitter Silence Academy, Grand Desolation Academy, Dao Secret Academy, and Vastsky Academy.

Besides them, some great powers of the Immortal Dimension had arrived successively, and every single one of them were overlords in the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension. Moreover, they arrived in formidable arrays and with shocking impetuses.

In a short period of less than seven days, no less than over a hundred powers had gathered in Darkombat City!

All of this instantly drew the attention of the entire Immortal Dimension and caused it to be stirred, and everyone felt nervous. They were clearly aware that the Sovereign Sect was definitely behind this, and it intended to crush Dao Emperor Academy with absolute strength!

After all, if it was in the past, if the various great powers were to join forces and take action like this, then it would be sufficient to sweep through any continent in the Immortal Dimension. Yet now, all of them had gathered in Darkombat City, and it was obvious how shocking the imposing aura they revealed was.

At the same time, the entire city fell into a shaken state, and it was filled with a confrontational atmosphere.

Fortunately, Chen Xi had already instructed Wang Daolu to prepare everything, thus the students of the academy didn’t fall into a state of unrest because of these events, and it avoided the situation where the academy itself fell into chaos before the battle even began.

However, even then, all the instructors of the academy and the forces from the Xuanyuan Clan, Zuoqiu Clan, Mu Clan, Dragon Dimension, Phoenix Clan, Buddha Dimension, and the various other powers still felt heavily pressured.

Unexpectedly, after those powers that were controlled by the Sovereign Sect arrived in Darkombat City, they didn’t attack immediately, and they set up camp instead and seemed to be very calm. Obviously, they were accumulating strength and preparing everything.

On the other hand, Dao Emperor Academy similarly didn’t launch an attack because Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, and all the other higher-ups of the academy were clearly aware that the most reliable strategy under such a situation was to prepare and wait for the arrival of the enemy.

In short, it seemed like a storm was coming and undercurrents were brewing in Darkombat City now, and the battle would erupt at any moment!

On this day, Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, Mu Rongtian, Zuoqiu Feiming, Xuanyuan Pojun, and all the higher-ups of the Buddha Dimension and Phoenix Clan had gathered before the Dao Emperor Divine Palace.

They were waiting for Chen Xi.

The current situation was pressing, and the battle could erupt at any moment. So they needed the Dean to make a decision.

Unfortunately, since he entered into closed door cultivation, Chen Xi had never made an appearance, and it caused all of these great figures to be slightly anxious, yet they couldn’t be considered to be worried and fearful.

Even though their enemy was made up of numerous forces, once the battle erupted, it was the supreme existences at the Immortal King Realm that determined the final outcome.

In other words, if this battle erupted, then it would be a competition of the number of Immortal Kings that each side possessed.

Presently, Dao Emperor Academy’s Zhou Zhili, Xuanyuan Pojun, and Chen Haoran had already stepped into the Immortal King Realm after refining and absorbing the pieces of the Divine Chain of Order.

Besides them, the Mu Clan’s Mu Rongtian, the Zuoqiu Clan’s Zuoqiu Feiming, the Buddha Dimension’s Profound Silence Buddhist Master, the Phoenix Clan’s Zhao Lingxi, and so on and so forth were all at the Immortal King Realm as well.

If all of them were added together, they possessed around ten Immortal Kings, and this number didn’t include Chen Xi. Under such circumstances, even if their enemies were made up of numerous forces, they naturally wouldn’t feel fearful.

What they were truly worried about was the Sovereign Sect instead. All the powers that had been deployed to Darkombat City this time were under the control of the Sovereign Sect, and they weren’t from the Sovereign Sect.

Once the experts of the Sovereign Sect interfered, then the situation was bound to become extremely dangerous.

This was the reason why Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, and the others would all come to look for Chen Xi.

“What exactly is the Dean doing?” Zhou Zhili couldn’t help but ask when there were no signs of movement after they’d been waiting here for a long time. The others turned their heads over as well and revealed puzzled expressions. According to their knowledge, Chen Xi had just advanced into the Immortal King Realm, so he was obviously not in closed door cultivation for the sake of improving his cultivation.

“I’m not sure as well.” Wang Daolu shook his head. If it was in the past, perhaps he wouldn’t mind asking Chen Xi about some things, but Chen Xi was already the Dean of the academy now, so he naturally didn’t dare go beyond the rules.

“I’m the Patriarch of the Jiang Clan, Jiang Taizhong. Quickly notify that bastard, Chen Xi, to come out and meet me!” Suddenly, a voice that was deep like lightning rumbled from the distant horizon, and it spread throughout the academy while carrying a firm and murderous tone.

All the instructors and students were shocked in their hearts. Is the battle about to begin?

“Hmph! How lofty is the identity of my academy’s Dean! Is anyone in the Immortal Dimension even worthy to make him meet them personally? It looks to me that you, Jiang Taizhong, are a silly old fool!” Suddenly, Zhou Zhili soared into the sky and looked towards the outside of the academy from afar before he spoke coldly.

Outside Dao Emperor Academy and within Darkombat City, Jiang Taizhong was silent and didn’t speak any further. Chen Xi had already formed his power and influence, and he fully revealed the dignity of the Dean. If Chen Xi didn’t give him face and didn’t come meet him at all, he would be utterly unable to do anything about it.

After a long time, he said, “That day, he cruelly killed the clansmen of my Jiang Clan, the Zhongli Clan, and the Wanqi Clan. This enmity is irreconcilable. Since he isn’t willing to take the initiative to atone for his crimes, then we’ll crush Dao Emperor Academy and have blood for blood three days from now!”

His voice was murderous and filled with a boundless ghastly tone that caused one’s heart to tremble.


Right at this moment, an extremely grand sword howl that was clear and melodious like the voice of the gods suddenly resounded from within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, and it shot into the universe, shook the world, and threw the winds and clouds in the surroundings into disorder!

Such might caused the heavens and the earth to tremble while the surroundings dimmed down, and it struck directly at the hearts of all. Moreover, its terrifying and horrifying imposing aura was shocking to the extreme.

At this moment, it wasn’t just everyone within Dao Emperor Academy that were shocked, even all the forces stationed within Darkombat City felt a strand of indescribable terror!

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