Chapter 1495 – The Army Presses Down On The City

The world of stars.

The Infinite Divine Talisman floated within the mysterious space, and it emanated a desolate, vast, and mysterious fluctuation.

This was where the true inheritance of the Master of Oracle Mountain resided, the Infinite Divine Talisman that had fully deduced the boundless profundities of the Talisman Dao until the limit.

All those years ago, Chen Xi had once comprehended the inheritance of the swords of the five elements, the swords of Yin and Yang, the sword of wind and lightning, the Star Obliteration Sword, and various other inheritances in the Sword Dao from this place.

In other words, the Infinite Divine Talisman wasn’t a true Divine Talisman, and it was a type of inheritance instead!

This sort of inheritance was extremely unique, and it was said to be boundless. The amount one was able to comprehend wasn’t determined by one’s comprehension ability, and it was determined by the amount of Grand Daos one had grasped and the depth of one’s attainments in the Talisman Dao.

At this moment, Chen Xi had a solemn expression as he sat cross-legged before the Infinite Divine Talisman, and he ceaselessly formed numerous obscure and profound seals.

A simple, pitch black, and dark sword floated before him. Its surface glowed lustrously, and it revealed numerous diagrams of Divine Talismans.

These Divine Talismans were respectively the Azurewood Divine Talisman, Whitemetal...

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