Chapter 1494 – Undercurrents Are Brewing

When he saw A’Xiu in such a state, Chen Xi instantly panicked and stretched out his hands to embrace her, and he patted her on the back as he consoled. “What exactly has occurred? Don’t cry, tell me what happened.”

This was the first time Chen Xi had taken the initiative to embrace A’Xiu himself, yet there were no lustful thoughts in his mind when her tender and fragrant body entered his embrace, and there was only heartache and regret.

A’Xiu liked to smile, and in his impression, she was always smiling very brilliantly whenever she made an appearance. It seemed as if nothing could make her feel sad, yet at this moment, A’Xiu revealed a rare moment of being on the verge of tears, and it allowed Chen Xi to instantly understand that A’Xiu had probably endured a great deal of pressure during this period of time.

On the other hand, he’d never devoted any care to A’Xiu since he’d returned to the academy, and he’d always been busy with all sorts of battles and cultivation. So he couldn’t help but feel slightly regretful, and he felt that he’d truly neglected A’Xiu during this period of time.

A’Xiu’s figure suddenly froze when she was embraced by Chen Xi, and her mind was slightly muddled. But right after that, she felt unprecedentedly comforted.

Those wide shoulders, powerful heartbeat, and familiar smell, caused her to feel happy in her heart, and she couldn’t help but comfortably tilt her head onto Chen Xi’s shoulder and narrow her eyes into two crescents.

After quite some time, she muttered. “I thought that after you’d changed after you became the Dean. So it turns out that you’re still the Chen Xi I’m familiar with.”

Chen Xi was stunned while a wisp of an indescribable feeling surged out from within his heart. It seemed like pity, yet also seemed like the feeling of heartache, and he rubbed A’Xiu’s head as he said with a smile, “No matter how I change, I won’t forget you.”

A’Xiu’s tender lips curled up like a meek infant beast, and she laughed silently for a long time before she pushed Chen Xi away. After that, she took a deep breath and raised her head and looked Chen Xi in the eyes as she said, “Thank you.”

It was two very unexpected words, and it slightly unexpected to Chen Xi as well. He suddenly glared fiercely at A’Xiu and threatened. “If you say these words again, then I’ll definitely look for trouble with your Xuanyuan Clan!”

A’Xiu burst into laughter. It was like the first blooming flower after the rain, pure, fresh, and extraordinary.

After that, Chen Xi started laughing as well.

A’Xiu had indeed come looking for him because of the Xuanyuan Clan. Presently, the Sovereign Sect had already started targeting the seven great ancient clans and seven great academies of the Immortal Dimension, and the Xuanyuan Clan was no exception.

Especially in the recent period of time, the Xuanyuan Clan had repeatedly suffered all sorts of lethal incidents, and many elders and disciples of the clan had suffered bizarre deaths and injuries. This caused the higher-ups of the Xuanyuan Clan to sense the aura of danger, and they knew that the Sovereign Clan had already extended its claws towards their clan.

However, they were helpless because Xuanyuan Shao, Xuanyuan Fengchen, and Xuanyuan Tabei had all left, and only Xuanyuan Poxiao remained within the clan. Once a conflict erupted between their clan and the Sovereign Sect, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Under such circumstances, A’Xiu could only come looking for help from Chen Xi.

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi’s expression became icy cold. However, he was helpless because Dao Emperor Academy needed his presence as well so as to prevent the Sovereign Sect from seizing the opportunity created by his absence to invade the academy.

In the end, Chen Xi decided to ask A’Xiu to return to the Xuanyuan Clan and tell her clansmen that if it’s possible, then move their entire clan into the academy. In this way, all the problems they faced would be readily solved.

Moreover, with the addition of the Xuanyuan Clan, Dao Emperor Academy would obtain another force to assist it, and it could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

After she obtained Chen Xi’s agreement, A’Xiu left hastily because she was worried for the safety of her clansmen.

A’Xiu’s visit allowed Chen Xi to suddenly realize a problem. Presently, the entire Immortal Dimension was suffering the frenzied invasion of the Sovereign Sect, and even the Xuanyuan Clan was unable to avoid it now. Then what about the Zuoqiu Clan? The Mu Clan? The Phoenix Clan? The Buddha Dimension?

When he thought of this, Chen Xi didn’t have the mood to enter into closed door cultivation any longer, and he hastily teleported away. He intended to look for some instructors that were related to these powers and instruct them with some things.

On this day, Chen Xi announced in the name of the Dean that Dao Emperor Academy had decided to join forces with the other powers to jointly resist the invasion of the Sovereign Sect.

On the other hand, only top existences like the Xuanyuan Clan, Mu Clan, Zuoqiu Clan, Buddha Dimension, and Phoenix Clan were amongst the list of these powers that were joining forces with the academy.

Of course, the other powers weren’t excluded from joining, but the precondition was that they had to obtain the acceptance of the Dean, Chen Xi. Moreover, they had to obey all the orders of Dao Emperor Academy.

Once this piece of information spread, it instantly caused the entire Immortal Dimension to be shaken, and it caused a mighty uproar.

Since the calamity erupted, the powers in practically every single area of the 4,900 continents within the Immortal Dimension had suffered the invasion of the Sovereign Sect, and up until now, more than half of these powers had fallen into the Sovereign Sect’s control.

It could be said that the Sovereign Sect had already taken control of more than half of the Immortal Dimension, whereas the areas that still weren’t under the control of the Sovereign Sect were filled with unrest and rains of blood.

Those powers that were unwilling to submit to the Sovereign Sect had been looking for some formidable support and assistance since a long time ago. So the announcement Chen Xi made had undoubtedly allowed those powers to see hope.

However, even though they were moved by it, many powers were hesitant and unable to make up their minds. The reason for this was extremely simple as well. They were worried that even Dao Emperor Academy was unable to resist the Sovereign Sect’s invasion, so if they went to join Dao Emperor Academy, then they might be taken to be a thorn in the eye of the Sovereign Sect and be annihilated along with Dao Emperor Academy.

Under such circumstances, only top powers like the Mu Clan, Zuoqiu Clan, Phoenix Clan, Dragon Dimension, and Buddha Dimension had agreed to fight alongside Dao Emperor Academy and form an alliance.

In next to no time, all of this information returned to the academy and entered into Chen Xi’s hands.

“Hmph! Our academy provided an asylum for them, yet they’re being indecisive and overcautious instead, and they’re afraid that the Sovereign Sect will eliminate them along with the academy. They’re truly shortsighted and laughable to the extreme.” Wang Daolu grunted coldly and was extremely displeased.

He’d just finished refining and absorbing the pieces of the Divine Chain of Order, and he was only lacking a trace of a critical factor in order to advance into the Immortal King Realm. Since he was unoccupied and had nothing else to do, he helped Chen Xi take charge of this matter.

“It isn’t their fault. After all, the Sovereign Sect has already attained great strength now, and it’s the moment that it’s the most arrogant and overbearing. It’s within reason that they don’t look favorably on the fate of our academy,” said Chen Xi with a smile, and he didn’t mind at all. As soon as he finished speaking, he asked about other things instead. “Right, have arrangements been made for the Xuanyuan Clan, Mu Clan, and the other powers?”

Wang Daolu nodded. “They’ve settled down within Darkombat City.”

After that, he frowned and said, “However, I heard some bad news recently. According to it, that announcement our academy made has completely infuriated the Sovereign Sect, and they might converge its strongest forces soon with the intention of wiping out our academy in one go.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he said coldly, “Very good. I’m only too anxious for them to come sooner!”

He was slightly vexed indeed. Because he had to protect the academy and had no choice but to constantly stay in the academy, he was unable to leave on his own and take the initiative to attack the Sovereign Sect.

Now, the Sovereign Sect actually dared to brag boastfully and intended to wipe out Dao Emperor Academy in one go. This had already completely exceeded Chen Xi’s limits, and it had infuriated him.

“How many forces do they intend to deploy?” Chen Xi took a deep breath before he asked slowly. Even though he rather detested the Sovereign Sect in his heart, he wouldn’t underestimate it.

After all, for the sake of sweeping through the three dimensions, the Sovereign Sect had forcefully brought down the calamity in advance, so the forces it had accumulated would definitely not be weak.

Wang Daolu pondered deeply before he said, “According to my knowledge, it’s probably the great ancient clans like the Jiang Clan, Zhongli Clan, Wanqi Clan, and Grand Desolation Academy, Bitter Silence Academy, and Dao Secret Academy that are leading the attack, but we can’t rule out the possibility that Elite Disciples at the Immortal King Realm from the Sovereign Sect are present amongst them.”

A cold glow surged within Chen Xi’s eyes as he said coldly, “These damnable bastards! They really intend to be the dogs of the Sovereign Sect for their entire lifetimes. If they dare to come, then they can forget about leaving!”

A wisp of detest appeared on Wang Daolu’s face as well because the Immortal Kings of the Jiang Clan, Zhongli Clan, Wanqi Clan, and various other powers were amongst the Immortal Kings that Chen Xi slaughtered that day.

Yet not only had they not learned anything from this disastrous lesson, they’d gone even further and intended to assist the Sovereign Sect to invade Dao Emperor Academy. He felt that their minds were simply befuddled, and they were courting death!

“No matter what it is, ask everyone from our academy and the forces we’re allied with to prepare themselves in this period of time, and ask them to gather within the academy in advance so as to prevent the Sovereign Sect from annihilating them one by one.” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a long time before he decided in the end.

Wang Daolu knew that this matter was related to the survival of the academy as well, and it couldn’t be delayed. So he left hastily after he received his orders.

Chen Xi didn’t delay either, and he returned to the Dao Emperor Divine Palace and started to refine the Talisman Armament.

During this period of time, the atmosphere within Darkombat City had suddenly become strange. It had lost its bustling atmosphere from before, and it was even to the extent that people were rarely seen walking on its streets.

In an instant, the entire city seemed to have become an ‘empty city,’ and it emanated an atmosphere that caused others to feel oppressed and nervous.

All of this came from a single piece of news — The Sovereign Sect would gather its forces soon and wipe out Dao Emperor Academy in one go!

It was like a single stone that caused a thousand rippled. Under such circumstances, would anyone dare to stay in Darkombat City?

It wasn’t just Darkombat City, even the entire Valiant Star Continent had been affected. Many cultivators had left successively and headed to other continents because they desired to avoid being affected by this disaster.

On this day, there wasn’t a single cloud in the entire sky.


A wave of spatial fluctuations arose within the deathly silent and empty streets of Darkombat City before over ten figures appeared. There were men and women of varying ages, and all of them possessed vast imposing auras that were lofty, supreme, and extremely terrifying.

They were actually a group of Immortal Kings!

Especially the person in the lead. He wore black clothes, had his hands behind his back, and wore a dark and lusterless bamboo hat on his head, causing others to be unable to see his appearance clearly. The imposing aura his entire body emanated was like a great abyss of darkness, and along with his appearance, a wisp of the color of eternal night suddenly surged into the originally clear sky, causing dark clouds to surge while the sky was filled with a boundless aura of calamity!

“Junior Sister Jiang, there’s no hurry to complete the operation this time. So allow those pawns to make a frontal attack for now. If Chen Xi is really as formidable as you said, then it wouldn’t be too late for us twelve brothers to make a move at that time.” The man in black clothes stared silently at Dao Emperor Academy that lay in the distance, and he spoke after a short while. His voice was low and feminine, and it was filled with a strange and terrifying attracting aura.

“Eldest Senior Brother is right,” said a gentle, refined, and beautiful woman. Shockingly, she was one of the seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect, Jiang Lingxiao.

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