Chapter 1494 – Undercurrents Are Brewing

When he saw A’Xiu in such a state, Chen Xi instantly panicked and stretched out his hands to embrace her, and he patted her on the back as he consoled. “What exactly has occurred? Don’t cry, tell me what happened.”

This was the first time Chen Xi had taken the initiative to embrace A’Xiu himself, yet there were no lustful thoughts in his mind when her tender and fragrant body entered his embrace, and there was only heartache and regret.

A’Xiu liked to smile, and in his impression, she was always smiling very brilliantly whenever she made an appearance. It seemed as if nothing could make her feel sad, yet at this moment, A’Xiu revealed a rare moment of being on the verge of tears, and it allowed Chen Xi to instantly understand that A’Xiu had probably endured a great deal of pressure during this period of time.

On the other hand, he’d never devoted any care to A’Xiu since he’d returned to the academy, and he’d always been busy with all sorts of battles and cultivation. So he couldn’t help but feel slightly regretful, and he felt that he’d truly neglected A’Xiu during this period of time.

A’Xiu’s figure suddenly froze when she was embraced by Chen Xi, and her mind was slightly muddled. But right after that, she felt unprecedentedly comforted.

Those wide shoulders, powerful heartbeat, and familiar smell, caused her to feel...

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