Chapter 1493 – The Difference Within The Realm

With a single strike of the sword, the Divine Chain of Order was slashed apart and collapsed inch by inch!

When this calamity swept through the three dimensions, practically everyone had witnessed the terrifying scenes of god after god being restrained and taken away.

In the hearts of everyone, the Divine Chains of Order seemed to have become equivalent to invincible existences. But who would have imagined that Chen Xi would actually be capable of destroying a Divine Chain of Order with a single sword strike as soon as he stepped into the Immortal King Realm!?

Everyone was shocked and were dumbstruck like clay statues.

The might of this sword strike had already exceeded the scope of the three dimensions, and it exceeded their imaginations. It was simply like an act of the gods, and it couldn’t be described with words!


In the sky, after Chen Xi slashed the Divine Chain of Order apart with a single sword strike, he waved his hand and withdrew the Overarching Heaven Net. The enormous net that was illusory and piercingly cold like starlight soared into the sky and instantly captured all the pieces of the shattered Divine Chain of Order. 

When they witnessed this scene, all the students and instructors of Dao Emperor Academy were shocked once more. Who could have imagined that the Divine Chain of Order could actually be captured?

Such ability had simply overturned all their past perception.

“Wang Daolu,...

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