Chapter 1493 – The Difference Within The Realm

With a single strike of the sword, the Divine Chain of Order was slashed apart and collapsed inch by inch!

When this calamity swept through the three dimensions, practically everyone had witnessed the terrifying scenes of god after god being restrained and taken away.

In the hearts of everyone, the Divine Chains of Order seemed to have become equivalent to invincible existences. But who would have imagined that Chen Xi would actually be capable of destroying a Divine Chain of Order with a single sword strike as soon as he stepped into the Immortal King Realm!?

Everyone was shocked and were dumbstruck like clay statues.

The might of this sword strike had already exceeded the scope of the three dimensions, and it exceeded their imaginations. It was simply like an act of the gods, and it couldn’t be described with words!


In the sky, after Chen Xi slashed the Divine Chain of Order apart with a single sword strike, he waved his hand and withdrew the Overarching Heaven Net. The enormous net that was illusory and piercingly cold like starlight soared into the sky and instantly captured all the pieces of the shattered Divine Chain of Order. 

When they witnessed this scene, all the students and instructors of Dao Emperor Academy were shocked once more. Who could have imagined that the Divine Chain of Order could actually be captured?

Such ability had simply overturned all their past perception.

“Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, Xuanyuan Pojun, Chen Haoran… All of you prepare yourselves and refine this Karmic Luck of the heavens!” Chen Xi casually announced a string of names in midair, and then he bestowed the pieces of the Divine Chain of Order he captured to them.

All of them were extremely senior instructors of the academy that possessed cultivations at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, and their foundations were extremely deep. They only lacked a piece of great Karmic Luck in order to step into the Immortal King Realm.

As it was said, it was impossible to become an Immortal King without Karmic Luck.

However, great Karmic Luck was extremely difficult to obtain, and it incomparably rare. Otherwise, it was impossible for all of these instructors to stay at the Half-step Immortal King Realm until now.

Chen Xi had acted in this way because he desired to improve the peak strength of the academy as soon as possible and have a few more Immortal Kings residing within the academy.

Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, and the others were extremely shocked in their hearts when they heard this. For a time, they were both moved and excited. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually bestow such extraordinarily great Karmic Luck onto them at this moment!

“Thank you, Dean!” Wang Daolu and the others took deep breaths before they respectfully expressed their gratitude, and they revealed heartfelt respect towards Chen Xi. 

Chen Xi smiled and indicated that they should meditate and cultivate before he looked once more towards the sky. The door still stood upright in the sky, and numerous thick and large Divine Chains of Order coiled around it, causing it to seem mysterious and terrifying.

Originally, Chen Xi intended to seize this opportunity to obtain some Divine Chains of Order, yet to his surprise, the door in the sky had actually fallen into silence and took no further action after that attack from before.

“Heh! A true example of bullying the weak and fearing the strong. You know you’re unable to do anything to me, so you shrink back and hide?” A wisp of an arc of ridicule curled up on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

However, he sighed in his heart instead. He was very clearly aware that the door in the sky was probably accumulating strength to deal with those gods that had been restrained and brought into the Last Days Domain, and it was temporarily too busy to pay any attention to him.

Otherwise, it would definitely not let him go so easily.

After a long time, the phenomena of the heavens and the earth vanished while the door in the sky fell into silence, and everything returned to normal.

“Congratulations Dean for attaining the Immortal King Realm!” Suddenly, a wave of simultaneous cheering resounded from every single area of the academy, and they congratulated Chen Xi together. Besides respect and admiration, the face of every single instructor and student carried a strand of pride and confidence.

Yes, it was confidence!

After they witnessed Chen Xi’s actions of destroying a Divine Chain of Order with a single sword strike after his advancement into the Immortal King Realm, it caused the confidence of all the instructors and students to increase greatly and swept away all the worry in their hearts.

It seemed as if so long as Chen Xi was present, then even if the sky were to collapse, it wouldn’t be anything great at all.

In the sky, Chen Xi swept his gaze and noticed everything that occurred within the academy, causing a wisp of indescribable feelings to surge into his heart. He started smiling after some time, and then he turned around and descended to the ground.

Chen Xi’s advancement into the Immortal King Realm this time was extremely smooth. He’d only spent three months of time since he started his closed door cultivation, and due to his sufficient preparation, he didn’t encounter any obstructions from the beginning until the end.

After he advanced into the Immortal King Realm, the most obvious change in him was reflected in the universe within his body!

While he was at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, the universe within Chen Xi’s body had only taken shape, and it hadn’t stabilized completely. Yet it was different now, the universe within his body circulated on its own and cycled without end. It was densely filled with a myriad of stars, suffused with pure and supreme dark golden Immortal King Energy, and there were signs of the Grand Dao and exuberant vitality all over it.

Moreover, the three supreme Laws of time, space, and life and death had transformed into the Order of the universe, and they enveloped every single area of it and ceaselessly maintained the circulation and operation of the entire universe within his body.

Especially at the center of the universe, there was a surging black hole that was pure, obscure, ancient, and extremely primeval. Strands of mysterious energy ceaselessly shot out from within it, and then the energy surged into the universe and gradually transformed the entire universe.

The mysterious energy was the Primeval Dao Quintessence!

Amongst thousands of Immortal Kings, it was difficult to find a single existence that had comprehended and condensed the Primeval Dao Quintessence that represented perfection in the Immortal King Grand Dao.

From the ancient times until now, only the gods that were born from within the Chaos were able to possess such an energy. It fused into their bodies and was like the quintessence energy born from the Order of the universe within their bodies, and it was extremely shocking.

Because of the varying Grand Daos grasped by existences at the Immortal King Realm, they could be divided into various ranks.

The first rank was considered as ‘Ordinary’ Immortal Kings. They’d merely grasped the supreme Laws of time, space, and life and death, and they hadn’t fused these three supreme Laws with the Saint Dao Laws that they’d established.

The second rank was considered as ‘Top’ Immortal Kings. Existences at such a rank hadn’t just grasped the three supreme Laws, they’d completely fused the three supreme Laws with the Saint Dao Laws that they’d established. The might they possessed far exceeded Ordinary Immortal Kings.

The third rank was considered as ‘Peak’ Immortal Kings. Existences at such a rank had the foundation of ‘Top’ Immortal Kings and had started to exceed their own limitations. They’d started to seek perfection in their Immortal King Grand Dao, and that was to condense a Primeval Dao Quintessence.

The last rank was considered as ‘Utter Peak’ Immortal Kings. Existences like these were incomparably rare and one in a million. The reason was that the comprehension of such Immortal Kings towards the ‘Dao’ had already arrived at the limits of the Immortal King Realm, and they’d already grasped the power of the Primeval Dao Quintessence. They either had to seek the path to become a god or comprehend the energy of the gods!

If it was according to this method of differentiation, then Chen Xi who’d grasped the power of the Primeval Dao Quintessence could be considered an Immortal King at the Utter Peak Rank.

However, his situation was completely different from the other Immortal Kings because he’d just stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm, and his grasp of the Grand Daos he possessed had merely arrived at the Top Rank of the Immortal King Realm.

He was lacking in his grasp of the Grand Daos he possessed and attaining perfection in all of them.

Strictly speaking, if it was purely based on his cultivation, then Chen Xi was currently at the Ordinary Rank of the Immortal King Realm.

If it was based on his comprehension of the Dao, then he was at the Peak Rank of the Immortal King Realm instead, and it was based on the strength he possessed, then he could rival existences at the Utter Peak Rank of the Immortal King Realm.

In the end, if everything was included and differentiated based on his ultimate combat strength, then Chen Xi had probably arrived at an unprecedented height. He couldn’t be said to be capable of completely crushing his peers at the same cultivation realm, but very few people were capable of being a match for him.

In short, the might Chen Xi possessed was entirely impossible to be judged by convention. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to surmount a realm and annihilate Immortal Kings while still at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

Now that he’d attained the Immortal King Realm, the combat strength he was able to bring forth couldn’t be compared to the past at all.

“Next, I’ll start refining the Talisman Armament…” As he sensed the changes in the energy within him, Chen Xi couldn’t help but fall into deep thought.

Along with the ceaseless improvement of his strength, ordinary treasures were utterly unable to satisfy Chen Xi any longer. For example, even though the Skyearth Gourd, Heaven Hatred Seal, Greensilk Palace Lantern, and other such ancient Immortal Artifacts were formidable, they weren’t suitable to be utilized with Chen Xi cultivation in the Sword Dao during battle.

In other words, perhaps these ancient Immortal Artifacts could be utilized in some special battles, yet they were unable to become the weapon that Chen Xi relied on the most in battle.

For example, he’d already gathered all the various immortal materials required to refine the Flame God Fan, yet he hadn’t refined it until now. The reason was that Chen Xi felt that these treasures could only be considered as ‘rare treasures,’ and they could only bring forth unexpected might during some special circumstances in battle.

In short, Chen Xi had roughly grouped all the treasures he possessed into two types. One type was treasures that were ‘primary battle treasures’ like the Talisman Armament, and the other type was ‘special battle treasures’ like the Overarching Heaven Net, Skyearth Gourd, Heaven Hatred Seal, and so on and so forth.

On the other hand, if he wanted to bring forth his entire strength, then he obviously had to improve the might of the Talisman Armament first. At the very least, it had to attain the extreme-rank of the Void Grade.

So as soon as he advanced into the Immortal King Realm, Chen Xi had placed all his attention on refining the Talisman Armament.

The Talisman Armament was a secret treasure of Oracle Mountain that wasn’t passed down to outsiders. Besides possessing the special trait of being able to advance in quality, its interior was densely covered with numerous Divine Talismans.

In other words, if he wanted to refine the Talisman Armament, then he needed numerous rare immortal materials and had to inscribe even more Divine Talismans within it.

In terms of immortal materials, Chen Xi was already sufficiently prepared.

On the other hand, in terms of Divine Talismans, Chen Xi had a rough idea. His plan was to deduce various Divine Talismans that were suitable to him from within the Infinite Divine Talisman in the world of stars and inscribe these Divine Talismans into the Talisman Armament.

However, right when Chen Xi intended to enter once more into closed door cultivation and refine the Talisman Armament, A’Xiu had arrived in a hurry, and her clear and lively oval shaped face had a rare wisp of worry on it.

“What’s wrong, A’Xiu?” Chen Xi immediately put his plans aside when he saw A’Xiu in such a state, and he hurriedly asked. “Who bullied you?”

A’Xiu shook her head and hesitated for a short moment before she stuttered. “Chen Xi, my Xuanyuan Clan is in a bad situation right now. So, I wanted…”

Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding, and he patted her on the shoulder before he said warmly, “I understand.” 

A’Xiu raised her head with surprise and gaze at Chen Xi before she said, “What do you understand?”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “Isn’t it simple? Since it was able to make you act differently from usual, then your Xuanyuan Clan has definitely encountered something that’s difficult to deal with. According to my inference, it’s probably related to the Sovereign Sect.” 

Chen Xi paused for a moment, and then he said with a firm tone, “Don’t worry, A’Xiu. I’ll absolutely not allow anyone to bully the Xuanyuan Clan.”

Actually, as he spoke, he’d already roughly guessed that it was because the gods had ceased to exist beneath the calamity and Xuanyuan Fengchen, Xuanyuan Tabei, and the current Patriarch of the Xuanyuan Clan, Xuanyuan Shao, had headed to the Last Days Domain with his Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai since a long time ago. 

After it lost the presence of these three Immortal Kings, it was obvious that the Xuanyuan Clan would be in a terrible situation now.

A’Xiu had never imagined that Chen Xi had already guessed everything before she could even speak about it, and that feeling of being understood and taken care of caused her eyes to turn red while tears welled up within them.

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