Chapter 1492 – Crowned A King

Recently, the matter of Chen Xi annihilating six Immortal Kings by himself had given rise to much discussion in the Immortal Dimension, and it had become the hottest topic of discussion amidst the calamity. 

On the other hand, during this period of time, Chen Xi had chosen to enter into closed door cultivation, whereas Dao Emperor Academy had chosen to close the doors to the academy along with this and started to reorganize itself internally.

It wasn’t long before three months had passed.

During this period of time, that door still stood towering in the sky above all the worlds in the universe. Even though it was in a silent state, yet it was like a sword that floated above the heads of all the living beings in the three dimensions. It caused everyone to be terrified and be unsure about when it would descend.

On the other hand, the Sovereign Sect had successively caused numerous rains of blood within the Immortal Dimension. Within the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension, more than half of all the powers residing there had fallen into the control of the Sovereign Sect.

In other words, after the calamity swept through the three dimensions, the Immortal Dimension wasn’t at peace any longer, and it was covered in an atmosphere of war and unrest.

Besides a mere few areas of the Immortal Dimension, there weren’t any peaceful places left. 

On this day, the sky was bright and clear.

All the instructors of Dao Emperor Academy were teaching strictly and meticulously with solemn expressions.

After Chen Xi resolved the internal strife within the academy, the academy had overturned the rules of the past and stopped placing any restrictions on places like the Scripture Reserve, Starpoint Hall, Dao Development Reserve, and so on and so forth, and it allowed all the students in the academy to enter these places to study and cultivate.

On the other hand, as instructors of the academy, they took up their responsibilities and guided the students without holding back at all. Moreover, they even provided large amounts of cultivation resources to support and reward some students that performed outstandingly.

All of this was done for the sake of allowing the members of the academy to improve their strengths as far as possible during this calamity, and it was done in order to prepare to resist all sorts of troubles in the future.

It was even to the extent that even Ye Tang, Ling Qingwu, Nie Xingzhen, Gu Yueru, and the other students who’d just advanced into the Half-step Immortal King Realm had taken up the position of instructors in the academy, and they tried their best to contribute to the academy.

Just like this very moment, Ye Tang was passing down his cultivation experience, and the recipients of his teaching were all the members of the Star Alliance.

Since the moment Chen Xi succeeded the position of Dean, because of his unique status, he’d stopped holding the position of leader in the Star Alliance, and he’d passed it to A’Xiu instead while Ye Tang and Ling Qingwu assisted A’Xiu to deal with the affairs of the Star Alliance.

“I cultivate in the path of advancing courageously and killing resolutely. The reason I was able to attain my current accomplishment is none other than because of a single thing — Severing the cage of the Dao Heart and severing the confusion from improper thoughts. Because I was empty from both inside and out, I was able to ascend step by step.” Ye Tang spoke in a lighthearted manner as he looked at the students of the Star Alliance. “To put it simply, the heart moves according to will while the will isn’t affected by anything from the outside. Thus, I can be free and unrestrained.”

“Instructor Ye Tang, how do we severe improper thoughts?” A female student frowned and asked with wonder.

“Comprehend the Heaven’s Dao and stay true to your heart.” Ye Tang went silent for a short moment before he sighed with emotion. “This was something the Dean told me once. Now that I think about it, these mere eight words seem to be clear, easy to understand, and extremely ordinary, but it isn’t necessarily so easy to accomplish.”

The words of the Dean!

The eyes of all the members of the Star Alliance lit up, and a wisp of sincere admiration and reverence couldn’t help but appear between their brows.

In their hearts, Chen Xi was their Dean, and he was also the leader of their alliance!

“However, the Heaven Dao has formed a calamity now and sent it down into the three dimensions, and it has restrained the gods and brought calamity to all the worlds in the universe. So how should we comprehend the Heaven’s Dao?” A student spoke weakly with slight bewilderment, and it instantly aroused a wave of dissatisfaction from the other students in the surroundings.

Ye Tang couldn’t help but chuckle as he said, “The Heaven Dao has always been difficult to grasp, and there’s similarly good and bad amidst our comprehensions. It’s precisely because we know this that we’re able to stay true to our hearts and prevent our Dao Hearts from being deceived and subsequently losing ourselves beneath this calamity.”

Everyone came to a sudden understanding when they heard this.

For a time, all of them seemed to be lost in thought.


Right at this moment, a wave of world shocking rumbling suddenly resounded from afar. It was like the voice of the gods had descended from the heavens, and it shook the clouds and wind in the surroundings and instantly alarmed everyone present here.

“What’s going on?”

“Eh, it’s coming from the Dao Emperor Divine Palace!”

The hearts of Ye Tang and all the members of the Star Alliance shook while their gazes simultaneously shot towards the direction of the Dao Emperor Divine Palace. After that, a wisp of shock appeared on their faces.

In the sky above the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, a myriad of strands of dark golden divine radiance rose into the sky and dyed the entire sky dark gold. Moreover, strands of grand and boundless tunes of the Dao undulated from within it and transformed into obscure and mysterious talismans. They drifted, surged, and enshrouded the entire sky and formed numerous phenomena that were rarely seen in the entire world.

There was the praise of the gods, Buddhas and Devils dancing together, sages reading scriptures, a myriad of living beings kowtowing, a myriad of strands of auspicious qi, and a thousand strands of divine radiance. Boundless immortal light descended from the sky, and an enormous golden rain of light filled the world.

Such grand phenomena could be considered as rarely seen in the world and unprecedented!

At this instant, the entire academy was alarmed. All the instructors and students raised their heads and looked up with shocked expressions, and they wondered what had occurred.

“Could it be that…the Dean has advanced into the Immortal King Realm?” Someone spoke with a trembling voice that revealed extreme excitement.

This perception received the acknowledgement of most people because even if it was when one advanced into the Immortal King Realm, such rare phenomena of the heavens and the earth was rarely seen indeed.

On the other hand, in all their minds, such phenomena of the heavens and the earth could perhaps only be drawn out when Chen Xi advanced and was crowned a king!

In other words, this extremely rare and dazzling phenomena of the heavens and the earth was like a crown, and it was prepared for Chen Xi when he stepped into the Immortal King Realm!

What sort of an honor was this? 

The heavens and the earth congratulated him!

The heavens and the earth cheered for him!

All sorts of phenomena had appeared to crown him a king!

Their guesses weren’t wrong. Right at this instant, Chen Xi’s tall figure suddenly appeared above the palace, and his entire body was enveloped by a myriad of strands of dark golden Immortal King Energy. He resonated with the heavens and the earth and was linked up with the universe from afar, and he emanated peerless divine might like a king that ruled over the heavens and the earth and looked down upon the world!

They were able to clearly notice that along with Chen Xi’s appearance, the phenomena in the heavens and the earth started to surge into his body, causing his imposing aura to rise steadily and grow in strength.

When looked at from afar, it seemed like even the sun and moon had dimmed in comparison, and everything within the world had submitted beneath his feet, causing him to become the most dazzling wisp of light in this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

The Immortal King Realm!

This was absolutely the Immortal King Realm!

That sort of lofty bearing of controlling the entire world and supreme aura was no different from an existence at the Immortal King Realm, and it was even to the extent that it was even stronger.

At this moment, all the students and instructors within the academy were shocked to the extreme, and they felt incomparably shocked from inside out to the point that they were almost unable to restrain themselves from kneeling down in worship.

Of course, this was merely a type of feeling of shock, and it obviously showed how extraordinary the moment Chen Xi advanced into the Immortal King Realm was and how strong the shock and impact all of them felt from it was.


However, right at this moment, the door in the sky seemed to have noticed something, and it suddenly awoke from its deep slumber before a thick and large divine chain that was suffused with a might capable of obliterating the world shot out from within it!

It was a Divine Chain of Order that descended from the sky, and it actually traversed the layers of time and space to assault Chen Xi!

This scene occurred too quickly, and it had completely exceeded the expectations of everyone else. It caused their pupils to dilate while their originally extremely excited hearts rose to their throats while they felt anxious to the extreme.

Why’s this happening?

Dean Chen Xi is only at the Immortal King Realm now. Why would he cause the Divine Chains of Order to descend?

Could it be that…it’s because the Dean’s might is too heaven defying, and it has already caused that door in the sky to feel threatened? Thus, it sent down a Divine Chain of Order with the intent of restraining and capturing him?

“Hmph!” Right when everyone felt anxious to the limit, Chen Xi who stood in midair suddenly raised his head, and a wisp of piercing coldness suddenly surged onto his handsome and calm face before he abruptly stretched out his hand and grabbed towards it.


An enormous hand that blotted out the sky soared into the air, and it was filled with the dark golden energy of Immortal Kings. Every single finger on the hand was suffused with strands of mysterious talismans, and it emanated a terrifying imposing aura as it forcefully collided with the thick and large black colored divine chain.

Rumbling that shook the heavens resounded. The divine chain swayed ceaselessly like an infuriated python, and it intended to pierce through the enormous hand.

“Calamity my foot! You didn’t go bully other Immortal Kings, yet just happened to assault me at the moment I stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm. Do you really think I’m nice to bully?” Amidst his cold, indifferent, and calm voice, Chen Xi withdrew the Dao Calamity Sword with a clang, and then he casually executed a slash.


A wisp of sword qi shot out. It was clearly an extremely simply sword strike, yet when this wisp of sword qi appeared, this expanse of the heavens and the earth fell into extreme terror, and it seemed as if it was wailing.

At this instant, even the originally clear and bright sky had fallen into darkness that seemed like an eternal night had descended, and that wisp of sword qi had become the only wisp of light in the darkness. 

No matter if it was the students or instructors within the academy, all of them couldn’t help but feel great terror when they witnessed this scene. They felt as if they were like ants, and the cultivation they took pride in seemed so pale and powerless before this wisp of sword qi.

It was as if… so long as it was willing, this wisp of sword qi was sufficient to throw the stars into chaos and annihilate the myriad of Daos in the universe!

Such a force of the Sword Dao was simply not something that could be possessed within the three dimensions.

This sword strike came from the damaged iron sword that was branded on the mysterious incomplete diagram that appeared on the River Diagram fragments, the iron sword that was partially charred black and partially dyed scarlet red with blood.

Chen Xi didn’t know exactly what it was, but when he first laid eyes on that incomplete diagram, he was clearly aware that with his cultivation in the Sword Dao that had attained perfection in the Sword God Realm, his cultivation seemed to be extremely tiny, pale, and powerless when compared with it.

Now, after he stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm, he’d obtained sudden comprehension in his heart, and he’d comprehended a trace of its profundities, allowing him to fuse it into his Sword Dao and execute this wisp of sword qi at this moment!


In an instant, the thick and large Divine Chain of Order was easily slashed apart like a piece of paper, and it collapsed inch by inch.

It was so easy, and so terrifying!

After all, even gods were unable to escape or struggle free from the Divine Chains of Order before being restrained and taken away in the end. Only existences like Chen Xi’s Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai, were capable of swinging their weapons up into the sky and destroying the Divine Chains of Orders.

Yet now, Chen Xi who’d just stepped into the Immortal King Realm was able to slash apart a Divine Chain of Order with a single sword strike, and he’d accomplished something that most gods were unable to accomplish. This obviously showed how terrifying this wisp of sword qi was.

It could simply be described as inconceivable and astounding!

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