Chapter 1491 – Rebuilding The Academy

Chen Xi intended to enter into closed door cultivation and charge into the Immortal King Realm. However, he’d just succeeded the position of Dean, so even though there were some things that he could allow Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, and the others to help him deal with, there were some things that he could only deal with by himself.

“The academy has been destroyed, and most of the restrictions within the academy have been damaged as well. Only you, Dean, can deal with it now.” Wang Daolu spoke of some matters that were difficult to deal with.

Presently, Dao Emperor Academy had just experienced a disaster and unrest, and it had been reduced to a wreck. The land had split open, the ground had collapsed, the Immortal Energy within it had dissipated, and the mountains had dried up. Almost everything was on the verge of falling into ruin.

Chen Xi frowned and said coldly, “These bastards really deserve death. After I crush the forces of the Sovereign Sect, I’ll definitely make them pay the price for this!” 

Even though he gnashed his teeth with hatred, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that the important matter at hand was indeed the recovery of the entire academy. Otherwise, once the enemy invaded, the consequences would truly be unimaginable.

Chen Xi immediately headed to Starpoint Hall with Wang Daolu and Zhou Zhili, and he took away a huge amount of rare immortal materials that were stored there because he intended to utilize these materials to repair the various ancient grand formations within the academy.

After that, all of them returned once more to the area before the Dao Emperor Divine palace.

With Chen Xi’s current ability, if he intended to repair the numerous damaged areas within the academy in a short period of time, then he had to rely on the energy of Karmic Luck within the palace in order to accomplish it. 


In the sky above Dao Emperor Divine Palace, Chen Xi stood upright while his entire body surged with blazing Immortal Force, and then he suddenly took a deep breath before he instantly formed a myriad of seals with his hands.

Suddenly, numerous droplets of auspicious energy descended from the sky like a rain of light, and they poured down to envelop the entire academy.

Within the rain of light was Immortal Energy, the energy of the five elements, Creation Qi, Primordial Qi, Chaotic Qi… As soon as they descended, numerous towering trees rose into the sky, and all of them were ancient spirit trees.

After that, numerous beautiful and lofty mountains started to move according to the set up of various restrictions while boundless gorgeous flowers and plants started to emerge and grow.

In these years, Chen Xi had annihilated countless enemies and seized innumerable storage treasures from them, and there was no lack of rare and precious treasures amongst them. Coupled with the large amount of immortal materials he took from the Starpoint Hall, he’d utilized all of them to repair the academy.


The Nineflow Jade Seal glowed in Chen Xi’s palm while emanating a grand fluctuation that swept out. It instantly caused the Dao Bell of Vie in the outer court, the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron in the Pill Reserve, the Heavenflow Divine Mirror in the Dao Development Reserve, the Daolight Jade Scripture in the Scripture Reserve…

At this moment, all of these ancient treasures within the academy had undergone a transformation at this moment, and they emanated all sorts of energies to assist Chen Xi in repairing the restrictions within the academy and rebuilding the academy!

The ground of the academy was refined by Immortal Flames, causing the dirt and rocks that covered the ground to transform into extremely hard jadestone, and they emanated a myriad of strands of illusory and auspicious divine radiance.

At this moment, the numerous restrictions within the academy seemed as if they’d awakened with renewed vitality, and they started to circulate slowly while revealing a myriad of grand phenomena.

The damaged buildings, the fields of herbs that were trampled into ruins, the dried up mountains and rivers, the collapsed landscape… Everything was being repaired at this moment.


The ground settled while every single area within the entire academy underwent tremendous changes. Immortal radiance flowed throughout the surroundings while gorgeous flowers bloomed in profusion, and numerous mountains towered into the clouds. Moreover, pavilions stood like trees within a forest atop these mountains, and they were covered in restrictions.

Everything had been remodeled and rebuilt. Compared to the past, it had a completely new atmosphere, and its defensive ability and effects on one’s cultivation were even superior to the past.

At this moment, Chen Xi was like the creator of life. With just a few simple actions, he’d rebuilt the academy and the landscape within it, and his supreme ability and paramount technique deeply shocked every single instructor and student within the academy.

Seven days and seven nights later, the entire Dao Emperor Academy had a completely new look. It was like a phoenix that had been reborn from the ashes, and its majestic appearance from before had reappeared. Moreover, even all the cultivators within Darkombat City had personally witnessed such a world shocking change.

“He annihilated the group of Immortal Kings, resolved the internal strife of the academy, and succeeded the position of Dean while at the Half-step Immortal King Realm. From the ancient times until now, how many people were capable of accomplishing this?” 

“He built the academy in seven days of time, and it can truly be considered a magnificent feat. From today onwards, if anyone desires to invade Dao Emperor Academy again, then they would probably have to consider whether they possess the ability.” 

“Dean Meng Xinghe chose a good successor!”

“Who could have imagined that a student who had no status or background all those years ago would become the most influential overlord in the Immortal Dimension now? Would anyone amongst all the living beings of the Immortal Dimension still dare to underestimate Chen Xi at all?”

Discussions like these had been occurring throughout the past few days. It wasn’t just within Darkombat City either, and even the entire Immortal Dimension was discussing the matter of Chen Xi annihilating the group of Immortal Kings and succeeding the position of Dean, causing Chen Xi’s reputation to arrive at an unprecedented height.

In the past, there were still some people that compared him to Yun Fusheng or the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimensions. But now, along with the arrival of the calamity and the disappearance of the gods, no one was able to be compared to Chen Xi any longer.

Could anyone at the Half-step Immortal King Realm be as formidable as Chen Xi was?

On the other hand, was anyone in the Immortal King Realm confident of being able to suppress Chen Xi?

They couldn’t compare to him at all!

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi seemed to have become a unique existence in the entire Immortal Dimension, and he couldn’t be judged by convention because he seemed to be extremely extraordinary and unique.

However, some people were filled with anxiousness and worry. “Presently, the Sovereign Sect has resurfaced, and it’s ceaselessly encroaching on and invading the various powers in the Immortal Dimension. As the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension, Dao Emperor Academy would probably be seen by the Sovereign Sect as a thorn in its eye. When the time comes, would Chen Xi be able to lead the academy to resist the Sovereign Sect’s invasion?”

No one was able to be certain.

The entire Immortal Dimension was in a state of unrest. Battles and conflicts were erupting practically every single day while countless powers were being uprooted daily as well. The entire Immortal Dimension was covered in chaos.

Various conflicts had even erupted repeatedly in the top large powers like the seven great ancient clans and seven great academies, and fatal incidents frequently occurred within them.

If it was said that all of this wasn’t related to the Sovereign Sect at all, then there would probably be no one who believed it.

It was even to the extent that there were rumors that said the Zhongli Clan, Wanqi Clan, Grand Desolation Academy, Bitter Silence Academy, and Dao Secret Academy had fallen completely into the Sovereign Sect’s control.

They could foresee that once these top powers were unable to endure the invasion of the Sovereign Sect, then it wouldn’t be long before the entire Immortal Dimension would fall into the Sovereign Sect’s control!

Chen Xi sat cross-legged in the deepest parts of Dao Emperor Academy.

After he rebuilt all the restrictions and landscape within the academy, he’d returned to the Dao Emperor Divine Palace and entered into closed door cultivation, and he paid no further attention to the affairs of the academy.

Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, Xuanyuan Pojun, and the other instructors were naturally there to take care of those trivial matters.

At this moment, Chen Xi was silently observing the numerous treasures that floated in midair.

A bronze halberd, a glistening bronze mace, a flexible whip that was covered in a violet glow, and an ancient bowl.

All of these treasures had come from those Immortal Kings that Chen Xi had annihilated, and besides these treasures, there were other immortal materials, pills, and herbs. However, all of these weren’t attractive to him at all, and he’d placed all of them within the Starpoint Hall.

The Immortal Artifact with the lowest quality amongst all of these treasures was at the extreme-rank of the Void Grade, and the best was definitely the bowl. It was an Artificial Spirit Treasure called the Heavenfuse Bowl, and it was capable of fusing with the energy of the universe and possessed extremely shocking might.

Besides the Heavenfuse Bowl, I can refine all the other Immortal Artifacts with the Green Spiritbreaker Nightmare Spear and Spirit Lightning Golden Hairpin to become immortal materials to improve the quality of my Talisman Armament. Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he carefully put the Heavenfuse Bowl away. As for the other Immortal Artifacts, he’d classified them as the same type and kept them together.

The Talisman Armament’s quality was only comparable to the Cosmic Grade right now, and its might was limited. In order for it to be able to bring forth Chen Xi’s entire might, it had to at least attain the extreme-rank of the Void Grade.

On the other hand, if he desired to improve the quality of the Talisman Armament, then he required a large amount of rare immortal materials to refine it, and since a very long time ago, Chen Xi had always been making preparations for this and had finally prepared sufficient immortal materials now.

So long as I improve the Talisman Armament successfully, then with my Talisman Saint Dao, cultivation in the Sword Dao, and Immortal King Energy, it would be sufficient for me to bring forth an even stronger combat strength than before. Chen Xi quickly deduced all of this. However, before all of this, the important matter at hand is to first break through into the Immortal King Realm. Only in this way would I be completely fearless when facing the threat that the Sovereign Sect poses.

He was very clearly aware that it was impossible for him to stay forever within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, and this also meant that if he were to go against the Sovereign Sect in the outside world, he would be unable to rely on the energy of Karmic Luck within the palace.

Under such circumstances, only improving his cultivation could guarantee that he would possess sufficient strength to go against the Sovereign Sect.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to start cultivating.

Within the silent and solemn palace, Chen Xi sat cross-legged by himself, and his entire body was enveloped by strands of blazing divine radiance. Moreover, there were even numerous large dragons formed from Karmic Luck coiled around him, and they caused his aura to seem even more extraordinary.


The universe within his body rumbled while the numerous stars within it emanated dazzling light. Dark golden divine radiance rose from them while boundless Immortal Force transformed into a surging river of stars that surged with great might. It ceaselessly rumbled and circulated within the universe, and it emanated the aura of the eternal cycle of the universe.

Early on before he returned to the academy, Chen Xi had already seized a portion of unprecedentedly great Karmic Luck, and he’d refined numerous Divine Chains of Order. So he was confident in being able to step into the Immortal King Realm at any time.

However, he’d always been forcefully restraining his cultivation and was unwilling to advance until now. The reason was that he intended to establish a perfect Immortal King Grand Dao and condense a Primeval Dao Quintessence that was rarely seen in the annals of time! 

Now, after experiencing a great battle and annihilating a group of Immortal Kings, Chen Xi had obtained an even deeper understanding of the Immortal King Realm, and he’d faintly come into contact with the requirement to mend that trace of ‘flaw.’

He was very confident that with the assistance of the energy of Karmic Luck within the palace, it would be sufficient for him to grasp the Primeval Dao Quintessence and ascend into the Immortal King Realm during his closed door cultivation this time!

At that time, he would truly be able to accomplish ‘breaking the cage of the heavens and the earth with a single step and seeing through life and death,’ and he would become a supreme existence in these three dimensions.

Moreover, based on Chen Xi’s understanding of himself, he was completely confident that once that moment came, he could be completely unafraid of all Immortal Kings, and he would be capable of crushing all opponents at the same cultivation realm as him!

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