Chapter 1491 – Rebuilding The Academy

Chen Xi intended to enter into closed door cultivation and charge into the Immortal King Realm. However, he’d just succeeded the position of Dean, so even though there were some things that he could allow Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, and the others to help him deal with, there were some things that he could only deal with by himself.

“The academy has been destroyed, and most of the restrictions within the academy have been damaged as well. Only you, Dean, can deal with it now.” Wang Daolu spoke of some matters that were difficult to deal with.

Presently, Dao Emperor Academy had just experienced a disaster and unrest, and it had been reduced to a wreck. The land had split open, the ground had collapsed, the Immortal Energy within it had dissipated, and the mountains had dried up. Almost everything was on the verge of falling into ruin.

Chen Xi frowned and said coldly, “These bastards really deserve death. After I crush the forces of the Sovereign Sect, I’ll definitely make them pay the price for this!” 

Even though he gnashed his teeth with hatred, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that the important matter at hand was indeed the recovery of the entire academy. Otherwise, once the enemy invaded, the consequences would truly be unimaginable.

Chen Xi immediately headed to Starpoint Hall with Wang Daolu and Zhou Zhili, and he took away a huge amount of rare immortal materials that were...

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