Chapter 1489 – Slaughtering The Immortal Kings

The battle erupted once more in the Dao Emperor Divine Palace.

Chen Xi was overbearing and arrogant as he went against five Immortal Kings by himself, and he was overwhelming.

At this moment, numerous large dragons formed from Karmic Luck coiled around his body while talismans glistened and flowed around him, and the blood red sword in his hand slashed out both horizontally and vertically, causing him to see like a domineering Fiendgod that intended to bring peace to the world.


The surroundings shook from a single strike of his. Chen Xi collided head on with Wanqi Ying, the blood red sword and silver cane struck against each other, and it was like the collision of two divine mountains, causing Immortal Force to surge while the collision emanated a terrifying aura.

In the blink of an eye, Wanqi Ying was forced back and coughed up blood without end.

Before Chen Xi could make a move to crush Wanqi Ying, the beautiful woman from the Zhongli Clan assaulted him from the side. Her beautiful hair fluttered while her skin glistened, and her fair and beautiful face was covered in a heavy expression.

On the other hand, her fair hands were coiled with strands of an extremely gentle technique. It was called the Heaven Refining Grace, and it possessed shocking might.

Unfortunately, she was still no match for Chen Xi. His expression was indifferent while his palm glowed, and an all-powerful and obliterating ‘Sword Domain’ surged out from within it. 

The beautiful woman was defeated, and she had no choice but to avoid the...

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