Chapter 1489 – Slaughtering The Immortal Kings

The battle erupted once more in the Dao Emperor Divine Palace.

Chen Xi was overbearing and arrogant as he went against five Immortal Kings by himself, and he was overwhelming.

At this moment, numerous large dragons formed from Karmic Luck coiled around his body while talismans glistened and flowed around him, and the blood red sword in his hand slashed out both horizontally and vertically, causing him to see like a domineering Fiendgod that intended to bring peace to the world.


The surroundings shook from a single strike of his. Chen Xi collided head on with Wanqi Ying, the blood red sword and silver cane struck against each other, and it was like the collision of two divine mountains, causing Immortal Force to surge while the collision emanated a terrifying aura.

In the blink of an eye, Wanqi Ying was forced back and coughed up blood without end.

Before Chen Xi could make a move to crush Wanqi Ying, the beautiful woman from the Zhongli Clan assaulted him from the side. Her beautiful hair fluttered while her skin glistened, and her fair and beautiful face was covered in a heavy expression.

On the other hand, her fair hands were coiled with strands of an extremely gentle technique. It was called the Heaven Refining Grace, and it possessed shocking might.

Unfortunately, she was still no match for Chen Xi. His expression was indifferent while his palm glowed, and an all-powerful and obliterating ‘Sword Domain’ surged out from within it. 

The beautiful woman was defeated, and she had no choice but to avoid the brunt of his attack.

At this moment, Chen Xi became even calmer. Every single move he made was boosted by the energy of Karmic Luck, and his sword qi shot towards the surroundings while suffused with boundless profundities of talismans, causing them to possess boundless might.

Moreover, from the beginning until the end, he hadn’t even taken a step back!

“Kill! The energy of Karmic Luck here is boundless and inexhaustible. If we still don’t kill this kid, then the consequences will be unimaginable!” Jiang Tingfang was both shocked and furious to the extreme when he noticed Chen Xi’s might was growing more and more terrifying, and he roared successively while he’d completely lost his calm and composure.

How could the other Immortal Kings not be aware of this? They immediately attacked in an even more frenzied manner, and they seemed as if they’d fallen into a desperate state.


Chen Xi wasn’t moved by this at all. He attacked with large swings that drew upon the Karmic Luck within the entire palace, and it seemed like he controlled the Grand Dao of the heavens and the earth and intended to utilize the might of the world to crush his enemies.

This was why Karmic Luck was terrifying. After the Nineflow Jade Seal fused with the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron, Chen Xi had obtained the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, and it allowed him to utilize the Karmic Luck that had been suppressed and accumulated here for countless years.


Chen Xi slashed with the blood red sword. It seemed like a very simple move, yet it blasted Jiang Tingfang extremely far away, causing Jiang Tingfang to reveal an expression of pain. The might of this sword strike was too powerful, and it caused Jiang Tingfang’s vital blood to surge while he suffered a heavy injury.

All of the others looked at each other in astonishment. With Karmic Luck surrounding him, no techniques can even reach him. Could it be that this little bastard really can overwhelm Immortal Kings and sweep through the world? But…but he’s only at the Half-step Immortal King Realm!

Could it be that he would be able to surmount a realm and slaughter gods after he steps foot into the Immortal King Realm?


Right at the instant all of the others felt horrified in their hearts, Chen Xi’s figure flashed forward and flickered repeatedly through space. In an instant, he’d actually appeared before the old woman, Wanqi Ying, and then he severed her silver cane with a single sword strike, causing her entire body to tremble violently while crashing to the ground.

“Bastard! Don’t you dare!”


At the critical moment, the Immortal King from the Ji Clan carried Five-colored Divine Light along as he arrived, and he attacked Chen Xi from the side.

“Hmph!” The strange thing was that Chen Xi seemed to have been waiting for him from the beginning, and before he could even approach Chen Xi, the blood red sword in Chen Xi’s hand trembled and droned as it slashed apart a myriad of layers of space and swept over fiercely.

All of this occurred too quickly. In other words, Chen Xi’s target wasn’t Wanqi Ying at all, but the Immortal King from the Ji Clan!


The Five-colored Divine Light shattered into dazzling and resplendent pieces.


The momentum of the sword didn’t reduce at all, and because that Immortal King from the Ji Clan had been caught off guard, it forcefully slashed into his chest, causing a wave of the sounds of bones breaking to resound while blood sprayed.

If that Immortal King from the Ji Clan didn’t dodge in time, then he would have almost been slashed into two! However, even then, he was already heavily injured, and it was impossible for him to bring forth any combat strength in a short period of time.

All the others were horrified, and they felt the situation was bad because not only were their joint forces unable to suppress Chen Xi, they were actually defeated one by one, causing the pressure they felt to grow heavier and heavier. 

“Hmph! I’ll kill only you this time. If it wasn’t because of Ji Xuanbing, your entire Ji Clan would have to atone for your crimes!” Chen Xi frowned as he never expected that he would actually be unable to succeed with this strike. So he immediately charged forward with the intention of putting a complete end to the life of this Immortal King from the Ji Clan.


Right at this moment, a bronze halberd swept over, and it was Jiang Tingfang that came to his rescue.

Chen Xi could only turn around to once more enter into battle with Jiang Tingfang.

“Kill!” Chen Xi shouted loudly while the energy of Karmic Luck surged, and he blasted Jiang Tingfang away before he fought with the other Immortal Kings.

Amidst terrifying sounds of rumbling, he was like an invincible overlord that emanated an imposing aura while talismans flowed around him, and a myriad of strands of sword qi swept towards all directions as he exerted his entire strength.


After a short moment, another one of them was injured. In a moment of carelessness, the beautiful woman from the Zhongli Clan’s shoulder bone was shattered by a single sword strike from Chen Xi, and her entire right arm was almost completely crippled.

At this point, a wisp of uncontrollable coldness suddenly surged out from their hearts. This kid is too strong. 

At this moment, three people amongst them had already been heavily injured by him, and only two more of them still had the strength to fight.

Such a situation was already severely disadvantageous to them, and they were on the verge of suffering lethal danger!

“Everyone if we still don’t execute our forbidden techniques, then we’ll probably have to leave our lives behind here today!” Jiang Tingfang roared furiously because Chen Xi’s might was so formidable that it caused him to feel terrified.


As he spoke, a bowl soared into the sky while surging with white light, and it flowed with hazy divine radiance and a shocking imposing aura. It was translucent and crystalline, and it actually surged with strands of the obscure aura of divinity as it surged towards Chen Xi.

Moreover, in this expanse of space, numerous images of the gods could be faintly seen to be floating up into appearance. They were suffused with surged divine glows that were dazzling, resplendent, and extremely oppressive.

Obviously, this was a Divine Artifact!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. This Divine Artifact was obviously an Artificial Spirit Treasure, and its aura was even inferior to the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons. However, when it was utilized by an Immortal King, its imposing aura was still rather shocking.

He didn’t dare utilize the Dao Calamity Sword to collide with it head-on, and he utilized the Overarching Heaven Net with the intention of capturing this treasure!

However, right at this instant, an unexpected event suddenly occurred…

When Jiang Tingfang executed a forbidden technique and utilized the Divine Artifact to assault Chen Xi, Wanqi Ying’s figure actually flashed, and she teleported and charged out of the palace!

Obviously, she didn’t intend to fight Chen Xi to the death, and she intended to seize this opportunity to flee.

This scene instantly infuriated Jiang Tingfang, and it caused even his heart and mind to be affected by it. 


Right at this moment, the Overarching Heaven Net restrained the bowl and intended to forcefully take it away!

“Don’t you dare!” Jiang Tingfang was instantly infuriated once more, and he didn’t dare get distracted any longer as he circulated all his strength to control the bowl.

At practically the exact same moment, besides the Immortal King from the Ji Clan that was heavily injured, the other two Immortal Kings had charged once more at Chen Xi and lent Jiang Tingfang a hand.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi was cold and indifferent, and he controlled the Overarching Heaven Net while he utilized the Dao Calamity sword to resist the attacks of the others.

For a time, Immortal Artifacts flew through the sky and resisted each other while numerous techniques collided. The situation of the battle was extremely horrifying, and it faintly showed signs of ending in a deadlock.

“Zhao Lingxi! Dammit! You actually dared to ambush me!” Right at this moment, a shrill howl suddenly resounded from outside the palace entrance, and it was actually the voice of Wanqi Ying that had just fled from within the palace. After that, her voice stopped abruptly.

This caused the hearts of all the Immortal Kings within the palace to shake once more, and their expressions became unsightly to the extreme. Zhao Lingxi! That was naturally the Immortal King from the Phoenix Clan that Chen Xi had allowed to leave earlier!

They didn’t have to guess to know that Wanqi Ying had definitely been killed. In other words, after the death of Ao Reng, Wanqi Ying had fallen in his footsteps!

Chen Xi head all of this as well, and his eyes narrowed slightly. He suddenly increased his might once more and fought bravely with all his strength because the current situation had already placed him in a position of absolute advantage, and he had to grasp onto this superb opportunity.


Chen Xi’s entire body glowed while the universe within his body seethed, and it completely fused with the energy of Karmic Luck within the entire palace. Moreover, the blood red sword in his hand suddenly emanated numerous clear colored divine lotuses.

Every single clear colored divine lotus was formed from hazy sword qi, and it emanated boundless obscure and mysterious energy that was peerlessly powerful. It was even to the extent that waves of the furious howls of gods being slaughtered and the shouts of Fiendgods accompanied it.

At this instant, Chen Xi had actually activated the strength within the Dao Calamity Sword! 

This scene had once appeared in the God Attainment Region. At that time, it was activated for the sake of dealing with the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation, and the Dao Calamity Sword had attacked by itself and helped Chen Xi to deal with the dangers he faced.

On the other hand, it was different this time. This strike was executed by Chen Xi himself, so its might was naturally unlike before. These numerous clear colored sword lotuses that seemed as if they were from the world of the gods emanated an aura that caused the expressions of those Immortal Kings to change, and they felt lethally threatened.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The clear colored sword lotuses rained down and threw both time and space into disorder. Strands of obscure and mysterious sword qi sprayed out from the center of the lotuses, and they covered the heavens and the earth as they swept out like a storm.

Pu! Pu!

A wave of muffled bangs resounded. The heavily injured Immortal King from the Ji Clan didn’t even have the chance to dodge before he countless strands of sword qi pierced him to the point he seemed like a hornet’s nest. His entire body was covered in bloody holes as he perished on the spot.

At practically the exact same moment, the beautiful woman from the Zhongli Clan whose right arm had been crippled earlier suffered calamity as well. She was struck by the sword qi to the point her entire body was covered in injuries while blood dyed her clothes red, and she crashed to the ground and perished amidst a miserable and shrill howl that was filled with unwillingness.

With a single sword strike, two Immortal Kings were annihilated!

This scene was so shocking that it caused chills to run down the spines of the other two Immortal Kings that remained, and they felt their souls almost leave their bodies and cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

It was too terrifying!

Such might wasn’t something that Immortal Kings could go against.

“The battle is lost. Let’s go!” Jiang Tingfang suddenly gritted his teeth before he turned around and fled with the other Immortal King because there was utterly no chance of winning in this battle any longer, so they would truly be idiots if they still didn’t flee.

“If I allow the both of you to escape, then what would be the point of me assuming the position of Dean!?” Chen Xi grunted coldly as his figure flashed and pursued them.


The door to the palace was blasted open, and Jiang Tingfang and the other Immortal King were just about to charge out when a True Phoenix that was bathed in blazing flames suddenly obstructed their path. A myriad of strands of True Phoenix Flames rained down from its gorgeous wings, and it flowed throughout the entire sky and completely blocked their paths.

“Zhao Lingxi! You traitor!” Jiang Tingfang roared furiously and was overwhelmed with anger as he fiercely smashed down the bowl in his hand.

However, right at this moment, a large net that was dream-like and piercingly cold like starlight appeared out of thin air, and it enveloped him and forcefully restrained the bowl.

At practically the exact same moment, numerous clear colored sword lotuses swept over like a storm, and they completely drowned Jiang Tingfang and the other Immortal King within them.


An extremely terrifying fluctuation arouse, and amidst the blazing chaotic flow of energy was waves of shrill and furious howls that revealed unwillingness, hatred, terror, and despair.

After a short moment, the dust and dirt dispersed while everything returned to silence.

In the area before the ancient entrance of the palace, the True Phoenix flapped its wings while a myriad of strands of flames flowed within it, and in the depths of the flames was a tall figure that held a blood red sword in his hand as he stood there silently.

Moreover, there were two mangled corpses belonging to Immortal Kings at his feet!

At this point, all six of the Immortal Kings that had come to fight for the position of Dean were annihilated. Not a single one of them survived!

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