Chapter 1488 – Slaying A Dragon

As soon as the grand formation was set up, it was destroyed with a single step by Chen Xi!

Such an unexpected event occurred too quickly, and it was to the point the Immortal Kings didn’t even have the time to react.

After all, it was personally set up by six Immortal Kings, and the formation itself was passed down in the Dragon Dimension. Moreover, this formation had even annihilated a real god during the primeval times.

But no one had imagined that the grand formation they took to be their strongest trump card would actually be so weak, and it was simply like a piece of paper!

How could this be possible? All of them were completely stunned, and they still didn’t dare believe their eyes.

“Everyone, we’ve overlooked something. This kid isn’t just a student of Dao Emperor Academy, he’s even deeply related to Oracle Mountain. So utilizing a formation to trap and kill him is no different than using our weakness against his strength. We were asking for trouble!” Jiang Tingfang’s face sank as he spoke via voice transmission.

The others instantly felt terrified while their expressions changed indeterminately, and they’d come to a complete understanding of everything.

“No matter what, we’re currently in a situation where the battle won’t end until one side is killed. With us six Immortal Kings attacking jointly, it’s impossible for this little bastard to turn the situation around!” The old woman, Wanqi Ying, that held the cane with a silver serpent at the top shouted in a grim and ghastly voice. 


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