Chapter 1488 – Slaying A Dragon

As soon as the grand formation was set up, it was destroyed with a single step by Chen Xi!

Such an unexpected event occurred too quickly, and it was to the point the Immortal Kings didn’t even have the time to react.

After all, it was personally set up by six Immortal Kings, and the formation itself was passed down in the Dragon Dimension. Moreover, this formation had even annihilated a real god during the primeval times.

But no one had imagined that the grand formation they took to be their strongest trump card would actually be so weak, and it was simply like a piece of paper!

How could this be possible? All of them were completely stunned, and they still didn’t dare believe their eyes.

“Everyone, we’ve overlooked something. This kid isn’t just a student of Dao Emperor Academy, he’s even deeply related to Oracle Mountain. So utilizing a formation to trap and kill him is no different than using our weakness against his strength. We were asking for trouble!” Jiang Tingfang’s face sank as he spoke via voice transmission.

The others instantly felt terrified while their expressions changed indeterminately, and they’d come to a complete understanding of everything.

“No matter what, we’re currently in a situation where the battle won’t end until one side is killed. With us six Immortal Kings attacking jointly, it’s impossible for this little bastard to turn the situation around!” The old woman, Wanqi Ying, that held the cane with a silver serpent at the top shouted in a grim and ghastly voice. 

Perhaps if it was just one or two Immortal Kings, then they would be unable to do anything to Chen Xi. But if six Immortal Kings fought desperately, then could it be that they would still be unable to deal with Chen Xi?

Stomp! Stomp!

Chen Xi walked out from the grand formation while numerous dragons formed from Karmic Luck coiled around his body, and his imposing aura had grown even more formidable. He was like an eternal king that had descended to the world.

His gaze was deep and icy cold as he looked at the six Immortal Kings, and a wisp of undisguised ridicule and mocking couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth. Using a formation against me? These fools are simply idiotic!

If I was really trapped within it, then would I have any qualifications to be a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain?

Even though he thought like this in his heart, Chen Xi’s actions weren’t slow at all. As soon as he stepped out of the formation, his figure flashed while the blood red sword in his hand soared through the sky, and then it slashed down furiously. 


A myriad of sword qi formed from talismans surged in a peerless and murderous manner.

At practically the exact same moment, 3m tall young man in gold clothes made a move as well. His fists were densely covered in dragon scales and burned with sacred dragon flames. He suddenly let out a long howl, and his fists tore apart the heavens and the earth as he charged explosively towards Chen Xi.

He was from the Dragon Dimension, and he was an Immortal King with the same seniority as Ao Jiuhui. His name was Ao Reng. His true body was that of a primeval green dragon, and he possessed an extremely cold and bloodthirsty disposition.

At this moment, as soon as he attacked, his attack seemed otherworldly, yet it contained hidden killing intent and monstrous divine might!

One could clearly hear waves of shocking dragon roars surging through the surroundings, and the dragon roars revealed an imposing aura and emanated the boundless might of a dragon as it charged towards Chen Xi with Ao Reng. 


The blood red sword soared through the sky and shot out to collide directly with Ao Reng’s attack. 

Clanging resounded while dazzling and resplendent sparks shot into the surroundings.

“Dammit!” Ao Reng’s figure shook while he staggered back, and he was in intense pain that caused his face to twist into a bunch as he spoke.

In this head-on collision, the sword qi formed from dense talismans had almost cut his arms into pieces, and they left behind numerous terrifying injuries. Moreover, even the dragon scales that were famous for being strong had been torn off from his arms!

“Senior Ao Jiuhui was an extremely sincere person that lived an upright life, yet as a member of the Dragon Dimension, you’ve associated yourself with undesirable people, and you even acted in an unrestrained manner and refused to realize your mistakes. Today, I’ll start with you. I’ll chop off the head of a dragon and let the blood spray as a warning to others!” Amidst his indifferent and steady voice, Chen Xi’s expression was cold and murderous as he strode through space, and he held the blood red Dao Calamity Sword in his hand as he attacked.


The blood red sword emanated boundless sword formations that densely covered the surrounding space with the intention of trapping and killing Ao Reng.

Ao Reng’s expression changed abruptly. There was fury on his face, and even terror. This little bastard’s strength is too heaven defying, and when he’s covered in the energy of Karmic Luck from within the palace, he simply shows signs of being invincible and impossible to shake.

“Hmph! What an audacious little bastard!” The other Immortal Kings would naturally not watch as Ao Reng was killed. At the moment Chen Xi made a move, all of them had moved out with the intention of stopping Chen Xi.

Presently, they were all bound together in life and death, and they made no distinction between each other. Moreover, they’d tacitly taken Chen Xi to be their number one enemy.

“If I, Chen Xi, intend to kill someone, then neither the heavens nor the earth can obstruct me. So who do all of you think you are to try and stop me!?” Chen Xi grunted coldly, and he didn’t alter the attack he’d executed. Suddenly, he withdrew a large net that was piercingly cold and seemed as if it was weaved together by illusory threads of light, and it swiftly soared through space and time before it enveloped Ao Reng.

At the same time, the blood red sword in his hand slashed upwards like a river of stars that surged in the opposite direction, and it swept away the five Immortal Kings that came to obstruct him.


A wave of shocking sounds of collision resounded while a rain of light stormed down and spread throughout the surroundings.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Chen Xi and his opponents were both shaken by the attack to the point of moving back in midair. They were actually equally matched in this attack.

However, those Immortal Kings were unable to arouse any happiness in their hearts, and it was even to the extent that their expressions became unsightly to the extreme. It wasn’t just because Chen Xi had repelled all five of them by himself and fought them equally, it was instead because at this moment, they witnessed a horrifying scene…

A large net that was piercingly cold and seemed as if it was weaved from starlight teleported through time and space before it enveloped Ao Reng. However, no matter how the latter fought against it, he was actually unable to shake the net at all!

Or perhaps, it could be said that Ao Reng’s attacks were unable to touch the net at all, and the net passed through the attacks instead while continuing to envelop him. No matter how he struggled, he was actually unable to avoid it at all.

In an instant, Ao Reng was forcefully trapped within the large net!

All of this took a long time to describe, yet it was actually completed in a thousandth of an instant. When those Immortal Kings raised their eyes to look over, Ao Reng had already been trapped within the large net and was unable to struggle free.

That was an Immortal King!

Yet now, he was trapped like prey and was unable to struggle free. He was in such a sorry and aggrieved state, and the intensity of the shock this caused the others was obvious. 

It caused the pupils of the other Immortal Kings to suddenly constrict while they revealed terrified expressions. This is?

“A Natural Spirit Treasure! Dammit! This is the Oracle Mountain’s Divine Artifact, the Overarching Heaven Net! How could a Half-step Immortal King like you possibly possess a Divine Artifact from Oracle Mountain!?” Ao Reng had gone completely berserk, and he was both furious and terrified. He struggled with all his might with the intention of struggling from of the Overarching Heaven Net’s restraints.

However, the more he struggled, the more the large net constricted. Moreover, the numerous threads of the net that seemed like piercingly cold starlight forcefully tightened into his bones, restrained his body, and coiled around his spirit, energy, and essence. Even his soul was on the verge of being restrained!

All the other Immortal Kings were shocked in their hearts when they witnessed this scene. A Natural Spirit Treasure? The Overarching Heaven Net?

This a renowned precious treasure passed down within Oracle Mountain, and it was obtained by the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, from within the Chaos. It’s said to be able to capture the secrets of the heavens, Karmic Luck, auspicious qi, and other ethereal energies. It can be said to possess boundless divine might! 

Moreover, this indirectly proved Chen Xi’s identity — he was an heir of Oracle Mountain!

Even though the calamity had descended now, and as one of the three supreme sects of the three dimensions, all the members of Oracle Mountain had probably been taken into the Last Days Domain, but even then, the influence of Oracle Mountain still remained!

Especially to all of these Immortal Kings, Chen Xi’s identity of being an heir of Oracle Mountain undoubtedly caused them to feel fearful and feel that this matter was difficult to handle.

“Everyone, what’re all of you waiting for? Quickly save me… AH!!!” Suddenly, Ao Reng’s extremely terrified howl resounded, yet it stopped abruptly because Chen Xi had already arrived by his side and grabbed his throat.

This scene caused the expressions of the other Immortal Kings to turn completely livid, and they shouted loudly without end.

“Junior, don’t you dare!”

“Quickly stay your hand!”

“If you dare make a move against him, then we’ll definitely annihilate you today, and you’ll be eternally unable to be reincarnated!”

Furious howls surged through the surroundings, and it was impossible to differentiate if these words were sincere or not. However, in short, this scene was extremely shocking. If it was anyone else facing the threats of five Immortal Kings, that person would have probably been frightened out of his wits since a long time ago.

However, Chen Xi turned a deaf ear to all of this, and his expression remained indifferent.

It was even to the extent that from the moment Ao Reng was restrained by the Overarching Heaven Net to the point he arrived by Ao Reng’s side, his movements hadn’t stopped for a moment!


Under the furious gazes of all the Immortal Kings, the blood red sword in Chen Xi’s hand soared through the sky, and it chopped off a head. 


Golden blood sprayed out, and it was an extremely horrifying, yet beautiful scene.

I’ll chop off the head of a dragon and let the blood spray!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s words from before had really appeared before their eyes, and the shock they felt from it had simply arrived at an extreme. It caused the hearts of all the Immortal Kings to feel cold, and they couldn’t help but tremble.

An Immortal King from the Dragon Dimension had fallen just like that!

A warning to others?

This was precisely that!

Chen Xi utilized his utterly unhesitant methods of slaughter and reality itself to prove this.

It was even to the extent that for the sake of taking precautions against any unexpected events from occurring, Chen Xi had even utilized the energy of Terminus when he killed Ao Reng, and he completely terminated Ao Reng’s spirit, energy, essence, and even soul, causing Ao Reng to perish completely!

“You… How audacious of you!” Jiang Tingfang had a livid expression, and her voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from between the cracks of her teeth and revealed boundless killing intent and rage. She was extremely offended by this scene.

The expressions of the other Immortal Kings were gloomy to the extreme as well.

They’d already felt pressured when Chen Xi utilized the energy of Karmic Luck earlier, yet it wasn’t to the extent that it aroused fear in their hearts. However, when they saw Chen Xi utilize the Overarching Heaven Net, their hearts instantly felt heavy.

Because it was a Natural Spirit Treasure, a natural Divine Artifact that was born from within the Chaos, and it possessed boundless profound effects. Even if Chen Xi was only at the Half-step Immortal King Realm now, if he utilized such a treasure, it still caused them to feel extremely fearful.

It was even to the extent that a few Immortal Kings had already aroused the intent to withdraw…

“Audacious? I can’t compare to all of you!” Chen Xi spoke with an icy cold tone as he kicked Ao Reng’s corpse away, and then he glanced indifferently at the five remaining Immortal Kings while the killing intent in his heart didn’t reduce, but grew instead.

These fellows had willfully trespassed into the academy and led others to kill innocent students and instructors, destroy the landscape and restrictions of the academy, and had even acted in an unbridled manner within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace with the intention of encroaching on the position of Dean.

Even Valiant Star Immortal King and Silent Night Buddhist Master had perished because of them!

All of this caused Chen Xi to be furious to the extreme. Because the calamity had swept through the three dimensions now, and the Sovereign Sect had resurfaced, yet these old fellows who were respected as Immortal Kings didn’t think about how to resist the calamity and had instead come to run wild in Dao Emperor Academy. He felt that their crimes simply deserved death!

Suddenly, Wanqi Ying said, “Chen Xi, if we acknowledge you as the Dean and stop going against you, then can you let bygones be bygones for all of this?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused many Immortal Kings to glare furiously at her, and they were slightly displeased. They blamed her for making a unilateral decision, yet there were also a few Immortal Kings that were greatly tempted by this, and their gazes flickered while they remained silent.

Unfortunately, no matter what all of them were thinking in their hearts, Chen Xi’s reply was extremely decisive. He didn’t even hesitate at all before he replied. “Absolutely impossible!”

It was merely two words, yet it was spoken in a resolute and decisive manner.

This meant that Chen Xi intended to fight until the bloody end, and he intended to make all of them leave their lives behind!

“Hmph! I was kind enough to give you a way out, yet you really think that we’re afraid of you?” Wanqi Ying’s expression was extremely unsightly, and she turned angry from embarrassment.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re fearful or not because it’s unable to change all of your fates today!” 


As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi had already attacked once more, and he fought the five Immortal Kings by himself!

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