Chapter 1487 – Boundless Divine Might


After they made their decisions, Jiang Tingfang was the first to attack. He flicked his sleeve, causing Immortal Force to rumble before 3,000 Immortal Troops actually charged out from within his sleeve.

All of these Immortal Troops possessed surging imposing auras and seemed material. Moreover, every single one of them possessed a cultivation at the Half-step Immortal King Realm. All of them held Immortal Artifacts in their hands as they shouted and charged towards Chen Xi.

This was similar to the technique of ‘casting out beans that transformed into soldiers,’ yet it was even more terrifying. It was a supreme technique of the ancient Jiang Clan called Spirit Servant Summoning.

When one utilized this technique, so long as one had refined sufficient souls, then one could form them into servant troops that were equal in number to the refined souls. Moreover, the stronger the strength of the soul that was refined, the stronger the strength of the servant troop would be!


It was like the shout of a Fiendgod as the 3,000 servant troops at the Half-step Immortal King Realm roared furiously, and they charged at Chen Xi like tidewater. Their numbers were so huge that they seemed like a dark cloud pressing down towards Chen Xi, and it was a horrifying sight.


Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent. He just raised a single hand and swiftly pressed it forward. A myriad of strands of Immortal Force surged out, causing the heavens and the earth to rumble while the palm swiftly enlarged, and it was coiled with numerous chains of talismans and seemed like a cloud that was descending from the sky as it enveloped the servant troops.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The tide of 3,000 servant troops hadn’t even approached Chen Xi when they were pushed aside and crushed into pieces, causing them to transform into a rain of light that covered the sky as it poured down. In an instant, they were actually almost completely wiped out!

It was truly a scene like sweeping through dry leaves and crushing everything.

The palm vanished and the mysterious energy of Karmic Luck seethed. Chen Xi stood firmly on the spot like a rock, and his gaze was icy cold and deep. He looked down upon the group of Immortal Kings, and he seemed as if he’d done something that was extremely ordinary.

“What a shocking imposing aura!” Many Immortal Kings were shocked in their hearts. Compared to before, as soon as Chen Xi attacked at this moment, he revealed an oppressive aura that was vast, supreme, and terrifying.

They were clearly aware that it was because Chen Xi had taken control of the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron. It had caused the Karmic Luck within the entire palace to converge onto him, so his imposing might naturally couldn’t be underestimated.

“Attack!” Even though they thought like that in their hearts, their reactions weren’t slow at all. They executed all sorts of techniques and utilized Immortal Artifacts, causing a glow to rise into the surroundings. They intended to join forces and deal with Chen Xi.

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi made a move as well, and he strode forward. In an instant, the energy of Karmic Luck transformed into numerous large dragons that coiled around his body, and then they raised their heads and howled as they covered him, causing his imposing aura to be powerful like an emperor that looked down upon the world.

Even though he was all alone, he seemed like an overlord that was patrolling the world while receiving the Karmic Luck of the heavens and the earth. He had an extremely imposing aura and a bearing that deterred the universe, and he seemed composed and calm.

“Die!” An old woman charged over explosively. She held a cane with a silver snake on top, and it carried the might of an Immortal King as it tore through the sky and smashed down towards Chen Xi.

This old woman was from the Wanqi Clan, and she was called Wanqi Ying. She was an extremely respected senior in the clan that possessed boundless might, and she was a senior that made a name for herself countless years ago.


The cane tore through the sky and actually transformed time and space into balls of lightning that possessed a shocking imposing aura, and it rained down with the intention of crushing Chen Xi into powder.

It was lightning of time and space, and even its aura was sufficient to annihilate numerous Half-step Immortal Kings! 

“Old Fellow, you actually have some courage!” Chen Xi suddenly raised his head while a divine glow flashed within his eyes, and then blazing light erupted from his entire body. At the same time, a wisp of a blood red sword soared into the sky before it slashed down.


Sword Insight shot into the sky. It was thick, large, and reached the heavens, and it flowed with the glow of talismans, Order, and Karmic Luck. It easily destroyed the myriad of lightning of space and time, and then a clang resounded as it struck the cane to the point it droned.


Wanqi Ying’s expression turned grim, and her figure flashed and vanished on the spot.


At practically the same time that Chen Xi met this attack head-on, numerous other attacks shot towards him from within space. There were Immortal Artifacts that possessed terrifying might and there were supreme and profound techniques, and they’d all converged together and enveloped down towards him from the sky.

These were the joint attacks of the other five Immortal Kings, and all of their attacks had gathered ahead of them and shot towards Chen Xi, who’d just succeeded the position of Dean.

Chen Xi stopped moving while a glow erupted explosively from his eyes, and then his black hair fluttered while the aura on his body rumbled like an abyss. It seemed like a void had effused out, and it shook the palace.

At this moment, the heavens and the earth seemed to have returned to deathly silence, and it revealed the scene where ‘the loudest sounds were silent, and the greatest scenes were shapeless.’ A strand of horrifying deathly silence was suffused within this empty atmosphere.

At this moment, only Chen Xi’s imposing aura was rumbling, and it was like the roar of a dragon and the tune of the Dao as it resounded through the nine heavens!


Countless talismans that were dense like the stars in the sky soared out from Chen Xi, and they transformed into numerous brilliant strands of sword qi that formed into numerous profound sword formations. After that, they whistled out while carrying a might that shook the heavens and the earth!

Rumble! Rumble! 

A wave of the sounds of collision that shook the heavens and the earth resounded. It was like a myriad of volcanoes had erupted, and peerlessly terrifying jets of air rumbled as they swept out, causing the entire palace to quake.

The collision between them this time was too shocking, and if it occurred in the outside world, then it would definitely crush countless cities into powder.

Amidst the dust and dirt that was dispersing in the air, Chen Xi’s completely unharmed figure remained on the spot while numerous dragons formed from Karmic Luck resided in his surroundings, causing him to seem like Fiendgod that was born from the Chaos.

On the other hand, many of the six Immortal Kings were gasping for breath while their expressions were livid and ashen. Even though they hadn’t suffered any injury, they’d obviously been impacted by the collision this time.

This was shocking because Chen Xi was all alone, yet he was actually able to directly resist the joint attacks of six Immortal Kings while remaining completely unharmed!

The expressions of all the Immortal Kings turned gloomy while a solemn expression suffused their eyes. They knew that all of this was probably related to the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron because it had caused the energy of Karmic Luck within the entire academy to envelop Chen Xi!

After all, Chen Xi was still only at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, yet he was able to meet all six of them head-on in battle by relying on this energy of Karmic Luck. So if he was allowed to grow, then he would definitely become a great latent trouble for them!

All of this had occurred in an instant, so even though it took a long time to describe, it was actually something that occurred in a mere instant.


A rugged middle aged man with a bare chest attacked. He executed a mysterious technique that formed beautiful and ethereal five colored divine light, and it shot fiercely towards Chen Xi.

This was the supreme inheritance of the ancient Ji Clan, ‘Five-colored Divine Light,’ and it was said to be able to destroy the five elements and counter all treasures in the world. Its reputation shook the ages. 

Chen Xi’s gaze was calm. When facing such a secret technique, he didn’t underestimate it at all, yet he wasn’t fearful either! 


He pressed his fingers together to form a sword, and then he utilized the might of his Sword Dao to slash a wisp of sword qi towards the middle aged man. This wisp of sword qi was extremely simple, yet it was filled with the profundities of Enduring, and it was densely covered with the three rare and supreme profundities of Eternal, Devour, and Creation.

The Dao was eternal, so it could devour boundlessly. The energy of boundlessness could form boundless profundities that cycled endlessly, thus it was called enduring!

This sword strike could be called the Enduring Sword. Even though the Five-colored Divine Light could destroy the five elements and counter all treasures in the world, it would still be useless if the sword qi was enduring.

“Hmm?” The eyes of that Immortal King from the Ji Clan narrowed. As soon as he attacked, he knew that Chen Xi was far stronger than he’d imagined! Because as soon as Chen Xi attacked, Chen Xi intended to break through his secret technique and crush him.


The Five-colored Divine Light rumbled as it shattered both time and space. It countered everything, and it’s might was extremely formidable. However, when it collided with that wisp of sword qi, it was obstructed and was even on the verge of being cut into pieces!

This caused the expression of the Immortal King from the Ji Clan to change.


Before he could react, Chen Xi had already charged over once more, and every single pore on his body emanated sword qi, causing him to seem as if he’d transformed into an ocean of swords that whistled as it moved forward.


Since he was taken by surprise, the Immortal King from the Ji Clan had no choice but to meet Chen Xi head-on, yet he was blasted flying by this strike. Moreover, he fell on the ground.

This string of events had truly occurred too quickly, and it had been completely in a thousandth of an instant, causing the other Immortal Kings to be unable to give him any timely assistance.

“Die!” Chen Xi charged forward once more. However, he was obstructed by a person this time.

It was a beautiful woman from the Zhongli Clan. She held a lotus seal that possessed properties of extreme Yin and gentleness. It was like a wisp of ethereal and soft wind that coiled towards Chen Xi.

This attack was gentle like water. It seemed like a tender and loving glance from a lover, yet the killing intent contained within it was even more terrifying than the Five-colored Divine Light!

“Hmph!” Chen Xi grunted coldly as he raised his hand and clawed as he met this attack head-on. After that, a world that was like a void suddenly floated out into appearance from within his palm, and it seemed as if it was a work of nature.

This was a ‘Sword Domain’ created from the energy of the Sword Dao, and it was constructed into form by boundless mysterious talismans before being executed by the energy of the Sword Dao. It was a sight that caused others to exclaim with admiration and surprise.

Such a technique was similar to the Buddhist Technique ‘Buddhist Kingdom Within A Palm,’ and it was absolutely impossible to execute by existences that didn’t control the energy of time and space.


The extremely gentle lotus seal that was filled with killing intent was directly shattered into pieces, causing the beautiful woman to frown while she revealed an expression of pain. Moreover, she was extremely shocked and had no choice but to dodge.

This attack from Chen Xi was too overbearing and unrestrained, and it destroyed everything before it, causing her to not dare obstruct it.

However, even though she desired to retreat, Chen Xi took the initiative to charge over. The ‘Sword Domain’ within his palm raged through time and space, and it was like he was carrying a world of swords that contained boundless might and attacked all his enemies.


For a time, so long as an Immortal King came close to Chen Xi, that Immortal King would be blasted back no matter what technique or ability that Immortal King executed, and they found it impossible to obstruct Chen Xi.

At this moment, they finally deeply understood how terrifying Chen Xi was. His divine might was world shocking, and he pressured them to the point they weren’t able to gain the slightest advantage against him.

This caused them to be horrified in their hearts, and they felt an unprecedentedly heavy feeling. They didn’t dare get distracted any longer and had no choice but to execute all their ability to jointly crush Chen Xi.

A Half-step Immortal King that had just succeeded the position of Dean in the academy actually forced six Immortal Kings to have no choice but to go all out. If the others in the outside world were able to witness this scene, their jaws would definitely hit the floor from shock.

This couldn’t just simply be described as world shocking because if was simply a true heaven defying scene! It had broken the perception that had been passed down since ancient times, and it couldn’t be judged by convention.


Suddenly, a grand and boundless Immortal Formation soared into the sky, and it formed into a dense expanse of stars before it descended all around Chen Xi. It linked up with the might of the universe, and it emanated boundless killing intent.

These six Immortal Kings had actually jointly set up an extreme Slaughter Formation!

Obviously, they were clearly aware that ordinary methods were utterly unable to do anything to Chen Xi, thus they utilized such a method.

The six Immortal Kings heaved sighs of relief in their hearts when they saw Chen Xi’s figure being enveloped within the grand formation because this formation was from the Dragon Dimension, and it had once slaughtered a real god. It was extremely formidable, so even if a heaven defying little monster like Chen Xi entered it, he would definitely suffer a heavy injury.

All of them were filled with extremely great confidence, and they felt that the outcome was decided. Because in their opinion, this was the most destructive trump card in their arsenal.

However, reality exceeded their expectations instead. Chen Xi who was trapped within the grand formation actually roared with laughter at this moment, and then he suddenly took a step forward.


Under the might of this step, not only was the formation unable to trap and kill Chen Xi, the entire formation actually rumbled and shattered into pieces like paper instead.

A rain of blazing light shot into the surroundings, and it caused Chen Xi who walked out with large strides to seem like a god. It seemed like all the techniques in the world were useless before him.

The six Immortal Kings were instantly stunned. How…how could this be possible?

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