Chapter 1487 – Boundless Divine Might


After they made their decisions, Jiang Tingfang was the first to attack. He flicked his sleeve, causing Immortal Force to rumble before 3,000 Immortal Troops actually charged out from within his sleeve.

All of these Immortal Troops possessed surging imposing auras and seemed material. Moreover, every single one of them possessed a cultivation at the Half-step Immortal King Realm. All of them held Immortal Artifacts in their hands as they shouted and charged towards Chen Xi.

This was similar to the technique of ‘casting out beans that transformed into soldiers,’ yet it was even more terrifying. It was a supreme technique of the ancient Jiang Clan called Spirit Servant Summoning.

When one utilized this technique, so long as one had refined sufficient souls, then one could form them into servant troops that were equal in number to the refined souls. Moreover, the stronger the strength of the soul that was refined, the stronger the strength of the servant troop would be!


It was like the shout of a Fiendgod as the 3,000 servant troops at the Half-step Immortal King Realm roared furiously, and they charged at Chen Xi like tidewater. Their numbers were so huge that they seemed like a dark cloud pressing down towards Chen Xi, and it was a horrifying sight.


Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent. He just raised a single hand and swiftly pressed it forward. A myriad of strands of Immortal Force surged out, causing the heavens and the earth to rumble while the palm swiftly enlarged, and it was coiled with numerous chains...

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