Chapter 1485 – Silent Night Buddhist Master

Chen Xi’s domineering attitude caused the expressions of all the Immortal Kings in the surroundings to change once more, and they felt that their dignity had been severely insulted!

After all, when Chen Xi had just stepped into Dao Emperor Academy, all of these old fellows had stepped into the Immortal King Realm countless years before, and they were supreme existences whose might deterred the world. They possessed an imposing might and authority that was sufficient to make all living beings in the Immortal Dimension tremble before them.

At that time, Chen Xi probably hadn’t been born yet!

Now, such a little fellow actually dared to speak with them in such a way, and it was simply great disrespect!

Indeed, seniority on the path of cultivation wasn’t determined by age, and it was determined by one’s own strength. However, as far as these Immortal Kings were aware, Chen Xi had just stepped foot into the Half-step Immortal King Realm for a few years!

So how could he dare to go against them?

However, everything that occurred before their eyes didn’t just cause these Immortal Kings to be furious, they even didn’t dare rashly make a move.

Earlier, when Chen Xi arrived at the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, a single sword strike from him had shocked them all and blasted them back. Moreover, he even forced the white haired old man back with a single casual sword strike.

That old man was an extremely senior existence from the Jiang Clan called Jiang Tingfang, and he’d lived for countless years while his...

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