Chapter 1485 – Silent Night Buddhist Master

Chen Xi’s domineering attitude caused the expressions of all the Immortal Kings in the surroundings to change once more, and they felt that their dignity had been severely insulted!

After all, when Chen Xi had just stepped into Dao Emperor Academy, all of these old fellows had stepped into the Immortal King Realm countless years before, and they were supreme existences whose might deterred the world. They possessed an imposing might and authority that was sufficient to make all living beings in the Immortal Dimension tremble before them.

At that time, Chen Xi probably hadn’t been born yet!

Now, such a little fellow actually dared to speak with them in such a way, and it was simply great disrespect!

Indeed, seniority on the path of cultivation wasn’t determined by age, and it was determined by one’s own strength. However, as far as these Immortal Kings were aware, Chen Xi had just stepped foot into the Half-step Immortal King Realm for a few years!

So how could he dare to go against them?

However, everything that occurred before their eyes didn’t just cause these Immortal Kings to be furious, they even didn’t dare rashly make a move.

Earlier, when Chen Xi arrived at the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, a single sword strike from him had shocked them all and blasted them back. Moreover, he even forced the white haired old man back with a single casual sword strike.

That old man was an extremely senior existence from the Jiang Clan called Jiang Tingfang, and he’d lived for countless years while his strength was even unfathomable. He was an existence from the same generation as Zhao Taici, Chi Cangsheng, and Ao Jiuhui.

Now, he was blasted back by a single sword strike from Chen Xi, and he didn’t occupy the slightest bit of advantage in the collision. All of this caused the Immortal Kings in the surroundings to be shocked, and they this felt slightly unusual to them.

After all, a Half-step Immortal King was actually able to surmount a realm and do battle, and even collide head-on with an Immortal King. This in and of itself was extremely inconceivable and could be considered as unprecedented.

“When there’s obsession in the heart, it’s difficult to withdraw in the end. Benefactor, please give me your guidance in order to sever this karma and destroy the obsession in my heart.” Suddenly, the Immortal King from the Buddha Dimension spoke. He wore linen clothes, was barefooted, and had a resolute expression. Moreover, his eyes were deep like a vast ocean and revealed a firm and empty meditative feeling.

His Buddhist name was Silent Night, and he was a great Buddhist Master of the Buddha Dimension. He sat on a golden lotus with twelve petals, and he preached the Buddhist doctrine of the past and future. In the Buddha Dimension, he was already respectfully addressed as a real Buddha.

“If all of you want to fight, then go ahead. I’ll withdraw.” Unlike Silent Night, not only was the Immortal King from the Phoenix Clan not infuriated when she heard Chen Xi’s blunt words, she fell into deep thought instead. At this moment, she’d made her decision.

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and left without the slightest hesitation.

This exceeded the expectations of everyone, yet no one stopped her.

Chen Xi cupped his hands and sent her off with his gaze. In his opinion, this Immortal King from the Phoenix Clan was obviously much more admirable than Silent Night because she was willing to part with the opportunity before her. As it was said, only by willing to give up something would one be able to obtain something in return.

“Are you sure you want to make a move against me?” In the next instant, Chen Xi recovered his coldness and indifference as he glanced at Silent Night.

The atmosphere suddenly became murderous and deathly silent.

The other Immortal Kings remained silent. After they witnessed this scene, they intended to watch coldly from the sidelines and have a good look at Chen Xi’s exact strength.

“Please provide me with your guidance.” Silent Night chanted the name of the Buddha before his body suffused effused boundless golden light, and then a twelve petal golden lotus arose beneath his feet. It burned with strands of pure Karmic Flames, and it was imposing, dignified, and possessed a terrifying aura.

Moreover, waves of chanting were faintly resounding from within space while the scenes of heavenly dragons soaring about, golden flowers descending from the sky, and various others appeared. It seemed to be sacred and grand.

This was the might of a Buddhist cultivator. A true mighty eternal body that existed eternally with the flames of karma, and it was called the Buddha Gold Body as well. It was boundless and without any impurity.


The Dao Calamity Sword in Chen Xi’s hand howled while suffused with an obscure and murderous blood red aura. “Old Fellow, if it was at any other time, I would respect you. But now, you’ve completely disappointed me.”

Chen Xi’s voice was filled with disdain and a murderous tone.

Presently, Valiant Star Immortal King was heavily injured and on the verge of death, so only Chen Xi himself was facing all of these Immortal Kings. At such a moment, Silent Night was actually unable to put down the obsession in his heart and intended to fight Chen Xi. So even though he seemed to be upright and frank, was he any different from the others?

After all, Chen Xi had already said that he intended to let Silent Night and the Immortal King from the Phoenix Clan go, and it was even to the extent that he didn’t intend to make a fuss about their crimes of trespassing into the academy and doing as they wished within it. He’d already exercised sufficient forbearance!

But Silent Night didn’t appreciate this kindness and still persisted on obtaining the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron. Obviously, such actions had crossed Chen Xi’s limits!

“Please provide me with your guidance.” Silent Night had a firm expression that didn’t contain any fluctuations of emotion. His entire body burned with Karmic Flames while the lotus beneath him glowed brightly, and his imposing aura grew even grander.


He actually took the initiative to attack. He pressed his hands together and chanted. “Buddha be praised!”

It was merely three words, yet it seemed like a decree had descended from the heavens, and it carried a force that struck directly at the heart. In an instant, the Karmic Flames in the surrounding space burned and transformed into numerous images of the Buddhas.

These images seemed material and emanated a supreme dignified aura. They either had three heads and six arms, were glaring furiously, smiling while picking flowers, taking pity on the people of the world, or holding a Demon Subduing Mace, horsetail whisk, wooden clapper, bell, jade bottle, sword, prayer beads, and various other Buddhist treasures.

“Hell will never go silent before it’s empty. The world is like the bodhi tree, it lives for a myriad of generations, yet it’s unable to avoid turning into ash from calamity…”

“The world is never at a constant size, the heart is never at a constant state, techniques never had a constant might, the Buddha never has a constant obsession. Everything is empty.”

“If the mind is filled with obsession, it should be severed. If the heart is filled with fear, it should be crushed. If the world is filled with dirt, it should be destroyed. The Buddha is without impurity, and thus the Buddha is boundless!”

Numerous grand Buddhist chanting resounded through the entire palace while a sacred glow rumbled. The images of numerous Buddhas resided in the sky, and they caused all sorts of phenomena to arise!

In an instant, this expanse of space seemed to have transformed into ‘Paradise,’ and it was completely illuminated by a sacred glow and boundless divine strength.

Yet all of this came from merely a single Buddhist chant that Silent Night proclaimed!

At this moment, all the Immortal Kings in the surroundings were moved, and they moved aside successively, as they were unwilling to be affected by this attack.

Chen Xi’s eyes turned completely icy cold because the might of this attack was extremely terrifying, and it caused a wisp of terror to arise in his heart as well. He’d sensed the smell of danger.

Silent Night obviously intended to attain victory in one go and utilize his stronger attack to decide the victor of the battle!


Chen Xi took a deep breath, and then the universe within his body circulated madly. Sword Insight once again rose explosively around his body, and he’d arrived at his peak state. Moreover, the Dao Calamity Sword in his hand was completely scarlet red to the point it seemed that blood would drip out of it at any moment.

However, right at the instant Chen Xi intended to attack…

Suddenly, the numerous images of Buddhas, the grand sounds of Buddhist chanting, and the energy of the Buddhist techniques that seemed like a ‘Paradise’ had actually smashed down towards the Immortal Kings in the vicinity!

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. What this?


In an instant, boundless golden light transformed into a ‘World of Karmic Flames,’ and it enveloped all the Immortal Kings within it!

On the other hand, Silent Night sat cross-legged within it. He was dignified, imposing, and had a still expression that revealed a feeling of openness and emptiness. Moreover, his entire body surged with a myriad of strands of sacred light as he maintained the ‘World of Karmic Flames.’


“Sly Old Baldy! What’s the meaning of this?”

“We’ve been tricked! This old bastard is on that little fellow’s side!”

“Dammit! Let’s join forces and kill this baldy!”

All of the Immortal Kings were in a thundering rage, and their expressions were extremely unsightly from being taken by surprise like this. They were both shocked and furious, and no matter how they wracked their brains, they’d never imagined that such an unexpected event would actually occur.

It wasn’t just them, even Chen Xi was shocked by this scene, and it was difficult for him to believe. Why would Silent Night act in this way? Could it be…

“All living beings will suffer beneath the calamity. The path of cultivation is on the verge of collapse, and the myriad of cultivators in the world will only gradually approach death. Even my Buddha Dimension is unable to avoid this. At this moment, it’s impossible for me to survive, and I can only give it my all to buy ten minutes for you.”

“Go on, take control of the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron and you’ll be able to take control of all the energy of Karmic Luck within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace. At that time, you can utilize it for slaughtering kings, annihilating invaders, killing thieves, and sweeping through the world.” Silent Night’s voice resounded by Chen Xi’s ears, causing him to be completely moved!

He finally understood that from the beginning until the end, Silent Night never had any intention of making things difficult for him, and it was even to the extent that Silent Night was sacrificing his own life in order to buy time for Chen Xi!


Waves of rumbling resounded from the ‘World of Karmic Flames’ in the distance as a violent battle was being carried out within it. It seemed to be extremely terrifying, and it was impossible to clearly see exactly what was going on within it.

Chen Xi held the blood red sword in his hand as he stared at all of this.

He understood what Silent Night meant, and he knew that Silent Night felt he wasn’t a match for those Immortal Kings.

He himself was very clearly aware that he did indeed possess the ability to surmount a battle and do battle, and he could go head-on against Immortal Kings. Coupled with the Nineflow Jade Seal in his possession, he was able to utilize a portion of the energy of Karmic Luck in the palace. In this way, it was sufficient for him to annihilate Immortal Kings.

However, even though he was able to annihilate Immortal Kings, there were six or seven Immortal Kings there, and once they joined forces, even Chen Xi was unable to guarantee that he could obtain victory in the battle.

Perhaps, Silent Night had precisely seen through this, and that was why he’d taken such action.

This caused Chen Xi to be both shocked and frustrated in his heart. Why…did he act in this way?

“Chen Xi, quickly come over here!” Valiant Star Immortal King that was heavily injured and on the verge of death suddenly struggled and stood up, and then he said to Chen Xi. “This Silent Night Buddhist Master was a very good friend of the Dean’s. If he didn’t assist me in secret, I wouldn’t have been able to survive until now.”

He was telling the truth. Before Chen Xi had arrived here, Valiant Star Immortal King had gone against seven or eight Immortal Kings by himself in this battle to seize the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron, and if it was at an ordinary time, he would have been annihilated a long time ago.

Besides the fact that all of those Immortal Kings weren’t united, the reason he was able to persist until now was because Silent Night Buddhist Master was assisting him in secret. He seemed to have repeatedly attacked Valiant Star Immortal King, yet he was actually imperceptibly helping Valiant Star Immortal King block off numerous lethal attacks!

At this moment, Chen Xi finally understood the sequence of events the situation, and he sighed with emotion without end within his heart. He really had misunderstood Silent Night earlier, but it was precisely because of this misunderstanding that he felt even more admiration towards Silent Night.

“I’m going to help him!” Chen Xi suddenly decided.

“Chen Xi, if you don’t want Silent Night to sacrifice himself for nothing, then seize this moment to refine the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron! At that time, the restrictions in the entire academy will be under your control and annihilating Immortal Kings wouldn’t be difficult at all!” Valiant Star Immortal King withdrew an ancient bronze cauldron and passed it to Chen Xi.

This cauldron was completely round and heavy. It had three legs, two handles, and a single opening. It was simple to the extreme. However, as soon as it was taken out, it emanated an indescribable aura that caused others to be unable to help but arouse reverence in their hearts.

The three legs of the cauldron represented the heavens, earth, and man, the two handles represented Yin and Yang, and the single opening represented the chaos at the absolute beginning of the world.

This cauldron was completely round because it represented perfection in the Grand Dao, and its boundless cycle.

This cauldron was simply because it represented that the Grand Dao moved towards simplicity. It had returned to simplicity, so it wasn’t decorated.

It was merely a single cauldron, yet it caused others to feel as if they’d witnessed the birth of chaos, the splitting of the world, the quintessence of the Grand Dao, the situation of all life. It just happened to point towards the true meaning of the Grand Dao, the Dao was natural!

This was the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron.

The core ancient treasure of Dao Emperor Academy that held down its Karmic Luck for innumerable years!

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