Chapter 1484 – Fight For Supremacy In the Divine Palace

The Dao Emperor Divine Palace stood towering in the heavens and the earth, and it towered into the sky.

This was the place where the Karmic Luck of the entire Dao Emperor Academy was kept. Dean after Dean of the academy had resided here while comprehending profound techniques and controlling the academy. It was the paramount restricted area in the academy.

Compared to it, Chen Xi’s figure was tiny like an ant, and he swiftly vanished behind the door that led to the palace.

The Dao Emperor Divine Place was extremely large, vast, and grand. It seemed capable of accommodating the sun, moon, stars, and the world.

As he stood within it, it was like being within a vast world.

The decoration within the palace was extremely simple. Numerous thick, large, and ancient stone pillars stood upright like pillars that could hold up the sky, and various grand scenes like offering sacrifices to the gods, dragon, and phoenixes were carved upon them.

The space within the palace was enshrouded by Immortal Energy, Chaotic Qi, Creation Qi, Primeval Qi, Auspicious Qi… Various auspicious energies flowed within it, and it was covered in a dreamlike mist.

Stomp! Stomp!

When Chen Xi entered the palace, only the empty sounds of his footsteps could be heard. The palace seemed to be extremely quiet, and it revealed a solemn aura.

At this moment, the Nineflow Jade Seal that Chen Xi carried in his possession suddenly started glowing, and it emanated a lively aura that linked up with the entire palace from afar.

It was like every breath they took was connected.

For no rhyme or reason, Chen Xi’s heart became completely clear. His heart and mind felt as if he’d heard waves of the sound of ancient scriptures being read, the Dao being explained, and sacrifices being offered, and they were melodious and ancient.

All of this had come from the energy of Karmic Luck held down by the palace, and it was branded here after experiencing the baptism of time. Karmic Luck had always been something that was ethereal. It came from the Heaven Dao, the desires of all living beings, the prayers of all beings, the great aspirations of the gods, the sacrifices offered by the predecessors…

It was a pure and auspicious energy that was indescribably profound, yet it existed everywhere.

At this moment, Chen Xi clearly sensed this energy. It was so powerful, so thick, yet so clean and lively. It caused him to feel as if he’d returned to the chaos at the absolute beginning of the world, and he’d attained the Dao.

It was even to the extent that under the guidance of this energy, he was almost unable to control his cultivation and step into the Immortal King Realm!

Chen Xi suddenly took a deep breath and restrained this impulse before standing there quietly. For a time, it seemed as if he’d completely fused into one with the entire palace, and with Karmic Luck suffusing his body, he seemed like a monarch that had descended to the world.

As expected, I can link up with the palace by relying on the Nineflow Jade Seal and utilize the energy of Karmic Luck within it… Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. He was silent for a moment before he moved forward with large strides.

The palace was extremely vast like a world within a Secret Realm. At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t intend to conceal himself any longer, and he took a stride out and teleported through space.

In next to no time, he arrived at the depths of the palace.

“Yes, I, Feng Xingwu, have not been a member of the academy since long ago. However, if I didn’t receive the teaching and guidance of the academy, I would probably have no hope to step foot into the Immortal King Realm in my entire lifetime. Thus, so long as I exist, all of you can dream of obtaining this Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron!” Suddenly, a voice that was filled with boundless killing intent sounded out from the depths of the palace, and it revealed a domineering aura that looked down upon the world.

Feng Xingwu?Could it be the Valiant Star Immortal King?

Chen Xi’s brows raised while divine light rose within his eyes.

“Fellow Daoist Xingwu, why act in this way? Presently, the calamity has arrived, and Dean Meng Xinghe has already headed to the Last Days Domain a long time ago. The important matter at hand is to select a new Dean as soon as possible. Otherwise, the academy would definitely fall into chaos.”

“Valiant Star Immortal King, you’re already heavily injured. We’re truly unwilling to make things difficult for you any longer. But if you continue to be so impervious to reason, then don’t blame us for being merciless!”

“Hmph! There’s no need to speak further. Let me see exactly how long this Valiant Star Immortal King can persist for!”


In the blink of an eye, a wave of the sound of violent battle resounded, and it drowned out the conversation.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he flashed forward with a swish.

The area deep within the palace was extremely spacious, and it was vast like an expanse of the heavens and the earth.

This was originally the place where the Dean of the academy cultivated, and an incense burner, meditation cushion, table, and various other things were set up here.

Yet now, the incense burner had been completely obliterated, the meditation cushion had vanished a long time ago, and as for the table, it had been shattered into bits that lay all over the ground.

In short, it was in a complete mess.

At this moment, there were numerous figures in battle here. Every move they made was filled with supreme might and surging Immortal Energy that shook the surroundings.

If the inside of the palace wasn’t covered in numerous restrictions and even had the energy of Karmic Luck protecting it, it would have probably been reduced to ruins a long time ago.

There was an extremely large gap between the parties to the battle. One party was all alone, completely bathed in blood, and his hair was disheveled. However, he was still extremely ferocious. He moved about freely as he fought, and he completely overlooked the horrifying injuries on his body.

Undoubtedly, this was Valiant Star Immortal King, a supreme existence that had attained the Dao in Dao Emperor Academy. Moreover, the reputation he enjoyed in the Immortal Dimension was on par with Midnight Immortal King, Icesky Immortal King, and Profound Path Immortal King.

On the other hand, he had an entire eight or nine opponents!

However, these opponents weren’t from the same power. They were roughly divided into two forces, and they didn’t cooperate with each other. Moreover, it was even to the extent that they faintly showed signs of being in confrontation. It was precisely because of this that they were unable to quickly suppress their opponent that was fighting all alone.

One of these forces was formed from a total of three Immortal Kings that were respectively from the Wanqi Clan, Zhongli Clan, and Jiang Clan. The other force was formed from a total of five Immortal Kings that were respectively from the Buddha Dimension, Phoenix Clan, Ji Clan, and Dragon Dimension!

However, this second force faintly showed signs of being in confrontation with each other as well, so they seemed to be extremely disorderly.

Reality was indeed like this. They were all from different powers, and all of them desired to seize control of the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron, so they naturally wouldn’t cooperate so tacitly.

But no matter what, Valiant Star Immortal King was in imminent danger now, and he was in danger of losing his life at any moment!


Sure enough, it wasn’t long before an old man with snow white hair suddenly moved forward with a lightning hammer in hand, and he suddenly broke through Valiant Star Immortal King’s defense before forcefully smashing Valiant Star Immortal King flying.

This strike actually smashed firmly onto Valiant Star Immortal King, causing a wave of the sound of bones breaking to resound. His entire body was smashed to the point blood shot out from it, and even his chest sunk down!

“Die!” The old man’s eyes revealed killing intent when he saw this, and he pressed down step by step towards Valiant Star Immortal King. He intended to seize this opportunity to annihilate Valiant Star Immortal King and seize the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron from Valiant Star Immortal King’s possession.

“Hmph! Let me do it instead!”

“Fuck off! I’ll kill whoever who dares to try and seize it from me!”

“How laughable! Let’s all rely on our own ability then!”

At this instant, it wasn’t just that old man, the others rushed out as well because they intended to seize this opportunity to seize possession of the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron, and they seemed to be extremely frenzied.


However, right at this moment, a strand of terrifying sword qi shot out. It was like a raging ocean and contained boundless killing intent as it floated out into appearance before Valiant Star Immortal King, and then it swept out.

This strand of sword qi had simply appeared like a flash of lightning, and it seemed to intend to pierce through the sun and shake the river of stars!

This strand of sword qi was exuberant and impossible to resist. It was vast, mighty, and contained powerful killing intent!

As soon as this sword strike was executed, the energy of Karmic Luck within the entire palace seemed to have been summoned, and it swarmed over to converge into the sword qi, causing it to actually emanate a dignified aura of supremacy!


In an instant, all the Immortal Kings were blasted back, and they dodged repeatedly as they didn’t dare bear the brunt of this attack!

“Who is it!”

“Dammit! We were only one step away!”

“Hmm? It’s you, little fellow, Chen Xi!”

All the Immortal Kings were shocked and furious while their expressions changed indeterminately. When they clearly saw that the person who’d arrived here was surprisingly Chen Xi, they were unable to believe that the attack from before had come from Chen Xi.

For a time, all of them were slightly surprised and bewildered in their hearts. They thought that there was an expert hiding in the shadows, so they didn’t dare move forward rashly.

“Hah! I never expected that it would be you who saved me in the end… As expected… As expected of the…successor…that the Dean personally appointed. Extraordinary.” On the ground, Valiant Star Immortal King who’d escaped death coughed up blood repeatedly, and his countenance was ghastly pale. However, the gaze he shot at Chen Xi carried a rare wisp of gratification.

“Senior, there’s no need to speak any further. Please calm yourself and meditate. Leave the rest to me.” Chen Xi spoke calmly in a composed manner, and only his eyes that were deep like stars burned with surging killing intent. He looked at those Immortal Kings as if he was looking at a group of dead people, and there wasn’t any emotion in his eyes.

This sort of feeling of being provoked caused the expressions of those Immortal Kings to instantly turn gloomy.

“Young man, who brought you in here?” asked the old man with snow white hair. Earlier, it was exactly this old man that had heavily injured Valiant Star Immortal King with a single strike of his hammer, and he’d seized a trace of an opportunity with great difficulty and was about to obtain the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron. However, all of this was spoiled by Chen Xi, and it caused him to be extremely furious in his heart.

“Old Bastard, it should be I who asks you who gave you the gall to actually trespass into the restricted area of my academy!” Chen Xi spoke with a cold and indifferent tone, and he was overbearing and domineering. Moreover, he didn’t conceal his detest and killing intent at all.

“Junior, you’re courting death!” The old man almost exploded from rage. He was from the ancient Jiang Clan. Moreover, in the Jiang Clan, he possessed boundless influence while his words carried extreme weight in the clan. When had he ever suffered such offense?

He was immediately unable to restrain himself, and he pressed his palm down towards Chen Xi from afar.

“You overestimate your ability!” Chen Xi grunted coldly as he casually slashed with the blood red sword in his hand.


He easily slashed the force of that palm strike apart, and it didn’t lose momentum before fiercely smashing down towards the old man.

After that, a bang resounded, and the old man was struck to the point of staggering back. His expression was both livid and pale, and he was shocked, furious, and filled with disbelief.

The other Immortal Kings were originally extremely furious, but when they witnessed this scene, all of them were shocked in their hearts, causing their pupils to constrict while their expressions became serious. This kid’s strength is too strange!

He’s clearly only at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, yet his combat strength is actually formidable to an unfathomable degree.

If Mu Rongtian and the others were here, they would definitely notice that while he resided within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, Chen Xi was actually much stronger than he was before this!

All of this came from the Nineflow Jade Seal, and it came from the energy of Karmic Luck that existed all over the palace!

Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t explain this to the others. His gaze suddenly shot towards two of the Immortal Kings amongst the group, and he said coldly, “Before I came here, the members of the Phoenix Clan and Buddha Dimension had already decided to withdraw themselves from this matter. I can give both of you a chance to survive. Leave now, otherwise I’ll definitely kill both of you without showing any mercy!”

Those two Immortal Kings were precisely from the Buddha Dimension and Phoenix Clan, and their expressions changed when they heard this. Never had they imagined that such an unexpected event had actually occurred outside the palace.

“Why should we believe you?” The Immortal King from the Phoenix Clan spoke while frowning.

Chen Xi instantly frowned, and he said coldly, “Since I was able to arrive here, it naturally explains everything. As for whether both of you believe me or not, it doesn’t matter. It all depends on whether the both of you cherish your lives!”

His words were utterly blunt, and he couldn’t be bothered to give them an explanation. If they believed him, then they should leave, if they didn’t, then die. The meaning behind his words was extremely simple.

In another way, this revealed exactly how domineering and overbearing Chen Xi was at this moment, and he seemed to reveal an arrogant bearing of looking down upon all Immortal Kings in the world.

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