Chapter 1484 – Fight For Supremacy In the Divine Palace

The Dao Emperor Divine Palace stood towering in the heavens and the earth, and it towered into the sky.

This was the place where the Karmic Luck of the entire Dao Emperor Academy was kept. Dean after Dean of the academy had resided here while comprehending profound techniques and controlling the academy. It was the paramount restricted area in the academy.

Compared to it, Chen Xi’s figure was tiny like an ant, and he swiftly vanished behind the door that led to the palace.

The Dao Emperor Divine Place was extremely large, vast, and grand. It seemed capable of accommodating the sun, moon, stars, and the world.

As he stood within it, it was like being within a vast world.

The decoration within the palace was extremely simple. Numerous thick, large, and ancient stone pillars stood upright like pillars that could hold up the sky, and various grand scenes like offering sacrifices to the gods, dragon, and phoenixes were carved upon them.

The space within the palace was enshrouded by Immortal Energy, Chaotic Qi, Creation Qi, Primeval Qi, Auspicious Qi… Various auspicious energies flowed within it, and it was covered in a dreamlike mist.

Stomp! Stomp!

When Chen Xi entered the palace, only the empty sounds of his footsteps could be heard. The palace seemed to be extremely quiet, and it revealed a solemn aura.

At this moment, the Nineflow Jade Seal that Chen Xi carried in his possession suddenly started glowing, and it emanated a lively aura...

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