Chapter 1483 – Unstoppable

With a single strike, an Immortal King, Jiang Cangyun, showed signs of being defeated!

This scene was too shocking, and it filled the others with disbelief.

Earlier, Chen Xi had killed Half-step Immortal Kings as easily as slaughtering chickens, and it had already allowed the others to realize how extraordinary he was. They felt that no one amongst his peers could go against him.

But no one had imagined that his combat strength would actually be formidable to the extent that he wasn’t just able to go against Immortal Kings, he even faintly showed signs of crushing an Immortal King!

Since the ancient times until now, how many Half-step Immortal Kings in the entire world were capable of being as heaven defying as Chen Xi?

It was simply unprecedented, and he’d created history!

Jiang Cangyun’s expression was extremely unsightly. Besides feeling shocked and furious, he couldn’t help but have a heavy feeling in his heart. This kid is so terrifying that he can’t be compared to an ordinary Half-step Immortal King at all, nor can he be judged by convention.


A wisp of indistinct sword qi slashed down once more. It seemed like a glow that was flowing through the void, and it swift to the point it caused one’s scalp to go numb.

Jiang Cangyun had a solemn expression as he swiftly formed a mysterious seal with his hands.


A wisp of the golden glow of the Grand Dao arose, and it enveloped his entire body.

“Impermeable Dao Light Guard!” Someone exclaimed with shock as he’d recognized that it was an extraordinary secret technique executed via an ancient seal, and it fused together with the Dao Quintessence of the heavens and the earth, allowing one to transform into the Grand Dao.

This was a primeval secret technique passed down within the Jiang Clan. According to rumor, it was deduced from a divine technique that possessed extraordinary might, the Boundless Dao Light technique, and it was boundlessly profound.

Obviously, Jiang Cangyun was extraordinary, and he was even on par with Mu Rongtian. Otherwise, how could he possibly possess such ability?


A sound of violent collision resounded as the sword qi slashed onto the golden glow of the Grand Dao, and it was actually unable to slash it apart.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he noticed this fellow really did have some ability.

Presently, if it wasn’t for the sake of establishing a Primeval Dao Quintessence and seeking a flawless Immortal King Grand Dao, Chen Xi could step foot into the Immortal King Realm at any moment.

Even then, his own combat strength was sufficient for him to surmount a realm and do battle, and even defeat Immortal Kings. All of this came from his deep foundation in the Immortal Dao and the strand of the energy of Order he absorbed from the Divine Chains of Order.

While he thought like this in his heart, Chen Xi’s actions weren’t slow at all, and he charged over once more.

Swish! Swish!

Sword qi and the golden glow of the Grand Dao collided, and it rumbled without end.

After a short moment, Jiang Cangyun was unable to persist any longer. His countenance was pale while the golden glow of the Grand Dao that covered his body shattered into pieces, causing him to be unable to help but cough up blood repeatedly.

He was about to be slaughtered on the spot when suddenly…

A Taici Diagram formed from black and white qi appeared out of thin air. It revolved without end while warping time and space, and it transformed into a deep black hole that seemed to intend to drag everything in the world into it.

This was an attack from Zhongli Gui. As soon as he made a move, he utilized his strongest lethal attack, the Yin Yang Blackhole. Once this attack was executed, it was even capable of swallowing the sun, moon, and stars. Moreover, it was capable of severing the link between a world and the universe, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Chen Xi who was visibly moved, and the others were shocked as well. Such a secret technique was truly extraordinary, and it could be considered to be rare even amongst Immortal Kings.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi didn’t dodge, and he met it head-on. A muffled bang resounded, and it caused the sky to rumble without end before shattering into a chaotic flow of energy.

If the surroundings of the Dao Emperor Divine Palace weren’t protected by supreme restrictions, it would absolutely be destroyed by this collision.

On the other hand, the great figures of the other powers had retreated far away, and they revealed shocked expressions because once the fluctuations of such a collision spread over, the consequences would be unimaginable.

At this moment, Chen Xi had become locked in battle with Zhongli Gui and they collided without end. They fought up into the heavens and moved throughout the surroundings, and the battle was extremely intense as they utilize all the lethal attacks they possessed.

In merely a short moment, Zhongli Gui coughed up a mouthful of blood and was blasted flying. After over a thousand collisions, he wasn’t a match for Chen Xi in the end, and his quintessence was injured by a strand of Chen Xi’s sword qi, causing him to be defeated.

When they saw this scene, everyone was shocked to the point their scalps went numb, and their breathing stopped. Isn’t he a little too strong?

If they hadn’t already confirmed that Chen Xi was at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, they wouldn’t dare believe this scene even if they were bashed to death.

Because that was an Immortal King!

An existence that possessed great Karmic Luck and possessed supreme might in the three dimensions. After the arrival of the calamity, the gods had ceased to exist, and the Immortal Kings were exalted. Yet now, two Immortal Kings had both been successively defeated by a Half-step Immortal King!

If news of this was to spread, would anyone dare believe it?

Only Mu Rongtian had witnessed Chen Xi’s combat strength before, so he could still be considered to be composed. However, he felt even more regretful in his heart because he was unable to form a good relationship with Chen Xi early on.


The battle didn’t end. Zhongli Gui had lost, yet he hadn’t perished. So Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t show mercy. He immediately charged down with the intention of annihilating Zhongli Gui.

At this moment, the aura emanated by Chen Xi seethed like lava, and the universe within his body rumbled. He resonated with the heavens and the earth while strands of the aura of the Dao coiled around his body, and his imposing aura seemed to be extremely formidable.

“Stay your hand!” Someone intended to stop Chen Xi yet was obliterated into ash with a flick of Chen Xi’s sleeve. He died in an extremely direct and swift manner.


Zhongli Gui was unable to escape death in the end, and his head was chopped off by a single sword strike from Chen Xi, causing blood to dye the sky red.

Even at this moment, this Immortal King still stared furiously with his eyes wide open and had a furious and unwilling expression. He was unable to imagine how an ant at the Half-step Immortal King Realm was actually able to accomplish this.

This scene completely deterred everyone in the surroundings. It caused the expressions of all the great figures from the Zhongli Clan, Jiang Clan, and Wanqi Clan to turn ghastly pale, and a strand of terror couldn’t help but spread through their hearts.

The strongest amongst them was fighting for possession of the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace while Jiang Cangyun had been defeated and Zhongli Gui had been killed. There wasn’t another Immortal King amongst them, so how could they go against Chen Xi?

It wasn’t just them, the hearts of the great figures from the other great powers like the Ji Clan and Dragon Dimension felt cold, and their entire bodies felt cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

All the disdain, contempt, and scorn they had for Chen Xi earlier had completely been replaced by terror and disbelief.

Only Mu Rongtian and all the others from the Phoenix Clan and Buddha Dimension broke out into cold sweat, and they felt extremely fortunate that they didn’t join in this because it was absolutely a wise decision.

“Quickly retreat!” Jiang Cangyun roared furiously. He’d clearly realized how terrifying Chen Xi was, and he knew that it was utterly impossible to be a match for Chen Xi with those forces that were present here. Under such circumstances, he could only temporarily avoid Chen Xi.

As he spoke, he’d already torn space apart and teleported away. He fled without the slightest hesitation.


Chen Xi had taken precautions against this since the beginning, and he slashed with his sword. Space collapsed as this sword strike shot towards the boundless depths of the rift in the distance.

Outside numerous layers of space, space suddenly exploded apart, and then a rain of blood poured down. After that, a shattered corpse fell out from it. Shockingly, it was Jiang Cangyun!

He deserved to suffer misfortune. The outside area of the Dao Emperor Divine Palace was densely covered in layer upon layer of space and restrictions, causing him to repeatedly by obstructed as he teleported. In the end, he failed on the verge of success and perished beneath Chen Xi’s sword qi.

At this moment, the others had already recovered from their shock, and they retreated swiftly.

“Fleeing? Since you dared to come cause trouble in my Dao Emperor Academy, then how can you possibly just come and go as you wish!?” Chen Xi was cold and indifferent. Sword qi flowed at the center of his palm before it shot out in all directions. In merely a short moment of time, it completely wiped out all of them, and not a single one survived.

The surroundings were perfectly silent like cicadas in the winter!

What was it like to sweep through all obstacles? Chen Xi had given them the best explanation. He was invincible amongst his peers and could surmount a realm to do battle. So could anyone in the surroundings go against him?

The mottled ancient limestones on the square were dyed with blood and suffused with a bloody aura. The aura of slaughter suffused the entire surroundings, and it was an utterly horrifying scene.

The joint forces of the Zhongli Clan, Wanqi Clan, and Jiang Clan were actually not a match for Chen Xi, and they were completely annihilated instead, causing all the other remaining powers to be shocked. How should we go against him now?

Especially all the great figures of the Dragon Dimension and Ji Clan. Their countenances were pale, while their hearts were filled with terror. Never had they imagined that the situation would actually develop to such an extent.

A single person went against all the powers, yet there was actually no one that could go against him. How many people like this even existed in the entire world?


Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s gaze swept over like a cold bolt of lightning, causing the members of the Ji Clan and Dragon Dimension to feel their scalps go numb. All of them had extremely unnatural expressions that were utterly unsightly.

“Chen Xi, I’m willing to support you to assume the position of Dean!” An instructor that had sided with the Ji Clan spoke with a trembling voice, and he intended to defect to Chen Xi’s side in exchange for forgiveness.

“Earlier, you were assisting the wicked to perpetuate evil and refused to realize your mistakes. Now, you’re unwillingly surrendering to me. You don’t have integrity at all. What’s the point of keeping a coward like you that changes his mind constantly?” Amidst his icy cold and indifferent voice, Chen Xi lightly flicked his finger, and a wisp of sword qi shot out and severed the instructor’s head!

“We realize our mistakes!” Some of the instructors that sided with other powers were extremely terrified. They’d truly been terrified by Chen Xi, and their hearts were filled with a mix of regret and hatred.

As for the outsiders from the Ji Clan and Dragon Dimension, they’d chosen to remain silent instead. They respectively represented a great power, so they wouldn’t surrender just like that.

“Chen Xi, the calamity has arrived now, and the Sovereign Sect is casting its covetous eyes on the three dimensions. So it’s unavoidable that their hearts would be unsteady. If you intend to take over the position of Dean, then it’s inadvisable to carry out a slaughter here so as to avoid causing injury to the academy. It would be disadvantageous to the overall situation of the academy in the end.” Suddenly, Mu Rongtian spoke via voice transmission and reminded Chen Xi.

“The calamity? The Sovereign Sect? In their eyes, nothing can ever compare to their own benefit. Leaving such corrupted people alive will only bring disaster sooner or later!” Chen Xi was displeased, and he frowned as he glanced at Mu Rongtian.

He didn’t intend to stop just like this. Since he was making a show of strength, then he had to eliminate all that harbored ill intent. Only in this way could the internal situation within the academy stabilize completely, and only then would they be able to jointly resist the attacks of the calamity and the Sovereign Sect.

As it was said, internal security had to be maintained before a foreign invasion could be resisted.


At this moment, the ancient and melodious ring of a cauldron suddenly swept out from within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, and it revealed a mysterious energy that caused the heavens and the earth to tremble.

Chen Xi’s face instantly sank, and he looked towards the distant palace from afar.

He vaguely guessed that the curtains to the fight for the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron was probably about to be drawn.

Without any hesitation at all, Chen Xi turned around and charged towards the palace because he’d sensed that the Nineflow Jade Seal in his possession actually faintly showed signs of escaping his control.

This was absolutely bad news to him.

Everyone present in the surroundings couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief in their hearts when they saw this, and they watched Chen Xi leave with complicated expressions on their faces. No one dared to stop him, nor did anyone dare to go against him again.

Earlier, Chen Xi had already completely deterred them with his cold and resolute actions.

Everyone there is at the Immortal King Realm. I wonder if this fellow will be able to endure it… Mu Rongtian muttered. According to his knowledge, for the sake of taking control of the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron, no less than ten Immortal Kings had already gathered within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace a long time ago.

Amongst them were three Immortal Kings that were respectively from the Wanqi Clan, Zhongli Clan, and Jiang Clan, whereas the others were from the Dragon Dimension, Phoenix Clan, Buddha Dimension, Ji Clan, and the other powers.

Besides these Immortal Kings, there was another existence that couldn’t be overlooked — the Valiant Star Immortal King!

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