Chapter 1483 – Unstoppable

With a single strike, an Immortal King, Jiang Cangyun, showed signs of being defeated!

This scene was too shocking, and it filled the others with disbelief.

Earlier, Chen Xi had killed Half-step Immortal Kings as easily as slaughtering chickens, and it had already allowed the others to realize how extraordinary he was. They felt that no one amongst his peers could go against him.

But no one had imagined that his combat strength would actually be formidable to the extent that he wasn’t just able to go against Immortal Kings, he even faintly showed signs of crushing an Immortal King!

Since the ancient times until now, how many Half-step Immortal Kings in the entire world were capable of being as heaven defying as Chen Xi?

It was simply unprecedented, and he’d created history!

Jiang Cangyun’s expression was extremely unsightly. Besides feeling shocked and furious, he couldn’t help but have a heavy feeling in his heart. This kid is so terrifying that he can’t be compared to an ordinary Half-step Immortal King at all, nor can he be judged by convention.


A wisp of indistinct sword qi slashed down once more. It seemed like a glow that was flowing through the void, and it swift to the point it caused one’s scalp to go numb.

Jiang Cangyun had a solemn expression as he swiftly formed a mysterious seal with his hands.


A wisp of the golden glow of the Grand Dao arose, and it enveloped his entire body.

“Impermeable Dao Light Guard!” Someone exclaimed with shock as he’d recognized...

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