Chapter 1482 – My Sword Desires Blood

Time and space were restrained while the dragon shaped pagoda that flowed with divine radiance smashed down.

This was obviously an extraordinary Immortal Artifact, and it was suffused with terrifying divine might. It formed numerous dragon shaped images that swam through the surrounding space, and it emanated oppressive and formidable might.


Chen Xi didn’t even spare it a glance before casually slashing a strand of sword qi out.


It actually forcefully slashed the dragon shaped pagoda open, causing a rain of light and fragments to shoot towards the surroundings.

The old man in gold robes coughed up a mouthful of blood while his expression turned grim. However, before he could even react, that wisp of sword qi didn’t lose momentum at all and slashed down towards him!

“Junior, don’t you dare!” Another expert from the Zhongli Clan made a move with the intention of rescuing the old man. He withdrew a bronze umbrella that revolved as it soared into the sky, and it emanated a myriad of talismans with the intent of obstructing Chen Xi’s attack.


The sword qi blasted onto the bronze umbrella and erupted with blazing specks of light.

This attack had been obstructed indeed, yet the person that obstructed the attack was similarly shaken to the point of coughing up blood, and his figure staggered back.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi grunted coldly. His figure remained on the spot while his fingers seemed like blooming lotus flowers that emanated strands of powerful sword qi, and they...

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