Chapter 1481 – Advancing Courageously

The Dao Emperor Divine Palace stood towering in the heavens and the earth, and it was solemn and ancient.

On the square before the palace, Chen Xi faced the numerous powers all by himself, and he seemed to be lacking in strength and numbers.

If it was any other person in Chen Xi’s position, that person’s legs would probably go weak from terror and utterly lack the courage to resist this sort of pressure. After all, existences that could stand here were at least at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

Even a Saint Immortal would be terrified while residing here and have no sense of existence at all.

However, Chen Xi seemed to be extremely unique. Even though he stood there by himself, the imposing aura emanated by him was murderous, and it linked up with the heavens and fused with the earth while the aura of the Dao coiled around his entire body. He possessed an oppressive imposing aura that caused others to not dare underestimate him.

It was even to the extent that when the killing intent in his heart surged at this moment, it instantly threw the wind and clouds in the surroundings into disorder, causing the expressions of many people to change slightly.

“I never expected that the calamity was unable to arouse terror in your hearts, and the re-emergence of the Sovereign Sect was similarly unable to arouse your vigilance. Instead, all of you’ve gotten into a fight for the sake of the position of Dean in my Dao Emperor Academy!” His indifferent voice suddenly resounded through this expanse of the heavens and the earth. Chen Xi swiftly strode forward while looking arrogantly down at the surroundings, and his gaze was extremely cold and indifferent while he didn’t conceal his killing intent at all.

Even though he was all alone, he actually revealed a domineering attitude and advanced courageously.

When all of them heard this, they either felt disdain, angry from embarrassment, had gloomy expressions, shook their heads and laughed, frowned without end, or felt Chen Xi had lost his mind and was actually speaking such naïve words.

Chen Xi remained cold and indifferent towards this.

“You destroyed the grand formations of my academy, killed the instructors and students of my academy, destroyed the territory of my academy, and brought chaos to my academy! All of you harbor evil intentions and…deserve death!”

Deserve death!

It was merely two words, yet it was filled with killing intent that struck directly at the heart, and it caused the expressions of many to change.

“What an unbridled little bastard. As a student of the academy, you don’t know how to respect your seniors and talk nonsense instead. Do you really think you can be lawless after you obtained the inheritance of the Dao Emperor?” An old man was unable to restrain himself and berated Chen Xi. He was an instructor of the inner court, and he was reprimanding Chen Xi in the name of a senior.

Chen Xi suddenly turned around while his icy cold and deep gaze was like a bolt of lightning that locked onto the old man from afar, and a wisp of a cold and indifferent arc appeared on the corners of his mouth.

“Helping the wicked perpetuate evil with the intention of obtaining authority in the academy by relying on external assistance. Instructor, that’s turning matters upside down. I’ll give all of you one last chance. You can avoid death by realizing your errors and correcting your mistakes. Otherwise, I’ll kill all of you without showing any mercy!” These words were obviously not merely a warning to the old man, and he was announcing his attitude towards all those instructors that had sided with powers from outside the academy!

His voice was like the howl of a sword. It clanged and surged as it resounded through the world, and it caused the expressions of everyone began to change once more while they felt shocked in their hearts.

Because Chen Xi was already acting so resolute, cold, and mercilessly when he’d just arrived outside the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, and it had truly exceeded all their expectations.

After that, a strand of rage couldn’t help but arose in their hearts!

Yes, they’d been infuriated by Chen Xi. They felt that this young man was too arrogant, and they felt that he was simply courting death by actually daring to look down upon all of them while at the Half-step Immortal King Realm!

On the other hand, Chen Xi went silent after he finished. His gaze was overbearing like a blade as it swept past everyone, and it carried a type of indifference and resolution. He looked down upon them like a god and looked down upon the world.

The surroundings were deathly silent, and the atmosphere was rather strange.

“Haha…” Someone suddenly started laughing. Even though there was no actual substance in this reply, yet the feeling of ridicule and mocking within it was so piercing to the ear.

“Young man, if it was before the calamity arrived, then with your display in the academy, everyone would have to be slightly respectful to you. But it isn’t the same now, without the protection of those seniors, you’re only a fledgling that’s all alone. I advise you not to act on impulse, otherwise it’ll only put an end to your life.” Someone else sneered and spoke with a tone of arrogance.

“Even though you’ve obtained the inheritance of the Dao Emperor and according to convention, you possess the qualifications to succeed the position of Dean. But now that the calamity has arrived, the academy is like a host of dragons without a leader. Under such circumstances, there must be a figure of high prestige that commands universal respect to assume control of the academy, and not a young man like you that’s lacking in seniority, lacking a stable foundation in the academy, and lacking in might.” Someone else spoke in a neither fast nor slow pace and spoke righteously. It seemed to be within reason, yet it was actually ridiculing Chen Xi to be inexperienced like a suckling child and didn’t have the qualifications to assume the position of Dean at all.

For a time, Chen Xi seemed like a criminal that was condemned by all!

However, Chen Xi remained indifferent towards all his this. His gaze was deep as he looked towards the palace in the distance, and he stood there silently with his hands behind his back as if he’d fallen into deep thought.

The entire palace was constructed with primeval limestones, and it was suffused with an imposing and ancient aura. It remained firm for eternity, and it stood there since ancient times. It had witnessed the movement of countless years, and it held down the eternal karmic luck of the academy.

It was grand, lofty, silent, and it was entirely covered in a bright glow and enshrouded with a powerful and divine aura. It was like a true palace of the gods, and it caused others to feel reverence towards it.

Since he arrived here, a trace of a link had arisen between the Nineflow Jade Seal in Chen Xi’s possession and the palace, causing him to feel as if he’d returned to his home and aroused a feeling affinity towards it for no rhyme or reason.

It was even to the extent that this unique feeling caused his mental state to feel as if it had been cleared, and it was translucent and clear. He faintly aroused a unique feeling of returning to the period of chaos, attaining the Dao, and existing eternally.

Chen Xi was clearly aware that it was the might of the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, and it was from the energy of Karmic Luck that had been held down here since ancient times. It was thick and powerful to an unimaginable extent!

If he was able to utilize it, then would there be any need for him to be afraid of the gods?

Chen Xi was temporarily unable to accomplish this, but he had a feeling that if he stepped foot into the palace, then he would definitely be able to fuse into one with this energy of Karmic Luck.

When they saw Chen Xi remaining silent, all the cultivators from those powers acted in an even more unbridled manner. They laughed with ridicule without end, and many people even felt disappointed. They felt that Chen Xi’s display was too weak, and he didn’t deserve his reputation.

Suddenly, Chen Xi raised his head, and his calm expression revealed coldness and indifference as he said slowly, “You can only blame yourselves if you insist on finding it too late to regret when you’re at death’s door.”

“Let me see who’s able to stop me today!”

As soon as these words were spoken, it was like a shapeless pressure had spread out, and it swiftly suffused the heavens and the earth, causing the expressions of everyone in the surroundings to turn serious while the sounds of ridicule and mocking stopped abruptly.

Amidst this deathly silence, Chen Xi started walking forward along that straight path that led to the palace.

His footsteps were steady and neither too fast nor too slow.

He looked neither right nor left, and he a dignified bearing. Every single move he made was filled with an imposing aura that looked down upon the world, and even though he was all alone, he had an aura of standing supreme in the world!

He was fierce like a tiger that intended to go against the world by itself!

At this moment, no matter what sort of thoughts all of them had, all of them were shocked in their hearts and couldn’t help but recall Chen Xi’s deeds from the past.

Since he entered the academy, he’d never lost a battle, and he’d created numerous impressive miracles. He’d swept invincibly through all his peers, and his reputation shook the entire Immortal Dimension. He was reputed to be the leading figure in the younger generation of the Immortal Dimension!

Presently, even though he was only at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, with his brilliant achievements in combat, would anyone at the same cultivation as Chen Xi dare to fight him?

The path before the lofty and imposing palace was 9km long, and it was mottled and suffused with an ancient aura, and Chen Xi’s green clothed figure walked step by step towards the palace via that path.

Every single step he took would definitely cause a golden lotus to bloom. The golden lotuses swayed about and stood on guard around his figure while emanating golden light, and he was enshrouded by golden radiance as if a divine miracle was following at his side!

The expressions of all the great figures in the surroundings turned grim while their hearts trembled. This is the scene of attaining supremacy in the Grand Dao and fusing one’s heart with the Heaven Dao. Chen Xi is only at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, how could he possibly possess such extraordinary attainments? Even Immortal Kings may not necessarily be able to put on such a display.

“Chen Xi, you’re too overbearing and unbridled. If you continue approaching the palace, then don’t blame me for killing you!” When he saw Chen Xi approaching the palace step by step, an old man’s expression couldn’t help but turn grim before he threatened in a grim voice.

“Hmph! Presently, everyone in the world is clearly aware that Chen Xi has already obtained the inheritance of the Dao Emperor. Now that he’s made an appearance, then the position of Dean should be his!” Suddenly, a cold grunt resounded, and it was actually Mu Rongtian.

Everyone was shocked. They never expected that the Mu Clan would actually clarify its position at this moment and intended to support Chen Xi up into the position of Dean.

Presently, the area before the palace was in disorder as the various great powers had formed complex and complicated groups because the instructors of the academy had joined forces with the seven great ancient clans, the Buddha Dimension, the Dragon Dimension, the Phoenix Clan, and other powers from the outside with the intention of obtaining the position of Dean in the academy.

Now, an Immortal King like Mu Rongtian had suddenly clarified his position, and it caused the atmosphere at the scene to become even more strained.

“The Mu Clan? Haha! Could anyone here be unaware of your clan’s thoughts? You’re still planning to support this little fellow up into the position of Dean to become a puppet of your clan?” A sharp and hoarse voice resounded, and it drifted indeterminately through the air.

Mu Rongtian’s expression sank, yet before he could speak.


Chen Xi suddenly flicked his sleeve, and then an expanse of sword qi sprayed out like an ocean from within his sleeve. In an instant, it blasted onto the space in the distance, and it forced a grey clothed middle aged man to show himself.

He revealed a terrified expression as he never expected that Chen Xi would actually see through his location.

“No!” Before he could make any reaction, the expanse of sword qi had enveloped his entire body, and then it exploded into pieces before being minced by the myriad of strands of sword qi, causing him to transform into a mist of blood.

This was an expert from the Zhongli Clan, and his cultivation was extremely formidable. However, as soon as he spoke earlier, he was crushed by a single decisive strike from Chen Xi.

“No one can take away what belongs to me, Chen Xi, and I don’t need the help of anyone!” Chen Xi spoke in a cold and indifferent manner. Even if he was facing numerous great figures by himself, he was still fierce, arrogant, overbearing, and domineering.

The hearts of everyone shook while their expressions turned gloomy. They’d never expected that Chen Xi would actually dare to make a move against them, and they felt that he was simply arrogant and overbearing to the limit!

They’d finally realized that Chen Xi wasn’t joking earlier, and his actions of easily crushing a Half-step Immortal King obviously showed that he intended to fight them to the end.

When he heard this, Mu Rongtian shook his head in the end, and he didn’t speak any further. However, he was rather regretful in his heart because he was unable to form goodwill with Chen Xi at the right time.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

After he casually crushed an expert, Chen Xi’s expression remained tranquil as he started moving once more, and he walked towards the palace in the distance. Moreover, the imposing aura he emanated rose with every single stride he took.

He was making a display of his resolution, and he was accumulating strength because he was clearly aware that a bloody battle couldn’t be avoided in this chaotic situation before him.

However, he was completely unafraid of it.

It was even to the extent that the killing intent and rage in his heart seethed like lava, and it was on the verge of losing control.

“Little Bastard! You actually dared to kill a member of my Zhongli Clan!” Finally, an old man in a gold robe couldn’t refrain from standing out, and he had a furious expression that revealed boundless killing intent.


As he spoke, he swung out a dragon shaped pagoda that flowed with multicolored light, and it shattered the space before it as it shot towards Chen Xi.

This attack seemed to be extremely ruthless. It threw space and time into disorder, and it restrained and shackled the space around Chen Xi. Obviously, he intended to utterly annihilate Chen Xi and not leave any future troubles behind.

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