Chapter 1480 – Crushing Immortal Kings




Within the layers of space before the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, Chen Xi moved forward step by step. Everywhere he passed, sword qi intersected while fresh blood sprayed into the surroundings, and he annihilated all that obstructed his path.

From the beginning until the end, his expression was murderous and icy cold. There wasn’t a single trace of a fluctuation in his emotions, nor had he ever taken a step back.

It was only a calamity, yet it caused Dao Emperor Academy to fall into internal strife and meet each other in battle. It’s simply laughable!

It was only the position of Dean, yet it caused all the various large powers within the academy to become eager to cause trouble and engage in internal strife. Moreover, for the sake of this, they didn’t even hesitate to make blood flow into rivers and cause harm to the instructors and students of the academy. They simply deserve death for committing such crimes!

In Chen Xi’s opinion, this was an establishment that his Martial Uncle Ji Yu left behind, and it was the heavy responsibility that his Senior Brother Meng Xinghe handed to him. Now, it had suffered destruction at the hands of others and such a situation of unrest had arisen. So he was unable to avoid feeling furious!


A golden bell soared into the sky and emanated vast fluctuation of sound waves that surged towards Chen Xi from the side, and it threw space and time into disorder.

Chen Xi turned around while a divine glow appeared in his eyes, and then a strand of sword qi shot out explosively to slash apart the sound wave. After that, a bang resounded as the golden bell was directly pierced through.


A figured staggered to the ground and exclaimed loudly with terror. “Chen Xi! Don’t kill me! Could it be that you’ve forgotten that I once provided you with guidance at the Dao Development Reserve all those years ago?”

Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent, and he didn’t show any mercy at all. He pressed his fingers together and reaped the figure’s head, causing blood to dye the sky red.

Chen Xi naturally recognized this person. All those years ago when he and all the other outer court students fought and discussed the Dao at the Dao Development Reserve, it was this person that presided over it from the side. Unfortunately, he’d already sided with the Zhongli Clan now, so it was impossible for Chen Xi to vent the hatred in his heart without killing this person.

After he killed this person, Chen Xi continued forward and successively passed through a few layers of space before he arrived at an extremely spacious area. He was about to arrive before the Dao Emperor Divine Palace.

He only noticed a single opponent here.

It was a young man in dark clothes that had a beautiful pair of long and narrow eyes that were slightly slanted upwards, and he possessed a dignified bearing. As he stood there casually, strands of the energy of an Immortal King arose densely in the space around him, and it transformed into rays of divine light that protected him from all around, causing him to be filled with a supreme imposing aura.

This was an Immortal King!

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged, yet his eyes narrowed slightly because this person’s aura was very extraordinary. Even though he possessed a calm bearing, it carried an unfathomable feeling. It was like he was a calm ocean that would definitely become extremely terrifying one it started raging.

According to Chen Xi’s inference, this person’s strength was probably even stronger than Wu Ting and Wanqi Qing, yet it wasn’t at a height that he wasn’t able to go against.

“You’re Chen Xi? I can’t help but feel slightly surprised that you were able to arrive here by yourself. No wonder Linglong would have a good impression of you.” When he noticed Chen Xi, the dark clothed young man actually revealed a wisp of a smile.


It was naturally Mu Linglong!

The figure of a pure young woman suddenly flashed into appearance within Chen Xi’s mind. The young woman didn’t know how to fight, and her heart was pure and clean. She was a friend that he’d made when he’d just arrived at the Immortal Dimension, and she was also the younger sister of one of the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension at that time, Mu Junlin.

“You’re a member of the Mu Clan?” Chen Xi frowned, yet he didn’t relax because of this. He had a good relationship with Mu Linglong, but it didn’t represent that he had a good relationship with the ancient Mu Clan. Since the Mu Clan dared to interfere in this fight for the position of Dean, then Chen Xi would naturally not hold back because of this.

“Yes.” The dark clothed young man casually told Chen Xi his name. “Mu Rongtian.”

“Your Mu Clan intends to obstruct me as well?” Chen Xi said coldly while the aura he emanated was formidable and ghastly. He was like a seething volcano that would erupt at any moment.

“No matter if you believe it or not, my Mu Clan doesn’t really covet the position of Dean. We’re just unwilling to allow the other powers to obtain it just like that.” Mu Rongtian noticed Chen Xi’s killing intent, yet he still smiled as he spoke, and he revealed his absolute confidence.

“Now that I’ve come, your Mu Clan can withdraw itself!” Chen Xi spoke in a cold and indifferent manner.

Mu Rongtian smiled and said abruptly, “Chen Xi, if you’re willing, then my Mu Clan can support you to ascend to the position of Dean!”

“How laughable! The position of Dean was always mine, so why would I need to rely on the help of others to seize it?” Chen Xi’s expression turned cold, and he was extremely domineering.

“Obtaining the Dao Emperor’s inheritance may not necessarily allow you to obtain the position of Dean. Not to mention that you’re all alone now. If you don’t have the support of a great power standing behind you, then even if you assume the position of Dean, you’ll only be a puppet that’s in the control of others.” Mu Rongtian smiled lightly as he spoke, and he didn’t mind Chen Xi’s attitude at all.

“A puppet?” Chen Xi started smiling as well, yet it didn’t carry any emotion at all. “Why don’t we give it a try?”

At this moment, Mu Rongtian finally restrained his smile and frowned as he said, “Chen Xi, do you really think you can deal with all of this by yourself?”

“Move aside!” Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath any longer because his time was limited, and he didn’t have the patience to argue with Mu Rongtian.

A bright light flashed in Mu Rongtian’s eyes, and he said in a low voice, “Alright, then let me see exactly what ability you possess.”


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when his figure flashed and charged over like a divine dragon. He stretched out an enormous palm image that was monstrous and ferocious, and it locked down the surroundings.

Space shattered into pieces beneath this attack, and the terrifying scene of the Grand Dao collapsing and worlds being incinerated was actually revealed. It seemed as if it intended to drag this expanse of the heavens and the earth into a boundless abyss of destruction.

Chen Xi was shocked because Mu Rongtian’s might was extremely formidable indeed. As soon as Mu Rongtian attacked, he revealed extraordinary strength, and it was even more formidable than Wu Ting and Wanqi Qing.


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi made a move as well. It was like the chaos at the beginning of the world was being split apart and the void was being crushed. This was a sword formation contained within a palm strike, and his hand blotted out the sky as the sword formation within the palm formed boundless profundities.

At this moment, he was like a peerless monarch that was creating a world of swords, and the center of his palm was densely covered in strands of sword qi that crisscrossed, surged, and whistled through the world.

A bright light flashed in Mu Rongtian’s eyes, and then the expression within it changed repeatedly. He sensed how terrifying this strike was, and he didn’t collide head-on with Chen Xi. His arm flashed through the sky in a profound arc, and it seemed like a dragon swinging its tail. It shot across the sky and slashed down fiercely from the side.

Bang! Bang!

Chen Xi didn’t dodge at all. The sword formation in his palm flowed and rumbled as it emanated a myriad of strands of sword qi, and it completely slashed apart and destroyed Mu Rongtian’s attack, causing waves of rumbling and explosions to resound.

In the end, Chen Xi actually destroyed this attack completely before his palm enveloped down towards Mu Rongtian!


Mu Rongtian’s expression finally changed. His figure flashed as he dodged rapidly.

Chen Xi pointed out with his finger.


The sword formations soared into the sky and formed numerous mysterious talisman sword qi that tore through space as it pursued Mu Rongtian.

This attack possessed violent might and was peerlessly murderous. It revealed a terrifying aura of sweeping through the world with slaughter. Mu Rongtian’s face sank as well, and he had no choice but to stop and meet it head-on.


Divine radiance shot into the surroundings as Mu Rongtian’s figure shook, and he couldn’t help but stagger back by two steps while his expression became indeterminate.

He was too surprised!

How could a Half-step Immortal King possibly possess such heaven-defying combat strength?

Mu Rongtian was unable to wrap his head around it, but he finally realized why Chen Xi dared to come here by himself. Obviously, Chen Xi was unafraid, and Chen Xi wasn’t acting on impulse as he’d thought.


Chen Xi charged over once more.

“Enough! I withdraw!” Mu Rongtian decisively admitted defeat as he wasn’t willing to completely shed all pretenses with Chen Xi.


In an instant, Chen Xi restrained his attack, and the imposing aura he emanated returned to his body like tidewater.

“If it wasn’t because of Mu Linglong, I would definitely kill you today. I hope your Mu Clan will do as it says, otherwise I don’t mind carrying out a slaughter.” Chen Xi glanced at Mu Rongtian before he turned around and left.

“This kid is really a bastard!” When he heard Chen Xi’s blunt words, the corners of Mu Rongtian’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely, yet in the end, he laughed bitterly and shook his head.

“Notify everyone from the clan to retreat from Dao Emperor Academy!” Mu Rongtian sent out a voice transmission that spread into the distance.


“What happened?”

In merely an instant, numerous voice transmissions returned to him and asked about the reason.

“This is an order!” Mu Rongtian’s face sank, and it actually revealed a grand imposing aura that was indisputable.

In an instant, no one dared to question him again.

“It doesn’t matter whether my Mu Clan fights for it or not. However, Kid, let me see exactly how far you’ll be able to go amidst this chaotic situation…” After he pondered deeply for a moment, Mu Rongtian immediately decided to chase after the path Chen Xi took.

In next to no time, Chen Xi had finally arrived before the Dao Emperor Divine Palace.

There was a square here, and the ground was paved with primeval rocks. These rocks weren’t smooth, but were mottled instead. Moreover, they were suffused with the aura of age and time.

At this moment, there were actually over ten groups of varying sizes on the square. They were situated all over the square, and they completely controlled the path that led to the palace.

In other words, if Chen Xi wanted to enter the palace, he would have to first overcome the guards set up by those powers.

The surroundings were deathly silent, and there were no sounds of discussion while the atmosphere was deathly silent and murderous to the extreme. Even though these powers had taken control of the path, they were in confrontation with each other at the same time.

The reason for this was that they weren’t willing to bring harm to themselves because of this and let others take advantage of them instead.

Most importantly, their respective leading figures had entered the palace and were fighting for control of the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron. That was the true battlefield!


When Chen Xi’s figure appeared here, the gazes of everyone instantly shot towards him in succession.

“Chen Xi?”

“It’s actually this kid!”

“I never expected that he would actually come as well…”

“Dammit! What are those bastards doing? They actually let this kid enter here!”

When they recognized Chen Xi’s identity, the various powers had varying reactions. Some were shocked, some felt detest, some felt disdain, some were hateful, some felt disbelief, and so on and so forth.

At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi’s gaze swept through all these powers that were present here.

There wasn’t just the joint forces of the Wanqi Clan, Zhongli Clan, and Jiang Clan. There was also the Dragon Dimension, Phoenix Clan, Buddha Dimension, Ji Clan, and various other powers.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi even noticed the head instructor of the Pill Reserve, Zuoqiu Sheng, amongst them!

This old fellow had obviously not participated in the internal strife that erupted within the Zuoqiu Clan and was lucky enough to avoid death. Now, he was following by the side of the Zhongli Clan, Wanqi Clan, and Jiang Clan’s forces.

Most importantly, besides the instructors of the academy, there were even experts from their respective clans amongst these forces!

These unfamiliar faces were their respective outside help.

When he saw this scene, Chen Xi’s originally indifferent expression instantly became icy cold and murderous to the extreme. The flames of rage surged within his eyes, and it was practically on the verge of incinerating the sky.

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