Chapter 1480 – Crushing Immortal Kings




Within the layers of space before the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, Chen Xi moved forward step by step. Everywhere he passed, sword qi intersected while fresh blood sprayed into the surroundings, and he annihilated all that obstructed his path.

From the beginning until the end, his expression was murderous and icy cold. There wasn’t a single trace of a fluctuation in his emotions, nor had he ever taken a step back.

It was only a calamity, yet it caused Dao Emperor Academy to fall into internal strife and meet each other in battle. It’s simply laughable!

It was only the position of Dean, yet it caused all the various large powers within the academy to become eager to cause trouble and engage in internal strife. Moreover, for the sake of this, they didn’t even hesitate to make blood flow into rivers and cause harm to the instructors and students of the academy. They simply deserve death for committing such crimes!

In Chen Xi’s opinion, this was an establishment that his Martial Uncle Ji Yu left behind, and it was the heavy responsibility that his Senior Brother Meng Xinghe handed to him. Now, it had suffered destruction at the hands of others and such a situation of unrest had arisen. So he was unable to avoid feeling furious!


A golden bell soared into the sky and emanated vast fluctuation of sound waves that surged towards Chen...

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