Chapter 148 – Mount Meru

Chapter 148 – Mount Meru

Buddhist Sect?

Chen Xi was extremely astonished. He’d once heard that there was such a special cultivation sect during the primordial era. Its disciples wore cloth garments, had bald heads and bare feet. They recited Buddhist scriptures, practiced chanting all day and night, and they possessed wisdom that was deep like the sea, and boundless ability.

But this type of Buddhist Sect had vanished a million years ago. It was as if it had evaporated into thin air, and the inheritance of the sect was buried into the annals of history. Presently, the matters related to the Buddhist Sect had already become a purely imaginary legend.

“The Buddhist Sect’s Nine Syllables of Truth Soul Suppression Runes… Could it be that these fellows wanted to rely on it to acquire this Buddha’s Trial Pagoda?” Chen Xi was bewildered.

“Hmm? Buddha’s? I remember now!” Ling Bai said excitedly, “The word Buddha’s means that it’s a Buddhist pagoda. During the primordial era, the location the Buddhist Sect passed down its lessons couldn’t do so without a Buddha’s Pagoda. If I’m not wrong, this Buddha’s Trial Pagoda is a Buddhist Sect Immortal Artifact!”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding. “If it’s like this, then it’s extremely easy to understand. This Nine Syllables of Truth Soul Suppression Runes is surely the key to subduing this pagoda.”

“It’s indeed so. Presently, only you remain in this pagoda. You’ll surely be transported to the highest layer, the Oneness Layer, and you’ll perhaps be able to use this talisman.” Ling Bai said excitedly, “If you’re really able to acquire this pagoda, then it’s equivalent to you obtaining an Immortal Artifact. An Immortal Artifact! It’s a terrifying existence that’s able to annihilate an entire minor world.”

“Don’t get happy too early. This Buddha’s Pagoda is already broken, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to repair it.” Chen Xi shook his head. “Not to mention I utterly don’t know how to repair it, and this Zhan Kong’s storage pouch doesn’t any method related to repairing this pagoda.”

“It doesn’t matter, take it slow. Even if it’s an empty shell of an Immortal Artifact, it’s still able to make countless people fight to the death over it, and it’s extraordinarily rare.” Ling Bai grinned as he spoke.

Chen Xi smiled, and he anticipated it extremely in his heart as well.

At this moment, he was just waiting to enter the highest layer of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda.


When Chen Xi was communicating with Ling Bai via voice transmission, it was another scene outside the pagoda.

Everyone present had an expression of shock as their chests rapidly rose and fell. They wanted to cheer, yet were unable to open their mouths even after a long time, and their expressions looked to be strange and embarrassed.

They were embarrassed indeed.

For a period of time earlier, they’d thought that Chen Xi had colluded with those villains and had become a traitor that helped the evil commit evil, and he was a heinous criminal. They wished for nothing more than to tear Chen Xi into thousands of pieces before burning his bones and scattering his ashes.

However, at this moment, when they saw Chen Xi annihilate all the villains without the slightest hesitation, they understood that they were greatly mistaken, and they wanted to cheer for Chen Xi, yet were unable to open their mouths. It would be weird if they weren’t embarrassed!

Duanmu Ze had an extremely happy mood, yet he didn’t forgive them for their mistake and mocked. “Hmph! These idiotic fellows are really extremely laughable! They deserve being strung along by others for their entire lives.”

“Well said.” Song Lin spoke with great commendation.

“Alright, they were deluded by Su Zhentian as well.” Du Qingxi couldn’t help but smile. When she saw Chen Xi display invincible might to annihilate all the villains, she felt honored because of him, and had a feeling of proudness and happiness.

“Good! Such a Divine Ability is virtually comparable to the strength of a fiendgod from the primordial era!” On the jade platform, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Master exclaimed.

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly won the approval of the leaders of the various powers. Earlier, Fei Lengcui and the other 200 plus people were unable to withstand those villains and were forced to flee from the pagoda. Now, Chen Xi had instead easily annihilated 32 villains by himself. When the two were compared, it naturally made Chen Xi’s abilities seem even more shocking.

The leaders of the various powers were all people with extremely discerning eyes, and they naturally were able to discern that at the heart of the matter. The reason Chen Xi was so formidable was that the might of the Divine Ability he executed was too terrifying. It had crushed a few tens of top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures with a single strike, and such a formidable Divine Ability was something that even they had only seen for the first time. So they were naturally extremely amazed.

Only the Su Clan’s Patriarch, Su Zhentian, had an extremely gloomy expression. The greater the achievements Chen Xi’s made, the more uncomfortable he would be, and the more he would hate Chen Xi in his heart. At this moment, when he heard the praise of the various leaders towards Chen Xi, it was simply like a sharp sword had stabbed his heart, so don’t even mention the grievance and rage in his heart.

“These damnable things! There were so many of them, yet they were actually unable to kill a single person!” In the shadows far away from the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, Hall Master Fan whose entire body was concealed in a black robe spoke with an icy cold voice.

“Hall Master Fan. In my opinion, they can’t be blamed for what happened this time, as the opponent’s strength was too strong, and even I felt extreme fear as I watched. But now that the Nine Syllables of Truth Soul Suppression Talisman has fallen into his hands, it’s indeed an extremely great trouble. That’s a priceless treasure of the Buddhist Sect that the Lord wracked his brains and went through many hardships in order to obtain. If we lose it, I’m afraid…” The nearby Feng Ming who was similarly covered in a black robe spoke carefully.

“Hmph! I naturally know the consequences.” Hall Master Fan grunted coldly. “Even if he subdues the pagoda by relying on the Soul Suppression Runes, he wouldn’t know how to repair it. Can’t we just find a chance to come into contact with him, and then we’ll kill him and seize the Soul Suppression Talisman and the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda?”

“Hall Master Fan, what you said is absolutely correct.” Feng Ming carefully smiled obsequiously.

“I only hope that he’s able to retain the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, as a man’s wealth is his own ruin by causing greed in others. Perhaps when he acquires the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda under the gazes of everyone present, it would be the time of his death, and that would really be troublesome.” Hall Master Fan sighed lightly.


The highest layer in the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, the Oneness Layer.

This place was a space that only covered 300m, its walls were carved with a blissful scene of soaring dragons flying up and down in the sky, blooming golden lotuses, and heavenly flowers fluttering about in the sky. A barefooted monk wearing cloth clothes rode on the back of the dragon, holding a smile on his face as he sat between the golden lotuses, and a lifelike holy light flowed about, revealing a profound sense of kindness, peace, freedom, and rejoice.

Perhaps this is the holy land of the Buddhist Sect in the legends. As expected, it’s different from other cultivation sects and forms its own atmosphere and world. When Chen Xi was transported in, he was drawn to the scenes on the walls in the surroundings, and as he looked at the various auspicious, happy and beautiful scenes, he marveled at it endlessly in his heart.

After silently observing for a short moment, Chen Xi’s gaze swept out unintentionally and was instantly drawn by a rock that was as tall as a person at the center of the Oneness Layer. This rock was like a mountain that had been shrunk countless time, and when looked at carefully, he was even able to see the ridges on the mountain that grew higher and higher, streams and waterfalls, precipices, green pines, and various other extraordinary sights.

Moreover, at the center of the rock wall facing him was the words Mount Meru written on it, and it vaguely emitted strands of the aura of light, solemnness, and peace. The auras were indistinct and wispy, and if he didn’t carefully sense it, it would really be difficult for Chen Xi to notice it.

“Could it be that this rock is called Mount Meru?” Chen Xi said in astonishment.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly felt a trace of vibration coming from within his storage ring. When he looked to check, the Nine Syllable of Truth Soul Suppression Runes Talisman seemed to have become alive, and it emitted a gentle and extremely pure gold light.

Could it be that the key to subduing this pagoda is this rock that’s like a mountain? Chen Xi thought in his heart as the Soul Suppression Runes Talisman instantly flew out.


Before Chen Xi could react, this talisman had descended onto the rock and covered the words Mount Meru. Instantly, the entire Mount Meru started to shake abruptly. It was like a god that had been in deep slumber for thousands of years had awoken, and a strand of extremely pure, thick, and peaceful aura gushed out with a bang to taint the entire Oneness Layer with a layer of bright golden light.

Chen Xi noticed to his shock that the lifelike scenes on the walls on all sides seemed to have really come to life. Heavenly flowers rained from the sky, golden lotuses sprang up from the ground, and dragons whistled through the clouds as it danced about gracefully in the sky. Waves of ancient, obscure, solemn Buddhist chanting shot out from the walls and resounded in the entire Oneness Layer.

“Everything is brought about by fate, yet fate never lasts, and neither does everything brought about by it. Master Buddha often reminds us, seek wisdom instead of being caught up in the pursuit of fate…” Amongst this chanting that was like the tinkling of the bell in a monastery, Chen Xi was in a trance and seemed to have entered a different world. It was a world eternally illuminated by holy lights, the entire world a supreme place of happiness that was covered in peace and joy. Golden lotuses springing out as heavenly flowers rained down and could be seen everywhere. Numerous monks with peaceful expressions could be seen between the mountains and rivers or by the flowers, and they sat within the base of the lotus as they imparted knowledge and prayers and comprehended profound ways of Buddhism. Heavenly dragons and golden phoenixes spiraled in the sky as they fluttered and danced about, gods and ordinary people stood with smiles on their faces, and all of them were naturally satisfied, feeling inexplicable happiness, feeling inexplicable freedom, and they lived a life of ease and leisure with overflowing joy.

As he was immersed in this profound and unspeakable realm, the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth slightly curved to reveal a light smile, and a trace of a peaceful and calm bearing silently emerged from his body.

However, outside of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, everyone only saw Chen Xi standing senselessly and quietly in the Oneness Layer like a puppet that had fallen to be possessed by the devil, and it was also like he’d lost his own soul.


A muffled sound that was like a thunderclap exploded out in the heaven and earth, and then everyone noticed to their astonishment that the entire Buddha’s Trial Pagoda that was extremely tall was actually shrinking and shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye…

“The Lord was right, the Soul Suppression Runes Talisman is really a supreme talisman of truth that is able to refine any Buddhist Treasure.” In the shadows extremely far away, Hall Master Fan who was covered in her black robe muttered to herself.

“Hall Master Fan, we must not allow this talisman to fall into the hands of that kid. Otherwise, when the Lord gets angry, neither you nor I am able to bear the consequences.” Feng Ming looked at the pagoda that ceaselessly shrunk as he spoke with a complicated tone.

“Of course. If he doesn’t hand it over obediently, then I’ll kill him and extract his soul before confining it within a Soul Refining Lantern and make him suffer torture forever.” Hall Master Fan spoke coldly.


A strange sound that was like the sound of a bell abruptly resounded out, and then everyone felt their vision go blur before the entire Buddha’s Trial Pagoda had completely vanished. In the spot that it vanished, Chen Xi stood all alone there with his eyes closed and holding a smile on the corners of his mouth, and his entire body emitted a trace of a tranquil and peaceful aura.

“Could it be… this fellow has subdued the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda?”

“How could that be possible? The Buddha’s Trial Pagoda has already been standing erect here since a few thousand years ago. Although it’s a damaged Immortal Artifact, which of the people that set their eyes on it during all these years didn’t go home empty handed?”

“It ought to be correct, it’s this fellow that has subdued it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t vanish without reason nor rhyme! Dammit! The Buddha’s Trial Pagoda is gone, how will Dragon Lake City conduct the Hidden Dragon Rankings in the future?”

The Buddha’s Trial Pagoda that was practically impossible to subdue in the hearts of every single cultivator of Dragon Lake City had suddenly strangely vanished before their eyes, and besides shock, it instantly caused a wave of shocked exclamations and animated discussion.

“Why is it like this? Chen Xi has brought great calamity to himself this time!” Du Qingxi spoke with a frown.

“This kid is really too daring. He took away the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda before the eyes of so many people. How can the leaders of the various powers of Dragon Lake City endure this?” Duanmu Ze laughed bitterly.

“He has indeed brought great calamity to himself. It was fine when no one was able to subdue the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, but once it’s subdued, it has instantly become a hot treasure. As the saying goes, as a man’s wealth is his own ruin by causing greed in others. Chen Xi has led fire onto his body this time!” Song Lin’s brows frowned tightly together as he spoke with worry.

“Little thief! You actually dare to brazenly seize my Dragon Lake City’s Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, where do you place your respect for us? Hand it over obediently!” Right at this moment, an explosive shout abruptly sounded out from atop the jade platform, and then everyone saw that the figure of the Su Clan’s Patriarch, Su Zhentian, flashed out, transforming into a wisp of a black shadow as he stretched out his hand to grab towards the distant Chen Xi.

At practically the same instant that Su Zhentian made a move, the Starnet Palace’s Sect Master, Tie Yunzi, Cang Clan’s Patriarch, Cang Xiaolong, and the Myriadcloud institution’s Dean, Jiang Zhenyu, attacked brazenly as well.

Instantly, four Rebirth Realm cultivators moved out in unison, and they moved to surround Chen Xi from all directions before everyone could react to what had happened!

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