Chapter 1479 – Seething Killing Intent

Above the expanse of grand buildings, the black clothed middle aged man stood upright with a cold and grim expression.

“How presumptuous! Yue Wenhai, take a look and see who we are? Quickly move aside, don’t bring misfortune to yourself!” Wang Daolu and the other instructors shouted loudly.

“Everyone, could it be that all of you intend to get mixed up in this? I advise all of you to not bring misfortune to yourselves as well. Set your minds at rest and wait for the new Dean to be selected. It’s best to stay here obediently!” Yue Wenhai spoke with a gloomy expression, and he was utterly blunt with his words.

As he spoke, he activated the restrictions on the grand buildings, causing a strand of a terrifying fluctuation to envelop the grand buildings.

“Who’s this fellow?” Chen Xi’s brows knit together while seething killing intent surged out from his eyes.

“An instructor from the inner court’s Scripture Reserve. He has always been on good terms with the Jiang Clan, and now it would seem like he has obviously sided with the Jiang Clan’s forces.” Wang Daolu explained furiously.

The other instructors were furious as well because Yue Wenhai normally kept a low profile, yet never had they imagined that he would actually be so detestable now.


Suddenly, Chen Xi attacked. He executed a thick and large strand of sword qi that reached the heavens, and it was glistening and dazzling as it emanated boundless talismans while slashing down from the sky.

“Hmph! You dare to attack? You’re simply unspeakably idiotic!” Yue Wenhai grunted coldly and was extremely disdainful. He felt the restrictions here were formidable, so he didn’t take Chen Xi’s attack seriously at all.


However, in the next moment, his expression changed abruptly. When that strand of sword qi descended, it shook the entire restriction, and the dense talismans that effused out of the sword qi even forcefully ‘slashed’ the restriction open!

In merely an instant, the entire grand building was slashed apart, and it collapsed and shattered into pieces, causing dust and dirt to effuse out.

As he was caught off guard, Yue Wenhai was struck by the sword qi, causing a mouthful of blood to suddenly spray from his mouth while his figure instantly fell from the sky.


A figure tore through the sky and stomped on Yue Wenhai’s chest, smashing him fiercely onto the ground. Every single bone within his entire body shattered inch by inch, causing him to bleed from all seven apertures and reveal a hideous expression that was filled with boundless terror.

“As an instructor of the academy, you didn’t think about putting forth your strength for the academy, but colluded with outsiders to trample open the academy. You deserve death!” Chen Xi spoke as he exerted strength with his leg, and he put an end to Yue Wenhai’s existence.

From the moment he destroyed the restriction to the moment he killed Yue Wenhai, only an instant had passed, and when Wang Daolu and the others recovered from their shock, Yue Wenhai had already perished on the spot.

At this moment, all of them had finally witnessed the strength that Chen Xi possessed now, and all of their hearts shook while a wisp of hope arose within them. Perhaps Chen Xi might really be able to crush the internal strife within the academy and crush everything?

After he eliminated the obstruction, Chen Xi didn’t stop here for a moment, and he walked forward with large strides. Since he’d come here today, he had no intentions of ending all of this on good terms. So long as he was able to stabilize the academy, then at worse comes to worse, he wouldn’t hesitate to slaughter to the point that blood flowed into rivers.

Deeper into the inner court was expanse after expanse of Secret Realms and restricted areas. The amount of them was unknown, and they were seemingly boundless.

All along the way, Chen Xi killed another ten plus enemies that obstructed his path. Without any exception, all of them were killed with a single strike, and he seemed to be extremely cold and decisive.

Wang Daolu and the others followed behind him. Originally, they intended to fight and lend a hand, yet in the end, they noticed that they were utterly unable to catch up to the speed Chen Xi killed his enemies and couldn’t help but feel a wave of shock in their hearts.

In next to no time, a brilliant divine palace appeared in the distance within their field of vision.

The divine palace stood towering in the heavens and the earth, and the entire palace emanated light golden brilliant and revealed a lofty, solemn, and tranquil imposing aura.

Massive walls and magnificent buildings stood in the surroundings of the palace, and they were suffused with a divine glow. When looked at from afar, one could even notice strands of faint Karmic Luck coiled around the palace, and it was extraordinary and mystical.

The Dao Emperor Divine Palace!

Chen Xi’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning that shot towards the distance. The palace was extremely huge, and it stood towering in the heavens and the earth while connected to the river of stars in the universe. Numerous buildings stood like trees in a forest around it, and they were resplendent, magnificent, and covered in a dignified aura that was ancient and solemn.

Moreover, there was even an aura that aroused reverence in the hearts of others amongst these buildings, and this aura was clearer the stronger one’s strength was.

It was the energy of Karmic Luck. As the Dao Emperor Divine Palace stood here, it was like a pivotal point that held down all the Karmic Luck of the entire Dao Emperor Academy from the primeval times until now!

It could be said that this place was the heart of Dao Emperor Academy, it was its core. It had been passed down since the primeval times until now, and it possessed numerous miraculous abilities.

But right after that, Chen Xi frowned.

This place he was at seemed to lead directly to the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, yet there were actually layers of space separating them. It was like an overlapped world, and an ordinary person would find it impossible to arrive at the Dao Emperor Divine Palace even after flying towards it for an eternity.

Because this was the might of space and time, and there were numerous terrifying restrictions obstructing the path towards the palace.

All of this wasn’t able to obstruct Chen Xi, and he just acutely noticed that those layers of space and restrictions were filled with numerous dangers. They were indistinct, and they were obviously set up with the intention of obstructing others from arriving at the palace and to buy time for the other powers to fight for the Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron.

Nevermind. No matter who it is, I’ll kill anyone that dares to stand in my way!


Chen Xi stomped apart the first restriction with a single stride, and he entered an expanse of space while revealing peerless divine might.

However, right when he entered this expanse of space, killing intent surged towards him like tidewater and a group of cultivators appeared. All of them had cold expressions as they looked towards Chen Xi’s direction from afar, and their entire bodies were covered in killing intent that surged without end.

There were many instructors of the academy amongst these people, and there were also some unfamiliar faces.

“It’s the forces of the Jiang Clan!” Wang Daolu spoke in a low voice and warned Chen Xi.

“What’s the meaning of this? All of you’ve repeatedly obstructed us on Dao Emperor Academy’s own territory. All of you’re simply lawless!” Zhou Zhili shouted in a deep voice from the side.

“Everyone, we’re just following orders. It wouldn’t be too late to come here tomorrow.” A grey clothed old man spoke indifferently, and his voice was filled with an overbearing tone.

“What a joke! This is the territory of my Dao Emperor Academy. Could it be that we have to follow all of your orders when moving about the academy?” Wang Daolu and the others were furious.

“It doesn’t matter if all of you intend to listen to me or not. But all of you can dream of entering today.” The grey clothed old man remained unmoved, and his expression was icy cold.

Chen Xi frowned as he moved forward and said, “There are many instructors of the academy amongst all of you. If you have the interests of the academy in mind, then move aside right now, and I’ll let all bygones be bygones. If you refuse to realize your errors and continue to help the wicked to bring disaster to the academy, then I’ll definitely wash this place with blood!”

His expression was calm while his appearance was handsome. Yet at this moment, he emanated an oppressive dignified aura that caused the hearts of many instructors to be unable to help but tremble while they felt utterly terrified. However, none of them had any intention of moving aside.

“Chen Xi? Haha! What high sounding sentiments! A Half-step Immortal King like you dares to speak so boastfully? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be annihilated here today?” The grey clothed old man had a gloomy expression as he sneered with disdain.

“I’ve given all of you a chance. Unfortunately, all of you didn’t cherish it.” Chen Xi’s voice was indifferent because they reactions allowed him to completely understand that he had to make a show of strength through bloody slaughter today, otherwise it would be impossible for his actions to be of any effect.

It was even to the extent that if he continued to be irresolute and hesitant, then he would be taken to be weak and easily bullied instead.

“Little Bastard! Since it’s like this, then your Daoist grandfather will send you on your way!” The grey clothed old man laughed in a savage manner as he shouted loudly. As he spoke, he suddenly withdrew a blood red furnace, and it actually emanated thirty six strands of thick and large blood colored sword qi that slashed down towards Chen Xi.


A blood glow surged and rumbled through the heavens. It caused time and space to be covered in a bloody color while the thirty six strands of blood colored sword qi revealed a shocking impetus and seemed like the blades of the demons from purgatory that intended to reap the lives of all living beings.

Behind the grey clothed old man, all the other cultivators attacked in succession at the same moment.

The faces of Wang Daolu and the others sank, and they intended to attack desperately in order to help Chen Xi overcome this difficult situation.

“Move aside!” Chen Xi made a move before them. A myriad of immortal glows rumbled and soared it the sky from within his body, and it was like a sword formation that tore the sky apart as it emanated divine radiance and swept out.

In an instant, this expanse of space was drowned by innumerable strands of sword qi, and everyone was unable to clearly witness what had occurred.

After that, shrill howls resounded while the sound of explosions surged through the surroundings.

Scarlet red blood poured down like a rainstorm, and it dyed this entire expanse of space red.

When the dust and dirt settled down and all the blinding light vanished, there wasn’t a single enemy left in the surroundings. Besides those instructors of the academy being heavily injured and still alive, everyone else had transformed into an expanse of shattered corpses, blood, and bones!

With a single strike, he’d annihilated all his enemies!

Wang Daolu and the others were instantly stunned. They were able to imagine the scene of Chen Xi slaughtering all that stood before him, yet they’d never expected that this battle would end so quickly.

They hadn’t even joined the battle when the curtains to the battle had already been drawn!

Actually, there wasn’t a single Immortal King amongst these people, so Chen Xi’s strength was sufficient to sweep through all of them even before he absorbed the Divine Chains of Order.

Not to mention that his combat strength could already annihilate Immortal Kings now. So he naturally wouldn’t take these Half-step Immortal Kings seriously.


A blood red pike suddenly shot out towards Chen Xi’s throat.

There was actually another enemy hiding here!


However, Chen Xi seemed to have expected it. He stretched out his hand and grabbed, and he forcefully twisted the pike into two. After that, he flicked his sleeve, causing half of the pike to fly backwards and pierce into an expanse of space, and then a figure fell out from within it.

Shockingly, this person was that grey clothed old man from before. At this moment, blood was gurgling out of his entire body, and he was wailing as he struggled to stay alive on the ground. His eyes were filled with despair, and he still didn’t dare believe all of this before he perished on the spot in the end.

Needless to say, this old man was quite extraordinary because he’d actually avoided Chen Xi’s strike from before. Unfortunately, he was still unable to avoid death.

The instructors of the academy that were heavily injured on the ground were filled with terror, and they were completely awed. They begged for mercy without end. “No, don’t kill me. We were forced.”

“Chen Xi, why don’t…” Wang Daolu and the others couldn’t bear to see them die. After all, they were members of the same academy in the past, and the friendly feelings between them still existed.

“I left them alive only for the sake of allowing them to understand before their death that once one makes a decision, one is bound to pay the price for it. There are no exceptions.” Chen Xi remained indifferent, cold, and merciless. Sword qi shot out from his palm and fingers, causing hissing sounds to resound without end as he severed numerous bloody heads in an extremely bloody manner.

Besides feeling shocked in their hearts, Wang Daolu and the others sighed without end when they witnessed this.

“Everyone, please stand on guard here. If anyone flees towards here, then kill them without showing any mercy! As for everything else, just leave it to me to deal with by myself.” Suddenly, Chen Xi instructed without even looking back, and he strode through the bloody corpses as he headed towards the depths of the area. His footsteps were steady, his backbone was ramrod straight, his clothes weren’t tainted by any blood at all, and he was filled with an extremely great imposing aura that caused others to not dare question him.

Wang Daolu and the others opened their mouths yet didn’t say anything in the end. All of them did as they were told because they were very clearly aware that even if they followed by Chen Xi’s side, they would only be burdens and be of no use at all.

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