Chapter 1479 – Seething Killing Intent

Above the expanse of grand buildings, the black clothed middle aged man stood upright with a cold and grim expression.

“How presumptuous! Yue Wenhai, take a look and see who we are? Quickly move aside, don’t bring misfortune to yourself!” Wang Daolu and the other instructors shouted loudly.

“Everyone, could it be that all of you intend to get mixed up in this? I advise all of you to not bring misfortune to yourselves as well. Set your minds at rest and wait for the new Dean to be selected. It’s best to stay here obediently!” Yue Wenhai spoke with a gloomy expression, and he was utterly blunt with his words.

As he spoke, he activated the restrictions on the grand buildings, causing a strand of a terrifying fluctuation to envelop the grand buildings.

“Who’s this fellow?” Chen Xi’s brows knit together while seething killing intent surged out from his eyes.

“An instructor from the inner court’s Scripture Reserve. He has always been on good terms with the Jiang Clan, and now it would seem like he has obviously sided with the Jiang Clan’s forces.” Wang Daolu explained furiously.

The other instructors were furious as well because Yue Wenhai normally kept a low profile, yet never had they imagined that he would actually be so detestable now.


Suddenly, Chen Xi attacked. He executed a thick and large strand of sword qi that reached the heavens, and it was glistening and dazzling as it emanated boundless talismans while slashing down...

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