Chapter 1478 – Ancient Dao Inheritance Cauldron

Within a colorful passageway in an expanse of overlapped space.

A’Xiu led Chen Xi forward at a quick pace, and in next to no time, they arrived within a Secret Realm that was like a minor world.

“Chen Xi!”

“Kid, you’ve finally returned.”

As soon as Chen Xi arrived here, he noticed numerous figures standing on a Dao platform, and they seemed to be discussing something. As soon as they noticed Chen Xi’s appearance here, all of them spoke with pleasant surprise.

Shockingly, the head instructors of the inner court, Wang Daolu, Xuanyuan Pojun, the outer court’s Dean Zhou Zhili, the Dean of the Pill Reserve Chen Haoran, and the others were all here.

There was around twenty plus people here, and all of them were prestigious instructors in the academy.

Besides them, Ye Tang, Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, and the other inner court students were present here as well.

Chen Xi walked forward and greeted all of them, his heart easing up greatly.

However, he felt slightly dissatisfied when he thought about how Wang Daolu and the others remained indifferent towards the unexpected event that had erupted within the academy

and even hid within this Secret Realm instead.

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that he was currently unaware of the exact situation within the academy. So it wasn’t right for him to flare up, and he could only forcefully restrain this strand of displeasure...

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