Chapter 1477 – Killing His Way Into The Academy

Amidst the seething killing intent in the surroundings, Wanqi Qing’s entire body glistened and emanated the dark golden aura of an Immortal King as she took control of the heavens and the earth.


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi’s figure flashed into the air. He stretched out his hand and pressed down, causing an expanse of clouds formed by talismans to float into appearance, and they flowed with an auspicious glow as they smashed down towards her.

A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of Wanqi Qing’s mouth while strands of dazzling light surged out from her entire body, and then she slapped down lightly, causing the entire expanse of clouds to be shattered into a rain of light that shot into the surroundings.

“No one can disturb us in this expanse of the heavens and the earth. Little Fellow, I’ll send you on your way right now!” Amidst her dignified and flat voice, Wanqi Qing stretched out her hand and clawed, causing a golden and dazzling hairpin to float into appearance, and it transformed into a golden glow that tore through space and time as it enveloped down towards Chen Xi.

“You?” Chen Xi’s entire aura was like a boundless ocean and grew in exuberance. He strode through space as he pressed his fingers together before slashing out.


The sword qi surged and carried terrifying energy of Order. It formed into dense talismans that were vast and obscure, and it actually forcefully...

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