Chapter 1477 – Killing His Way Into The Academy

Amidst the seething killing intent in the surroundings, Wanqi Qing’s entire body glistened and emanated the dark golden aura of an Immortal King as she took control of the heavens and the earth.


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi’s figure flashed into the air. He stretched out his hand and pressed down, causing an expanse of clouds formed by talismans to float into appearance, and they flowed with an auspicious glow as they smashed down towards her.

A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of Wanqi Qing’s mouth while strands of dazzling light surged out from her entire body, and then she slapped down lightly, causing the entire expanse of clouds to be shattered into a rain of light that shot into the surroundings.

“No one can disturb us in this expanse of the heavens and the earth. Little Fellow, I’ll send you on your way right now!” Amidst her dignified and flat voice, Wanqi Qing stretched out her hand and clawed, causing a golden and dazzling hairpin to float into appearance, and it transformed into a golden glow that tore through space and time as it enveloped down towards Chen Xi.

“You?” Chen Xi’s entire aura was like a boundless ocean and grew in exuberance. He strode through space as he pressed his fingers together before slashing out.


The sword qi surged and carried terrifying energy of Order. It formed into dense talismans that were vast and obscure, and it actually forcefully crushed the golden hairpin amidst a bang.

“Hmm? You have some ability. No wonder you dared to be so wildly arrogant.” Wanqi Qing’s eyes narrowed while divine radiance flowed within them. She was an Immortal King that far exceeded ordinary Immortal Kings, so she’d acutely noticed a trace of unusualness in this attack from Chen Xi.

She didn’t hesitate any longer. In the space above her, the golden hairpin emanated an immortal glow, and then it transformed into a golden rain that covered the sky. It actually formed a dense mass of a myriad of strands of divine lightning that smashed down towards Chen Xi.

If this attack was executed in the outside world, then it would be sufficient to annihilate an entire city and level an area of 500,000km. Its impetus was so terrifying that it vividly displayed the might that an Immortal King could exert.

“Wildly arrogant? You obstructed my path and intended to kill me, yet you criticize me as being wildly arrogant!? Haha! Very good! I, Chen Xi, will be wildly arrogant for you today!” Chen Xi started laughing from extreme rage. His entire body shook while sword qi that covered the sky coiled around him, and he carried the might of a mountain as he charged up into the sky and collided head-on with Wanqi Qing’s attack.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The myriad of golden bolts of divine lightning were forcefully torn apart by Chen Xi, and they successively exploded into pieces. On the other hand, Chen Xi wasn’t injured at all. He seemed like the god of death that had bathed within divine lightning on his way over, and his expression was murderous as he charged furiously at Wanqi Qing.

“Hmm?” Wanqi Qing frowned, and she was shocked in her heart because an ant at the Half-step Immortal King Realm had actually blocked a lethal attack of hers? This was simply unimaginable.

After all, under the attack of her Spirit Lightning Golden Hairpin, even an Immortal King wouldn’t dare go head-on against it. Yet now, it had been crushed in a head-on collision by Chen Xi, and this was inconceivable.

“Little Fellow, stop here! Continuing to struggle will only cause you to die faster!” Wanqi Qing took a deep breath and finally decided to utilize her full strength, causing her clear eyes to become icy cold.

On the other hand, the Spirit Lightning Golden Hairpin above her fluttered in the air, and it emanated a myriad of strands of golden light that obstructed Chen Xi’s attack.

“Fuck off!” It was merely two words, yet it revealed boundless killing intent, and Chen Xi’s expression was cold and indifferent. Presently, something had definitely occurred in Dao Emperor Academy, yet this person was obstructing his path. Obviously, they didn’t want him to enter Dao Emperor Academy at this critical moment, and such intentions deserved death!

“Looks like you yourself seek death?” Wanqi Qing’s face sank, and she stopped hesitating. The hairpin above her rumbled as the glow of lightning shot into the sky from it, and it actually created a grand formation that surged with lightning. Moreover, the aura of her Immortal King Grand Dao surged and rumbled like a torrent within it!


At this moment, Chen Xi stopped holding back too. He withdrew the Dao Calamity Sword and executed a thick and large strand of sword qi. It was glistening, dazzling, sharp, and oppressive, and its might was so exuberant that it shook the universe!

This was one of the strongest abilities he possessed now, and it contained a trace of the energy of Order he seized from the Heaven Dao. This single sword strike was capable of slashing down the sun, moon, and stars!


The lightning grand formation collided with the sword qi, and it shook the nine heavens and resounded throughout the surroundings. Chaotic fluctuations swept towards the surroundings, and it transformed this expanse of the heavens and the earth into ruins.


Wanqi Qing’s figure shook while she coughed up blood, and she couldn’t help but frown while a wisp of terror flashed within her heart. What heaven defying combat strength!

Fortunately, she hadn’t hesitated to utilize a forbidden technique and exhausted some quintessence energy of her cultivation in the Immortal King Realm, allowing her to restrict Chen Xi within the lightning grand formation in the end.

“Little Fellow, I can’t bear to kill such a figure like you. Why don’t you join my Wanqi Clan? In the future, perhaps we’ll support you up to the position of Dean in Dao Emperor Academy.” Wanqi Qing spoke as she looked towards the distance.

“Hmph! Don’t kid yourself!” In the formation, Chen Xi felt pressured as well, and it came from the Spirit Lightning Golden Hairpin. This treasure was extraordinary, and it was even slightly more profound than Wu Ting’s Green Spiritbreaker Nightmare Spear.

If it was just Wanqi Qing alone, she would be utterly unable to stop him.

Of course, she was really kidding herself if she intended to trap and kill Chen Xi with a formation…

“Open!” Chen Xi shouted coldly while his entire body glowed. Every single inch of his skin flowed with talismans that formed into numerous layers of profound shadows, and the impetus they revealed was boundless.

In an instant, these myriads of talismans soared into the sky like scorching suns, and they transformed into wisps of dazzling sword qi that directly collided with the Spirit Lightning Golden Hairpin.


Amidst a wave of violent shaking, Chen Xi’s sword qi were like rays of light that actually forcefully blasted the hairpin flying.

Wanqi Qing’s countenance turned pale from terror because she’d similarly been affected when the hairpin suffered such an attack. This had exceeded her expectations! Who would have imagined that a Half-step Immortal King would actually be able to erupt with such heaven-defying combat strength while within such a predicament?

“Hold!” She bit the tip of her tongue and spat out another mouthful of her Blood Essence onto the hairpin, causing it to descend once more and utilize the lightning grand formation to crush Chen Xi once more.

A golden glow that seemed as if it was burning rose up, and the might of the Spirit Lightning Golden Hairpin rose explosively, causing the pressure upon Chen Xi to strengthen by a few tens of times. Even someone as formidable as Chen Xi was struck to the point his figure shook at this moment.

But in the end, he still resisted it head-on, and he wasn’t crushed by it!

“How…how did you accomplish that?” Wanqi Qing suddenly coughed up large mouthfuls of blood while her pupils dilated, and she didn’t dare believe her eyes. No matter how she wracked her head, she was unable to figure out how Chen Xi accomplished that.

“I forgot to tell you. I just killed a bastard at the Immortal King Realm from the Sovereign Sect not too long ago. Comparatively speaking, this little bit of ability of yours is inferior to that dog from the Sovereign Sect.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently while his entire body was bathed in sword qi, and he strode through the air towards her.

“How could this be possible? How could this be possible!? You’re only at the Half-step Immortal King Realm…” At this moment, Wanqi Qing finally felt terrified, and there was even an extreme feeling of humiliation from having her dignity trampled upon, causing her to howl furiously and charge at Chen Xi.


A blood red sword flashed through the sky. Chen Xi held the Dao Calamity Sword in hand as he blasted the Spirit Lightning Golden Hairpin flying, causing Wanqi Qing to seem as if she’d been struck by lightning. She fell from the sky with a bang, causing her hair to become disheveled while her countenance turned pale, and her aura was on the verge of falling into disorder.

“You…” Wanqi Qing was both furious and terrified, and her eyes almost split apart from rage as she was unable to accept all of this.

“Am I wildly arrogant?” Chen Xi spoke indifferently and lightly spat out a few words from his lips.


As he spoke, he slashed lightly with the blood red sword in his hand, and then Wanqi Qing’s head rolled down from her neck. Golden blood sprayed into the sky as an Immortal King perished just like this. Even until the moment of her death, she was unable to figure out how a Half-step Immortal King could accomplish all of this…


Along with Wanqi Qing’s death, the entire heavens and the earth transformed before returning once more to normal, and Chen Xi returned to the familiar street he was on before this.

The people on the streets actually didn’t notice this battle at all, and it only caused exclamations of shock and commotion to arise on the streets when the curtains to the battle were drawn at this moment and a golden rain of blood poured down from the sky.

“What happened just now?” The crowd was bewildered, terrified, and uneasy.

“It’s Chen Xi! He’s finally made an appearance!” Someone acutely noticed Chen Xi’s figure flash in the sky, and he couldn’t help but speak with shock.

“What? Chen Xi!? Could it be that he returned now to succeed the position of Dean in Dao Emperor Academy?”

When they found out that Chen Xi had returned, it caused all the cultivators to be shocked. Actually, after this world shocking battle had ended, it had been noticed, and then news of it swiftly spread. After all, so long as a figure like Chen Xi made an appearance, it was impossible to not draw attention.


Space shook. In an instant, Chen Xi arrived outside Dao Emperor Academy. He raised his eyes and looked over, and he noticed that the ancient restriction that enveloped the surroundings of the academy had actually been destroyed!

This caused Chen Xi’s face to turn gloomy. According to his knowledge, this restriction was passed down since the primeval times, and no matter what sort of calamity descended onto the academy, it had continued to exist until now and had never been shaken.

Yet now, it had been destroyed. Obviously, some sort of shocking and unexpected event had occurred within the academy!

“Who’re you? Quickly withdraw from here!” An old man appeared and shouted at Chen Xi with a grim voice.


Chen Xi emanated a strand of sword qi with a slash of his hand, and it directly annihilated the old man, causing blood to spray throughout the sky. From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t said a single word, and he seemed to be cold and decisive to the extreme because this old man didn’t belong to Dao Emperor Academy at all!

After he did all of this, Chen Xi took a deep breath and walked into Dao Emperor Academy.

The scene that entered his vision caused the rage in Chen Xi’s heart to surge without end. Numerous violent battles seemed to have occurred here. The surroundings were filled with collapsed ruins and building while blood covered the ground.

Everywhere that met the eyes was actually covered in ruins, and the atmosphere from the past that was like a tranquil and beautiful immortal paradise had completely vanished!

“Dammit!” Chen Xi squeezed out this word from the cracks between his teeth, and his expression grew even more indifferent. His icy cold eyes burned with a wisp of uncontrollable flames of rage, seething like lava as he was on the verge of erupting.


A wave of intense rumbling suddenly sounded out from afar.

Chen Xi stopped hesitating and teleported at full speed. All along the way, he was actually obstructed a few more times, and all of them were extremely formidable Half-step Immortal Kings that possessed various Immortal Artifacts.

He didn’t know which power these fellows belonged to, but the outcome was the same. All of them were mercilessly annihilated by Chen Xi.

The outer court has been reduced to ruins. I wonder how the other areas are now… Chen Xi teleported at full speed while he sensed the sounds of battle that came from afar, and he quickly traversed the outer court and arrived in the inner court.

“Who is it!?” Suddenly, Chen Xi stopped moving while his gaze swept towards the distance like a bolt of lightning. However, he was stunned on the spot right after that.

“Chen Xi, quickly come over!” A young woman in a green dress appeared in the distance. Surprisingly, it was A’Xiu.

Chen Xi instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw A’Xiu. His greatest worry wasn’t about the destruction of the academy, and it was instead that his friends and seniors would be harmed.

If the academy was destroyed, it could be repaired, but if they were to lose their lives, then it would be impossible to repair.

“A’Xiu, what happened in these past few days? Where are the others?” Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and he arrived by A’Xiu’s side.

“We can’t stay here for long. Come with me first.” As she spoke, A’Xiu withdrew a light green piece of silk, and then it transformed into a light barrier that enveloped her and Chen Xi. They actually instantly vanished into thin air, and they didn’t even leave behind a trace of their auras.

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