Chapter 1476 – Intercepted On The Way

The wind stopped blowing, yet the Divine Chains of Order that covered the sky still floated above, and they guarded the door in the sky. Even though they didn’t move at all and seemed to have fallen into a still and silent state, yet the heavenly might they emanated still terrified the three dimensions.

The gods of the three dimensions seemed to not exist any longer, and the aura of calamity in the heavens and the earth seemed to have vanished. Everything seemed to be extremely peaceful.

However, all the cultivators in the universe were clearly aware that this calamity hadn’t ended. When all the gods that were restrained and dragged into the Last Days Domain had perished, it would be their turn to suffer calamity!


Chen Xi transformed into a flowing ray of light that flickered through space, and he travelled via teleportation because after he bid his farewells to Zuoqiu Feiming and the others, he’d decided to return to Dao Emperor Academy first.

I wonder how chaotic the Immortal Dimension has become during these days since the calamity arrived… As he travelled, Chen Xi pondered deeply. Based on his instinct, he felt that many things had happened in the world, and perhaps all the living beings of the three dimensions were trembling in terror and uneasiness.

It wasn’t just because of the calamity, and it was also because...

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