Chapter 1476 – Intercepted On The Way

The wind stopped blowing, yet the Divine Chains of Order that covered the sky still floated above, and they guarded the door in the sky. Even though they didn’t move at all and seemed to have fallen into a still and silent state, yet the heavenly might they emanated still terrified the three dimensions.

The gods of the three dimensions seemed to not exist any longer, and the aura of calamity in the heavens and the earth seemed to have vanished. Everything seemed to be extremely peaceful.

However, all the cultivators in the universe were clearly aware that this calamity hadn’t ended. When all the gods that were restrained and dragged into the Last Days Domain had perished, it would be their turn to suffer calamity!


Chen Xi transformed into a flowing ray of light that flickered through space, and he travelled via teleportation because after he bid his farewells to Zuoqiu Feiming and the others, he’d decided to return to Dao Emperor Academy first.

I wonder how chaotic the Immortal Dimension has become during these days since the calamity arrived… As he travelled, Chen Xi pondered deeply. Based on his instinct, he felt that many things had happened in the world, and perhaps all the living beings of the three dimensions were trembling in terror and uneasiness.

It wasn’t just because of the calamity, and it was also because the shadows of the Sovereign Sect had started to envelop the three dimensions!

After the time for an incense stick to burn.

Chen Xi travelled for a long time after leaving Iris Desert, and he finally stepped onto Valiant Star Continent. He arrived in an ancient city, and he lingered there for half a day and obtained a great deal of information that caused him to be unable to help but feel surprised and bewildered in his heart.

It turned out that since the calamity erupted, the entire three dimensions had fallen into great unrest. Divine chains descended from the heavens to restrain the gods, and it swept through the three dimensions, causing all the cultivators in the world to tremble in terror.

For a time, the entire three dimensions fell into unrest, and there wasn’t a single area that was peaceful, causing chaos caused by war, slaughter, and fleeing…to arise along with it.

No one knew if all the gods in the three dimensions had been restrained, but practically everyone had witnessed the might of this calamity that erupted in the three dimensions, and they witnessed the terrifying scene of numerous gods being restrained and captured.

Most shocking of it all was that even Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Skandha World had been sealed off, and it had vanished beneath the calamity, while no further news had come from it. No one was aware if this supreme sect still existed.

It’s one of the three supreme sects, could it be that it has suffered calamity just like that? Chen Xi was shocked, and then he faintly felt that this matter was absolutely not so simple.

After all, Nuwa’s Dao Palace was an existence on par with Oracle Mountain and the Sovereign Sect, so how could it possibly suffer calamity and be annihilated just like that?

However, this matter was still able to allow Chen Xi to realize exactly how terrifying the might of this calamity that the Sovereign Sect started in advance was. It caused Nuwa’s Dao Palace to have no choice but to avoid it and choose to fall into silence.

On the other hand, wasn’t Oracle Mountain the same?

“The Sovereign Sect has already started to sweep through the three dimensions. Presently, quite a few of the seven great academies, seven great ancient clans, and even the forces of the Immortal Court…have been taken control of by the Sovereign Sect!” An old man sighed within the restaurant. “This supreme calamity originated from the might of the heavens, and even gods are unable to resist it. But comparatively speaking, the Sovereign Sect’s methods and schemes are the most terrifying. Unfortunately, the people of the world lacked vigilance, and it’s truly pitiable! In the future, the three dimensions will probably enter completely into the grasps of the Sovereign Sect…”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Sure enough, the Sovereign Sect that painstakingly developed itself in secret has finally started to reveal its ferocious claws during this calamity.

Presently, Senior Brother Meng Xinghe, Zhao Taici, Chi Cangsheng, Ao Jiuhui, Hua Jiankong, and the others have all headed to the Last Days Domain. So Dao Emperor Academy is like a group without a leader now, and many incidents will probably arise during this calamity… When he realized this, Chen Xi stopped hesitating and left hastily towards Darkombat City.

Dao Emperor Academy was unlike other powers, and the distribution of powers within it was complicated to the extreme. There were the forces of the seven great ancient clans, the Buddha Dimension, Phoenix Clan, Dragon Dimension, and various other powers amongst the instructors and students. Under this calamity of the three dimensions and with the absence of Meng Xinghe and all the other seniors of the academy, the Sovereign Sect would definitely seize this opportunity to invade Dao Emperor Academy!

This was something that was extremely apparent. Moreover, the thing Chen Xi was most worried about was that Dao Emperor Academy would fall into chaos internally before the Sovereign Sect even came looking for trouble with it. That would truly be a difficult situation.

After all, Meng Xinghe and the others had left already, so it was unavoidable that others would arouse ill intent and intend to seize the position of Dean in order to take control of the entire academy.

It was the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension, and once it fell into the control of others, the consequences would simply be unimaginable!

Darkombat City.

It was magnificent as always and crowded with people that were coming and going. It was bustling and prosperous as before.

However, when Chen Xi arrived here, he was still able to sense a trace of an unusual aura, and he felt an atmosphere of terror, nervousness, and unrest.

Along with the spread of some bad rumors, undercurrents were surging in Darkombat City now, and it was filled with killing intent, causing the entire city to be suffused with the aura of an incoming storm.

Of course, ordinary figures were unable to sense this atmosphere, and only existences like Chen Xi were able to notice some traces of this in the aura of the heavens and the earth.

After he entered the city, Chen Xi moved forward all along the way and didn’t stop at all. All along the way, he heard various rumors and discussions, and it caused his heart to feel heavy.

“It’s in chaos, Dao Emperor Academy has fallen into chaos as well. Dean Meng Xinghe just left a short time ago, yet that Zhongli Clan, Wanqi Clan, and Jiang Clan actually joined forces with the intention of electing a new Dean. Isn’t that a rebellion?”

“Could it be that no one is doing anything?”

“Alas, even all the instructors within the academy are in a complete mess, so can anyone do anything about it?”

“What about the Dean’s personal disciple, Hua Jiankong?”

“He’s vanished, and it isn’t just Hua Jiankong, even the ancestors of the Dragon Dimension and Phoenix Clan in the Scripture Reserve have vanished as well. Presently, rumors say that they’ve been restrained and captured into the Last Days Domain!”

“I heard that the number one disciple of the inner court, Chen Xi, obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, right? Even if someone is to take over the position of Dean, it ought to be Chen Xi.”

“Chen Xi? He’s indeed extraordinary amongst the younger generation. But unfortunately, he’s still young, and he’s only at the Saint Immortal Realm. How could he possibly go against those old fellows in the academy?”

“That isn’t right. I heard that he advanced into the Half-step Immortal King Realm a long time ago. A few days ago, there were even rumors that said he participated in that battle between gods that erupted in Iris Desert.”

“Alas, so what if he’s at the Half-step Immortal King Realm? Presently, the gods don’t exist in the three dimensions, and the Immortal Kings are the supreme existences. Without a might at the Immortal King Realm, even if he succeeds the position of Dean in Dao Emperor Academy, how could he possibly make everyone acknowledge his position? He’ll probably be unable to deal with all of them!”

All along the way, Chen Xi heard all of these discussions, yet his state of mind wasn’t really affected. However, he felt a wisp of worry towards the situation in the academy.

All of this proved his deductions, and the only thing he felt fortunate for was that he still hadn’t heard any rumors about the Sovereign Sect taking action against Dao Emperor Academy.

Hmm? Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something and suddenly stopped moving while a wisp of a ghastly cold bolt of lightning surged into appearance within his eyes.

There were numerous people on the streets, and it was bustling with endless streams of people and carriages. However, at this moment, it had suddenly become silent. The entire street seemed as if it had been isolated, and it was silent and empty. The people on the street had been moved away by a shapeless force, and it revealed an empty expanse of ground on the street.

Those people were completely unaware of all of this, and it seemed to be extremely strange.

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that this was the ability of an Immortal King who’s controlled the energy of time and space to instantly transform this expanse of the heavens and the earth!

“Show yourself!” Chen Xi’s expression became calm and indifferent, and his gaze that was like a bolt of lightning locked coldly onto the distant sky.

“Little Fellow, you should leave Darkombat City for now. There are some things that your current self isn’t able to meddle in.” Along with this extremely dignified voice, a woman’s figure appeared in the distance. She wore an ice blue colored luxurious robe while the space between her brows surged with the glow of wisdom, and her pretty and fair face carried a wisp of an aloof and haughty expression.

As she stood there in a casual manner, she seemed like a supreme king looked down upon the world. She seemed high and mighty, and she carried pride and a dignified aura that was deep-rooted.

Obviously, this was an Immortal King!

“Who’re you?” Chen Xi spoke coldly.

At this moment, only the two of them remained on the entire street, and they stood in confrontation from afar, causing the deathly silent atmosphere in the surroundings to reveal a trace of a murderous aura that filled every single inch of this space.

“I’m Wanqi Qing from the Wanqi Clan. You’re probably not heard of me, but it isn’t important. You only have to understand that since I’m here today, you must leave Darkombat City. Otherwise, your life would be in danger.” The woman spoke with a graceful and dignified bearing, and her tone was flat, yet it revealed an indisputable aura.

“You were waiting for me from the beginning?” Chen Xi frowned. He didn’t recognize this person, yet he faintly determined that this Wanqi Qing probably represented the will of the Wanqi Clan which was one of the seven great ancient clans!

Moreover, he wondered why she’d suddenly made an appearance at this moment and obstructed him.

“Exactly.” Wanqi Qing didn’t deny it, and she seemed to be extremely frank. However, it was precisely such an attitude that caused her to seem extremely forceful and oppressive.

“Why?” Chen Xi remained unmoved. Only his eyes had lost its warmth and became completely icy cold, and it didn’t contain any more fluctuations of emotions because he’d vaguely guessed a possibility.

“Why ask about something you know the answer to? Little Fellow, my patience is limited. If you continue delaying, then I can only make a decision for you.” Wanqi Qing spoke in a flat tone while revealed a dignified bearing. Moreover, her eyes were still as water, and they were filled with indifference.

“Haha. An Immortal King was actually sent to obstruct me just for the position of Dean. Your Wanqi Clan really is resolute. However, if your clan thinks that it can take control of everything, then it might not necessarily be the case!” Chen Xi smiled lightly, yet his smile didn’t contain any emotion at all.

“Little Fellow, you’re still too young. With that little bit of cultivation that you possess, how many formidable existences would you be able to go against? It isn’t just my Wanqi Clan that made a move this time. Out of consideration that it was rather difficult for you to cultivate until now, I advise you to not suffer a huge loss for a little gain and lose your life here. It wouldn’t be worth it.” Wanqi Qing sighed lightly.

“I’ll give you a piece of advice as well. Now that the three dimensions has fallen beneath the calamity, all of you aren’t going against the Sovereign Sect, yet intend to cause trouble in the territory of my Dao Emperor Academy? Is that any different from helping the wicked perpetuate evil?” Chen Xi’s expression was solemn as he was slightly infuriated.

“Little Fellow, you’re infuriated. You won’t listen to anything I say now. How unfortunate! Another world shocking genius of the three dimensions is going to perish…” Wanqi Qing sighed once more, and her voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when copious killing intent rumbled and surged throughout the surroundings.

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