Chapter 1475 – The Grades Of Divine Artifacts

After Wu Ting was stomped down, he actually struggled with the intention of flying up, and he swiftly soared into the sky and intended to continue fighting.


This time, Chen Xi casually pressed down towards the space before him, and then a shapeless force surged out like a dark cloud that enveloped Wu Ting.


This time, it struck him directly. Wu Ting’s entire body was slapped onto the ground once more, and the bones in his entire body broke inch by inch, causing him to cough out large mouthfuls of blood and become unable to crawl up again!

An Immortal King was completely defeated.

“Chen Xi, you can’t kill me! The Sovereign Sect has swept through the three dimensions now, and since you dare go against us, you’re bound to be eternally unable to die a natural death!” Wu Ting howled furiously with a savage and livid expression, and it revealed dense resentment and anger.


Chen Xi didn’t waste his breath on Wu Ting at all. He swung the sword in his hand and severed Wu Ting’s head, causing the golden blood of Immortal Kings to spray out in a dazzling and horrifying yet beautiful manner.

But even then, Wu Ting actually didn’t perish completely, and he still cursed in a grim voice. “Damnable ant! How could you possibly kill me? So long as calamity is endless, the quintessence will remain!”

His shrill voice tore through the sky while his severed corpse actually...

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