Chapter 1474 – Defeating An Immortal King

No matter how shocked he was, as an Immortal King, Wu Ting’s reaction was naturally not slow.


In an instant, an expanse of a resplendent indigo glow arose on Wu Ting’s body, and then an indigo colored immortal robe appeared on his body. At the same time, a dark green spear appeared in his hand, and it emanated a terrifying sharp glow.


With merely a light sweep of the dark green spear, that wisp of sword qi that Chen Xi slashed out was directly shattered, and it seemed to be invincible and peerlessly oppressive.

Obviously, this dark green spear was a terrifying Immortal Artifact of extraordinary origins!

“Hmph! You can die in peace knowing that you were able to force me to utilize the Green Spiritbreaker Nightmare Spear while at the Half-step Immortal King Realm!” With his spear in hand, Wu Ting’s imposing aura changed once more. He revealed a domineering aura of supremacy, and his words were even overbearing, arrogant, and haughty.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. He withdrew a dagger at the Valiant Grade to probe this Immortal Artifact.


Wu Ting swung the spear, and its dark green edge swept by before the dagger was immediately shattered and transformed into a rain of light that shot into the surroundings.

“That’s all?” Wu Ting grunted coldly with disdain.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he stared at the dark green spear in Wu Ting’s hand. “This treasure isn’t bad. Why don’t...

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