Chapter 1474 – Defeating An Immortal King

No matter how shocked he was, as an Immortal King, Wu Ting’s reaction was naturally not slow.


In an instant, an expanse of a resplendent indigo glow arose on Wu Ting’s body, and then an indigo colored immortal robe appeared on his body. At the same time, a dark green spear appeared in his hand, and it emanated a terrifying sharp glow.


With merely a light sweep of the dark green spear, that wisp of sword qi that Chen Xi slashed out was directly shattered, and it seemed to be invincible and peerlessly oppressive.

Obviously, this dark green spear was a terrifying Immortal Artifact of extraordinary origins!

“Hmph! You can die in peace knowing that you were able to force me to utilize the Green Spiritbreaker Nightmare Spear while at the Half-step Immortal King Realm!” With his spear in hand, Wu Ting’s imposing aura changed once more. He revealed a domineering aura of supremacy, and his words were even overbearing, arrogant, and haughty.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. He withdrew a dagger at the Valiant Grade to probe this Immortal Artifact.


Wu Ting swung the spear, and its dark green edge swept by before the dagger was immediately shattered and transformed into a rain of light that shot into the surroundings.

“That’s all?” Wu Ting grunted coldly with disdain.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he stared at the dark green spear in Wu Ting’s hand. “This treasure isn’t bad. Why don’t you hand it over to me for safekeeping? It just happens to be able to be taken as a material and fused into my treasure.”

“Hahaha! What a presumptuous little fellow! Even though Immortal Artifacts are great, you have to be alive to take it!” Wu Ting roared with laughter. He held the spear in one hand and pointed it towards Chen Xi from afar, and a strand of piercingly cold killing intent instantly seethed and covered the heavens and the earth. At this moment, the heavens and the earth were filled with a murderous aura, and even time and space had become frozen and were wailing without end.

“My fortune has always been not bad. Since you’ve agreed, then I’ll come take it!” A divine glow flowed within Chen Xi’s eyes before he vanished on the spot with a swish.

“You’re courting death!” Wu Ting attacked. The spear stabbed out like a bolt of green divine lightning, and it was like a boundless green sky that was filled with monstrous killing intent.

Chen Xi’s figure flashed and avoided this attack because this treasure was too sharp. It threw time and space into chaos and caused a myriad of strands of killing intent to arise, so Chen Xi had no choice but to be careful.


Wu Ting attacked once more. Green light shot into the sky while killing intent rose like the tide, and merely the aura of its terrifying might was sufficient to take the lives of ordinary Half-step Immortal Kings.

This was the might of an Immortal King that was assisted by a precious treasure, so it was obviously shocking.

However, all of this seemed to be unable to affect Chen Xi at all. His figure flickered repeatedly in space as he teleported, and then he suddenly charged forward while pressing his fingers together and slashing.


A wisp of sword qi surged out.


The sword qi and dark green spear collided, causing a chaotic flow of energy to erupt and sweep towards the surroundings. It transformed the area in the surroundings into a chaotic and blazing expanse.

Wu Ting was shocked in his heart because merely a wisp of sword qi had actually caused his arm to faintly hurt. Is this a strength that a Half-step Immortal King can possess?

He didn’t dare hold back any longer. The dark green spear shook as a myriad of Immortal King Laws surged out from within it, and it covered the heavens and the earth with the intent of annihilating Chen Xi swiftly so as to avoid any unexpected events from occurring.


The spear tore through the sky and seemed to intend to penetrate the world. Moreover, it was suffused with a supreme might that shook the surroundings.

Chen Xi’s expression became slightly solemn. His fingers moved repeatedly as he slashed out a variety of supreme sword qi that were suffused with the energy of Order, and they formed into boundless talismans that transformed the surroundings into an ocean of talismans.

This was a combat technique that he’d comprehended after he absorbed the Divine Chains of Order. It utilized the supreme energy of inheritance contained within the Infinite Divine Talisman as its core, and it fused with the Talisman Saint Dao and supplemented by the profundities of time and space. In the end, it was returned back to simplicity and combined into one before being completely fused into the Sword Dao.

In this way, every single one of the seemingly simple strands of sword qi he executed were actually filled with the various peak forces that he possessed, and its might was so formidable that it had arrived at a world shocking level.

Clang! Clang!

Sparks shot into the surroundings. The subsequent part of the battle was extremely intense. Wu Ting held the Green Spiritbreaker Nightmare Spear in hand as he fought Chen Xi, and they fought violently through the heavens and the earth and transformed an area of a few tens of millions of kilometers within Iris Desert into their battlefield.

For a time, various terrifying scenes like gods howling, thunderclaps, flashes of lightning, raging waves, and blood filling the sky shook the heavens and the earth.

If others were to witness this scene, they would absolutely not dare believe that a Half-step Immortal King was actually able to fight an Immortal King equally, because this was simply inconceivable!

Amidst the intense battle, Wu Ting’s expression gradually became gloomy, and a wisp of terror arose in his heart.

Up until this point in the battle, he’d already utilized his secret treasure and executed various lethal moves, and if it was an ordinary Half-step Immortal King, that person would have been annihilated in an instant.

However, all of this was actually unable to do anything to this damnable ant before him!

If it was merely this, then Wu Ting wouldn’t have been so terrified. But the key point was that Chen Xi was still barehanded at this point of the battle and hadn’t utilized an Immortal Artifact!

What did this mean?

Just thinking about it caused Wu Ting’s scalp to go numb!

This was the first time Wu Ting had encountered such a heaven defying existence since he advanced into the Immortal King Realm, and it had simply overturned all his past perceptions towards Half-step Immortal Kings.

Martial Dao Will, cultivation foundation, comprehension of the Dao, cultivation in the Sword Dao, combat technique… This kid has probably even surpassed Immortal Kings in every aspect, otherwise how could he possibly fight me equally while staying barehanded?

Dammit! Where did this bastard come from? Isn’t he a little too monstrous?

Logically speaking, with his current ability, it would be sufficient for him to easily step foot into the ranks of Immortal Kings. Why is he still staying at the Half-step Immortal King Realm now?

Could it be…he intends to condense a Primeval Dao Quintessence?

When this thought floated into appearance within Wu Ting’s mind, it caused his heart to tremble once more. The Primeval Dao Quintessence! That was something only existences that established the most perfect Immortal King Grand Dao were able to possess.

Once it was attained, then the universe within the body would fuse with the chaos from the absolute beginning of the world and accommodate the void. Its might was absolutely unbelievably formidable!

However, because this path was too obscure and difficult to accomplish. Unless one possessed unprecedented Karmic Luck, heaven defying natural talent, and a world shocking Immortal King Foundation, it was utterly impossible to comprehend and grasp.

According to Wu Ting’s knowledge, there was probably not a single Immortal King amongst a million that was capable of condensing a Primeval Dao Quintessence!

Even if it was within the Sovereign Sect, there were merely one or two existences amongst the Elite Disciples that had comprehended and grasped the Primeval Dao Quintessence, and the others, including Wu Ting himself, weren’t able to grasp such a force!

Yet now, Chen Xi was merely at the Half-step Immortal King Realm yet already possessed such ability, and it was even to the extent that it was extremely likely that Chen Xi would comprehend and grasp the Primeval Dao Quintessence. This was sufficient to make Wu Ting feel extremely threatened.

This kid must be killed today! When he thought up to here, a wisp of an extremely resolute expression and ghastly killing intent surged out from Wu Ting’s eyes.


The dark green spear shook the sky, and it seemed illusory and ethereal. It emanated the merciless energy of calamity and instantly dragged this expanse of the heavens and the earth into the scene that seemed like a ghastly purgatory. Calamity surged throughout the surroundings, and all things were obliterated.

This was Wu Ting’s trump card, and it was called the Calamity Annihilation Dao. It was ranked at the fifth position amongst the ten great inheritances of the Sovereign Sect. Once it was executed, its might was so formidable that it was capable of instantly annihilating a large world!

A wisp of a piercingly cold arc arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when facing this attack, and it seemed like an arc of ridicule.

Wu Ting acutely noticed all of this, and he was instantly utterly infuriated by it and smashed down towards Chen Xi.

At practically the exact same moment, blazing immortal radiance arose from Chen Xi’s figure, and it formed into a myriad of talismans. It enveloped his entire body like a divine halo, and then he slashed horizontally at Wu Ting’s head.

“Die!” When he saw Chen Xi actually take the initiative to attack, Wu Ting couldn’t help but shout explosively while his entire body glowed, and he met Chen Xi’s attack head-on.


The two of them collided forcefully. It seemed like the collision of the sun and moon, and it shook the world.

Chen Xi’s figure flashed and dodged extremely far away while a trace of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. However, he didn’t seem discouraged at all, and he had a firm and murderous expression instead.

In this collision, Wu Ting was similarly affected. His shoulder was injured and felt as if it had been broken. Waves of violent pain came from it, and it caused his expression to instantly become livid.

I’ve…actually been injured!

“Kill!” Wu Ting roared furiously while his entire body surged with strand after strand of the glow of Immortal Kings. He’d already exerted his entire strength as he charged out once more, and he intended to completely crush and kill Chen Xi.


The energy of calamity and annihilation in this expanse of the heavens and the earth rose explosively, and its might was ferocious and shocking.

At this moment, Chen Xi suddenly started laughing, and he was confident and arrogant.

This was the first time he’d fought an Immortal King. Earlier, he wasn’t really confident in himself, yet at this point of the battle, he’d finally confirmed that he’d already possessed the might to go against an Immortal King!

It was even to the extent that he felt Immortal Kings weren’t anything great!

All of this came from the comprehensions he’d obtained in the past few days. After he witnessed the calamity that seemed like the end of the world, witnessed the battle between gods, and then cultivated in meditation to absorb the Divine Chains of Chaos, it was equivalent to seizing the Karmic Luck of the Heavens for himself!

All of these comprehensions and his Immortal King Foundation that had almost attained perfection allowed him to undergo numerous transformations. He could step into the ranks of Immortal Kings at any moment, and he possessed the ability to surmount a realm and do battle!

All of these changes were now reflected in his battle with Wu Ting!

In other words, Chen Xi had taken Wu Ting to be his punching bag earlier, and he was tempering and understanding his own strength through battle!

Wu Ting was shocked. He felt that Chen Xi had changed and was revealing boundless confidence. Moreover, Chen Xi’s imposing aura was so exuberant that it seemed capable of shattering the world and shaking the universe!

This caused Wu Ting to not dare hesitate at all. He utilized all his might in his assault and the aura of calamity and annihilation he emanated grew even more terrifying. He enveloped the entire heavens and the earth in a torrent of calamity.


Right at this moment, an Immortal Artifact finally appeared in Chen Xi’s hand, and it was a scarlet red and brilliant Immortal Sword.


A single sword strike was like the rising sun soaring into the sky, and it illuminated the world in its brilliance.

In an instant, the boundless energy of calamity was easily torn apart, shattered, and turned into powder before it vanished without a trace. The heavens and the earth became bright once more, and only a wisp of sword qi was flying through it!


Wu Ting was extremely shocked. The dark green spear in his hand flew out from his grasp while his figure staggered back without end. He coughed up large mouthfuls of blood while he roared with terror and fury. “The Dao Calamity Sword! Damnable Bastard! This treasure really is in your possession!”

“Idiot! Could it be that Suiren Ting never mentioned this to you? Truly pitiable!” Chen Xi held his sword in hand as he charged over once more, and he was like a Fiendgod of the sword as he swung his sword and attacked.

Wu Ting dodged repeatedly. In the end, Chen Xi grabbed ahold of an opportunity and slashed down with his sword to forcefully severe Wu Ting’s right arm, causing Wu Ting to be dripping with blood while his Immortal Clothes from before had been torn apart.


Chen Xi kicked Wu Ting on the chest, and the Immortal Clothes on his body directly collapsed!

An Immortal King was actually defeated by a Half-step Immortal King!

If the outside world knew of this, it would definitely cause a mighty uproar.

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