Chapter 1473 – Fighting An Immortal King

Iris Desert.

Wind was whistling by while spatial rifts flickered at all times as they flowed towards the surroundings.

In the sky, a door stood towering there. Yet it was never silent, as numerous thick and large Divine Chains of Order surged out from within it, and they seemed to be patrolling the three dimensions with the intention of restraining the gods that were in hiding.

Obviously, this calamity that had swept through the three dimensions wouldn’t vanish in a short period of time.


A figure appeared out of thin air and strolled on Iris Desert. His clothes fluttered along with his dense jet black hair, and it revealed a handsome appearance that was staring blankly.

This figure naturally belonged to Chen Xi.

Up until this moment, he still hadn’t returned to his senses from everything he’d experienced earlier.

His experience in the Iris Immortal Prison allowed him to obtain the 8th River Diagram fragment, and he’d recognized another five obscure ancient characters and a diagram that was branded with a bloodied, damaged sword.

Most importantly, he finally had some information about his father, Chen Lingjun, and the rage and incomprehension accumulated within his heart seemed to have been dispelled instantaneously as well.

However, in Chen Xi’s heart, it was still empty and painful.

After all, this time, he wasn’t able to meet his parents again, and needless to say, this was an extremely great regret for him.

During your first reincarnation in the three dimensions, you were the junior brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master; in your second lifetime, you were Oracle Mountain’s Second Lord, Daoist Sheng Ji; in your third lifetime, you were Yun Fusheng; and now, you’re Chen Lingjun… But where exactly did you come from? Chen Xi stared blankly as he fell into deep thought. He still remembered that his father, Chen Lingjun, had said that he wasn’t from the three dimensions. Then, where did Chen Lingjun come from before he reincarnated? What sort of identity did he possess?

All of this was unknown.

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that his parents, Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue, had left. They’d seized the opportunity presented by this calamity that swept through the three dimensions to leave the three dimensions.

As for exactly where they’d gone or why they’d left in such a hurry, Chen Xi was unable to determine the reason.

All those years ago, Chen Lingjun, who was the junior brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master, intended to leave because of some sort of reason, yet he was annihilated by the Sovereign Sect’s Master, and it was similarly because of that they he suffered calamity and perished during his second and third lifetimes.

Perhaps, it was precisely because of this unknown reason that Chen Lingjun had no choice but to leave now?

Chen Xi took a deep breath and silently sensed the River Diagram fragments that floated within his sea of consciousness. He was clearly aware in his heart that since his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, asked him to take good care of it before she left, then so long as he gradually unlocked its secrets, then the day would come where he would be able to be reunited with them.

Hmm? Right at this moment, Chen Xi sensed something in his heart, and his eyes flowed with cold lightning.


In the next moment, his figure vanished on the spot.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the sky extremely far away from Iris Desert, three figures suddenly appeared.

“Search carefully. This is the place that the seven Godslaughter Generals and Senior Brother Suiren perished at. Now that the calamity has descended, the gods have ceased to exist, so we must capture those rebels of the Zuoqiu Clan!” The young man in the lead who wore a blood red robe and had a ghastly pale countenance spoke through his lips that were suffused with a dense blackish color. He was called Wu Ting, and he was an Elite Disciple of the Sovereign Sect.

Wu Ting himself was an existence at the Immortal King Realm, yet he wasn’t ranked amongst the Seven Elite Disciples. The reason was that his strength was still a certain distance away from Suiren Ting, Jiang Lingxiao, and the other top-rate existences amongst the Seven Elite Disciples.

“Yes!” At Wu Ting’s side, two old men bowed in unison. Both of them wore grey robes, and the area above their chests on their robes was branded with the diagram of an obscure eye. This was the mark of the Sovereign Sect.

This meant that these two grey robed old men were ordinary disciples of the Sovereign Sect, and their status was roughly similar to Wei Xing, while their cultivations were at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

“Remember, that kid called Chen Xi must be found!” Wu Ting seemed to have thought of something, and he instructed once more.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two grey robed old men immediately received their orders and left.

“This time, my Sovereign Sect is sweeping through the three dimensions, and the Zuoqiu Clan ought to be the first to be annihilated. If it wasn’t because of them, how could Senior Brother Suiren Ting and the seven Godslaughter Generals have possibly suffered such a calamity and perished? All of these bastards that dare to go against the Sovereign Sect deserve to be killed!” Wu Ting pondered deeply with an extremely ghastly expression.

Unfortunately, he was utterly unaware that Suiren Ting’s death wasn’t related to others at all, and his body had been taken over by a strand of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s will.

“It’s still unknown whether Eldest Senior Brother and Senior Sister Jiang Lingxiao have succeeded. So long as we take down the seven great ancient clans and the seven great academies of the Immortal Dimension, then it would be sufficient for my Sovereign Sect to quickly take control of more than half of the Immortal Dimension’s territory…” Wu Ting rubbed his chin while seeming to be lost in thought, and he got more excited the more he thought about it.

In the past, the Sovereign Sect had been taken to be the public enemy of the three dimensions, and they could only hide themselves within the Sovereign Realm and were unable to make an appearance in the world for a very long time.

Now, the calamity had finally descended, and the Sovereign Sect could finally stand proudly in the three dimensions to become the one and only ruler of the heavens and the earth. As an Elite Disciple of the Sovereign Sect, how could Wu Ting possibly not be excited by this?


“Senior Brother Wu Ting…”

Suddenly, two shrill howls sounded out from the space extremely far away, and then they stopped abruptly, causing Wu Ting to instantly be jolted awake from his deep thought while his expression immediately became extremely gloomy.

“Dammit! Could it be that some sort of mishap occurred?”


Wu Ting didn’t hesitate at all to flash, and he instantly teleported and vanished on the spot.

In the depths of Iris Desert.

Two bloody corpses lay on the ground. Their eyes were opened wide while an expression of terror lingered on their faces.

Not too far away from these two corpses was Zuoqiu Feiming and the other Half-step Immortal Kings. They were still seated cross-legged on the ground, and they didn’t show any signs of waking up.

Coupled with the defensive formation that Chen Xi set up, they actually didn’t notice everything that occurred in their surroundings.


A wave of fluctuation arose in space, and then Wu Ting’s figure appeared. He saw such a scene at first glance, and his ghastly pale countenance was instantly suffused with a wisp of a savage expression.

While the calamity has swept through the three dimensions, there’s actually someone that dares to make a move against disciples of my Sovereign Sect! They’re simply tired of living!

“Ha! No wonder. I was wondering when the Sovereign Sect became so brave to actually send two Half-step Immortal Kings to give their lives away. So it turns out that an Immortal King was following behind them.” Suddenly, a cold and indifferent voice resounded, and it caused Wu Ting’s face to sink. His gaze swept over swiftly, and he instantly locked onto the source of the voice.

In that originally empty expanse of space, a figure suddenly floated into appearance. He wore green clothes, had a gaze that was indifferent like cold bolts of lightning, and as his long hair fluttered, a handsome and calm face was revealed.

“Chen Xi!?” Wu Ting recognized Chen Xi with a single glance, and his originally savage expression suddenly vanished and was replaced by ridicule and excitement.

“HAHAHA! No wonder these two Junior Brothers of mine died so quickly. I heard that Wei Xing and an entire sixty nine Half-step Immortal Kings together were unable to do anything to you at all. Now it would seem like you really deserve your reputation.” Wu Ting’s entire body suddenly surged with a strand of terrifying and explosive Immortal King Energy. His entire figure seemed to have transformed into a king that controlled the world, and he was arrogant and haughty as he roared with laughter. “Unfortunately, no matter how extraordinary you are, you’re only a Half-step Immortal King! You can be proud to perish at the hands of I, Wu Ting, today.”

As he spoke, he actually attacked directly!


He strode forward, and the entire heavens and the earth changed abruptly.

The heavens, the earth, space, and time within an area of 50,000km had fallen into a motionless state, and it was completely controlled by Wu Ting!

This was the might of an Immortal King. With a single thought, they could control time and space and bring about a shocking change in the situation. They were capable of easily forcing their opponents into a hopeless situation where the opponent was powerless to struggle!

In an instant, Chen Xi’s entire figure seemed as if it had been frozen, and he didn’t move at all.

“Hahaha! Little Bastard, do you see it now? This is the strength of an Immortal King! Supreme and mighty existences that control time and space. No matter how you struggle, how could you possibly escape the restraints of time and space?” After attaining success with a single move, Wu Ting couldn’t refrain himself from roaring with laughter, and then he suddenly stretched out an arm to claw at Chen Xi from afar. He intended to tear Chen Xi’s chest apart and dig out Chen Xi’s heart!

This was Wu Ting’s favorite method to kill. He loved to dig out the heart of his enemies and swallow it because it felt indescribably wonderful to him.

“Really?” However, right at this moment, Chen Xi who originally stood there motionless, suddenly raised his head, and a wisp of a piercingly cold arc arose on the corners of his mouth while his gaze even seemed as if he was staring at a corpse.

This sudden scene caused Wu Ting’s heart to jerk.


Before he could react, Chen Xi had already made a move, and a wisp of sword light soared up. It tore through space, slashed through the restraints of time, and carried a powerful and supreme energy of talismans as it swept over!


At this moment, the heavens and the earth were filled by a deafening sword howl. Time and space exploded apart chaotically, and they were completely destroyed by this wisp of sword qi.

This sword strike was simply extremely astounding. It was filled with the obscure energy of the Order of the heavens and the earth, yet it was formed from boundless talismans. It was filled with the profundity of returning the Grand Dao to simplicity.

Wu Ting’s expression changed once more because he actually felt the aura of extreme danger from this sword strike!

How could this be possible?

How could a Half-step Immortal King possibly be able to exert such combat strength?


Wu Ting didn’t dare hesitate and suddenly withdrew 81 dark immortal blades, and every single one of them were coiled with Immortal King Energy and were peerlessly murderous.

This was a set of Immortal Artifacts, and it was called the Spirit Slaughter Formation’s Immortal Blades. Even though it was only at the Valiant Grade, the might it displayed as a pair was comparable to the Void Grade, and when it was utilized by an Immortal King, it was even suffused with a supreme and terrifying might.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, to Wu Ting’s shock, in merely an instant, this set of immortal blades were actually unable to obstruct a single sword strike from Chen Xi, and they were slashed into pieces instead, causing them to transform into a rain of light that sprayed down from the sky.

Moreover, that wisp of sword qi didn’t lose momentum at all, and it traversed the limits of space and time to continue slashing down towards him!

This…this…is this a combat strength that a Half-step Immortal King can possess? Wu Ting’s expression changed abruptly while he was extremely shocked in his heart. He simply didn’t dare believe his eyes. When did even Half-step Immortal Kings become capable of deterring an Immortal King?

This was simply unprecedented since ancient times!

After all, the distance between Half-step Immortal Kings and Immortal Kings was simply like the distance between the heavens and the earth. A single Immortal King was sufficient to easily crush a group of Half-step Immortal Kings, and they couldn’t be compared at all.

Yet it just so happened that this scene where one surmounted a realm to do battle had appeared right before his very eyes, and it was even to the extent that Wu Ting felt a strong aura of danger from it!

No matter which Immortal King faced such a situation, could any one of them avoid being shocked by it?

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