Chapter 1473 – Fighting An Immortal King

Iris Desert.

Wind was whistling by while spatial rifts flickered at all times as they flowed towards the surroundings.

In the sky, a door stood towering there. Yet it was never silent, as numerous thick and large Divine Chains of Order surged out from within it, and they seemed to be patrolling the three dimensions with the intention of restraining the gods that were in hiding.

Obviously, this calamity that had swept through the three dimensions wouldn’t vanish in a short period of time.


A figure appeared out of thin air and strolled on Iris Desert. His clothes fluttered along with his dense jet black hair, and it revealed a handsome appearance that was staring blankly.

This figure naturally belonged to Chen Xi.

Up until this moment, he still hadn’t returned to his senses from everything he’d experienced earlier.

His experience in the Iris Immortal Prison allowed him to obtain the 8th River Diagram fragment, and he’d recognized another five obscure ancient characters and a diagram that was branded with a bloodied, damaged sword.

Most importantly, he finally had some information about his father, Chen Lingjun, and the rage and incomprehension accumulated within his heart seemed to have been dispelled instantaneously as well.

However, in Chen Xi’s heart, it was still empty and painful.

After all, this time, he wasn’t able to...

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