Chapter 1472 – Scenes Of The Past


Chen Lingjun flicked his sleeve, and the scene changed abruptly. A screen of light floated into appearance, and the scene on it changed without end.

In the screen of light was a vast expanse of the sky, and there were an entire 33 levels!

Every single level represented a boundless Secret Realm. A man in green clothes had a desolate expression as he walked at a hasty pace, and every stride he took would traverse a level of the sky.

This man in green clothes had a manly face and brows that were slanted and sharp like a sword. Shockingly, this man’s appearance was exactly like Chen Lingjun!

However, Chen Xi acutely noticed that the green clothed man was clearly not his father. Because the aura of that green clothed man was too obscure, and it was filled with supreme energy of divinity. Moreover, every single move he made seemed to be able to split open the heavens and the earth and recreate the world!

It was even to the extent that his imposing aura was even more formidable than Chen Xi’s Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai!

How could such a supreme figure possibly be his father, Chen Lingjun?

Yet it just so happened that this green clothed man’s appearance was exactly similar to Chen Lingjun…

A flash of inspiration arose in Chen Xi’s mind, and then a thought floated up into appearance within his mind. He took a deep breath...

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