Chapter 1472 – Scenes Of The Past


Chen Lingjun flicked his sleeve, and the scene changed abruptly. A screen of light floated into appearance, and the scene on it changed without end.

In the screen of light was a vast expanse of the sky, and there were an entire 33 levels!

Every single level represented a boundless Secret Realm. A man in green clothes had a desolate expression as he walked at a hasty pace, and every stride he took would traverse a level of the sky.

This man in green clothes had a manly face and brows that were slanted and sharp like a sword. Shockingly, this man’s appearance was exactly like Chen Lingjun!

However, Chen Xi acutely noticed that the green clothed man was clearly not his father. Because the aura of that green clothed man was too obscure, and it was filled with supreme energy of divinity. Moreover, every single move he made seemed to be able to split open the heavens and the earth and recreate the world!

It was even to the extent that his imposing aura was even more formidable than Chen Xi’s Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai!

How could such a supreme figure possibly be his father, Chen Lingjun?

Yet it just so happened that this green clothed man’s appearance was exactly similar to Chen Lingjun…

A flash of inspiration arose in Chen Xi’s mind, and then a thought floated up into appearance within his mind. He took a deep breath and stopped thinking while he continued watching it.

After hastily taking 33 steps, the green clothed man had already arrived above the 33 levels.

This was an expanse of chaos, and the aura of divinity whistled through the surroundings while the sun, moon, and stars rose and fell. The most conspicuous of them all was a brilliant divine throne that stood towering at the center of the chaos!

On the divine throne was the figure of a black robed man sitting upright there.

That figure seemed to be boundlessly tall, and he was completely suffused with a supreme dignified aura. He was like the ruler of the heavens and the earth, the exalt of all things, and he emanated a terrifying aura that caused the world to tremble before him.

He sat upright on the divine throne, and the throne was brilliant because of him!

Because this figure was too supreme and dignified, had an indistinct and empty aura, and was brilliant to the point he was impossible to look at, others were utterly unable to see his appearance clearly.

When he saw this figure, Chen Xi’s heart shook once more. The Sovereign Sect’s Master!

He’d seen the aura revealed by this figure within the Eye of Divine Truth and on Suiren Ting’s body after Suiren Ting’s body had been taken over, so how could he not recognize it?

Father… No, this green clothed man, why is he here? Why would he meet the Sovereign Sect’s Master? Could it be that there’s some sort of relationship between the two of them? For a time, countless questions arose in Chen Xi’s heart.

“Senior Brother, I’m leaving.” After the green clothed man arrived above the 33 levels, he was silent for a long time before he finally looked at the supreme figure on the divine throne, and he spoke slowly while a wisp of a firm expression suffused his face.

Senior Brother! Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart. Could it be that he’s the Junior Brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master?

“During the primeval times, the gods and sages fought for supremacy, and everyone desired to take control of the three dimensions. You have a peaceful disposition and hold yourself aloof from the world, so I can understand all of this. I won’t go against your will or ask you to go on expeditions for the Sovereign Sect, yet why do you intend to leave?” On the divine throne, the Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke with an empty voice that didn’t carry any emotion, yet it was filled with a supreme dignified aura.

“There is little common ground for understanding between people of differing principles.” The green clothed man went silent for a long time before he lightly spat out a few words.

“Hahaha! What an answer!” The Sovereign Sect’s Master roared with laughter. His voice rumbled like divine lightning and resounded throughout the chaos in the surroundings, and then his laughter stopped abruptly as he suddenly raised his eyes. Two rays of divine light shot directly towards the green clothed man as he said indifferently, “Junior Brother, what if I don’t agree?”


The green clothed man didn’t say anything, but a sword had appeared in his hand.

“You intend to fight me?” The voice of the Sovereign Sect’s Master carried a wisp of deep ridicule.

“Senior Brother, I presume you’ve been aware since long ago that I was never from the three dimensions, and I’ve been aware of your intentions since a long time ago. However, if you think you can kill me here, then you’re being too naïve!” The green clothed man raised his head with a solemn expression, and he was completely fearless.

“Yes, you were never from the three dimensions, and I’d more or less guessed your identity a long time ago. But ask yourself, have I ever forced you to do anything in all these years?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master was indifferent, and his voice revealed a strand of rage.

“Force me? Do you even dare?” The green clothed man’s face was suddenly suffused with a wisp of ridicule. “There’s no need to speak any further. Your thoughts can deceive all the people of the world, yet it may not necessarily be able to deceive me.”

“You really intend to fight me?” The voice of the Sovereign Sect’s Master carried a wisp of killing intent.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but be nervous to the extreme.


However, right at this moment, the scene on the screen of light suddenly changed, and all the scenes vanished.

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. Why did it vanish? Did they fight or not? What was the outcome?

After that, he took a deep breath and started to carefully recollect everything he’d witnessed earlier. The Junior Brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master isn’t from the three dimensions… Could it be that the green clothed man was from the ancient God Domain? Wait, if it was really like that, then why would he appear in the three dimensions?

“During that time, I was called Tai Ling, and I was the Junior Brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master. I was below one and above all others, and I was respected as the Little Martial Uncle of the Sovereign Sect and was renowned throughout the primeval times. Haha! Unfortunately, all of that wasn’t real in the end.” Suddenly, the screen of light flashed, and Chen Lingjun’s voice sounded out. “Xi’er, there’s no need to doubt it. That was me. However, it was just my first reincarnation after I arrived in the three dimensions.”

Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart when he heard this. Reincarnation! It really was reincarnation!He’d guessed this a long time ago, and he just didn’t dare confirm it, nor did he dare connect the Junior Brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master to his own father.

But obviously, all of this was true!

“In the end, because of certain reasons, a conflict couldn’t help but erupt between me and the Sovereign Sect’s Master. He thought that he’d completely annihilated me, yet he’d never imagined that since I was able to reincarnate in the three dimensions, then I would naturally be able to reincarnate again…” Chen Lingjun spoke once more, and his voice carried a wisp of pride, yet right after that, his voice became low and heavy once more. “Nevermind, watch yourself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the screen of light appeared once more, and the scene within it changed as it revealed various other scenes.

After Chen Xi finished watching it, he couldn’t help but feel a wave of shock in his heart, and he found it difficult to believe.

Because in this second reincarnation, Chen Lingjun was called Daoist Sheng Ji, and he’d actually joined Oracle Mountain to become the second disciple of Oracle Mountain. He was respectfully addressed as Oracle Mountain’s Second Lord!

Later on, as Daoist Sheng Ji’s cultivation deepened, he recovered the various memories of his past life, and he intended to leave the three dimensions. However, when he took this step, he was noticed by the Master of the Sovereign Sect, and the Sovereign Sect’s Master sent the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation down to obstruct and annihilate him, causing him to perish and reincarnate once more!

My father has actually become my Second Senior Brother? After he found out about all of this, numerous strange emotions arose in Chen Xi’s heart. No wonder even Third Senior Brother and the others don’t know where Second Senior Brother went…

The screen of light flashed once more.

It revealed Chen Lingjun’s third reincarnation. In this lifetime, he joined Dao Emperor Academy, cultivated painstakingly in the Sword Dao, and was ranked amongst the inner court students of the academy…

In the end, after he recovered the various memories of his past, he left swiftly once more, yet he was unable to accomplish his wish in the end and perished once more.

In this lifetime, he was called Yun Fusheng!

Yun Fusheng! This name was extremely familiar to Chen Xi. At the moment he stepped foot into Dao Emperor Academy, many people had compared him to Yun Fusheng, and it was even to the extent that the Sword Room he resided in within the inner court now once belonged to Yun Fusheng!

For a time, the feelings in Chen Xi’s heart were complicated to the extreme. The Junior Brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master, the Second Lord of Oracle Mountain, Daoist Sheng Ji, Dao Emperor Academy’s Yun Fusheng…

All these figures that were extremely dazzling in the past were actually all my father, Chen Lingjun!

This sort of feeling was truly complicated to the point of being indescribable. Chen Xi was slightly unable to distinguish exactly who his father, Chen Lingjun, actually was!

At this point, the screen of light flashed, and it revealed Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue’s figures once more.

“In this lifetime, my name was Chen Lingjun, and I became a little cultivator in the mortal world. I never expected that I would possess so many identities. Perhaps it was because my cultivation was too low, but I was even unable to recall everything from my past lifetimes.” Chen Lingjun spoke with a complicated expression. “Later on, when I met A’Xue, I finally awakened a small portion of my memories. But because my cultivation was too weak, I fell to the inner demons of my past lifetimes and was unable to struggle free from them, and it caused me to make too many mistakes…”

When he spoke up to here, his expression was covered in pain, and his figure trembled slightly.

“I was unable to save the lives of the Chen Clan’s clansmen nor was I able to bring you and Hao’er up… I was too selfish! Too useless! Too heartless!” Chen Lingjun suddenly spoke became agitated, and he gritted his teeth as he said, “But I know that I’m Chen Lingjun! I’m not the Junior Brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master, I’m not Daoist Sheng Ji, and I’m not Yun Fusheng!”

“I’m…Chen Lingjun!” When he finished saying this, it seemed to have taken all the strength in Chen Lingjun, and it caused him to be haggard, desolate, and sad to the extreme.

After reincarnating numerous times, every single reincarnation represented the sorrows and joys of separation and reunion. So, how could everything he experienced and witnessed possibly not affect his heart at all?

In these years, he himself was extremely frustrated and was unable to distinguish exactly who he was!

Could anyone in the world understand how all of this felt?

Now he was enlightened. He was Chen Lingjun, and he’d stopped being obsessed with the past and put down all the burdens in his heart. However, unfortunately, he was unable to escape the restraints of fate in the end.

Because he wasn’t someone from the three dimensions, and he had no choice but to leave because of certain reasons! Otherwise, why did he have to reincarnate for a few lifetimes and struggle bitterly until now?

“Xi’er, now, you ought to understand that it hasn’t been easy for you, your younger brother, or your father.” Zuoqiu Xue who’d remained silent all along spoke, and her voice carried a wisp of sorrow and pain. How much of hardships were contained within the words ‘not easy’ that she spoke?

Chen Xi puckered his lips, yet his expression had already gradually recovered his calm. He was unable to say if he should hate or accept all of this, and he was unprecedentedly frustrated in his heart.

Suddenly, the screen of light started shaking violently.

“Shit! There’s not enough time, the calamity has already erupted!” Chen Lingjun’s expression changed abruptly, and his expression was indeterminate.

“Lingjun, let’s go! This is your one and only chance, and you absolutely can’t miss it. If Xi’er and Hao’er find out about all of this, they’ll definitely understand all of this!” Zuoqiu Xue spoke with a firm expression, and she grabbed Chen Lingjun before her figure flashed.


The entire screen of light completely exploded into pieces and vanished.

In the air, Zuoqiu Xue’s last words sounded out. “Xi’er, you absolutely must take care of that River Diagram fragment. That’s where the hope for our family to reunite in the future resides!”

At this point, everything had vanished.

On the other hand, Chen Xi stood there while staring blankly. His heart rose and fell, and it was unable to calm down for a long time.

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