Chapter 1471 – A Bloodied Damaged Sword


The River Diagram fragments fluctuation violently within his sea of consciousness while emanating an ancient and obscure aura that seemed like the Chaos at the absolute beginning of the world. It rumbled like the tune of the Dao, and it resounded in every single inch of space within his sea of consciousness.

In an instant, Chen Xi once again felt that ceaselessly revolving vortex in the depths of his soul. It was deep and mysterious, and it was suffused with a gorgeous glow.

The core of the vortex even emanated a strand of an indescribable and mysterious energy that enveloped his soul, and it was like his soul was covered in a layer of armor.

Daoseal Mark!

This familiar name appeared once more in Chen Xi’s heart.

That day when he fused with the 7th River Diagram fragment, this vortex and the mysterious and unfathomable Daoseal Mark had been created within his soul.

This energy was too obscure and mysterious, and he wasn’t aware of its uses or effects. However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that while he was enveloped by the Daoseal Mark, then even if the energy of the Heaven Dao descended, it would be unable to restrain his soul!

Moreover, besides this, when he fused with the 7th River Diagram fragment that day, a mysterious diagram had been revealed on the surface of the River Diagram fragments. The diagram flowed with strands of mysterious words. Unfortunately, they were extremely blurred, so no matter how Chen Xi tried to recognize them, he was merely able to faintly distinguish the ancient characters of ‘荒’, ‘墟’, ‘神’, and ‘古’.

However, this scene had merely appeared for an instant before it vanished, causing Chen Xi to be puzzled for a very long time. Up until now, he still hadn’t figured out the secrets hidden behind all of this.

For example, what was the vortex? What was a Daoseal Mark?

Why would such a mysterious diagram surge out into appearance from the River Diagram fragments?

What sorts of secrets were recorded within those extremely blurry ancient characters?

Chen Xi wasn’t able to deduce any leads from all of this, and it was even to the extent that because of the appearance of the Daoseal Mark, he’d exhausted more than half of his Soul Energy within a short period of time, causing him to become extremely exhausted.

At this moment, when he fused with the 8th River Diagram fragment, these scenes had appeared once more!

The vortex in his soul that revolved without end, the glowing Daoseal Mark, and the glistening and glowing River Diagram itself…

Finally, after a short moment, the mysterious diagram appeared once more!

This time, Chen Xi was already prepared. He held his breath in concentration and instantly immersed his entire mind to carefully sense the mysterious diagram.


A strand of a powerful and obscure energy charged towards Chen Xi’s mind before strings of mysterious ancient characters and diagrams appeared. They flashed fleetingly, causing him to be utterly unable to capture anything.

Because all of this was too vast, numerous, and disorderly, and it had occurred too swiftly as well. Even if he’d exerted himself to his limits, he was merely able to distinguish another five ancient characters and an incomplete diagram.

Those five ancient characters were respectively ‘帝’, ‘域’, ‘纪’, ‘主’, and ‘极’, and coupled with the four ancient words ‘荒’, ‘墟’, ‘神’, and ‘古’ he’d distinguished from before, he was utterly unable to make any connections or gain any clues from them, let alone deduce their meaning.

On the other hand, the incomplete diagram was branded with a damaged iron sword. Half of it was dyed scarlet red with blood, and the other half was charred black as if it had suffered a heavy injury.

This diagram was obviously incomplete. Moreover, it was extremely simple and merely branded with a damaged iron sword. However, when Chen Xi committed it to memory, he had a terrified feeling in his heart for no rhyme or reason!

It was a feeling akin to reverence and terror. It seemed as if this damaged iron sword possessed unbelievable and terrifying might, and even if it was already damaged, it was capable of throwing the universe into chaos and annihilating all Daos!

Chen Xi felt like an ant before such an aura, and his attainment of perfection in the Sword God Realm that he was proud of seemed to be so powerless and pale at this moment!

Because the aura of the bloodied damaged sword was too terrifying, and it was utterly not something that could exist in the three dimensions. Chen Xi even doubted whether existences at the Godrank Realm could possess such a terrifying treasure.

‘帝’, ‘域’, ‘纪’, ‘主’, ‘极’, ‘荒’, ‘墟’, ‘神’, and ‘古’… What do they represent? Why would such mysterious characters exist within the River Diagram fragments?

And that incomplete diagram and the bloodied damaged sword on it. What sort of divine treasure is it? Its aura is so terrifying, so how could it have suffered such a heavy injury?

Question after question surged into Chen Xi’s heart. With his current knowledge and experience, he was actually unable to see through a trace of its secrets!

What did this mean?

This meant that the secrets hidden within the River Diagram fragments wasn’t something that could exist within the three dimensions at all!

In other words, everything within the River Diagram fragments might be related to the ancient God Domain of legend!

After all, amongst the nine characters that Chen Xi had recognized, the characters ‘古’, ‘神’, and ‘域’ were present, and they formed the ‘ancient God Domain’ when joined together. This naturally caused him to be unable to help but connect these words with the legendary ancient God Domain.


Unfortunately, he didn’t have the chance to continue perceiving it at all. A strand of a familiar feeling of exhaustion surged into his soul, causing him to suddenly return to his senses while his countenance was already pale.

When he looked once more into his sea of consciousness, he noticed the vortex, the Daoseal Mark, and even the River Diagram fragments had fallen into deathly silence, and they didn’t show any signs of movement at all.

However, after he fused with the 8th River Diagram fragment, Chen Xi was able to sense that the River Diagram had undergone an extremely great transformation. The glow on its surface was even more translucent, bright, and clear like glass, and as it floated there silently, it emanated an illusory and ethereal divine radiance.

Presently, I only lack the last River Diagram fragment before I’ll be able to completely mend the River Diagram. Perhaps that’ll be sufficient for me to see through all its secrets! Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he could only suppress the questions he had into the depths of his heart.

However, he was able to faintly determine that the secrets of the River Diagram were probably related to the legendary ancient God Domain, and this could be considered to be his one and only gain.

The cottage still stood there as before while the courtyard was covered in a tranquil atmosphere. Only a River Diagram fragment had vanished from the stone table, and it seemed to be silently proving that everything from before had really occurred.

But right after that, Chen Xi’s eyes focused as he realized something. This is Iris Immortal Prison, so how could the 8th River Diagram fragment be here?

Could it be that all of this is related to mother?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi’s gaze had already descended onto the stone table. He gazed at the light green jade slip that lay there silently, and he seemed to be slightly struggling and indecisive.

He had a strong feeling that the answers he wanted to obtain were definitely hidden within the jade slip, yet he was also afraid to find out about everything.

This was a very conflicting feeling. It seemed as if so long as he looked through the jade slip, then he wouldn’t be able to meet his mother this time.

He was slightly unable to accept this reality for now.

So when his Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai spoke vaguely about all of this to him, a trace of a bad premonition had arisen in his heart. But he didn’t dare to think about it, and even until now, he was still avoiding it unconsciously.

At the bottom of it all, it was because he cared!

Since the day he obtained the Manor when he was young and found out that his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, was still alive, he’d been always yearning to meet his mother again, and it was even to the extent that he’d made this the objective that he worked hard and strived for.

Now, he’d finally arrived at the Immortal Dimension after experiencing boundless hardships and had succeeded in taking revenge, and it was finally the day that he could meet his mother. So how could he possibly accept such an outcome?

Besides Chen Xi himself, there was probably no one at all who could understand such a conflicted state of mind.

He stayed silent for the time for an entire incense stick to burn.

Chen Xi’s expression was indeterminate for a long time. In the end, he took a deep breath while a wisp of a firm expression surged onto his face. He stopped hesitating and slowly stretched out his hand to pick up the light green jade slip in his palm.


A strand of Immortal Force surged into it, and then the jade slip suddenly exploded apart. An expanse of thick light curled up and formed into the figures of a man and woman.

The man’s face had a manly outline, slanted brows that were sharp like swords, and his expression was icy cold and indifferent. He was like an eternal piece of ice while he stood there with his hands behind his back, and he naturally emanated a lofty and immovable aura.

If Chen Xi’s younger brother, Chen Hao, was here, he would definitely notice that his appearance was actually 80% similar to this man, and besides possessing different bearings, they were shockingly similar in every other aspect.

On the other hand, a woman in white clothes stood by the man’s side. She had a picturesque appearance that was elegant, refined, dignified, and beautiful, and she held a wisp of a gentle smile that seemed tender like water on the corners of her mouth.


At the instant he saw this pair, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning, and his mind went completely blank while he stared blankly without end as if he’d lost his soul.

This man and woman were naturally Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue!

In other words, they were the parents of Chen Xi and Chen Hao!

“Xi’er, we missed each other again this time. I know that as a father, I’m very unqualified, and I even deserve hate and detest. I presume that in these years, Hao’er and you have wondered on more than one occasion about exactly what sort of useless father I am. Because I’m so heartless as to even not take care of my own family…” In the image, Chen Lingjun suddenly started speaking, and a wisp of complicated emotion that included guilt, shame, pain, agony, and various other emotions surged from his eyes.

“Shut up!” When he heard this voice and the words spoken by this voice, an indescribable feeling of rage suddenly surged into Chen Xi’s heart, causing his expressions to suddenly become ferocious. His veins bulged up while he couldn’t refrain himself from roaring loudly in a grim voice, and he fell completely into a state of unprecedented rage.

But at this moment, he seemed to be so pitiable as well. He was like an extremely hurt child, and he’d lost all the calm and composure he usually had and had lost his steady and wise bearing…

At the bottom of it all, he still had grudges against Chen Lingjun within the depths of his heart, and he was filled with rage!

There were numerous reasons for his rage!

It had been buried deeply within Chen Xi’s heart over the years, and at this moment, it finally fully erupted uncontrollably.

He was already unable to control himself, and if he wasn’t clearly aware that this was only a Mirage Jade Slip Chen Lingjun left behind, he would truly wish for nothing more than to attack Chen Lingjun!


A Mirage Jade Slip!?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi seemed as if he had a pail of cold water doused on him, and he calmed down completely. He bit his lips forcefully while his gaze stared fixedly at Chen Lingjun like a blade, and a wisp of dense ridicule suffused the corners of his mouth. It seemed as if Chen Xi intended to listen to Chen Lingjun’s explanation.

“I know that you and Hao’er definitely hate me to the extreme. Both of you hate me for being unable to save the clansmen of the Chen Clan, for not saving your grandfather’s life, and hate me for still being alive yet never coming to see the two of you…” The guilt and pain on Chen Lingjun’s face grew even denser, and his voice gradually became low and heavy.

“Lingjun, there’s no need to speak any further. Tell Xi’er everything. He has already grown up, and he’d definitely understand that some things can’t be resisted in the end…” Zuoqiu Xue sighed from the side and was extremely grievous.

Even mother is helping this heartless fellow! A strand of rage couldn’t help but surge out from Chen Xi’s heart when he heard this, yet he gritted his teeth forcefully in the end and forcefully endured it.

In the image, Chen Lingjun took a deep breath, and then smiled to Zuoqiu Xue to tell her that she didn’t have to worry about him. After that, his expression became solemn as he looked at Chen Xi, and then he said in a low voice, “Xi’er, you wanted to find out about everything, right? Today, I won’t keep anything from you any longer.”

As he spoke, he flicked his sleeve.

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