Chapter 1471 – A Bloodied Damaged Sword


The River Diagram fragments fluctuation violently within his sea of consciousness while emanating an ancient and obscure aura that seemed like the Chaos at the absolute beginning of the world. It rumbled like the tune of the Dao, and it resounded in every single inch of space within his sea of consciousness.

In an instant, Chen Xi once again felt that ceaselessly revolving vortex in the depths of his soul. It was deep and mysterious, and it was suffused with a gorgeous glow.

The core of the vortex even emanated a strand of an indescribable and mysterious energy that enveloped his soul, and it was like his soul was covered in a layer of armor.

Daoseal Mark!

This familiar name appeared once more in Chen Xi’s heart.

That day when he fused with the 7th River Diagram fragment, this vortex and the mysterious and unfathomable Daoseal Mark had been created within his soul.

This energy was too obscure and mysterious, and he wasn’t aware of its uses or effects. However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that while he was enveloped by the Daoseal Mark, then even if the energy of the Heaven Dao descended, it would be unable to restrain his soul!

Moreover, besides this, when he fused with the 7th River Diagram fragment that day, a mysterious diagram had been revealed on the surface of the River Diagram fragments. The diagram flowed with strands...

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