Chapter 1470 – The River Diagram’s Summons

This calamity that swept through the three dimensions had already been going on for three days.

Chen Xi was seated cross-legged within the ruins of Iris Desert, and he was covered by an expanse of blazing dark golden immortal light. It completely enveloped his body from both the inside and out.

At this moment, a myriad of stars and a boundless starry sky had already been formed within the universe in his body. Moreover, all of them were covered in a dark golden aura of the Dao. It was like a dark golden universe that was solid, crystalline, and translucent.

At the core of this universe, a star that emanated the energy of a King in the Saint Dao floated there. It was gigantic, eminent, bright, and dazzling, and it illuminated the entire universe.

This star was formed from Chen Xi’s Talisman Saint Dao, and one could clearly notice that three Immortal King Daos were coiled around the star.

They were respectively the supreme Laws of time, space, and life and death.

Compared to the past, these three supreme Laws had obviously transformed greatly. No matter if it was their might or the aura they emanated, it faintly showed signs of perfection.

All of this came from the energy of the Divine Chains of Order. It contained the Quintessence Order that operated and maintained the three dimensions. Now that it was...

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