Chapter 1470 – The River Diagram’s Summons

This calamity that swept through the three dimensions had already been going on for three days.

Chen Xi was seated cross-legged within the ruins of Iris Desert, and he was covered by an expanse of blazing dark golden immortal light. It completely enveloped his body from both the inside and out.

At this moment, a myriad of stars and a boundless starry sky had already been formed within the universe in his body. Moreover, all of them were covered in a dark golden aura of the Dao. It was like a dark golden universe that was solid, crystalline, and translucent.

At the core of this universe, a star that emanated the energy of a King in the Saint Dao floated there. It was gigantic, eminent, bright, and dazzling, and it illuminated the entire universe.

This star was formed from Chen Xi’s Talisman Saint Dao, and one could clearly notice that three Immortal King Daos were coiled around the star.

They were respectively the supreme Laws of time, space, and life and death.

Compared to the past, these three supreme Laws had obviously transformed greatly. No matter if it was their might or the aura they emanated, it faintly showed signs of perfection.

All of this came from the energy of the Divine Chains of Order. It contained the Quintessence Order that operated and maintained the three dimensions. Now that it was completely absorbed by him, it had greatly improved Chen Xi’s comprehensions of the three supreme Laws.


On the seventh day since the calamity had arrived, Chen Xi that had been meditating in deathly silence had suddenly opened his eyes. In an instant, his entire body rumbled with thick divine radiance that was dazzling like gold, and it caused him to seem as if he was born from the Grand Dao.

A strand of the aura of the Dao effused from inside out like a blooming flower. This was a manifestation of one’s attainments in the supreme Grand Daos and conforming to all things in the world.

Under normal circumstances, only existences at the Immortal King Realm were capable of possessing such attainments. However, Chen Xi hadn’t stepped into the Immortal King Realm yet.

It was impossible to become an Immortal King without Karmic Luck.

Now, Chen Xi had already seized ‘great Karmic Luck,’ and he’d even tempered his body and expanded the universe within his body to attain an unprecedented extreme in the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

According to convention, under such circumstances, it was sufficient for him to rise rapidly and step into the Immortal King Realm.

Yet reality wasn’t so. The reason was that even though his comprehensions of the three supreme Laws already showed signs of attaining perfection, there was still a trace of flaw in it.

Chen Xi was clearly aware of this as well. He knew that he could mend this trace of flaw at any time, yet it wasn’t the right time now. Because he’d obtained sudden enlightenment during these seven days of meditative cultivation, and he’d found a type of perfect method to attain the Dao. Thus, he’d forcefully restrained the impulse within him to advance into the Immortal King Realm and left this trace of flaw behind.

This so-called perfect method to attain the Dao was to perfectly fuse the three supreme Laws with the Talisman Saint Dao he’d established in order to establish the most perfect Immortal King Grand Dao!

Once a Grand Dao like this was condensed successfully, it would transform into a Primeval Dao Quintessence in the universe within his body. It would fuse with the chaos and assimilate the void, and its might was absolutely unbelievably formidable.

At the very least, according to Chen Xi’s knowledge, amongst the myriad of Immortal Kings within the three dimensions in the past, there was probably not a single one that was capable of condensing a Primeval Dao Quintessence.

This obviously showed how shocking and difficult this path towards the Dao was.

However, it was unable to pose any difficulty to Chen Xi now. He’d seized unprecedented Karmic Luck of the heavens and obtained great Karmic Luck to become an Immortal King from the calamity. Moreover, he’d tempered an extremely deep Immortal King Foundation. Now, he only lacked the step of fusing the three supreme Laws with his Talisman Saint Dao before he could accomplish his wish!

“I’m just slightly lacking in attainment. There’s no point in staying here any longer.” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate any longer and stood up immediately. The dazzling golden glow that suffused his entire body was restrained and surged into his body, causing his entire body to instantly recover its original appearance.

However, unlike the past, his eyes were even deeper. They revealed the changes in the order of the universe, and they seemed capable of seeing through the secrets of the operation of the entire three dimensions. As he stood there casually, he emanated a shapeless and supreme imposing aura that struck directly at the heart and terrified the soul!

This was the benefits he’d obtained after his transformation. As his cultivation grew greater and comprehension of the order of the three dimensions grew deeper, Chen Xi had an extra strand of a peerlessly dignified aura.

In the heavens and the earth, the calamity was still going on, yet compared to a few days ago, it had obviously calmed down greatly.

The door that stood towering in the sky above all the worlds in the universe still emanated numerous thick and large Divine Chains of Order, yet it was very difficult for them to find and restrain another god.

Obviously, almost all of the gods in the three dimensions had been restrained and taken away in the past seven days.

But even then, the door in the sky hadn’t vanished while the Divine Chains of Order were still there. They seemed to have noticed something and were silently accumulating strength while making sure there were no gods that had escaped.

This situation caused one’s heart to go cold and body to feel icy cold. Because it obviously intended to spare none, and this clearly showed how terrifying this calamity was. It could be said to be an unprecedented and supreme calamity since the ancient times until now!

This calamity takes the gods of the three dimensions to be its prey, and vividly displays the essence of mercilessness. Chen Xi gazed up into the sky while there was a trace of discontent and resentfulness in his heart. He knew that when all the gods that were restrained and brought into the Last Days Domain had vanished, this calamity would descend onto the cultivators at the Immortal King Realm…

After that, Chen Xi stopped thinking about this and looked towards the side.

Zuoqiu Feiming and the other elders at the Half-step Immortal King Realm were still in meditative cultivation. Every single one of their bodies surged with strands of vast auras of the Dao, and they temporarily showed no signs of waking up.

Chen Xi thought about it for a moment, and then decided to not disturb them. He set up a formation with a wave of his hand to protect all of them within it, and then his figure flashed and vanished into the ground.

In an area 500m deep beneath Iris Desert.

This was originally where Iris Immortal Prison resided. Now, it had transformed into ruins and was covered in a scene of desolation and death. Moreover, collapsed spatial rifts and chaotic gales covered the surroundings.

On one hand, it was because the destruction caused by the world shocking and violent battle from a few days ago was too great and had affected it.

On the other hand, it was because both the Last Days Vortex and Eye of Heavenly Tribulation had appeared here, causing Iris Immortal Prison to become a part of the Sovereign God Eradication Formation and the place where this calamity of the three dimensions had started.


Space fluctuated before Chen Xi’s figure appeared here out of thin air.

Before his Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai left, he’d told Chen Xi that even though Iris Immortal Prison had been destroyed, there was a safe place within it, and he asked Chen Xi to go there once the calamity calmed down in order to gain an understanding of everything.

Understand what?

It was naturally everything related to his mother, Zuoqiu Xue!

Mother…wouldn’t have left already, right? As he gazed at the shattered time and space before him, the scene of desolation that filled his field of vision, and the chaos that filled the surroundings, a wisp of complicated emotions arose in Chen Xi’s heart.

He stood here for a long time and stayed silent for a long time. In the end, he took a deep breath and walked towards the depths of the area.

Iris Immortal Prison covered an extremely large area, yet it had all transformed into ruins now. Spatial storms and rifts frequently flowed through space, and it seemed extremely shocking.

However, all of this was nothing to Chen Xi now. He kept his hands behind his back all along the way, and he carefully sensed everything in the surroundings.

After a short moment, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving, and then a wisp of a strange expression flashed within his eyes.

In his sea of consciousness, the River Diagram fragments that had always remained silent had actually suddenly awoken at this moment, and they emanated an obscure fluctuation that swept out.

It felt as if something was summoning the River Diagram fragments, causing it to actually start trembling and droning at this moment. It seemed to be slightly impatient.

Chen Xi had experienced such a situation on more than one occasion, and it caused his heart to instantly shake as he guessed a possibility. He didn’t hesitate any longer, and he moved along that strong feeling and headed towards the depths of the ruins.

Om! Om!

As he got deeper, the trembling of the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness grew stronger and stronger, and when he arrived before a damaged stone wall, the River Diagram fragments even seemed to show signs of intending to struggle out of his sea of consciousness!

Chen Xi hurriedly took a deep breath and forcefully restrained it before he waved his sleeve.


The stone wall was shattered into pieces. Amidst the dust and dirt that effused out, a shapeless spatial wall was revealed before him. It was suffused with an obscure fluctuation of energy, and it seemed to be extremely mysterious.

No wonder, if it wasn’t for the guidance of the River Diagram fragments, even the Eye of Divine Truth wouldn’t be able to detect that such a place actually existed. Could it be that everything Third Senior Brother spoke of is behind this wall? Before Chen Xi could think it over for long, the River Diagram fragments fluctuated intensely, causing him to have no choice but to act. Otherwise, if this continued, then the River Diagram fragments would definitely abandon him!


Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and in the next moment, he vanished behind the shapeless wall.

Verdant mountains, a clear stream, a cottage, a small courtyard that had a bamboo fence, an azure blue sky, white clouds that seemed like cotton. It was a very simple scene, yet it formed an environment that was like a paradise away from the world.

Compared to the chaos and ruins outside, this place could indeed be considered a paradise away from the world. It was secluded, tranquil, and calmed the heart.

When Chen Xi saw such a scene, he couldn’t help but be slightly surprised in his heart. The entire Iris Immortal Prison has been destroyed, yet this place was actually able to remain so intact. It really is extraordinary.

Om! Om!

After he arrived here, the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness had become utterly impatient and trembled madly as if it was filled with yearning. It caused Chen Xi to not dare think about anything else at all, and his figure flashed to appear out of thin air within the small courtyard.

There was only a single stone table within the small courtyard, and there was only an ancient and shattered tortoise shell and a light green colored jade slip on the stone table. There was nothing else besides these two things.

As expected, it’s a River Diagram fragment… What’s this light green jade slip? Could it be related to mother? A strand of a bad premonition suddenly surged out from Chen Xi’s heart when he saw this scene. Mother…wouldn’t have really left already, right? He couldn’t help but have the impulse to charge into the cottage and take a look.

But right at this moment and before Chen Xi could react at all, a swoosh resounded, and then the shattered tortoise shell on the stone table had suddenly transformed into a jet black ray of light that charged into his sea of consciousness!


In an instant, Chen Xi seemed as if he was struck by lightning. His sea of consciousness was tossing and turning while strands of ancient and powerful energy fluctuations arose from it, causing him to be stunned on the spot.

Familiar fluctuations and familiar ancient diagrams spread throughout his heart like a ripple, and it felt as if he’d once again gone back in time to the absolute beginning of the world.

This sort of feeling was so familiar!

He didn’t have to think about it at all before Chen Xi knew that the River Diagram in his sea of consciousness was fusing with the 8th fragment!

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