Chapter 147 – Soul Suppression Runes

Chapter 147 – Soul Suppression Runes

In the Yin-Yang Layer of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda.

The instant Chen Xi appeared once again, he saw the 32 Devilspirit Guards surrounding him from afar. They didn’t make a single sound before brazenly attacking.

Practically all 32 of these people had cultivations at the 8th level of the Violet Palace Realm and a cultivation in the Martial Dao at the Dao Insight Stage. Zhan Kong had even attained the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm and was only a step away from stepping into the Golden Hall Realm.

The joint forces of these 32 people were sufficient to annihilate any Golden Core Realm cultivator!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Numerous dazzling and resplendent rays of Magic Treasures shot into the sky, and every single one of them was a top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasure. Under the control of these 32 people, the Magic Treasures were like a squall that poured down from every direction, causing the sky to tremble and emit whistling sounds as they struck down like an erupting volcano with an extremely shocking impetus.

They didn’t speak, nor hesitate, striking with their full force right off the bat. They wouldn’t stop until they killed Chen Xi. Obviously, these 32 Devilspirit Guards had already decided to completely annihilate Chen Xi in this strike!

Under these circumstances, Chen Xi didn’t dare hesitate to circulate the Shaman Energy within his entire body before fiercely grabbing at the air with his right hand!


It seemed as if even the heaven and earth was trembling as an enormous palm that covered an area of 300m appeared out of thin air, like a single hand that could hide the heavens, and the entire hand was coiled with strong five colored air flows of bright yellow color, jade green color, sharp gold color, crimson red color, and dark black color. The five colored air flows whistled and roiled as they emitted a divine radiance, and on the striations of the palm, innumerable dazzling stars revolved without end as they flickered between a bright and dim state.

When the entire enormous hand appeared, a strand of heavy, abundant, sharp, violent, and vast aura that was terrifying occupied the center of the palm before spreading out towards the surroundings with a bang, causing the sky to be shaken to the point violent ripples undulated out. The rocks on the ground were even pressed by this aura, to the point they cracked inch by inch before exploding and collapsing.

When looked at from afar, this enormous palm that was filled with the energy of the five elements and the baleful qi of the stars was simply like the hand of an indomitable fiendgod from ancient times, with a monstrous imposing aura!

At the instant the enormous hand appeared in midair, it grabbed out fiercely, and all the numerous Magic Treasures that covered the heavens and the earth were grabbed into the palm. The five fingers of the palm clenched and a wave of explosions rumbled and resounded in the entire heavens and earth.

The numerous top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures collapsed and shattered without the slightest ability to resist, and in the blink of an eye, they’d transformed into a pile of powder and bits that drifted down slowly before vanishing without a trace.

Presently, Chen Xi had already attained the 5th level of the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement, and after his Grand Astral Palm fused with the Shaman Energies of Fifth-Earth, Second-Wood, Seventh-Gold, Third-Fire, and Ninth-Water, it was as if it had been reborn. Its might had skyrocketed by more than 10 times, and it had attained the 5th level of the Grand Astral Palm.

Moreover, when he was at the 2nd level of the Violet Palace Realm, the Grand Astral Palm execute by Chen Xi was able to annihilate four Golden Hall Realm cultivators. Now that his cultivation has consecutively risen explosively by three levels, the might of the Grand Astral Palm was already sufficient to crush profound-rank Magic Treasures. So no matter how formidable these top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures were, they were still fragile like paper before the Grand Astral Palm, and they were shattered as soon as the palm clenched.

Crush! Crush! Crush!

The 32 Devilspirit Guards, with Zhan Kong in the lead, suffered a heavy injury when their Magic Treasures were obliterated, they couldn’t refrain from spitting out a mouthful of blood. Their countenances had already swiftly become pale to the extreme.

“How is this possible? Only half a day has passed since we saw this fellow execute this large hand to annihilate the Su Clan disciples. How did this fellow’s strength rise explosively by so much again?!”

“What Divine Ability is this? It’s actually able to crush top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures!”

“Dammit! This fellow’s strength has skyrocketed by too much. Could it be that he has always been concealing his strength?”

When they were at the Eight-Directions Realm of the pagoda, practically all of these Devilspirit Guards had spectated the battle between Chen Xi and the Su Clan disciples, they could be said to clearly understand Chen Xi’s strength, and it was because of this that they were so confident in annihilating Chen Xi in this move. However, at this moment, the strength that Chen Xi erupted with was instead stronger by an entire ten times more than the strength they’d seen before. Not only had it caused their full force strike to hit nothing, it even caused a certain level of injury to themselves. How could they not be shocked?

“Die!” Right when Zhan Kong and the others were secretly terrified, Chen Xi shouted out explosively as the Grand Astral Palm crashed down once more.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Surging Shaman Energy of the five elements was mixed with piercingly cold baleful qi of the stars that fluctuated violently, and it covered the enormous palm like a towering enormous mountain that could crush anything as it fiercely smashed down. Instantly, there were over 10 Devilspirit Guards that were unable to dodge in time, causing them to be smashed into the ground before transforming into a pile of mush; they were dead without a doubt.

“Shit! I’m afraid we’re unable to complete the assignment of Hall Master Fen this time.” Zhan Kong dodged away in a sorry state, and his expression was already extremely heavy.

“Captain Zhan Kong, what should we do? The enemy is too formidable, and we aren’t a match for him!” In the distance, Lu Ping cried out loudly, his voice revealing traces of terror. No matter who saw their companions turning into a pile of meat that was like mash in the blink of an eye, they would probably be terrified to the extreme as well.

“What should we do? We’ll still die if we escape from the pagoda, and even if we’re able to survive, Hall Master Fan would surely not let us off. Instead of this, why don’t we take this kid down with us!? Everyone, move out, execute the Bloodinfant Immortal Slaughtering Formation!” A trace of ruthlessness flashed past Zhan Kong’s eyes as he waved out his hand and waves of terrifying True Essence spread out. After that, an enormous pitch black formation diagram flew out from his body. Black smoke roiled on the surface of this sword formation as a sanguinary aura shot into the sky, numerous infants with warped appearances wailed and emitted sharp cries, seeming like humans, yet weren’t humans, seeming like ghosts. yet weren’t ghosts. They were very savage and terrifying to the extreme.

“Yes!” A trace of resolution flashed on the faces of the mere 13 Devilspirit Guards that remained, and their bodies transformed into flowing lights that flew into the enormous formation diagram. Instantly, the dense and savage infants within the formation diagram completely swallowed the bodies and souls of these 13 people, and then the formation diagram emitted a blazing dark light as dense black mist roiled like a river on it, roaring as if it intended to gush out from the formation diagram.

“Dammit! It’s actually the Bloodinfant Immortal Slaughtering Formation! How many souls of infants, how much Blood Essence of young boys, and how much baleful blood would be needed to refine this formation? Chen Xi, you must watch out. This grand formation’s only use is to detonate itself. Its might is comparable to a Golden Core Realm cultivator detonating his Golden Core, causing even Rebirth Realm cultivators to be unable to avoid it and not dare take the brunt of the force!” Ling Bai seemed to be extremely shocked and infuriated, and he roared as he sent a voice transmission.

Even Rebirth Realm cultivators aren’t able to withstand it?

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. He didn’t dare hesitate to execute the Grand Astral Palm with his entire strength to fiercely slap down towards Zhan Kong, and at the same time, he withdrew the 64 flying swords to form a shield of swords to guard all around him.

“Die!” Zhan Kong laughed savagely as he opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence, then his arms shook, and the entire formation diagram left him and flew out. The instant it appeared in midair, it transformed into 13 enormous blood colored infants with twin horns on their heads, and their faces were warped and wicked.


When these 13 blood colored infants appeared, they detonated themselves and exploded.

Instantly, the heaven and earth seemed to be obliterated at this instant, and a terrifying airflow that was like a tsunami swept through the heaven and earth with a loud crash. In an area of 500 kms in the surroundings, the terrain, plants, and the spirit energy in the air all showed a state of chaos and crumbling.


In almost an instant, the Grand Astral Palm that slapped down shattered with a loud bang before dispersing, whereas, Chen Xi had noticed things were going badly since long ago, and he flew towards the distance. Yet he never expected that the extremely terrifying force assaulted towards him in the blink of an eye, and the 64 high-grade yellow-rank flying sword around him emitted a mournful cry in unison before becoming completely damaged and transformed into bits and pieces that sprayed all over the sky.

Chen Xi felt as if his entire body was fiercely hammered by a myriad of enormous hammers, his head droned as the bones and tendons in his entire body emitted tiny cracking and breaking sounds, and he abruptly spat out a mouthful of blood as his countenance became exceedingly pale.

The more cultivators it swallowed, the stronger the might of the Bloodinfant Immortal Slaughtering Formation was. The complete Bloodinfant Immortal Slaughtering Formation required swallowing 64 Golden Core Realm cultivators, and the might of its detonation was entirely capable of obliterating an Earthly Immortal Realm expert.

Fortunately, the Bloodinfant Immortal Slaughtering Formation Zhan Kong had utilized had only swallowed the bodies and souls of 13 Violet Palace Realm cultivators, and although the might of its detonation was formidable, after being obstructed by the Grand Astral Palm and the 64 high-grade yellow-rank flying swords, its might had already been weakened greatly. Moreover, Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation had already attained the 5th level of the Violet Palace Realm. His body was even more formidable than a yellow-rank Magic Treasure, and it was because of this that when the strength of the explosion blasted onto him, he was able to fortunately escape this calamity.

“You… You… You actually didn’t die?” In the distance, Zhan Kong cried out loudly in terror. “You monster! That was a might that was able to annihilate any Golden Core Realm cultivator and cause any Rebirth Realm cultivator to suffer a heavy injury. How could you be able to withstand it?”

Chen Xi paid no attention to Zhan Kong. As soon as the Shaman Energy within Chen Xi’s entire body circulated, his broken and cracked bones and tendons instantly recovered completely, and at the same time, a strand of second-wood essence with boundless vitality gushed out from the miraculous little sapling in the Second-Wood Shaman Marking on his back. The strand of second-wood essence gushed into his body, instantly allowing his injuries to recover by more than half, and the Shaman Energy in his entire body recovered by almost 80%.

Instantly, Chen Xi became full of spirit and vigor once again, and he was brimming with health and vitality.

After all, in there was respectively the Chaotic Lifesoil, the Nameless Divine Wood, the Nameless Metal, the Nameless Fire Crystal, and the Nameless Water Pearl, five types of extremely miraculous treasures within the five Shaman Markings on his back. When all of them circulated with each other, roiling second-wood qi, seventh-gold qi, third-fire qi, and ninth-water qi transformed into Shaman Energy of the various attributes before continuously replenishing the consumed Shaman energy in his body. It could be said that so long as Chen Xi was given a chance to catch his breath during a battle, his Shaman Energy was completely inexhaustible.

When Zhan Kong saw Chen Xi seemed to have already recovered to his peak state in the blink of an eye, Zhan Kong was greatly shocked once more, and he felt his scalp go numb. No matter how he wracked his brains, he was unable to wrap his head around what actually was going on. Could it be that this fellow is a freak that can’t be killed?

“Die!” Chen Xi walked over with large strides before stretching out his hand to grab, and a Grand Astral Palm appeared out of thin air to grab Zhan Kong into the palm as if it was grabbing a chick, and it was actually extraordinarily easy.

It was normal when one thought about it. Earlier, when he activated the Bloodinfant Immortal Slaughtering Formation, Zhan Kong had already poured all his True Essence into it, and he’d even consumed his Blood Essence without hesitation to strengthen the might of the formation. He’d already become extremely feeble, so how could he have the strength to struggle and resist?

“Wait! You can’t kill me! Could it be that you don’t want to know how to obtain this pagoda?” Zhan Kong cried out loudly in fear.

“I’ll naturally know after I kill you.” Said Chen Xi indifferently.


As soon as he finished speaking, Zhan Kong’s entire body was directly crushed into strands of dense and thick blood by the Grand Astral Palm, and it trickled down to drip to the ground.

Up until this moment, not a single one of the 32 Devilspirit Guards had escaped, and they were all killed by Chen Xi!


Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, and besides the storage pouches of the 13 Devilspirit Guards that detonated themselves that had gone missing, the 19 storage pouches on the ground had entered into his possession.

The first storage pouch he opened belonged to Zhan Kong, and with a sweep of his Divine Perception, he instantly knew of everything that was within the storage pouch. In this storage pouch, besides large amounts of low-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures, 400,000 kgs of spirit liquid, and a small hill of medicinal pills and spirit materials, there was a cultivation technique called the Shadowdevil Movement Technique and a talisman that was coiled in the glow of a treasure.

Instantly, Chen Xi’s gaze shot onto the talisman. The paper of the talisman was pliable like a gold leaf, and it emitted a gentle and dense gold light, There was a row of angular words on the top, and Chen Xi was unable to recognize what type of runes it was.

“Celestial fighters, arrange yourselves and march forward?” Ling Bai spoke the pronunciation of the runes on the talisman in one go, and it was obscure and peculiar, yet it revealed a serious feeling that was solemn and awe-inspiring.

“What’s this?” Chen Xi was bewildered.

“If I’m not wrong, this should be the Soul Suppression Runes used by the ancient Buddhist Sect! These words are the Nine Syllables of Truth of the Buddhist Sect!” Ling Bai spoke slowly, and his voice carried a trace of shock. “Supposedly, every one of these Nine Syllables of Truth contains a supreme divine ability of the Buddhist Sect, and it’s extremely formidable and mysterious. But I’ve only heard my Master mention it, and this is the first time that I’m seeing the real Soul Suppression Runes of the Buddhist Sect.”[1. I used a proper translation of the nine words in the form of a sentence instead of splitting them one by one because doing that would only make many words repetitive and the end product would be confusing.]

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