Chapter 1469 – Tempering His Dao Foundation


Chen Xi acted once more, and he was able to accomplish it easily from the previous experience he obtained.

The crystalline Overarching Heaven Net that was suffused with piercingly cold starlight spread out without end, and it captured piece after piece of the shattered Divine Chains of Order in the sky, and then he gave it respectively to those elders of the Zuoqiu Clan at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

All of those elders were overjoyed from receiving such extraordinarily great Karmic Luck, and they didn’t dare hesitate to sit down cross-legged successively and start to absorb it with all their strength. Moreover, they didn’t dare be careless at all as they were deeply afraid of wasting such a fortune.

“Little Junior Brother, we’ll be waiting for you at the ancient God Domain. Take care of yourself!”

“Hahaha! Little Junior Brother, goodbye!”

“Little Junior Brother, remember that reading is to read the truth, yet where’s the truth of the Dao? It’s none other than in your own heart. It’s to stay true to your heart. Kill when you should kill, retreat when you should retreat. In this way, the gods of the heavens and the earth and the evil in the universe would be nothing worth mentioning!”

Suddenly, a wave of farewells resounded down from the sky, and it was his Senior Sister Li Yang, Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai, and Fourth Senior Brother the Old Scholar that were bidding their farewells to him.

Chen Xi suddenly stopped everything he was doing and swiftly raised his head, and his gaze was like a bolt of cold lightning as it looked over from afar. He saw Tie Yunhai and the others had already charged through the myriad of Divine Chains of Order, and they’d entered into the door in the sky.

Their voices still resounded by his ears, yet they’d already vanished.

Chen Xi stood with his hands behind his back. His clothes fluttered while he stared blankly, and a complicated and reluctant feeling surged out from his heart. He only took a deep breath after a long time, and then stopped thinking about it.

He sat down cross-legged, and then started to meditate and absorb the energy from the Divine Chains of Order that were rumbling without end in his body.

Chen Xi was clearly aware that no matter if it was for the sake of taking revenge for the Nine Radiance Sword Sect or to go against this supreme calamity that had swept through the three dimensions, he was bound to step foot into the Last Days Domain one day.

Because the Sovereign Sect hadn’t been annihilated!

Moreover, it was because a trace of a chance to enter the ancient God Domain resided within the Last Days Domain. The path towards the Grand Dao was never ending so long as one was alive. His path was bound to not stop here!

Within a mysterious Secret Realm in the three dimensions. The land was densely covered by numerous mountains, and these mountains were either tall, aloof, or imposing. They were scattered all over like the stars in the sky and emanated five colored divine qi. Moreover, they were enshrouded by multicolored divine light that illuminated the heavens and the earth in a dreamlike and illusory manner.

This was the place where one of the three supreme sects of the three dimensions, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, resided — Skandha World!


This was the place where the Founding Ancestor of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, Nuwa herself cultivated. According to legend, it was refined from a true Chaotic Five-Colored Rock, and it was densely covered with supreme Divine Restrictions that contained the myriad of profundities in the universe. It was said to be the number one paradise in the three dimensions.

At this moment, a group of sage-like men and women were gathered on the platform outside Worldmend, and all of them had solemn and respectful expressions while they seemed as if they were waiting for something.

If one looked carefully, the auras of these men and women were like an abyss, like a void. Their entire bodies were suffused with strands of the aura of divinity, and they seemed like numerous gods standing towering there with imposing might that shook the hearts of all.

Obviously, this was a group of existences at the Godrank Realm!

“Everyone, the Sect Master has given the order. You can take action right now, and there’s no need to wait any longer.” Suddenly, a white deer whose entire body flowed with five colored divine radiance appeared out of thin air and stood upright in midair. Its voice was like the sound of the morning bell, and it was magical and extraordinary.

“Lu’er, the Masters of the Four Spirit Palace, Shi Yu, and Xiangliu Li still haven’t returned. Why don’t we wait a while longer for them?” asked a violet haired woman in the lead who wore a celestial dress, a crimson red divine crown, and had calm expression.

The others nodded in succession as well.

“Everyone, there’s something all of you are unaware of. The Masters of the Four Spirit Palaces, Shi Yu, and Xiangliu Li have already headed to the Last Days Domain with Oracle Mountain’s Third Lord and the others,” replied the white deer.

“Then…once we leave, what about those disciples in the sect?” The violet haired woman frowned and was slightly worried.

“The Sect Master has already decided to execute a supreme divine technique and seal the Skandha World within a tiny mustard seed. In this way, it’ll be sufficient to avoid the descent of the calamity.” The white deer spoke calmly, and it seemed to have prepared everything a long time ago. [1]

When they heard this, everyone including the violet haired woman felt at ease, and they didn’t hesitate to bid their farewells and leave.

“Lu’er, do you still remember the path towards the ancient God Domain?” Right after everyone had left, an indistinct voice suddenly sounded out from the depths of Worldmend.

“Sect Master, disciple has never dared to forget it. However, according to disciple’s knowledge, this path is currently under the control of the Sovereign Sect’s Master. Now, it seems like only that path within the Last Days Domain remains.”

“The Sovereign Sect’s Master… Nevermind, come with me. All those years ago, since Fuxi and the others used it as their path, then there’s definitely extraordinary secrets within it.”

“Sect Master, do you intend to enter into battle with the Sovereign Sect’s Master?”

“No, the path can be taken under control, yet it’s unable to obstruct my footsteps. Lu’er, go seal the Skandha World right away, and then leave with me. The karma within the three dimensions has to be put to an end to in the ancient God Domain after all…”


The Sovereign Realm.

Above the 33 levels of the Sovereign Realm.

“The calamity has already descended. Sect Priests, how are the preparations?” A voice that was filled with supreme dignity rumbled as it swept through the entire Sovereign Realm.

At this moment, the hearts of all the elders, disciples, and followers of the Sovereign Sect shook, and they knelt on the ground.

“Sect Master, all the elders at the Godrank Realm have already arrived at the Last Days Domain.”

“Sect Master, all the disciples at the Immortal King Realm within the Sect have taken action and headed to the Immortal Dimension.”

“Sect Master, the numerous followers in the Sect have already headed to the Netherworld and Mortal Dimension.”

At practically the exact same moment, three voices that were either firm, feminine, or gloomy swiftly resounded in the Sovereign Realm, and they represented the three Sect Priests of the Sovereign Sect.

The three of them didn’t just possess unfathomable strength, their status and authority in the Sovereign Sect was so great that they were only inferior to the Sect Master, and they could be said to be beneath one and above all.

“What action have Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace taken?” The Sect Master’s supreme and dignified voice resounded once more, and it was like the emotionless tune of the Heaven Dao was resounding. It was filled with a mighty force instilled terror in the hearts of all.

“Sect Master, besides Oracle Mountain’s Second Disciple, Daoist Sheng Ji, that’s still missing and the Fourteenth Disciple, Chen Xi, all the other disciples of Oracle Mountain have already headed to the Last Days Domain.”

“Nuwa’s Dao Palace sealed up the Skandha World today. According to my inference, all the existences at the Godrank Realm including the Sect Master Nuwa have already started to take action.”

After they finished answering, the entire Sovereign Realm fell into deathly silence.

“She sealed up the Skandha World… Such resolution. For the sake of allowing her disciples to avoid the calamity, Nuwa didn’t hesitate to sacrifice her God Quintessence and execute such a forbidden secret technique. Unfortunately, all of this was done in vain in the end.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master seemed to have fallen into silence, and he spoke after staying silent for a long time. Moreover, his voice revealed an emotionless tone that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

“The calamity has arrived. From today onwards, there’ll be no more existences at the Godrank Realm within the entire three dimensions! This is the best opportunity for my Sovereign Sect to take control of the three dimensions! I hope that when I return from the ancient God Domain, all of this will end with the utter victory of my Sovereign Sect!”

“Sect Master is brilliant!” As soon as he finished speaking, a wave of orderly praise resounded throughout the entire Sovereign Realm.

“Sect Priests, come with me!” At this point, the Sovereign Sect’s Master didn’t speak any further.

Everyone within the Sovereign Sect was clearly aware that the Sect Master had left and headed to the ancient God Domain, and he intended to put an end to this struggle between the supreme sects within the three dimensions that had continued for countless years!

The door in the sky stood towering above all the worlds in the universe, and Divine Chains of Order still surged out from within it like a dense mass of tidewater. Moreover, it disregarded the barriers of space and time as it charged into every single area of the three dimensions.

This indicated that this calamity that swept through the three dimensions was still going on, and it didn’t show any signs of stopping.

On this day, all cultivators in the universe felt terrified and uneasy in their hearts. Even gods were like grass beneath the calamity, let alone them that hadn’t become gods. So their hearts had been drowned by great terror since a long time ago.

Only the commoners actually didn’t witness these scenes of the calamity at all. Their lives continued as normal, and they were completely unaware of what sort of terrifying calamity was erupting within the three dimensions.

This sort of ability could be considered as terrifying. It only targeted cultivators and isolated commoners. To a certain extent, this calamity was specially targeted at cultivators.

It was just as Oracle Mountain’s Fourth Lord, the Old Scholar, had said. The Grand Dao always leaves a trace of a chance to survive in the heavens and the earth, and this trace of a chance at survival was left behind for the myriad of living beings in the world and not for cultivators.

Thus, no matter the cultivation a cultivator possessed, all cultivators were unable to escape the calamity!

Chen Xi didn’t notice all of this at all.

He was sitting cross-legged in the Iris Desert that had transformed into ruins a long time ago, and he was cultivating with great concentration. He was ceaselessly refining and absorbing the pieces of the Divine Chains of Order within his body and seizing his own fortune while prying into the profundities of the Order of the Heaven Dao.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

The wind was extremely strong. This expanse of the heavens of the earth was dyed red with blood, shattered, and filled with chaos. Divine Chains of Order ceaselessly whistled through the surroundings while god after god was ceaselessly restrained and swept away while they let out extremely sorrowful and miserable howls.

However, Chen Xi remained unmoved beneath such a calamity. His entire body was glistening brightly while he’d entered into deep levels of meditation, and he utilized his heart to comprehend and mind to temper. The vital energy in his body seethed even more violently, and he seemed as if he’d transformed into a furnace of the Grand Dao.

This wasn’t an improvement in cultivation, and it was an expansion and remodeling of the universe within his body.

Presently, Chen Xi had absorbed numerous pieces of the Divine Chains of Order, and they contained the Quintessence Dao Energy that operated and maintained the three dimensions. Now, it was refined and absorbed by him instead, and he utilized it to refine the universe in his body and temper his Dao Foundation for the Immortal King Realm. His gains were so great that it could be considered an extraordinary fortune.

At this moment, his heart and mind were clear as he comprehended the Order of the Heaven Dao and explored the Quintessence Dao Energy. It seemed as if everything within the three dimensions was floating within his heart, and he felt an indescribable feeling of enlightenment.


Within Chen Xi’s body, strands of vast Dao Energy surged, and the universe within his body that was only forming before had started to ceaselessly expand at this moment.

His internal organs, meridians, and apertures were like the stars, constellations, and river of stars in the universe…

His blood, vital essence, soul, Dao Insights, Laws… All of them had become a quintessence energy that operated the universe in his body.

Forming a universe within the body was the most prominent characteristic of the Half-step Immortal King Realm. However, this universe was merely forming, and when the universe within the body had completely expanded into form and stabilized, it would be the sign that one possessed the Dao Foundation to advance into the Immortal King Realm.

At this moment, Chen Xi had seized the great Karmic Luck of the Heavens and utilized the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao to ceaselessly temper and expand the universe within his body. This was like building a foundation, and it was building an Eternal Immortal King Foundation with the most solid divine rocks!

At the same time, this was a type of transformation and improvement towards one’s self and the Grand Dao, and it was for the sake of rising rapidly in the future and establishing an Immortal King Grand Dao of his own!

1. The mustard seed refers to an old story about Mount Sumeru being placed in a mustard seed and vice versa.

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