Chapter 1469 – Tempering His Dao Foundation


Chen Xi acted once more, and he was able to accomplish it easily from the previous experience he obtained.

The crystalline Overarching Heaven Net that was suffused with piercingly cold starlight spread out without end, and it captured piece after piece of the shattered Divine Chains of Order in the sky, and then he gave it respectively to those elders of the Zuoqiu Clan at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

All of those elders were overjoyed from receiving such extraordinarily great Karmic Luck, and they didn’t dare hesitate to sit down cross-legged successively and start to absorb it with all their strength. Moreover, they didn’t dare be careless at all as they were deeply afraid of wasting such a fortune.

“Little Junior Brother, we’ll be waiting for you at the ancient God Domain. Take care of yourself!”

“Hahaha! Little Junior Brother, goodbye!”

“Little Junior Brother, remember that reading is to read the truth, yet where’s the truth of the Dao? It’s none other than in your own heart. It’s to stay true to your heart. Kill when you should kill, retreat when you should retreat. In this way, the gods of the heavens and the earth and the evil in the universe would be nothing worth mentioning!”

Suddenly, a wave of farewells resounded down from the sky, and it was his Senior Sister Li Yang, Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai, and Fourth Senior Brother the Old Scholar that were bidding their farewells to him.

Chen Xi suddenly stopped...

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