Chapter 1468 – Seizing The Luck Of The Heavens

The Divine Chains of Order rained down like a storm. Every single one of them was extremely thick and large, and they danced about wildly in the entire sky and were suffused with monstrous and supreme heavenly might as they descended into all the worlds in the universe.

At this moment, all the existences at the Godrank Realm within the three dimensions were like grass. They were powerless to struggle, and no matter where they hid, they were restrained and swept into the door in the sky, and the Last Days Domain was behind that door! 

However, when Oracle Mountain’s Third Lord, Tie Yunhai, soared into the sky, he destroyed everything before him with the enormous hammer in his hand, and he crushed the Divine Chains of Order like they were dry leaves. He revealed peerlessly formidable and heaven defying imposing might.

Bang!The Divine Chains of Order exploded into pieces, and they transformed into an obscure rain of light that covered the sky.

Tie Yunhai led everyone upwards into the sky, and they charged up directly towards the door in the sky above all the worlds in the universe.

Rumble!The Heaven Dao seemed to have been infuriated by this scene, and it ceaselessly smashed down with numerous Divine Chains of Order. They were like a cage that confined the heavens and the earth, and they formed a boundless dense mass that seemed to intend to completely restrain and annihilate Tie Yunhai’s group. 

“Hmph!” Tie Yunhai...

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