Chapter 1468 – Seizing The Luck Of The Heavens

The Divine Chains of Order rained down like a storm. Every single one of them was extremely thick and large, and they danced about wildly in the entire sky and were suffused with monstrous and supreme heavenly might as they descended into all the worlds in the universe.

At this moment, all the existences at the Godrank Realm within the three dimensions were like grass. They were powerless to struggle, and no matter where they hid, they were restrained and swept into the door in the sky, and the Last Days Domain was behind that door! 

However, when Oracle Mountain’s Third Lord, Tie Yunhai, soared into the sky, he destroyed everything before him with the enormous hammer in his hand, and he crushed the Divine Chains of Order like they were dry leaves. He revealed peerlessly formidable and heaven defying imposing might.

Bang!The Divine Chains of Order exploded into pieces, and they transformed into an obscure rain of light that covered the sky.

Tie Yunhai led everyone upwards into the sky, and they charged up directly towards the door in the sky above all the worlds in the universe.

Rumble!The Heaven Dao seemed to have been infuriated by this scene, and it ceaselessly smashed down with numerous Divine Chains of Order. They were like a cage that confined the heavens and the earth, and they formed a boundless dense mass that seemed to intend to completely restrain and annihilate Tie Yunhai’s group. 

“Hmph!” Tie Yunhai grunted coldly while his robust figure that as like an iron pagoda emanated boundless talismans. It formed into an enormous Godly Avatar that stood towering in the world, was boundlessly vast, and emanated a supremely dignified aura.

He held the enormous hammer in hand while he swung it without end, and he forcefully smashed open a path amongst the myriad of Divine Chains of Order and moved against the heavens. His peerlessly ferocious bearing simply seemed like that possessed by a peerless god that was supreme in the world! 

According to the current situation, their group would definitely not be restrained before they were able to safely charge into the door in the sky.

At this moment, only Chen Xi, Zuoqiu Feiming, and the Half-step Immortal Kings from the Zuoqiu Clan remained, and they weren’t affected by this calamity.

This proved what Li Yang said earlier. The first to suffer the calamity would be the existences at the Godrank Realm, and only when all the gods of the three dimensions were completely annihilated would it be the turn of the others beneath the Godrank Realm to suffer the calamity.

Li Yang didn’t have to remind Chen Xi again. Chen Xi seized this opportunity to utilize the Overarching Heaven Net, and it swiftly transformed into a wisp of piercingly cold flowing light that charged into the sky.


The crystalline and translucent net swiftly swept out, and it emanated strands of dreamlike and illusory starlight while seeming capable of taking all things in the world within it. 

Chen Xi could clearly notice that the Divine Chains of Order that ceaselessly smashed down from the sky actually seemed to not notice this net at all, and they allowed the Overarching Heaven Net to pass through without causing any trouble.

Chen Xi was shocked and amazed in his heart when he witnessed this. This Overarching Heaven Net really deserves to be a Natural Spirit Treasure. It was actually able to disregard all obstruction and move at will. It can really be said to possess unfathomable profundities. 

“Gather!” In next to no time, some shattered pieces of Divine Chains of Order were captured, and they were taken into the Overarching Heaven Net.

However, right at this moment, the Overarching Heaven Net suddenly started shaking violently. The pieces of the Divine Chains of Order that were captured within it had started to struggle violently, and they rampaged about and seemed to intend to escape as if they possessed a consciousness of their own. 

Pu!Chen Xi coughed up a mouthful of blood and suffered from backlash.

On the other hand, those captured pieces of the Divine Chains of Order seized this opportunity to swiftly charge out of the Overarching Heaven Net.

Dammit! The strength of these shattered Divine Chains of Order is too terrifying. Even though I’m able to capture them with the Overarching Heaven Net, I’m utterly unable to subdue them… Chen Xi’s face sank, and he finally realized how terrifying the might of the Divine Chains of Order was.

This caused him to feel even more admiration towards his Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai. Because he was powerless to subdue mere shattered pieces of the Divine Chains of Order, whereas Tie Yunhai was moving up step by step amidst a myriad of Divine Chains of Order. This obviously showed how terrifying Tie Yunhai’s strength was. 

However, Chen Xi didn’t give up because this was an unprecedentedly great Karmic Luck. Since his Senior Sister Li Yang gave the Overarching Heaven Net to him, then she obviously felt that his current ability was sufficient to accomplish this.

He discarded all distracting thoughts and took a deep breath before utilizing the Overarching Heaven Net for the second time.


The translucent and crystalline net shot out like a dreamlike glow and entered into the sky.

This time, Chen Xi was much more careful. He didn’t spread out the net like he did earlier, and he chose a small shattered piece of the Divine Chains of Order and captured it!Bang! Bang! Bang!Even then, the strength revealed by this small piece of the Divine Chains of Order as it struggled was extraordinarily great, and it shook the Overarching Heaven Net to the point of trembling intensely and being almost on the verge of allowing it to escape.

Chen Xi suddenly gritted his teeth and circulated his entire cultivation. A myriad of strands of immortal glows arose from his entire body, and he forcefully endured the terrifying impact as he brought the net back!

I’ve succeeded! 

Right when this thought flashed within Chen Xi’s mind, a bang resounded as a strand of a blazing and obscure torrent suddenly surged into his body. This energy was vast and supreme. It contained the energy of the Heaven Dao and was filled with the aura of a myriad Daos. It represented the dignity of the Heavens, the order of the heavens! 

Yet now, this energy had been absorbed by Chen Xi. In an instant, it created a terrifying warm current that surged through his body. It caused the tendons, bones, skin, blood, meridians, internal organs, Immortal Force…everything within his body seemed to be immersed in a vast ocean at this moment, and the ocean water was the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao. 

The Order of the Heaven Dao was the energy that operated and maintained the three dimensions! 

During this calamity, the Divine Chains of Order that Tie Yunhai shattered even represented the supreme and paramount might of the heavens, so it was obvious how terrifying the energy contained within it was.

Just as Li Yang had said, there was great Karmic Luck and great fortune within the calamity, and it was naturally an extraordinary fortuitous encounter that was boundlessly beneficial to one’s cultivation in the future if one was able to capture this Karmic Luck and fortune.

Now, Chen Xi was lucky enough to absorb a piece of the shattered Divine Chains of Order, and it was equivalent to capture the Karmic Luck of the Heavens and obtaining great fortune. It was sufficient to provide extraordinary benefits towards the establishment of Chen Xi’s Eternal Immortal King Foundation. 

Rumble!The tune of the Dao that sounded like the roar of a dragon resounded from Chen Xi’s body, and it surged out in waves. Moreover, the universe within his body had even suddenly started to circulate madly and emanate a myriad of strands of vast divine radiance that surged throughout every corner of the universe within his body.

At this moment, a strand of the energy of Karmic Luck circulated around Chen Xi’s body, and it carried the aura of the Dao as it cleansed him, allowing him to seem ethereal like a god and otherworldly.

On the other hand, within his body, boundless dark gold Immortal Force, his essence, energy, and spirit… Everything was seething and circulating at an unprecedented rate, and they circulated without end while surging with an indescribable aura of the Dao.

He was establishing his Immortal King Foundation with great Karmic Luck!

As it was said, it was impossible to become an Immortal King without Karmic Luck!How much great Karmic Luck had descended into the world since ancient times? Just look at the number of Immortal Kings within the three dimensions and one could find out how difficult it was to attain the Immortal King Realm.

Amongst over ten thousand Half-step Immortal Kings, there were probably only a mere few that were able to step foot into the Immortal King Realm.

However, all of these difficulties were unable to pose a barrier for Chen Xi any longer. He’d already started to absorb ‘great Karmic Luck,’ and he’d started to rely on the might of the Divine Chains of Order to establish his foundation to attain the Immortal King Realm. Once he succeeded, his might would definitely be extraordinary.

After all, this was an unprecedentedly great Karmic Luck. How many people in the three dimensions were able to utilize the Overarching Heaven Net to capture the pieces of the Divine Chains of Order like Chen Xi had?Not to mention that even if other Half-step Immortal Kings possessed the Overarching Heaven Net, it would probably be of no use. Because how many people could shatter the Divine Chains of Order into pieces like the Third Lord of Oracle Mountain?

As for a complete Divine Chain of Order, even most experts at the Godrank Realm were unable to go against it, let alone capture it.

It could be said that this extraordinarily great Karmic Luck that Chen Xi obtained today was absolutely unique in the entire world, and all of this couldn’t do without the help of his Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai and the Overarching Heaven Net given to him by his Senior Sister Li Yang…

“This won’t do, it isn’t enough! The opportunity this time is difficult to come by in a million years. I absolutely can’t waste it like this!” Suddenly, Chen Xi opened his eyes once more, and he disregarded the various energies that were circulating madly within his body while he utilized the Overarching Heaven Net once more, causing it to surge into the sky.

At this moment, Tie Yunhai had already charged extremely high up into the heavens, and they were about to charge into the door that led to the Last Days Domain.

If he waited for them to enter it completely, then Chen Xi could dream of capturing any more shattered pieces of the Divine Chains of Order. The reason was extremely simple, if Tie Yunhai was gone, then there would be no more shattered pieces of the Divine Chains of Order.

So at this moment, if he wanted to obtain the most Karmic Luck he could obtain, then he naturally had to make the best use of every second. Otherwise, once he missed this opportunity, he wouldn’t have another similar opportunity in the future.

Swish! Swish!In the short moment, the Overarching Heaven Net ceaselessly swept out, retracted, and captured piece after piece of shattered Divine Chains of Order. They were all absorbed by Chen Xi, and they transformed into surging torrents that surged throughout his body.

During this entire process, the universe within his body rumbled without end and expanded endlessly. Strand after strand of blazing torrents surged within it, and it covered every single corner of the universe within his body in a thick layer of the aura of the Dao.

Moreover, this energy was ceaselessly expanding and improving…

Rumble!Right when Chen Xi intended to act once more, he felt his entire body shake. Every single pore on his body emanated strands of a pure aura of the Dao, and it was suffused with a myriad of strands of obscure glows that were about to vanish in the heavens and the earth. He showed signs of overflowing.

This allowed Chen Xi to instantly understand that the energy of the Divine Chains of Order that he’d absorbed had already arrived at the limits that his own foundation could endure. If he continued absorbing, then he would just waste this great Karmic Luck.

“Seniors, this fortuitous encounter can’t be missed just like that. Please prepare yourselves to receive the Karmic Luck of the Heavens. I’ll help all of you to capture this fortuitous encounter.” Suddenly, Chen Xi turned around and instructed Zuoqiu Feiming and the others, and then he didn’t stop at all before utilizing the Overarching Heaven Net again.

Zuoqiu Feiming was the senior of his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, while the other elders of the Zuoqiu Clan by his side that were at the Half-step Immortal King Realm had always been supporting his mother as well.

At this opportune moment, Chen Xi would naturally not be biased towards them. Since he was unable to absorb the pieces of the Divine Chains of Order any longer, then he intended to capture them and give them to Zuoqiu Feiming and the others. He took it to be repaying them for their protection and support towards his mother throughout all these years.

Zuoqiu Feiming and the others were shocked in their hearts when they heard this, and they revealed joyful expressions while feeling extremely grateful.

They’d witnessed everything earlier, and they’d felt extremely envious in their hearts long ago. After all, this was extraordinarily great Karmic Luck that was difficult to come by in a million years. Could anyone in the entire three dimensions overlook such an extraordinary temptation? 

Now, Chen Xi actually intended to share some of this Karmic Luck with them, so it naturally caused them to feel overjoyed, and they were extremely moved by this.

“Chen Xi…” Zuoqiu Feiming took a deep breath and spoke with gratitude.

Swish!However, before he could finish speaking, a piece of the shattered Divine Chains of order had descended down towards him and surged into his body, causing his entire body to instantly stiffen. He didn’t dare hesitate at all and hurriedly sat down cross-legged before starting to concentrate on absorbing it.

“Seniors, all of you have to be prepared as well.” Chen Xi smiled before he took action once more.

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