Chapter 1466 – The Divine Chains Of Order

When that dignified voice that was supreme and indifferent resounded through the entire three dimensions, all the cultivators in the world were astounded, and they understood that this supreme calamity would be sweeping over at this moment!


At the end of the distant horizon a muffled bang resounded, and it shook the boundless heavens and the earth and resounded throughout every single inch of sky in the three dimensions.

“It’s coming?” Chen Xi was terrified in his heart.

This rumbling bang wasn’t limited to the Immortal Dimension, and even all the ordinary cultivators of all the worlds in the universe sensed it at this moment.

“It’s about to!” A wisp of a sharp glow arose in the space above Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai’s, thick brows, and then he raised the enormous hammer in his hand before swinging it a myriad of times in an instant.

Layer upon layer of hammer images drew upon the energy in the heavens and the earth and linked up with the stellar bodies, and it emanated boundless energy of divinity. Profundities of the gods floated up into appearance within space, and then it transformed into dense talismans that formed into a grand formation.

This formation was a marvelous creation that excelled the work of nature. It was suffused with chaotic divine energy, and it revealed the images of chanting gods. It could be considered as supreme and boundless, and it enveloped everyone within it.

This is actually a Divine Formation formed by numerous Divine Talismans filled with the energy of divinity! Chen Xi saw through the profundities of this formation with a single glance, and he couldn’t help but be shocked. With this ability to instantly set up such a supreme divine formation, Third Senior Brother’s cultivation is so formidable that it’s simply unimaginable.

“Everyone, calm yourselves and wait calmly. Even though this calamity has erupted in advance because of the Sovereign Sect’s Master and is impossible to stop, yet once it descends now, it’ll escape the control of the Sovereign Sect. There’s still a trace of fortune to find amongst the lethal tribulations within it.” Tie Yunhai instructed in a low voice.

“What fortune?” Chen Xi was stunned.

“It’s naturally the path towards the ancient God Domain.” Li Yang muttered in a light voice.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone else was fiercely shocked in their hearts. The path towards the ancient God Domain! That’s an extraordinarily enormous fortuitous encounter!

Especially Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, Chi Cangsheng, and the other existences at the Godrank Realm. When they heard these words, all of their eyes lit up while they felt excited in their hearts.

“Even though fortune is great, you have to be alive to vie for it. In this calamity, there’s only a trace of fortune, and it’s extremely tiny. It’s mostly filled with lethal tribulations, so it’s difficult to say if we’ll be able to survive.” Li Yang sighed lightly.

A single sentence of hers was like a bucket of cold water poured on everyone, and it completely extinguished the hope in their hearts, causing their expressions to become solemn once more.

“Little Junior Brother, there’s no need to worry. This calamity will at least continue for a very long period of time. Existences like commoners and ants are innocent, thus they won’t be affected by the calamity. Even though this calamity is impossible to avoid for us cultivators, existences at the Godrank Realm will be the first to suffer misfortune.” When she noticed Chen Xi’s heavy expression, Li Yang couldn’t help but smile and console him. “Unless all the experts at the Godrank Realm within the three dimensions completely vanished beneath this calamity, otherwise it won’t affect existences beneath the Godrank Realm.”

“So in this way, this calamity is targeted at existences at the Godrank Realm?” Chen Xi felt slightly at ease in his heart.

“No. In the end, the day will come when all existences at the Godrank Realm vanish. At that time, this calamity will descend onto cultivators at the Immortal King Realm, Half-step Immortal King Realm, Saint Immortal Realm, and so on and so forth.” Li Yang shook her head and spoke in a serious manner. “This is the most terrifying calamity since the three dimensions were established. The aura of the Five Signs of Death has descended, and the heavens intend to establish a new era. Thus, no cultivators can escape it.”

At this moment, Chen Xi finally understood how terrifying this calamity was.

It was existences at the Godrank Realm that would first suffer misfortune from it, then it would be the Immortal King Realm, the Half-step Immortal King Realm, Saint Immortal Realm, Golden Immortal Realm, and so on and so forth.

Unless this calamity ended, otherwise no cultivator would be able to escape it!


While they conversed with each other, a spatial rift suddenly split open in the sky, and it flowed and stretched on without end. After that, all the worlds in the entire universe seemed to shake with extreme intensity. It was like a hole had been broken open in the Heaven Dao of the three dimensions, and all living beings were shaken.

At this moment, all the cultivators of the three dimensions shuddered with terror in their hearts, the demon beasts deep within the mountains howled, and various flying beasts were extremely anxious. All of them were restless, terrified, and uneasy.

In practically an instant, the skies of all the worlds in the entire universe were densely covered with spatial rifts that crisscrossed like spiderwebs, and it was on the verge of shattering into pieces. It seemed as if the sky was about to collapse and cease to exist!


After a short moment, an enormous bang rumbled through every single corner of the three dimensions. It seemed like a new world had been established, and the Order of the Heaven Dao that maintained the operation of the three dimensions had actually been shaken at this moment, causing it to become chaotic and violent.

After that, a strange fluctuation arose on the shattered skies, and then a door was faintly being condensed and created there!

It was a door indeed, it was like the door of the sky, and it forcefully appeared within the Order of the Heaven Dao. It seemed to be extremely far away, yet it was reflected in all the worlds within the universe. Every single cultivator saw it clearly, and coldness arose from their hearts.

What’s that door?

Is it the door that leads to the calamity?

All living beings were full of panic, uneasiness, and anxiousness. They felt an unprecedented strand of a terrifying and oppressive aura, causing them to be on the verge of losing their minds.


When the door in the sky condensed completely into form, the heavens and the earth suddenly shook, and all the worlds in the universe trembled!

“It’s going to open!” Tie Yunhai took a deep breath and accumulated strength as he waited.

Chen Xi stared nervously at it. That door had been established in the sky, and it was reflected in all the worlds within the universe. Moreover, it was enveloped by an obscure fluctuation, and he was unable to discern exactly what it was.

However, merely looking at it caused the hairs on his entire body to stand on end while he felt terrified in his heart. It seemed as if the source of the calamity was within the depths of that door.

The sky shattered while a door stood towering within it, and it caused the heavens and the earth in all the worlds within the universe to dim down as if it was about to fall into eternal darkness and destruction…

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The door in the sky suddenly shook lightly, and then countless obscure raindrops of light poured down and swept towards the surroundings. This was the energy of the Heaven Dao that maintained the operation of the three dimensions. In the end, it actually transformed into numerous thick and large Divine Chains of Order!

When looked at from afar, the Divine Chains of Order seemed to be boundless. They enveloped the entire universe as if a cage that covered the three dimensions had suddenly appeared!


Along with the appearance of these Divine Chains of Order, all the worlds in the universe shook and were confined by a terrifying and obscure force. It gave others the terrifying feeling that it was impossible to escape or avoid.

“The Heaven Dao’s Cage!”

“The Last Days Domain is finally about to arrive!”

At this moment, Tie Yunhai and the Old Scholar spoke simultaneously, and they had solemn expressions.

The expressions of the others changed abruptly, and they felt anxious and fearful because such imposing might made it seem like the end of the world was really arriving!

All of the cultivators in the universe felt despair. Can any eggs survive when the nest is totally ruined? Was this the end of the world? Would anyone be able to escape such a calamity?

The boundless Divine Chains of Order swept out without end, and it was like a cage enveloping down. It covered every single area within the three dimensions beneath a shadow, and it was like a merciless shackle that intended to restrain all the living beings in the universe!

The Immortal Dimension.

Within a boundless and mysterious space.

An old man suddenly stood up and looked towards the sky while revealing a sorrowful and furious expression.

“After I attained the Godrank Realm, I laid dormant for countless years, and I didn’t even covet the fortuitous encounters in the ancient God Domain. Yet now, I’m going to be annihilated beneath this calamity. This damnable heaven really deserves death!” He roared furiously before charging out of the space he resided in, and he intended to flee from the three dimensions. However, before he could flee, over a thousand thick and large Divine Chains of Order appeared out of thin air, and they imprisoned him on the spot!

“I won’t fucking take this lying down!!” The old man struggled with all his might, yet it was in vain. His entire body was confined into a ball within an instant, and he was taken into the door within the sky.

In the Mortal Dimension.

At a vast river of stars in the universe was a boundless floating piece of land.

However, right at this moment, this boundless piece of land actually ‘stood up’, and then it shook lightly. Rocks fell down from it while dust and dirt suffused the surroundings, and then a mighty figure that could hold up the sky was revealed.

He stepped through the starry sky while holding stars in his hand, and his eyes were even brighter than the sun and erupted with boundless divine radiance.

At practically the instant he made an appearance, numerous Divine Chains of Order suddenly surged over violently within this expanse of the universe, and they imprisoned him from all directions.

“The Last Days Domain has finally arrived! My bitter wait of a million years wasn’t done in vain. This time, I can’t miss this fortuitous encounter no matter what!” His rumbling voice surged through the universe while that might figure roared with laughter, and he actually didn’t dodge and took the initiative to allow those Divine Chains of order to restrain him. After that, he took a stride forward and charged towards the door that stood towering in the sky above all the worlds in the universe.


The Netherworld.

A myriad of Divine Chains of Order surged into the depths of the Blood River, and it firmly bound a bloody figure before instantly taking it into the door in the sky.

Scenes like these occurred in every area of the three dimensions. The Divine Chains of Order seemed to exist everywhere, and they restrained god after god.

None of them could avoid it, none of them could escape. No matter how hidden their hidden spot was, or if they possessed supreme and world shocking might, they were unable to avoid suffering this tribulation in the end!

Simply speaking, when this calamity swept through the three dimensions, all existences at the Godrank Realm were like grass, and they were mercilessly shackled and taken away!

Even though all the living beings in the hadn’t witnessed these scenes, they were able to clearly see numerous figures with vast divine might being restrained by the Divine Chains of Order and brought into the door in the sky.

This caused all of them to shudder with terror and feel as if they’d fallen into an icy pit. In this calamity, even the gods are like ants and are utterly unable to escape at all. Can anyone in this world survive it?

Chen Xi had witnessed this scene as well, and besides feeling cold in his heart, he’d once again recalled the scene he witnessed within the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation. Within countless cages of the Grand Dao were numerous gods!

Could it be that the gods who’re being restrained during this calamity will be captured to a place outside the three dimensions as well? Chen Xi’s heart felt cold, and he didn’t dare continue on this train of thought.

“It’s coming!” Suddenly, Zhao Taici’s terrified and furious voice resounded by his ears.

When Chen Xi returned to his senses, he noticed numerous thick and large Divine Chains of Order enveloping down from the sky. They formed a dense and boundless mass as they surged towards them.

At this instant, everyone in the surroundings felt suffocated, and it felt as if they were on the verge of death!


Right at this moment, the divine formation that enveloped their surroundings was activated. It emanated an expanse of Divine Talismans that transformed into an expanse of brilliant clouds, and it clashed head-on with the Divine Chains of Order and erupted with strands of terrifying energy fluctuations.

In the end, the divine formation shook violently, yet it wasn’t destroyed. On the other hand, the Divine Chains of Order had been obstructed outside it and weren’t able to enter at all!

All of this was naturally done by Chen Xi’s Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai!

All the others couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief in unison when they saw this, yet their faces were already covered in astonishment while they felt a lingering fear in their hearts.

“Everyone, this formation can only obstruct it temporarily. However, it’s sufficient for us to prepare ourselves. In a moment, all existences at the Godrank Rank will follow behind me, and we’ll break through the Grand Dao’s Cage and fight our way into the Last Days Domain together!” Tie Yunhai spoke in a low voice, and the space between his brows was filled with an arrogant expression.

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