Chapter 1466 – The Divine Chains Of Order

When that dignified voice that was supreme and indifferent resounded through the entire three dimensions, all the cultivators in the world were astounded, and they understood that this supreme calamity would be sweeping over at this moment!


At the end of the distant horizon a muffled bang resounded, and it shook the boundless heavens and the earth and resounded throughout every single inch of sky in the three dimensions.

“It’s coming?” Chen Xi was terrified in his heart.

This rumbling bang wasn’t limited to the Immortal Dimension, and even all the ordinary cultivators of all the worlds in the universe sensed it at this moment.

“It’s about to!” A wisp of a sharp glow arose in the space above Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai’s, thick brows, and then he raised the enormous hammer in his hand before swinging it a myriad of times in an instant.

Layer upon layer of hammer images drew upon the energy in the heavens and the earth and linked up with the stellar bodies, and it emanated boundless energy of divinity. Profundities of the gods floated up into appearance within space, and then it transformed into dense talismans that formed into a grand formation.

This formation was a marvelous creation that excelled the work of nature. It was suffused with chaotic divine energy, and it revealed the images of chanting gods. It could be considered as supreme and boundless, and it enveloped everyone within it.

This is actually a Divine...

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