Chapter 1464 – The Blood Of Gods Pour

A single sword light shocked and terrified the whole world!

This sword strike from the Old Scholar annihilated three Godslaughter Generals of the Sovereign Sect, destroyed the Heaven Dao Fate Wheel, and obliterated the Sovereign God Eradication Formation. It destroyed everything before it, and its might was so formidable that it was sufficient to leave behind a thick and heavy mark in the annals of history!

This was the might of Oracle Mountain’s Fourth Lord. He researched books throughout his life like a pedant scholar, and he hadn’t left the sect for many years. However, as soon as he did, he willfully sought revenge, and he didn’t hesitate to sacrifice ten thousand years of his lifespan merely for the sake of destroying evil and returning peace to the world. It was a rare moment of madness for him!

At this moment, the Sovereign God Eradication Formation was destroyed, allowing Chen Xi and the others to be rescued, and when they witnessed this scene, all of them were shocked speechless and were unable to calm themselves for a long time.

This was imposing might, imposing might that terrified all!

But some didn’t think so. For example, Li Yang couldn’t help but be worried and furious when she saw the Old Scholar seemed like a dying old man who had a ghastly pale countenance, was in low spirits, was still coughing violently without end, and had strands...

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