Chapter 1464 – The Blood Of Gods Pour

A single sword light shocked and terrified the whole world!

This sword strike from the Old Scholar annihilated three Godslaughter Generals of the Sovereign Sect, destroyed the Heaven Dao Fate Wheel, and obliterated the Sovereign God Eradication Formation. It destroyed everything before it, and its might was so formidable that it was sufficient to leave behind a thick and heavy mark in the annals of history!

This was the might of Oracle Mountain’s Fourth Lord. He researched books throughout his life like a pedant scholar, and he hadn’t left the sect for many years. However, as soon as he did, he willfully sought revenge, and he didn’t hesitate to sacrifice ten thousand years of his lifespan merely for the sake of destroying evil and returning peace to the world. It was a rare moment of madness for him!

At this moment, the Sovereign God Eradication Formation was destroyed, allowing Chen Xi and the others to be rescued, and when they witnessed this scene, all of them were shocked speechless and were unable to calm themselves for a long time.

This was imposing might, imposing might that terrified all!

But some didn’t think so. For example, Li Yang couldn’t help but be worried and furious when she saw the Old Scholar seemed like a dying old man who had a ghastly pale countenance, was in low spirits, was still coughing violently without end, and had strands of God Blood seeping out from the corners of his mouth.

“You old bastard! You don’t care for your own life at all! Eldest Senior Brother wouldn’t have allowed you to come here if he knew this would happen!” Li Yang moved forward and hurriedly supported the Old Scholar.

She was very clearly aware of how formidable the might of the Confucianist Sword Decree was, and she was even more clearly aware that the Old Scholar had injured his foundation by executing this strike, causing him to be powerless to fight another battle.

It was even to the extent that it was utterly impossible to recover from such injuries without a thousand years of rest. As for the lifespan he sacrificed, it was impossible to reclaim at all unless he was able to advance a step further on the path of godhood.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. It’s a rare opportunity that I get to enjoy myself, so I should naturally go all out!” The Old Scholar waved his hand and acted heroic as he lifted up a wine gourd and swallowed down the wine within it.

Li Yang didn’t stop him when she saw this, and she just gazed towards the sky.

“You actually dared to kill three of my brothers! Damnable Old Scholar! I’ll fucking kill your whole family!!” At practically the exact same moment, Chi Lian’s howl resounded above the sky, and it was filled with boundless sorrow and rage.

“Hmph! All of you forced my fucking Fourth Junior Brother to sacrifice his own lifespan and execute the Confucianist Sword Decree! Let’s get even for this first!” At practically the exact same moment, Tie Yunhai’s furious voice resounded. He was similarly furious, and the Old Scholar’s lifespan seemed to be more important than everything in his heart.


In the sky, the battle between gods was intense. Light shattered in the sky while void and chaos filled the surroundings. It was utterly impossible to pry into the situation of the battle. At this moment, even Immortal Kings wouldn’t dare rashly enter the battlefield because they were bound to lose their lives there.

“Should we go and help?” Yuan Che spoke abruptly, and the others shot their gazes towards Li Yang in succession.

“There’s no need for that. Third Brother has an inflexible and fiery nature. If all of you go help him, then you’ll be cursed at by him instead, and he’ll think all of you look down upon him. That’s bad.” The Old Scholar spoke before Li Yang and directly refused the good intentions of the others.

He wasn’t looking down on the others, and it was just that he was extremely familiar with Tie Yunhai. He was very clearly aware that Tie Yunhai’s strength was sufficient to deal with Tie Yunhai’s opponents.

“Logically speaking, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation should vanish once the Sovereign God Eradication Formation was destroyed. Why is it still floating there?” Li Yang muttered abruptly while her expression was enveloped in a trace of bewilderment.

The others noticed this scene as well, and all of them frowned slightly while they felt extremely bewildered in their hearts.

“Because this calamity…can’t be stopped in the end.” The Old Scholar sighed in a dispirited manner.

“What do you mean?” Li Yang’s eyes focused as she asked.

“It’s something that’s predetermined. It’ll happen sooner or later, so there’s not much difference.” The Old Scholar scratched his head and seemed to hesitate to speak any further. In the end, he gave her a vague answer.

The mood of the others couldn’t help but feel heavy when they heard this.

Chen Xi didn’t mind because so long as he was alive, then even if the calamity arrived, he would just have to go all out, and it was none other than a matter of surviving or perishing. However, his heart was unable to calm down when he recalled everything that had occurred today.

First, he’d fought with Zuoqiu Feng, Wei Xing, and the others, causing Midnight Immortal King, Xuanyuan Shao, Xuanyuan Fengchen, Xuanyuan Tabei, Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng to come lend him a hand.

All of this ended with the deaths of Zuoqiu Feng, Wei Xing, and the others, and Chen Xi originally thought that everything ended after he finished taking revenge. Yet who would have imagined that the Last Days Vortex would suddenly appear, and then Suiren Ting, Zuoqiu Beiyong, and Zuoqiu Lenghua appeared right after that.

At that time, Chen Xi suddenly realized that this was a scheme that the Sovereign Sect had meticulously prepared a long time ago!

It was even to the extent that this scheme had even included everyone from Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Sovereign Sect intended to utilize the Sovereign God Eradication Formation to kill gods, sacrifice their God Blood, and cause the calamity to descend!

Fortunately, all of this had been seen through by Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and then a favorable turn appeared in the end. The Oracle Mountain’s Third Lord Tie Yunhai and Fourth Lord the Old Scholar arrived together, and they fought the Godslaughter Generals, destroyed the formation, resisted the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, and finally turned the situation around.

All of this seemed to be extremely simple, but it was actually terrifying and could be said to be filled with killing intent. It couldn’t just be described with the word dangerous!

For example, such an encounter was simply like lingering at the edge of life and death, dancing on the tip of a blade. A single moment of carelessness would cause one to perish on the spot.

With Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng’s ability, they could only be reduced to taking a supporting role at that time, and this obviously showed how terrifying this tribulation was.

As for Chen Xi, he’d entirely assumed the role of a spectator. However, it was precisely because he’d experienced all of this that he’d deeply understood how terrifying the battles between the three supreme sects was, and he’d obtained a completely new understanding towards the hierarchy of the three dimensions, the strength of Immortal Kings, the might of the Godrank Realm…

Such precious experience wasn’t something that just anyone could possess!

With the assistance of this experience, Chen Xi would only advance in an even more stable and composed manner in his future path towards the Dao.


In the sky, the blood of gods suddenly poured down like a torrent, and it dyed the entire sky red.

“Hei Ling! Huang Zhong!!!” Chi Lian’s shocked and furious howl resounded once more, and he was grievous and furious to the limit. It was the furious howl of a god, and it resounded through the world and terrified the hearts of all.

Obviously, another two Godslaughter Generals had fallen, and they’d lost their lives at Tie Yunhai’s hands!

“Shout! Continue shouting! It’s useless even if you tear your throat apart from shouting. In the boundless years of the past, you seven wolfhounds have always been following closely by the side of the Sovereign Sect’s Master, and that was why all of you were able to avoid death on numerous occasions and survive until now. It isn’t because all of your abilities are really extraordinary! Now that the Sovereign Sect’s Master isn’t here, could it be that all of you think you’ll be able to survive?” Tie Yunhai’s disdainful voice resounded right after Chi Lian’s voice. “If it was those three Sect Priests of your Sovereign Sect that were here, then perhaps they would be able to fight me, yet all of you…are truly too weak! Is the World Enlightened True God Realm very extraordinary? It’s only the lowest trash amongst the gods!”

“You’re…going too far!” Chi Lian roared furiously.

“You’re right, I’m bullying all of you dogs that keep watch for the Heaven Dao!” Tie Yunhai roared with laughter.

After that, all sound was drowned out by a wave of violent and terrifying rumbling.

“The Third Lord really is extraordinary!” Yuan Che and the others exclaimed with admiration in their hearts, and the others deeply agreed as well. Because such style, courage, and ferocity were impossible to describe with words.

Li Yang on the other hand had always been paying attention to the changes in the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, and she said casually when she heard this, “All those years ago, my Third Senior Brother was just a boorish blacksmith that couldn’t read at all. Later on, he entered the sect by master’s side.”

“Right, Third Brother is the most boorish. He doesn’t have any manners, isn’t civilized at all, and he isn’t warm, kind, respectful, thrifty, or knows how to give way. He’s simply impossible to educate.” The Old Scholar shook his head and seemed deeply distressed.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle from this scene. This Fourth Senior Brother really is as Senior Sister said, he’s a pedantic scholar that constantly tries to speak in a profound manner, yet he just happens to not be dislikeable and is filled with an amiable aura instead.

“Somethings not right! Even though the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation isn’t moving, its aura is changing… Wait! It’s actually absorbing the aura of divinity from the fallen gods in the heavens and the earth!” Li Yang’s expression changed abruptly. “The blood of those fallen gods have actually been completely sacrificed to the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation!”

The others were shocked in their hearts when they heard this, and they faintly felt incomprehensible coldness in their hearts. Their hearts felt rather uncomfortable, yet they were just unable to determine the exact reason.


In the sky, the blood of gods rained down once more.

This time, it was Jin Guang that fell, and at practically the exact same moment, Chi Lian’s extremely furious howl resounded. “Tie Yunhai, I’ll fight you to the death!”

“Dog, you intend to bring me down with you? You’re unworthy of that!” Tie Yunhai grunted coldly.

“Third Senior Brother, please stop!” Li Yang suddenly spoke loudly, yet it was unfortunately a step too late.


Along with Tie Yunhai’s voice resounding through the air, Chi Lian’s voice stopped abruptly. In the next moment, the surging blood of a god poured down once more from the sky, and it dyed the heavens and the earth red.


At practically the exact same moment, Tie Yunhai’s robust figure appeared out of thin air. At this moment, his hair was dyed red with blood, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning. His bronze skin that seemed to have been cast from copper still carried numerous marks from the battle, and his imposing might was extremely shocking.

He was like a god of battle that looked down upon the world, and he caused the hearts of others to tremble.

“Oh, Little Junior Sister, you should have said so sooner. You know it as well, I’m utterly unable to take back an attack I’ve executed.” Tie Yunhai chuckled when facing Li Yang, and he revealed an honest smile.

“It’s over now. We’ve fallen for the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s trap in the end…” Li Yang sighed faintly, and the gaze she shot at the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation was covered in a complicated expression.

We’ve fallen for the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s trap!

Everyone was shocked in their hearts and felt disbelief. The Sovereign God Eradication Formation was destroyed, the seven Godslaughter Generals were annihilated, everything has ended with our victory. So, how could he have still fallen for the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s trap?


Right at this moment, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation in the sky that had originally fallen into deathly silence suddenly emanated an enormous and mysterious jet black glow.

At that instant, the blood of gods that suffused the heavens and the earth, the Divine Artifacts, the corpses of the gods… So long as it contained the energy of divinity, all of them were instantly absorbed and swallowed by the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation!

Everyone was able to clearly sense that the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation’s aura had started to rise madly without end. In merely an instant, the aura of heavenly tribulation it emanated caused everyone present in the surroundings to feel suffocated!

“It really is as Eldest Senior Brother expected. In the end, this calamity that’s about to sweep through the three dimensions was predestined to descend today…” At this moment, Tie Yunhai’s expression became solemn as well. A light barrier of divinity arose from his entire body to envelop everyone, and it resisted the terrifying pressure that was ceaselessly emanated from the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation.

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