Chapter 1463 – Confucianist Sword Decree

As he spoke, an iron hammer appeared in Tie Yunhai’s hand.

The iron hammer was over 1m long, completely pitch black, and had a rather rough outline. It seemed to be extremely ordinary, yet it gave others a very heavy and condensed feeling as if it had returned to simplicity.

When it was held within Tie Yunhai’s hand that was large like a cattail leaf fan, it caused his imposing aura to change completely. His bronze skin that seemed to have been cast from copper was suffused with a strand of thick energy of divinity and coupled with his figure that was robust like an iron pagoda, he emanated an extremely imposing aura.

When he decided to make a move, Tie Yunhai didn’t hesitate at all. He moved through space before smashing his hammer down towards Chi Lian’s head.


The heavens and the earth dimmed down when he swung his hammer, and then a Roc whistled out. It was coiled with a myriad of strands of divine light that seemed like dark water, and it rumbled as it smashed down while causing space to be shattered into powder. It was an extremely shocking sight.

“You’re going too far!” Chi Lian’s face turned gloomy. Since Tie Yunhai and the Old Scholar made an appearance, they had always been disregarding the rest of them in a lofty manner, and now, Tie Yunhai had actually attacked without saying a single word. This had completely infuriated Chi Lian.

As he spoke, his figure flashed...

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