Chapter 1463 – Confucianist Sword Decree

As he spoke, an iron hammer appeared in Tie Yunhai’s hand.

The iron hammer was over 1m long, completely pitch black, and had a rather rough outline. It seemed to be extremely ordinary, yet it gave others a very heavy and condensed feeling as if it had returned to simplicity.

When it was held within Tie Yunhai’s hand that was large like a cattail leaf fan, it caused his imposing aura to change completely. His bronze skin that seemed to have been cast from copper was suffused with a strand of thick energy of divinity and coupled with his figure that was robust like an iron pagoda, he emanated an extremely imposing aura.

When he decided to make a move, Tie Yunhai didn’t hesitate at all. He moved through space before smashing his hammer down towards Chi Lian’s head.


The heavens and the earth dimmed down when he swung his hammer, and then a Roc whistled out. It was coiled with a myriad of strands of divine light that seemed like dark water, and it rumbled as it smashed down while causing space to be shattered into powder. It was an extremely shocking sight.

“You’re going too far!” Chi Lian’s face turned gloomy. Since Tie Yunhai and the Old Scholar made an appearance, they had always been disregarding the rest of them in a lofty manner, and now, Tie Yunhai had actually attacked without saying a single word. This had completely infuriated Chi Lian.

As he spoke, his figure flashed while the crimson colored divine chains that enveloped his entire body fluttered wildly, and it suddenly transformed into a crimson red axe that collided directly with Tie Yunhai’s hammer.


A wave of rumbling resounded throughout the heavens and the earth while the energy of divinity swept out like a gale, and it faintly revealed the scenes of Fiendgods wailing, the blood of gods pouring down, the Grand Dao wailing, and so on and so forth. It threw the surroundings into chaos.

Chi Lian’s figure staggered back, and he took a few tens of steps back while his face was livid and ashen.

“Hahaha! I’m a fucking boorish fellow that doesn’t know how to conduct himself. I only believe in the hammer within my hand. Chi Lian, just you alone aren’t sufficient at all. All of you come at me together.” After attaining success with a single strike, Tie Yunhai roared heroically with laughter, and the bronze skin that covered his body surged with the energy of the gods while he swung his hammer once more. He was ferocious and fierce to the extreme.

“Let’s fight him together! We must absolutely not allow them to destroy the formation!” Chi Lian gritted his teeth as he shouted in a grim and gloomy voice, and then he swiftly soared into the sky and clashed once more with Tie Yunhai.

Tie Yunhai’s strength was too formidable. He was a renowned titan of Oracle Mountain. He was skilled in numerous supreme divine techniques, and Chi Lian was indeed unable to go against Tie Yunhai by himself.

The other six Godslaughter Generals had been accumulating strength while they waited, and they immediately didn’t hesitate to move out in unison when they heard this.

Qing Mo, Huang Zhong, and Jin Guang moved out to join forces with Chi Lian and deal with Tie Yunhai, whereas Hei Ling, Bai Ku, and Lan Cai tacitly charged towards the fourth disciple of Oracle Mountain, the Old Scholar.

“Hmph! Thinking of splitting up to deal with us? All of you get the fuck over here!” Tie Yunhai suddenly waved his iron hammer to force Chi Lian back, and then his figure flashed while his enormous hammer was smashed out a myriad of times in an instant. He actually forcefully enveloped all six of the other Godslaughter Generals beneath his attack!

This sort of great courage to fight numerous enemies by himself and bearing that looked down upon all experts in the world carried an aura of supremacy that was extremely astounding.

“You’re courting death!

“You damnable bastard! You’re simply overestimating your ability!”

Tie Yunhai’s extremely arrogant actions completely infuriated the seven Godslaughter Generals, and they met his attacks head on. Moreover, none of them held back and they all utilized their trump cards.

For a time, the entire heavens and the earth were filled with the figures of gods. They flashed about in the surroundings while fighting intensely above the nine heavens, and they fought to the point the heavens, earth, sun, and moon were cast into shade.

This was a battle between gods, and it had long surpassed the scope of the three dimensions. Every single ability they utilized were supreme inheritances of the gods, and it was obvious how heaven defying such a battle was.

At this moment, the entire Iris Continent was affected. No matter the cultivation they possessed, everyone was terrified to the point their entire bodies went limp, and all of them fled in succession. They truly wished for nothing more than to escape this chaotic and turbulent place as soon as possible.

Some cowardly fellows were even shocked out of their wits, and they wet themselves in terror before fainting directly. The scenes of calamity and chaos filled the entire continent.

All of this was caused by the battle between gods!

“Rough, rude, boorish… The moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day, it’s morally bankrupt. They only know how to fight and kill; they simply have no manners!” There were some people that weren’t affected by this battle between the gods. For example, the white haired old man in a scholar’s robes, and he even sighed with emotion in a slightly angry manner.

He was the fourth disciple of Oracle Mountain, and he was nicknamed the Old Scholar while his true name had long since been forgotten by the world. He read carefully through all the books from the primeval times until now and liked to impart deep meaning with only a few words, thus he obtained the nickname, the Old Scholar.

But right after that, he shut his mouth and placed his hands behind his back before arriving slowly outside the Sovereign God Eradication Formation. He raised his head to look at the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation in the sky, and his snow white brows couldn’t help but raise up before he muttered. “If I don’t exhaust some strength, it’ll probably be very difficult to break open this formation. Looks like I can only be boorish for once today.”

As he spoke, he rolled up his sleeve and put the book in his hand at his waist. After that, he took a deep breath and actually started chanting loudly!

“Where the blade of a god goes, all evil is annihilated. When a sharp blade flies out, ghosts and spirits are terrified. Only my name resounds clearly through the heavens and the earth, and the Immortals and gods perish into graves.” Along with his voice, numerous beautiful and exquisite words transformed into talismans that emanated divine radiance, and they transformed into numerous peerless divine blades that swiftly shot into the formation.

In an instant, this supreme divine formation that came from the ancient God Domain actually started to suddenly tremble violently after suffering this attack! This obviously showed exactly how shocking this chant of the Old Scholar’s was!

When Li Yang saw this scene, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes and said angrily, “Everyone, don’t laugh at him. This Fourth Senior Brother of mine is a bookworm, and he normally likes to study ancient books. He’s madly infatuated with them.”

How could all of them dare to laugh at him? A casual chant already possessed such world shocking might. How many people in the three dimensions were capable of accomplishing this?

“Utilizing words to form talismans, and then utilizing talismans to attain the Dao before utilizing the Dao to become a god. The Fourth Lord really deserves his reputation. We’re ashamed of our own inferiority.” Yuan Che from Nuwa’s Dao Palace sighed in praise, and she felt heartfelt admiration.

The others nodded in succession.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a wisp of pride surge out from his heart when he saw this. That’s my Fourth Senior Brother!

“Everyone, don’t be careless. We should make preparations and search for an opportunity to escape.” Li Yang reminded. At this moment, they were still trapped within the formation. However, the might of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation had been dealt with by the Old Scholar outside the formation, and it resolved a great deal of the pressure they faced.

The hearts of everyone shook, and they didn’t dare hesitate or slack off.

“This won’t do. The killing intent of these words are insufficient, and its aura is slightly insufficient in the end.” Outside the formation, the Old Scholar couldn’t help but frown when he noticed that the might of his strike was actually unable to break open the formation, and he started chanting once more.

“A light barrier appears as the blade flutters, and it makes an ever triumphant sweep of the surroundings. It dares to flash through the sky like a shooting star, and once illuminated the world like the bright moon.” Along with his voice, strands of terrifying and vast energy of divinity transformed into a row of talismans. Every single one of them were like swords that were suffused with a supreme aura of slaughter, and it actually created the grand scene of swords shooting into the nine heavens and illuminating the world.

All of this charged towards the Sovereign God Eradication Formation!


The formation rumbled violently while the heavens and the earth shook. Countless black divine chains were slashed in half and were destroyed into nothingness. However, the formation was still not destroyed.

However, right at this moment, a strand of terrifying destructive force suddenly surged out from the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation in the sky, and it struck down at the Old Scholar.

“Aiyaya! The might of the heavens is unfathomable! Why make things difficult for a scholar like me? Go away! Go away!” The Old Scholar bawled before suddenly flicking his sleeve, causing a strand of supreme energy of divinity to sweep out. It was like a world was contained within his sleeve, and it actually silently and soundlessly dealt with the destructive force!

The Old Scholar seized this opportunity to suddenly shout loudly. “Sword! Come here!”

As soon as his words left his mouth, a shapeless sword that was coiled with divine radiance appeared out of thin air. In an instant, the heavens and the earth dimmed while boundless and powerful energy of divinity swarmed and charged into the shapeless sword.

In this dark and indistinct expanse of space, numerous words of swords were actually created. Some were golden words that twisted about like earthworms, some were ancient and strange inscriptions, some were obscure and mysterious words of the Fiendgods, some were Chaotic Secret Markings that carried boundless meaning…

These ancient and varied words represented the word ‘sword’ that carried varying meanings and came from different times. They were branded with the energy of history and contained the might of time. As soon as they appeared, all of them coiled around the shapeless sword.

In merely an instant, this shapeless sword actually seemed as if it had obtained intelligence, and it erupted with a boundless divine aura before it shot outside the nine heavens and shook the starry sky!

Such an impetus could be said to be matchlessly rare!

It was even to the extent that at this moment, all the living beings in the Immortal Dimension acutely noticed a strand of vast and supreme energy of the sword suffusing the area boundlessly high up in the sky!

However, this strike obviously caused the Old Scholar to suffer great backlash. In an instant, his countenance turned ghastly pale while even his eyes dimmed down, and he seemed as if all his strength had been extracted.

“It has been so many years since I’ve left the sect. A rare moment of madness, a rare moment of silliness…” The Old Scholar didn’t care at all, and he coughed intensely as he held the shapeless sword.

“Shit! That old bastard actually sacrificed ten thousand years of his lifespan and utilized the Confucianist Sword Decree! Quickly stop him!” High above in the sky, Chi Lian’s extremely furious voice resounded.

In the next instant, three figures that carried monstrous divine might tore through the sky, and they shot towards the Old Scholar. It was Qing Mo, Lan Cai, and Bai Ku.

At practically the exact same moment, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation in the sky seemed to have been infuriated as well, and it emanated a terrifying black wheel. It was completely round, dark, and terrifying, and it smashed down towards the Old Scholar.

The Heaven Dao Fate Wheel!

It was a supreme destructive restriction, and it represented the awe-inspiring divine might of the three dimensions’ Heaven Dao!

“Fourth Brother, you’ve gone mad!” Tie Yunhai’s loud shout resounded from the clouds, and when his voice resounded out, an iron hammer had already torn through the sky and arrived with the intention of stopping Qing Mo, Lan Cai, and Bai Ku.

“Not at all, not at all. I was just unable to control my intentions to deal with this, so how can it be considered as madness? Watch me annihilate these demons and return peace to the world!” The Old Scholar wasn’t nervous at all, and he seemed pleased as he spoke. Moreover, he suddenly raised the shapeless sword as he spoke, and then swept forward horizontally.


In an instant, the heavens collapsed, the earth split apart, and everything was obliterated!

Qing Mo, Lan Cai, and Bai Ku didn’t even have the chance to obstruct it before they were slashed in half at the waist, and then they were silently and soundlessly obliterated by the might of this sword strike!

They actually didn’t have the slightest strength to resist it at all!


The Heaven Dao Fate Wheel was shattered into pieces and transformed into powder.


Another wave of violent rumbling resounded, and then the Sovereign God Eradication Formation was destroyed completely!

The might of a single sword strike was actually so terrifying!

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