Chapter 1462 – Roc Divine Technique

Within the Sovereign God Eradication Formation.

Under the lead of Meng Xinghe, Yuan Che, and the others, Chen Xi and the others seemed as if they were sweeping through dry leaves all along the way and were on the verge of breaking out of the formation.

When escape was within vision, all of their spirits were refreshed at this moment, and their battle intent grew exuberant.

Even with Hua Jiankong’s silent and aloof disposition, he couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a smile at this moment.

However, right at this moment, Li Yang’s beautiful brows suddenly raised while her expression suddenly changed. “Watch out!”


As soon as she finished speaking, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly effused out from the surroundings. The aura was emotionless, indifferent, supreme, and filled with horrifying heavenly might.

After that, under the shocked gazes of everyone, an eye suddenly surged out into appearance from within the Last Days Vortex in the sky above the formation!

It was pitch black, deep, icy cold, and seemed as if boundless symbols were flickering within it. It seemed as if the rise and fall of the world, the movement of the stars, the passage of time, the changes in the universe… Everything was reflected within it.

As soon as it appeared, it fused completely with the Sovereign God Eradication Formation, and it emanated a terrifying and crushing force, causing numerous black divine chains to surge out explosively once more from the surroundings....

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