Chapter 1462 – Roc Divine Technique

Within the Sovereign God Eradication Formation.

Under the lead of Meng Xinghe, Yuan Che, and the others, Chen Xi and the others seemed as if they were sweeping through dry leaves all along the way and were on the verge of breaking out of the formation.

When escape was within vision, all of their spirits were refreshed at this moment, and their battle intent grew exuberant.

Even with Hua Jiankong’s silent and aloof disposition, he couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a smile at this moment.

However, right at this moment, Li Yang’s beautiful brows suddenly raised while her expression suddenly changed. “Watch out!”


As soon as she finished speaking, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly effused out from the surroundings. The aura was emotionless, indifferent, supreme, and filled with horrifying heavenly might.

After that, under the shocked gazes of everyone, an eye suddenly surged out into appearance from within the Last Days Vortex in the sky above the formation!

It was pitch black, deep, icy cold, and seemed as if boundless symbols were flickering within it. It seemed as if the rise and fall of the world, the movement of the stars, the passage of time, the changes in the universe… Everything was reflected within it.

As soon as it appeared, it fused completely with the Sovereign God Eradication Formation, and it emanated a terrifying and crushing force, causing numerous black divine chains to surge out explosively once more from the surroundings. Moreover, the might of every single black divine chain had more than doubled when compared to before!


The myriad of black chains were connected to the heavens and the earth. They were thick like millstones and emanated violent divine might as they smashed down fiercely at Chen Xi and the others.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The four Grand Exuberant Light Swords seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning and trembled without end. Moreover, the force that surged on it shook Yuan Che, Kong Lin, Yuchi Wan, and Yun Su to the point their faces turned pale and they staggered back without end.


The most severe was Meng Xinghe, the Dao Emperor World Destruction Scripture he utilized suffered a terrifying attack, and its surface seemed to be on the verge of bleeding while it trembled violently without end.

This caused Meng Xinghe to be affected by it as well, and a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed out from his mouth!

In merely an instant, the advantage their group had gained was completely wiped away, and it was even to the extent they suffered a great deal of injuries and could only dodge endlessly.

“The Eye of Heavenly Tribulation!” Li Yang’s expression was extraordinarily heavy while she suddenly withdrew a black colored beast skin that emanated dark light. It revolved as it floated above everyone, and only then were they able to barely resist such terrifying attacks.

This beast skin was an ancient divine treasure, and it was branded with Chaotic Secret Markings and possessed monstrous divine might.

At this point, everyone finally heaved a slight sigh of relief. However, their expressions had become extremely unsightly because they were only a step away from breaking out of the formation, and no one had expected that such a world shocking turn of events would actually occur. It instantly caused them to once again fall into a dangerous situation that was even more severe than it was before this.

“The Eye of Heavenly Tribulation! Dammit! It carried the aura of a blood sacrifice. Could it be that the Sovereign Sect actually sacrificed experts at the Godrank Realm in order to kill us?” Meng Xinghe had a livid expression as he put the Dao Emperor World Destruction Scripture away. This treasure defied the heavens and destroyed the Dao, so it suffered the greatest blow from the energy of Heavenly Tribulation. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been injured earlier.

“It was definitely Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua who were killed.” Li Yang had an icy cold expression while a wisp of ridicule appeared on the corners of her mouth. “Since the ancient times until now, the Sovereign Sect has done something like this on more than one occasion.”

Everyone felt shock and cold in their hearts when they heard this.

Merely for the sake of annihilating us, the Sovereign Sect actually didn’t hesitate to annihilate two experts at the Godrank Realm and utilize their blood to draw down the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation?

Those were existences at the Godrank Realm!

This is the consequences of betraying the clan and siding with the Sovereign Sect!” When they found out about all of this, the reactions of Zuoqiu Feiming and the others seemed to be extremely strange. They were delighted, sorrowful, and seemed to be crying yet laughing. Their emotions were complicated and conflicted to the extreme.

The Eye of Heavenly Tribulation… A wisp of detest, madness, and viciousness couldn’t help but arise once more within Chen Xi’s heart when he saw this thing once more, and the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness seemed to have awakened once more from its deep slumber.

That day at the God Attainment Region, Chen Xi was affected by the River Diagram fragment and fought the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation head-on by himself. In the end, he defeated it and won over a trace of the chance to survive for Shi Yu and the others.

However, the River Diagram fragments maintained silence this time, and in merely an instant, it fell once more into deep slumber. Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned by this.

He faintly felt that the River Diagram fragments seemed to have noticed that the might of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation was too formidable this time, and it was unable to go against it. Thus, it chose to lay dormant!

This was a very subtle feeling, yet it caused Chen Xi’s heart to sink. Even the River Diagram fragments have chosen to lay dormant, so what other force in the world is capable of going against the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation?


The Eye of Heavenly Tribulation displayed its might and smashed down without end. It shook the beast skin to the point of trembling violently without end, and the Chaotic Secret Markings on it flickered repeatedly. It was obviously resisting it violently.

“This won’t do! If this continues, then this Chaotic Beastskin won’t be able to resist the attacks of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation either!” Yuan Che’s expression changed once more and became extremely anxious.

The others were even slightly at a loss for what to do, and dense worry floated up into appearance on their faces.

This move from the Sovereign Sect could be said to be extremely ruthless, and it directly trapped them into a hopeless situation. If they were unable to find a method to deal with this situation, then perhaps they might really perish here today…

Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li both looked at Chen Xi because they were clearly aware that Chen Xi had once gone against the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation in the God Attainment Region that day.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile bitterly and shake his head without end when facing this.

This caused the hearts of Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li to feel even heavier.

The things prepared by the Sovereign Sect were numerous, its actions were so ruthless, and its schemes were so meticulous that it was simply flawless and endlessly connected to each other. It caused them to still be unable to avoid falling into the Sovereign Sect’s trap even if they’d made all sorts of preparations beforehand.

This sort of feeling that was like being a trapped beast was absolutely not nice.

Right at this moment, Li Yang seemed to have noticed something, and she suddenly raised her head and looked towards the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation in the distance. Her eyes glistened while a wisp of a confident and happy arc arose on the corners of her mouth before she said, “Everyone, our favorable turn in the situation has arrived.”

Everyone was stunned. Favorable turn in the situation?

Outside the Sovereign God Eradication Formation.

“Based on the current situation, they’ll definitely perish in less than ten minutes. Get everything prepared. Once they perish, we’ll execute the secret technique to sacrifice their God Blood and completely draw down this calamity that’ll sweep through the three dimensions. If everything goes smoothly, then these three dimensions will belong to the Sovereign Sect from tomorrow onwards!” Chi Lian withdrew his gaze from the formation, and a wisp of arrogance surged abruptly on his face. It was bearing of having victory within his grasp, and a wisp of wild arrogance that intended to sweep throughout the world!

The other six Godslaughter Generals revealed solemn expressions, and a wisp of fervor surged within their eyes. Controlling the three dimensions had always been the objective the Sovereign Sect had diligently strived to accomplish since it was established. Now, after countless years had passed, it was finally about to be realized!

Even if it was Suiren Ting, he was extremely excited at this moment, and he felt pleased because of this as well. He’d completely forgotten the terror he felt when Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua were sacrificed earlier.

“The Sect Master is brilliant!” Suiren Ting muttered while he looked up at the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, and he didn’t conceal his adoration at all.

Chi Lian and the others couldn’t help but smile when they heard this. Indeed, if they didn’t have a man of great talent and bold vision like the Sect Master leading them all along the way, how could their Sovereign Sect possibly possess the status it had today?

“Everyone, prepare yourselves!” Chi Lian took a deep breath and discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind before he looked up into the sky. At the end of his vision, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation was glowing dimly, and it was indifferent and emotionless.

The hearts of the others shook, and the gazes they shot at the Sovereign God Eradication Formation was filled with killing intent.

However, right at this moment, an elegant voice resounded through the heavens and the earth in an extremely sudden manner. “If man is without emotion, then it’s like being a rotten piece of wood. If Immortals are without emotion, then they’re like inanimate objects. If gods are without emotion, then they’re inferior to dogs and pigs. Even animals know filial piety and their duty to their elders, yet your Sect Master frequently and mercilessly brings chaos to the world by frequently causing calamities that plunge all living beings into misery and suffering. How could he be considered as brilliant? In my opinion, he’s no different to a dog or pig.”

This voice was unhurried and rhythmic, and every single word resounded like a bell and shook the heart and minds of all!

Along with this voice, an extremely vast aura of divinity rumbled and whistled over from the distant sky like a warm summer breeze.

Everywhere it passed, the heavens and the earth became clear, chaos was calmed, and all things came back to life. In an instant, it actually weakened the aura of calamity that filled the heavens and the earth by more than half!

“Who is it!?”

“Oracle Mountain’s Old Scholar?”

The expressions of Chi Lian and the others suddenly sank while they looked towards the distance in unison. However, in their field of vision, they only saw a Roc that carried the might of the heavens and the earth and an aura that could swallow the world as it charged over!

It was a Roc indeed, a Roc that was said to be the number one ferocious beast in the heavens and the earth of the primeval times after the chaos had been split apart. Its body stretched continuously and lay across the universe, and its wings were like drooping clouds that swept down like rivers of stars.

As soon as it appeared, the entire heavens and the earth was filled by its figure, and it seemed to be on the verge of causing the heavens and the earth to explode from it!

“The Roc Divine Technique! Oracle Mountain’s Third Lord!?” In an instant, the expressions of Chi Lian and the others turned gloomy. This Roc Divine Technique was too terrifying, and they didn’t dare hesitate at all to fully exert their entire cultivations, causing divine radiance to rumble as they went head-on against the Roc.


The Roc arrived from the north. Its enormous tail swept out and slapped down, and it forcefully struck the seven Godslaughter Generals to the point of moving back without end! The might of a single strike threw the heavens and the earth into chaos, and neither time nor space could obstruct it while all things were crushed into powder!

Amidst the dust and dirt that was dissipating, the figures of Chi Lian and the others appeared. Even though they hadn’t suffered any injury, their expressions were covered in a mix of terror, fury, and an unusual strand of solemnness.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At the same time, a wave of fluctuation arose in space, and then two figures appeared.

One of them was a robust and tall bearded middle aged man with bronze skin, and he was mighty like an iron pagoda. The other wore a scholar’s robe, had white hair, and held an ancient book in his hand.

“Tie Yunhai, Old Scholar! It really is the two of you!” When they saw the appearance of these two figures clearly, the expressions of the seven Godslaughter Generals was extremely icy cold, and the space between their brows was covered in a solemn expression. Obviously, the arrival of these two people had brought a great deal of pressure onto them.

“It really is Third Senior Brother and Fourth Senior Brother than came together.” Within the formation, even though she was unable to see everything that was occurring in the outside world, Li Yang had instantly determined the identities of the people who’d come based on the voices that resounded without end from the outside.

His eyes instantly lit up, and she said with a smile, “Even Third Senior Brother has come, then he was definitely instructed to do this by Eldest Senior Brother. Perhaps, this is the favorable turn that Eldest Senior Brother spoke of.”

The spirits of the others were refreshed when they heard this because the news of Oracle Mountain’s Third Lord and Fourth Lord arriving together was absolutely something that raised their spirits.

“Fourth Brother, you go deal with the formation and rescue Little Junior Sister and Little Junior Brother from within it. As for these bastards, leave them to me!” Tie Yunhai swept the surroundings with his gaze and directly instructed the white haired old man in scholar’s robes by his side, and he couldn’t even be bothered to pay any attention to the seven Godslaughter Generals.

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