Chapter 1461 – Drawing Down The Eye Of Heavenly Tribulation

Hiss! Hiss!

The four Grand Exuberant Light Swords soared into the sky and emanated boundless sword qi of light. Their might was monstrous, and it completely destroyed and incinerated the black divine chains in an area of 500km.

As it was said, where there is light, all evil flees!

Under the control of Yuan Che, Kong Lin, Yuchi Wan, and Yun Su, these four world crushing divine weapons erupted with divine might that was capable of incinerating the world.


A blood colored scripture swept through the sky while numerous obscure and blood colored ancient words charged out from within it — Kill, Slash, Crush, Slaughter, Annihilate, Defy, Destroy… Every single blood colored ancient word was filled with the energy of divinity, the aura of slaughter, and the might to destroy the world!

As soon as it appeared, every single word emanated killing intent while a bloody glow shot into the sky. Everywhere it passed, everything was annihilated while time and space was destroyed and fell into a state of lifelessness!

This was the Dao Emperor World Destruction Scripture, and it possessed the Heaven Defying World Destruction Dao!


Under the lead of Meng Xinghe, Yuan Che, and the others, everyone charged out, and the divine might they erupted with caused the entire Sovereign God Eradication Formation to shake and sway violently without end.

This sort of force even swept throughout the entire Iris Desert, and numerous thick and large black divine chains that could reach the sky and were filled with boundless destructive energy of divinity were collapsed, destroyed, and turned into powder. Divine light shattered into pieces while a rain of light poured down, and it seemed to be extremely intense and chaotic.

Fortunately, all of this occurred within the Sovereign God Eradication Formation, otherwise, merely such an attack would probably instantly destroy the entire Iris Continent!

This wasn’t exaggerated. After all, it was existences at the World Enlightened True God Realm that were attacking. They were supreme gods that surpassed the three dimensions, and every single one of them possessed might that could destroy the world.

Presently, they were utilizing peerless Divine Artifacts like the Grand Exuberant Light Swords and Dao Emperor World Destruction Scripture, and they were attacking together. Such might couldn’t just be described as extraordinary and terrifying!

Because the might of the Sovereign God Eradication Formation had weakened for some unknown reason, it just happened to have given Chen Xi and the others an opportunity. So, in merely the time of a few breaths, they’d already shaken the foundation of this formation, and they were on the verge of breaking out of this formation!

At this moment, outside the Sovereign God Eradication Formation, the atmosphere had become heavy.

“Martial Uncle Chi Lian, what exactly happened?” Suiren Ting was surprised and bewildered, and he had a heavy expression. At the instant that unexpected change had occurred within the formation, it had been noticed by him, yet he was unable to distinguish the reason behind it.

Coupled with the fact that Li Yang and the others had seized this opportunity to start breaking through the formation, it caused a trace of a bad feeling to instantly arise in his heart.

“The restrictions in Iris Immortal Prison were destroyed earlier.” Chi Lian had an indifferent expression while his eyes surged with a terrifying cold glow. “You ought to be clearly aware that the Iris Immortal Prison is the core foundation of the formation. Now that it has been destroyed, it’s equivalent to the link between it and the Last Days Vortex and Sovereign God Eradication Formation being cut off, causing the might of the formation to be affected.”

Even if it was at this moment, he was actually still calm and composed. However, a wisp of a ruthless aura was emanated from his tone.

“Hmph! Someone actually dared to cause trouble right beneath our noses. If I find out who did this, then I’ll definitely burn his bones and scatter his ashes so that he can never be reincarnated!” Suiren Ting’s expression instantly sank when he found out about this, and he gritted his teeth as he cursed without end.

“There’s no need to be impatient. Qing Mo and Huang Zhong have already gone to investigate, so we just have to wait calmly.” Chi Lian gazed indifferently at the formation in the distance. “They won’t be able to escape. This calamity was predestined, and no one can stop it!”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right at this moment, a wave of fluctuation arose in space before two figures appeared. Shockingly, they were Divine General Qing Mo and Divine General Huang Zhong. However, their expressions revealed a wisp of gloominess at this moment.

“What? You failed?” Chi Lian frowned as he asked.

“That person had already fled when we arrived, and he didn’t leave any traces behind. Most importantly, all the restrictions within Iris Immortal Prison were destroyed, and it’s impossible to repair in a short period of time.” Qing Mo took a deep breath before he spoke. He wore a black robe and wore a bronze mask that only revealed a pair of extremely gorgeous dark blue eyes, causing him to seem extraordinarily terrifying.

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused the expressions of the others to turn slightly grim.

After all, every single one of them seven Godslaughter Generals possessed supreme divine strength, and every single one of them were existences that could roam freely through the three dimensions and look down upon all living beings!

Yet now, not only had someone destroyed the Iris Immortal Prison right beneath their noses, they weren’t even able to notice it at all. Such ability was slightly terrifying!

Who exactly was it?

At this moment, a trace of surprise and wonder even arose in Chi Lian’s heart. He stretched out his will to sweep through an area of a few tens of millions of kilometers and even utilized secret techniques of the gods to investigate, yet it actually came back empty handed as well!

“Martial Uncle, could that person by hiding in the vicinity?” Suiren Ting spoke solemnly while Zuoqiu Lenghua and Zuoqiu Beiyong that stood at the side felt slightly terrified in their hearts. When such a strange incident occurred at this moment, it was impossible to prevent suspicions from arising.

“No, he has left already.” Qing Mo shook his head. “If it wasn’t like that, then even if Fuxi or Nuwa arrive themselves, they would definitely be unable to avoid being detected by us brothers.”

“He has left? Could it be that person isn’t an ally of Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace? Then why did he destroy Iris Immortal Prison?” Suiren Ting frowned.

This was precisely the question in the hearts of the others.

“Now isn’t the time to pay attention to all of this. Li Yang and the others are on the verge of breaking out of the formation. The important matter at hand is that we must annihilate them within the formation.” Chi Lian spoke with an icy cold tone, and his eyes were filled with an indisputable force.

“How could this be possible? That’s the Sovereign God Eradication Formation assisted by the might of the Last Days Vortex. How could it possible be destroyed by them?” Suiren Ting cried out with surprise. Even if he was an Immortal King, he was very clearly aware of how terrifying this formation was. At this moment, when he heard that Li Yang and the others were about to break out of the formation, how could he possibly not be shocked?

“A set of Grand Exuberant Light Swords passed down within Nuwa’s Dao Palace coupled with a Dao Emperor World Destruction Scripture left behind by that criminal of the three dimensions. Coupled with their own strengths, do you think they wouldn’t be able to accomplish this?” Chi Lian frowned as he glanced at Suiren Ting. “Remember, never underestimate the ability of Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace. Otherwise, the Sect Master wouldn’t have set all of this up a long time ago and sent the seven of us to personally preside over everything.”

Suiren Ting instantly became silent like a cicada in the winter when he was berated by Chi Lian.

“Now, we seemed to have no choice but to utilize some bloody methods and draw down the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation in advance in order to completely annihilate them within the formation.” Qing Mo spoke indifferently from the side.

The other generals didn’t say anything, and they seemed to have tacitly approved of this.

“Since it’s like that, then let’s do it.” Chi Lian spoke with a voice that carried a trace of a strange tone, and he seemed to be rather secretive.

Suiren Ting was still bewildered when he heard this, yet a trace of coldness and terror arose without any rhyme or reason within the hearts of Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua.

Both of them raised their eyes and looked over in unison, and they saw that all the Godslaughter Generals had shot their gazes over towards the two of them at this moment.

At the instant their gazes met, the hearts of Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua jerked abruptly, and they cried out in their hearts. Shit!


Their bodies practically instinctively erupted with vast energy of divinity, and they both withdrew their best treasures while looking vigilantly at the seven Godslaughter Generals.

“Senior Brothers, what’s the meaning of this? Could it be that you intend to sacrifice the two of us? All those years ago, the Sect Master himself promised that if we worked wholeheartedly for the Sovereign Sect, then he guaranteed that we would be able to enter the ancient God Domain and be eternally devoid of the hardships of tribulation!” Zuoqiu Beiyong spoke coldly.

This sudden and unexpected event caused Suiren Ting to be slightly stunned, and then he understood everything in his heart before he moved imperceptibly to hide behind the seven Godslaughter Generals.

“As elders of the Sovereign Sect, both of you ought to be clearly aware that according to the rules of the sect, everyone must be prepared to be sacrificed at all times for the sake of the benefit of the sect.” Chi Lian and the others remained completely indifferent towards the vigilant and confrontational attitudes of Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua, and they were indifferent and emotionless. “The trap this time has extraordinarily great implications. Once it succeeds, then the Sovereign Sect will be able to smoothly take over a ruling position in the three dimensions, and once it fails, the consequences aren’t something that any one of us can bear.”

“But why are the two of us being sacrificed?” The expressions of Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua grew even colder while their entire bodies felt cold as if they’d fallen into a pit of ice. They’d joined the Sovereign Sect a very long time ago, so they were naturally clearly aware of the methods and conduct of the Sovereign Sect. It was even to the extent that they’d seen numerous disciples and pawns being sacrificed over the years.

For example, Wei Xing, the nine Core Pawns at the Immortal King Realm, and the sixty nine Major Pawns at the Half-step Immortal King Realm. Both Zuoqiu Lenghua and Zuoqiu Beiyong didn’t care about it at all.

However, never had they imagined that they who were existences at the Godrank Realm that had surpassed the three dimensions and even assumed the position of elders in the Sovereign Sect would actually suffer such a fate as well!

“Because only the energy of your God Blood is capable of drawing down the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation. Of course, both of you can take it as your status being inferior to the seven of us. So we can only sacrifice the both of you. Even if the Sect Master finds out about this, he would definitely agree to it.” Chi Lian spoke indifferently and emotionlessly.

The expressions of Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua changed indeterminately once more. In the end, their figures suddenly flashed, and they teleported away.

“Since you’re going to be sacrificed, then why struggle?” Chi Lian still remained unmoved when facing such a scene, and he seemed to be very calm.

However, before his voice finished resounding through the air, the other six generals by his side had moved out in unison, and they pursued Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua.

In merely the time of a few breaths, two miserable and shrill cries resounded through the heavens and the earth in the distance!

Suiren Ting’s entire body shivered when he heard this, and he felt fortunate in his heart. He felt fortunate that he was at the Immortal King Realm, otherwise, it would probably be him that was sacrificed today…

“I’ve got their God Blood.” Qing Mo flashed over through the sky, and when he returned, there was a jade bottle in his hand.

“Do it.” Chi Lian waved his hand, and then his gaze looked towards the Last Days Vortex in the distance. “The God Blood of two experts at the Godrank Realm is sufficient to sweep through all obstructions…”


Qing Mo received his orders, and then a strand of God Blood that was suffused with an ethereal color surged out from within the jade bottle. It was like a surging blood red torrent that swiftly charged into the Last Days Vortex that was revolving silently.


Suddenly, strands of obscure light that was visible to the eye lit up from within the Last Days Vortex, and then it suddenly started trembling violently as if something was about to surge out from within the depths of the vortex.

Every single time it trembled, it shook the heavens and the earth while terrifying thunderclaps resounded. In the end, the thunderclaps grew more and more frequent while its impetus grew more and more terrifying. It was even to the extent that it caused the sky to start shattering and collapsing inch by inch, and the entire heavens and the earth fell into great unrest!

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