Chapter 1461 – Drawing Down The Eye Of Heavenly Tribulation

Hiss! Hiss!

The four Grand Exuberant Light Swords soared into the sky and emanated boundless sword qi of light. Their might was monstrous, and it completely destroyed and incinerated the black divine chains in an area of 500km.

As it was said, where there is light, all evil flees!

Under the control of Yuan Che, Kong Lin, Yuchi Wan, and Yun Su, these four world crushing divine weapons erupted with divine might that was capable of incinerating the world.


A blood colored scripture swept through the sky while numerous obscure and blood colored ancient words charged out from within it — Kill, Slash, Crush, Slaughter, Annihilate, Defy, Destroy… Every single blood colored ancient word was filled with the energy of divinity, the aura of slaughter, and the might to destroy the world!

As soon as it appeared, every single word emanated killing intent while a bloody glow shot into the sky. Everywhere it passed, everything was annihilated while time and space was destroyed and fell into a state of lifelessness!

This was the Dao Emperor World Destruction Scripture, and it possessed the Heaven Defying World Destruction Dao!


Under the lead of Meng Xinghe, Yuan Che, and the others, everyone charged out, and the divine might they erupted with caused the entire Sovereign God Eradication Formation to shake and sway violently without end.

This sort of force even swept...

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