Chapter 1460 – Unexpected Event Within The Formation

The Sovereign God Eradication Formation was actually personally set up by the Sovereign Sect’s Master!

When they heard Suiren Ting’s complacent laughter, Chen Xi and the others felt surprised and anxious in their hearts.

“It isn’t so simple?” Li Yang remained composed while the glass pagoda in her hand emanated a myriad of dense talisman markings, and they condensed into a gorgeous screen of light that firmly resisted the attacks from all directions.

“Of course!” Suiren Ting roared with laughter outside the formation. “The Iris Immortal Prison is right beneath this Iris Desert, and it’s said that Immortals and devils flee from it while gods can’t shake it! But do all of you know that this immortal prison is actually called the Calamity Shackles!? It’s something created by my Sovereign Sect’s Master. This immortal prison was created all those years ago not for the sake of suppressing the prisoners of the Zuoqiu Clan, and it was instead for the sake of crushing all of you heretics today!”

Suddenly, Suiren Ting’s voice roared louder and resounded through the heavens and the earth, and it was filled with arrogance of controlling the world. “With the Iris Immortal Prison as the foundation of the formation and relying on the Last Days Vortex as the core to assist the Sovereign God Eradication Formation from the ancient God Domain. With such great preparations,...

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