Chapter 1460 – Unexpected Event Within The Formation

The Sovereign God Eradication Formation was actually personally set up by the Sovereign Sect’s Master!

When they heard Suiren Ting’s complacent laughter, Chen Xi and the others felt surprised and anxious in their hearts.

“It isn’t so simple?” Li Yang remained composed while the glass pagoda in her hand emanated a myriad of dense talisman markings, and they condensed into a gorgeous screen of light that firmly resisted the attacks from all directions.

“Of course!” Suiren Ting roared with laughter outside the formation. “The Iris Immortal Prison is right beneath this Iris Desert, and it’s said that Immortals and devils flee from it while gods can’t shake it! But do all of you know that this immortal prison is actually called the Calamity Shackles!? It’s something created by my Sovereign Sect’s Master. This immortal prison was created all those years ago not for the sake of suppressing the prisoners of the Zuoqiu Clan, and it was instead for the sake of crushing all of you heretics today!”

Suddenly, Suiren Ting’s voice roared louder and resounded through the heavens and the earth, and it was filled with arrogance of controlling the world. “With the Iris Immortal Prison as the foundation of the formation and relying on the Last Days Vortex as the core to assist the Sovereign God Eradication Formation from the ancient God Domain. With such great preparations, even if all the disciples of Oracle Mountain personally arrive here, they would definitely be unable to escape with their lives!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he roared with laughter, and he was domineering and haughty to the extreme.


As if it was to prove Suiren Ting’s words, the might of the Sovereign God Eradication Formation that covered the entire Iris Desert suddenly rose explosively at this moment. Countless black divine chains that were thick like millstones twisted and whipped down madly…

At this instant, this divine formation had once again erupted with a myriad of strands of destructive energy of divinity. It was like a vast oceanic torrent that seemed to intend to completely confine this expanse of the heavens and the earth, shatter time and space in this area into powder, and crush everything in the world!

Its might had risen explosively by more than two times!

All of this had come from the Last Days Vortex that resided above the sky. It was like a fountain of energy that was studded within the formation, and it echoed in cooperation with it from afar and fused together with it while ceaselessly improving the might of the formation!

At this moment beneath Iris Desert, strings of obscure and dense symbols suddenly lit up on Iris Immortal Prison that was originally sealed with a Secret Realm. It completely fused with the Sovereign God Eradication Formation and Last Days Vortex to the point they were a complete whole.

In the countless years of the past, Iris Immortal Prison had confined countless traitors and rebels from within the Zuoqiu Clan, and every single one of them had perished simultaneously at this moment!

Their blood, souls, corpses, Immortal Force, vital energy… Everything had transformed into strands of shapeless energy that was absorbed by the formation and instantly vanished.

If Chen Xi witnessed this scene, his expressions would probably instantly change and start worrying about the fate of his mother, Zuoqiu Xue!

Suiren Ting’s roaring laughter and the obvious changes in the formation caused the expressions of everyone trapped within the formation to change once more, and they became solemn and gloomy.

Because at this moment, they truly sensed a strand of terrifying pressure, and it was because the might of the formation was ceaselessly growing at a mad pace!

At this moment, Li Yang revealed a rare moment of silence while her expression gradually became solemn. All of this had indeed exceeded her expectations.

Meng Xinghe’s brows knit together.

At this moment, the expressions of the four Palace Masters from Nuwa’s Dao Palace had become solemn as well.

The terrifying destructive force of the formation that was rising without end pressured them to the point they started to feel strained, and they had no choice but to utilize all their ability to resist it.

At this moment, even Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng didn’t dare hold back and lent a hand as well to resist the pressure that came from all directions.

As for Chen Xi, Xuanyuan Shao, Hua Jiankong, Midnight Immortal King, and the others, they could only watch helplessly at this moment, and they could only feel extremely anxious, yet were unable to help at all.

Because compared to the might of this formation, a cultivation beneath the Godrank Realm was utterly insufficient!

“I understand now. They intend to rely on the strength of the Sovereign God Eradication Formation, Last Days Vortex, and Iris Immortal Prison to crush all of us, then utilize a blood sacrifice with our God Blood to feed the Last Days Vortex in order to draw down the upheaval of the three dimensions.” Suddenly, Li Yang spoke in a low voice, and her expression was extremely solemn. “What ruthless schemes! No wonder Master said all those years ago that if it was in terms of schemes, then the Sovereign Sect was the most formidable in the three dimensions. Now it would seem like he was really telling the truth!”

Her voice already carried a wisp of hatred.

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly caused the others to shudder with fear while their entire bodies felt cold. They intend to kill gods, and then sacrifice the blood of the gods to drawn down the upheaval of the three dimensions!?

This Sovereign Sect’s ability in scheming is simply astounding and unbelievable!

Especially Chen Xi, he couldn’t help but recall the fall of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor, the Chaotic Divine Lotus. A great figure of the primeval times like that had been horribly schemed against by the Master of the Sovereign Sect and perished while ascending to the peak of the Grand Dao and failed a step short of success. This obviously showed exactly how terrifying the ability of the Sovereign Sect’s Master was.

“Junior Sister Li Yang, we can’t wait any longer.” Meng Xinghe spoke while divine light rumbled within his eyes. “The strength of the Sovereign God Eradication Formation is increasing without end. If this continues, then the situation we’re in will only become more and more dangerous. So the important matter at hand is to give it our all and break through this formation!”

The others deeply agreed when they heard this, and they shot their gazes at Li Yang.

Li Yang raised her beautiful brows instead and said, “Before I came here, I asked my Eldest Senior Brother Wu Xuechan to utilize the Chaotic Divine Wall to deduce this tribulation. Even though he was unable to deduce any specific signs, according to my Eldest Senior Brother, there’ll naturally be a chance to turn the situation around at the end of the tribulation. Now, this opportunity hasn’t made an appearance yet…”

“Since the Grand Lord said so, then it probably won’t be wrong.” Yuan Che from Nuwa’s Dao Palace seemed to be lost in thought as she spoke. All of them were clearly aware that if it was in terms of the ability of deduction, then Oracle Mountain was the publicly acknowledged number one amongst the three supreme sects.

Moreover, along with the departure of the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, a long time ago, the Eldest Disciple of Oracle Mountain, Wu Xuechan, seemed to have become the leading figure of Oracle Mountain, and it was even to the extent that his reputation was right beneath Fuxi!

This could be discerned from the fact that Yuan Che and the others addressed him respectfully as the ‘Grand Lord.’

It was even to the extent that those seven Godslaughter Generals had addressed Wu Xuechan as the Grand Lord and not the Eldest Disciple of Oracle Mountain. This difference in method of address naturally carried a completely different meaning.

As for the Chaotic Divine Wall, it was an inheritance treasure of Oracle Mountain. According to legend, it was capable of deducing all secrets in the three dimensions and seeing through the quintessence of the movements of the universe. It was a Divine Artifact that possessed supreme abilities of deduction, and it was given to the Grand Lord Wu Xuechan by Fuxi.

Now, Wu Xuechan had relied on the Chaotic Divine Wall to deduce this tribulation, and he’d even said that there was an opportunity to turn the situation around, so it naturally convinced everyone to the extreme.

“But I’m worried that we’ll suffer misfortune before this opportunity makes an appearance…” Li Yang sighed. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe her own Eldest Senior Brother, but the situation before her was truly too dangerous. Merely the Sovereign God Eradication Formation had caused the situation they were in to be critical.

If this continued, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Since it’s like that, then let’s try our best first. Instead of waiting for an opportunity to appear, why don’t we take the initiative to strive for its appearance?” Meng Xinghe spoke with a resolute expression.

As soon as these words were spoken, it immediately received the agreement of the others.

Obviously, no one was willing to continue being trapped within the formation like this because this was no different than waiting for death to arrive. It was better to try their best and strive to obtain an opportunity to turn the situation around.


Suddenly, four ancient and pure divine swords that were suffused with pure energy of light appeared respectively in the hands of Yuan Che, Kong Lin, Yuchi Wan, and Yun Su.

As soon as they were withdrawn, four terrifying and supreme Sword Insight of the gods rumbled and surged out, and it glowed brilliantly. Merely the sword qi emanated from them actually caused the black divine chains that surged and crushed down from the surroundings to be completely incinerated and destroyed!

They could be called world crushing divine weapons from the might they revealed!

“The Grand Exuberant Light Swords!” Li Yang spoke with surprise, and a wisp of bright light surged from her eyes. “I never expected that all of you actually brought such divine treasures with you.”

Even though the others didn’t recognize the origins of these four divine swords, merely the might revealed by the swords allowed them to determine that these were absolutely a set of extraordinary Divine Artifacts!

Divine Artifacts were naturally precious treasures that only experts at the Godrank Realm could control!

“These were originally prepared to annihilate the seven Godslaughter Generals. Unfortunately, we can only expose them in advance.” Yuan Che spoke slightly regretfully.

“It’s fine, I still have a scripture in my possession.” Meng Xinghe smiled as he spoke, and then he opened his mouth and spat. A blood colored scripture surged out into appearance. It was completely ancient while the ancient words ‘Dao Emperor World Destruction Scripture’ floated up into appearance from its surface. The words were scarlet red like fresh blood, and they emanated terrifying killing intent that assaulted the face.

The Dao Emperor World Destruction Scripture!

Instead of calling it a scripture, it could be called a Divine Artifact that slaughtered the world! Early on during the primeval times, it was renowned for destroying the heavens, destroying the earth, and destroying the gods! It was said to possess might capable of destroying the world!

The eyes of the others lit up when they saw this treasure. It was common knowledge that the Dao that the primeval Dao Emperor sought was the Heaven Defying World Destruction Dao, and this World Destruction Scripture was the most destructive and murderous weapon in the Dao Emperor’s possession. All those years ago, it had slaughtered countless enemies of his generation.

“With the Grand Exuberant Light Swords and Dao Emperor World Destruction Scripture supported by our strengths, it should be sufficient to break through this formation…” A wisp of a relaxed expression appeared on Li Yang’s face.

“Then let’s make a move immediately!” A murderous expression surged onto Meng Xinghe’s face while the scarlet red Dao Emperor World Destruction Scripture floated in his hand, adding a heaven defying and murderous aura to him.

At this moment, the others had successively withdrawn their best treasures as well. Every single treasure could be said to be peerless, and even Zuoqiu Feiming and the others possessed precious treasures that were at the extreme-rank of the Void Grade.

It caused Chen Xi who stood at the side to be dazed and extremely astounded by this sight.

After they made a decision, all of their spirits were refreshed, and they didn’t seem to be so solemn as before. As it was said, indecisiveness leads to trouble.

However, right when they were about to take the initiative to attack, Li Yang suddenly seemed to have noticed something, and she said, “Wait!”

Right when she finished speaking, everyone felt their figures shake, and then they acutely noticed that the crushing might of the Sovereign God Eradication Formation had actually become much weaker!

It seemed as if an invulnerable defense suddenly had a gap split open on it!

Even though the might of the formation was still much stronger than it was at the beginning, it had already weakened when compared to moments ago. It was even to the extent that its might wasn’t rising steadily any longer, and it started to weaken instead.

This sudden change in the situation instantly caused the eyes of Li Yang and the others to light up. Even though they weren’t clearly aware of the reason behind this, they simultaneously chose to make a move at the first possible moment!

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