Chapter 1459 – The Sovereign God Eradication Formation

Chen Xi was especially interested towards Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord Wu Xuechan, Second Lord Daoist Sheng Ji, Third Lord Tie Yunhai, and the Old Scholar that Divine General Chi Lian spoke about… Could it be that they’re my Senior Brothers?

Li Yang suddenly started smiling when she saw Chi Lian mention Oracle Mountain, and she said word by word, “If my Eldest Senior Brother was here, then all seven of you together would still be insufficient. Unfortunately, he isn’t interested in paying attention to such foul matters. If my Second Senior Brother was here, then probably more than half of you would already be dead. Unfortunately, it’s just as you’ve said, he has gone missing.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “If it was my Third Senior Brother, then he wouldn’t come here, and he would instead kill his way into the 33 levels of your Sovereign Sect. If it was my Fourth Senior Brother… Haha! He’ll teach all of you how to make a fresh start.”

When she spoke up to here, her voice already revealed a wisp of pride. “As for my other Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, besides Fifth Senor Brother Li Fuyao that is re-cultivating the Grand Dao of Immortal Kings and Seventh Senior Sister Gu Liangqin that swore to not kill, is any one of them unable to suppress all of you?”

Every single word she spoke was filled...

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