Chapter 1459 – The Sovereign God Eradication Formation

Chen Xi was especially interested towards Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord Wu Xuechan, Second Lord Daoist Sheng Ji, Third Lord Tie Yunhai, and the Old Scholar that Divine General Chi Lian spoke about… Could it be that they’re my Senior Brothers?

Li Yang suddenly started smiling when she saw Chi Lian mention Oracle Mountain, and she said word by word, “If my Eldest Senior Brother was here, then all seven of you together would still be insufficient. Unfortunately, he isn’t interested in paying attention to such foul matters. If my Second Senior Brother was here, then probably more than half of you would already be dead. Unfortunately, it’s just as you’ve said, he has gone missing.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “If it was my Third Senior Brother, then he wouldn’t come here, and he would instead kill his way into the 33 levels of your Sovereign Sect. If it was my Fourth Senior Brother… Haha! He’ll teach all of you how to make a fresh start.”

When she spoke up to here, her voice already revealed a wisp of pride. “As for my other Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, besides Fifth Senor Brother Li Fuyao that is re-cultivating the Grand Dao of Immortal Kings and Seventh Senior Sister Gu Liangqin that swore to not kill, is any one of them unable to suppress all of you?”

Every single word she spoke was filled with pride!

It was pride that came from the bone, and it was something that every single disciple of Oracle Mountain possessed.

Indeed, including Chen Xi, everyone knew that their Oracle Mountain only had fourteen personal disciples, and in terms of numbers, it was far from being able to compare to Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Sovereign Sect.

However, if it was in terms of ability and strength…then would anyone dare say they were able to suppress Oracle Mountain?

Even though the Master of Oracle Mountain had left for countless years, Oracle Mountain still stood towering amongst the three supreme sects of the three dimensions, and its foundation had never been shaken!

This was its resources and reserves!

Now, it was being reflected on all of them personal disciples from Oracle Mountain. So all of this was worthy of Li Yang feeling proud of.

At the side, emotion surged in Chen Xi’s heart while his blood boiled without end from hearing all of this. He was able to sense the pride in Li Yang’s tone, and he couldn’t help but feel proud because of this as well.

The disciples of Nuwa’s Dao Palace didn’t reveal any emotions because they knew Li Yang was telling the truth.

Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, Chi Cangsheng, Xuanyuan Shao, Zuoqiu Feiming, Hua Jiankong, and the others were astounded instead when they heard this. Only a disciple of Oracle Mountain had the confidence to speak such words before the seven Godslaughter Generals, right?

On the other hand, hearing all of this caused the expressions of Chi Lian and the others to become even more ghastly, and their eyes flickered with divine flames of rage, yet they didn’t refute it at all.

This sort of argument was very unnecessary. Truthfully, they were indeed rather afraid of many disciples from Oracle Mountain. For example, the Grand Lord Wu Xuechan, the Second Lord Daoist Sheng Ji, and the Third Lord Tie Yunhai, but it didn’t mean that they would fear them.

Not to mention that the Sovereign Sect had no lack of existences that could rival all the disciples of Oracle Mountain!

While they spoke with each other, the Last Days Vortex beneath the distant sky was revolving continuously, and it had gradually transformed from the thunderous rumbling at the beginning to soundlessness now.

However, the vortex was still revolving madly, and it was just silent now and revealed a deathly silent force that caused one’s heart to palpitate. Especially the depths of the vortex, a strand of an extremely terrifying world destructive energy was indistinctly being developed there.

If this continued, then it probably wouldn’t be long before that world destructive energy would surge out from within the Last Days Vortex!

As if she’d realized this sort of change in the situation as well, Li Yang’s expression suddenly became calm while a wisp of a murderous expressions surged onto the space between her brows. She said, “It seems like this battle has arrived at the moment for the outcome to be decided. What do all of you think?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere became murderous!

“Actually, your words are roughly correct. However, it’s a slight pity in the end that those disciples from your Oracle Mountain didn’t come here.” Suddenly, Chi Lian revealed a strange and thought provoking smile.

Right when his voice finished resounding through the air, Suiren Ting suddenly spread out his arms while the violet colored Sovereign Decree floating above his head swiftly soared into the sky.


A strand of a terrifying and supreme black colored beam of light shot into the sky from within the Sovereign Decree, and it caused the wind and clouds in the surroundings to surge while the heavens and the earth dimmed down.

In merely an instant, numerous winding and violent black colored divine chains rumbled and surged out from the sky above Iris Desert. Every single divine chain was a few meters thick, and extremely dense and obscure symbols were branded on their surface.

When looked at from afar, the entire Iris Desert seemed to have been instantly chained and confined by a myriad of black colored chains! It had transformed into a cage that enveloped the surroundings!

Iris Desert was extremely large, and it covered an area of a few tens of millions of km. Yet at this moment, it was actually enveloped completely by dense black colored chains. Moreover, every single divine chain was filled with the aura of annihilation and calamity, and it forcefully confined this expanse of the heavens and the earth. Such a scene was simply astounding to the limit.

This scene occurred too quickly. From the moment Chi Lian finished speaking until Suiren Ting activated the Sovereign Decree, the entire process didn’t give the others any chance to react.

It was even to the extent that even Li Yang, Meng Xinghe, Yuan Che, and the others were taken slightly by surprise.

It wasn’t that they hadn’t noticed all of this, and it was instead because this scene had occurred too suddenly while the impetus it created was too terrifying. So even if they wanted to make a move, it had caused them to instinctively protect the others by their side and not kill their enemies.

Because they’d sensed that this was surprisingly a divine formation that had been meticulously prepared! Moreover, the might it revealed as soon as it was activated caused them to sense a trace of the aura of danger!

“This is the Sovereign God Eradication Formation! It’s from the ancient God Domain and not from the three dimensions. I never expected that the Sovereign Sect’s Master would actually utilize such a supreme formation diagram that’s a trump card of the Sovereign Sect!” Li Yang’s pupils constricted, and she revealed a solemn and fearful expression for the first time.

As she spoke, divine radiance arose from her entire body while she withdrew a glasslike pagoda to forcefully create a defensive light barrier in the surroundings, and she utilized this to resist the attacks of the black colored divine chains!

Presently, the area they resided at was completely covered by countless black colored divine chains. These black divine chains grew and whipped down without end, and their strength was so terrifying that it minced space apart into powder. It was extremely astounding.

Not to mention an Immortal King, even Zhao Taici and the others that had just stepped foot into the Godrank Realm felt lethally endangered from it. They didn’t dare hesitate to withdraw all sorts of Immortal Artifacts and resisted these divine chains with all their might.

“The Sovereign God Eradication Formation… It’s utterly impossible to set up such a divine formation without spending a hundred years of effort. Looks like we were tricked earlier, and the Sovereign Sect had started to prepare in order to attain victory in this battle a very long time ago,” said Yuan Che from Nuwa’s Dao palace. Even though she said this, her expression was still calm, solemn, pure, and composed. She withdrew a jade bowl with a wave of her hand, and it emanated blazing divine energy of light that enveloped everyone.

The expressions of the others became extremely gloomy when they heard this.

All of them had never expected that before the battle had even began, the situation they were in would actually become critical in an instant. Such a sudden and unexpected change in the situation caused all of them to be unable to help but have a heavy feeling in their hearts.

Especially when they heard that the Sovereign God Eradication Formation actually didn’t belong to the three dimensions, and it was an inheritance that came from the Ancient God Domain and was taken to be a precious treasure by the Sovereign Sect. Now, it was actually being utilized to trap and annihilate them, so the dangers of this situation was obvious.

Obviously, the Sovereign Sect had started to prepare all of this at least a hundred years ago, and such scheming ability was sufficient to make anyone’s heart go cold.

“It’s something like this again!” Chen Xi’s expression was icy cold as he suddenly recalled that when he was at the God Attainment Region, Chen Xi, Shi Yu, and the others had similarly been trapped within the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation that Suiren Ting and the others had set up long ago.

At that time, if it wasn’t for the assistance of the River Diagram fragments and Dao Calamity Sword, their group would have almost been buried there.

Now, this scene before his scene was extremely similar to the scene from that day!

The only difference was that this Sovereign God Eradication Formation was obviously even more terrifying, and the might of such a divine restriction was something that even he couldn’t see through at all, let alone deal with!

It was obvious from the solemn expressions of Li Yang, Meng Xinghe, Yuan Che, and the others that the might of this divine formation was extremely terrifying.

Presently, even they were temporarily at a loss for what to do, and they could only resist it passively!

Rumble! Rumble!

Numerous black divine chains shot into the sky and linked up with the heavens and the earth. They were like whips of the heaven’s wrath that were controlled in the hands of a god, and they ceaselessly whipped down at Chen Xi and the others with explosive energy of divinity and terrifying destructive force.

For a time, their figures were covered by the boundless black divine chains and were unable to move at all. They could only stand on the spot and resist these divine chains.

“The situation is slightly bad.” Meng Xinghe frowned. He held the Myriad Starnet Disk in his hand while standing side by side with Li Yang and resisting the attacks from all directions, and it allowed everyone to clearly perceive how terrifying this divine formation was.

Even though they didn’t have to worry about being in any danger for now, if this were to continue, then they would probably be exhausted to death!

“I really hadn’t considered this move earlier. However, it isn’t just their Sovereign Sect that prepared contingency plans. Senior Brother Meng, there’s no need to be worried.” Li Yang remained composed as she spoke in a light voice. However, her eyes surged with icy cold and ghastly rage. She’d similarly planned this operation for a very long time, yet she’d never expected that they would fall into the Sovereign Sect’s trap before they started the operation, and this caused her to feel slightly angry from embarrassment.

As she spoke, she similarly told the others about this as well, and it allowed them to feel much more at ease.

“Fellow Daoist Li Yang, if we’re pressured to the end and have to break open the formation, then please notify me. We’ve brought along quite a few secret treasures this time, and it can be of some use.” Yuan Che had a composed expression as she spoke via voice transmission in a composed manner.

“Then I’ll thank Fellow Daoist Yuan Che first. However, it’s hard to say if there’ll be any need to use it.” Li Yang smiled and spoke in a relaxed manner.

As they spoke, they’d been constantly resisting the attacks of the divine formation with all their strength. The black divine chains were truly too terrifying, and they formed a dense and endless mass that was filled with obscure and terrifying destructive energy of divinity.

It was even to the extent that every single attack of the divine chains was sufficient to easily annihilate an Immortal King. So even if it was Zhao Taici and the others whom had just advanced into the Godrank Realm, they didn’t dare guarantee that they would be able to survive without the protection of Li Yang and the others.

“Hahaha! Fellow Daoists, how does it feel to be reduced to prisoners? This divine formation was personally prepared for all of you by my Sect Master, and it’s absolutely not as simple as all of you think!” Suddenly, Suiren Ting roared complacently with laughter from outside the formation, and he was smug and haughty.

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