Chapter 1458 – Gods Raining Down

Suiren Ting’s face sank when he heard Li Yang, and then he said with a speechless expression. “What? Fellow Daoist Li Yang is already anxious to go on your way?”

Li Yang seemed slightly impatient instead, and she frowned as he said, “If I wasn’t clearly aware that the Sovereign Sect’s seven Godslaughter Generals are nearby, could it be that you thought you would be able to survive until now by merely relying on the Sovereign Decree?”

The seven Godslaughter Generals!

The hearts of Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng suddenly shook because those were seven existences of the Sovereign Sect that had become gods a long time ago. They’d slaughtered and fought throughout the three dimensions by the side of the Sovereign Sect’s Master for countless years, and they possessed monstrous divine might. Their strengths were so formidable that all of them who’d just advanced into the Godrank Realm couldn’t compare to these seven Godslaughter Generals at all.

Moreover, according to Li Yang, the seven Godslaughter Generals had obviously arrived here a long time ago!

How could they not be shocked by this?

Even if the others had never heard of the seven Godslaughter Generals, but since they were able to make Li Yang point out their existence, then that itself was sufficient to prove that the seven Godslaughter Generals were definitely...

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