Chapter 1458 – Gods Raining Down

Suiren Ting’s face sank when he heard Li Yang, and then he said with a speechless expression. “What? Fellow Daoist Li Yang is already anxious to go on your way?”

Li Yang seemed slightly impatient instead, and she frowned as he said, “If I wasn’t clearly aware that the Sovereign Sect’s seven Godslaughter Generals are nearby, could it be that you thought you would be able to survive until now by merely relying on the Sovereign Decree?”

The seven Godslaughter Generals!

The hearts of Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng suddenly shook because those were seven existences of the Sovereign Sect that had become gods a long time ago. They’d slaughtered and fought throughout the three dimensions by the side of the Sovereign Sect’s Master for countless years, and they possessed monstrous divine might. Their strengths were so formidable that all of them who’d just advanced into the Godrank Realm couldn’t compare to these seven Godslaughter Generals at all.

Moreover, according to Li Yang, the seven Godslaughter Generals had obviously arrived here a long time ago!

How could they not be shocked by this?

Even if the others had never heard of the seven Godslaughter Generals, but since they were able to make Li Yang point out their existence, then that itself was sufficient to prove that the seven Godslaughter Generals were definitely not ordinary.

On the other hand, Suiren Ting’s expression suddenly changed as well when he heard this, and he was unable to maintain his composure any longer. “You already guessed it?”

Li Yang said with disdain, “Only you would take us to be idiots, huh?”


Suddenly, a wave of intense fluctuation resounded from above the sky, and for a time, divine rain descended from the heavens. It was misty and ethereal, and it covered the entire heavens and the earth in divine radiance.

After that, under the focused gazes of everyone in the surroundings, seven figures that were like gods stood on rays of light and were enveloped in divine radiance as they arrived. Every single one of them was enveloped by the dense aura of divinity, and it shot into the heavens while their brilliance illuminated the boundless universe!

Their imposing aura wasn’t just monstrous, it simply caused even the heavens and the earth to tremble, submit, and not dare be the slightest bit disrespectful to these seven gods at this moment.

Along with their arrival, this expanse of the heavens and the earth was filled with an extremely terrifying pressure. It pressed down to the point that time and space fell into disorder, Yin and Yang flowed in the opposite direction, and the world was in chaos. Every single thing in the world fell into a deathly and terrifying atmosphere.

Obviously, they were the seven Godslaughter Generals of the Sovereign Sect!

Even if it was Chen Xi, he couldn’t help but feel suffocated. He felt an oppressive aura that caused him to feel extremely tiny, and it seemed as if a single thought or gaze from these seven gods would be sufficient to easily annihilate him!

Fortunately, Li Yang and Meng Xinghe were standing by his side, and this extremely terrifying and oppressive aura was jointly dissipated by them in a mere instant, causing Chen Xi’s countenance to take a turn for the better.

But even then, this rare experience allowed Chen Xi to realize that the strengths of these seven Godslaughter Generals from the Sovereign Sect was probably terrifying even amongst the gods!

Chen Xi had such a feeling, and the others weren’t any better. Only Li Yang and Meng Xinghe were the two people amongst the group that had a composed bearing from the beginning until the end.

“Disciple Suiren Ting greets Martial Uncles.” When they saw these seven gods descend, Suiren Ting, Zuoqiu Beiyong, and Zuoqiu Lenghua became respectful and reverent.

“There’s no need for courtesy. Place our objectives at the highest priority.” The robust middle aged man in the lead that was covered in strands of crimson colored chains of divinity spoke in a low voice. His figure was extremely tall, and as he stood there, it was like a volcano was towering there, and he was filled with explosive and terrifying divine might.

It wasn’t just him, there were six other Godslaughter Generals of both genders by his side, and they similarly possessed supreme divine might. Their entire bodies were enveloped in the radiance of divinity, and they were like seven overlords and gods of death.

“That’s Divine General Chi Lian, and the others by his side are respectively Divine General Qing Mo, Divine General Huang Zhong, Divine General Hei Ling, Divine General Jing Guang, Divine General Lan Cai, and Divine General Bai Ku. Every single one of them possesses a strength at the peak of the World Enlightened True God Realm. They’re the most loyal wolfhounds by the side of the Sovereign Sect’s Master, and they’ve been renowned for slaughter since the primeval times until now.” Li Yang seized this opportunity to swiftly explain their background.

“For example, these seven Godslaughter Generals were present behind the Sage Annihilation Calamity during the primeval times and the Fiendgod Calamity from a million years ago, and they’ve killed countless experts from the three dimensions. However, they’ve always been by the side of the Sovereign Sect’s Master at all times, allowing them to avoid numerous tribulations and calamities. Otherwise, they would have probably fallen long ago.

“In short, all of you just have to be careful and watch the battle. Don’t act arbitrarily because all of you can’t go against existences that are at such a level.”

After she finished instructing them, Li Yang specially reminded Chen Xi. “Little Junior Brother, you must remember to follow by my side later. Don’t push yourself.”

After these words were spoken, not to mention Chen Xi, even Zhao Taici and the others at the Godrank Realm could only be reduced to spectators…

The matters of the world were just so unpredictable.

When the gap between the strengths of two parties had exceeded a limit, then one could only face reality and accept it.

“Li Yang, I never expected that you would still remember the seven of us after so many years.” Suddenly, Divine General Chi Lian spoke, and numerous strands of crimson red chains coiled around him like flame dragons, causing him to seem even more divine, mighty, and extraordinary.

As he spoke, the gazes of the other six had simultaneously descended onto Li Yang and Meng Xinghe. As for the others, they were directly overlooked.

It wasn’t just them, even Suiren Ting, Zuoqiu Beiyong, and Zuoqiu Lenghua could only stay at the side as well.

“How could anyone forget the seven loyal dogs by the side of the Sovereign Sect’s Master?” Even if she was facing seven divine generals that possessed monstrous divine might and were renowned since the ancient times, Li Yang’s expression remained unchanged, and she spoke bluntly and directly called them seven dogs!

Chi Lian grunted coldly while his expression remained unchanged. “Hmph! Cut the crap. Since we’ve made an appearance, then shouldn’t all of you from Nuwa’s Dao Palace make an appearance as well?”

Nuwa’s Dao Palace!

Chen Xi and the others opened their eyes wide. The experts of Nuwa’s Dao Palace have arrived a long time ago as well?

When they realized this, all of their hearts shook. Earlier, they’d never imagined that the situation would develop to such an extent.

First, the Last Days Vortex appeared, and then Suiren Ting’s group of three appeared in unison. Just when their hearts felt heavy, Meng Xinghe and Li Yang arrived together.

Originally, they thought the outcome would be determined after that, yet no one expected that the seven Godslaughter Generals of the Sovereign Sect were in the vicinity as well, and it was even to the extent that the disciples Nuwa’s Dao Palace had also arrived a long time ago!

When they thought about how they were actually completely unaware of all of this earlier, even the hearts of Zhao Taici and the others at the Godrank Realm couldn’t help but turn cold.

It was precisely because of this that they finally understood why Li Yang had said this battle had already exceeded their scope long ago, and it had become a battle between the three supreme sects of the three dimensions.

“Since it’s like that, then Fellow Daoists of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, show yourselves as well.” Li Yang smiled lightly.

Before her voice could finish resounding through the air, an ancient and lofty treasured vessel suddenly shot over. The treasured vessel was completely covered in blazing and surging divine flames of light, and it was like a Sun Crow flying in the universe while illuminating the world.

In merely an instant, the treasured vessel swiftly arrived here, and then it flashed before six figures appeared.

The person in the lead was a young woman with a clear and beautiful appearance, and she wore a robe that was tied with a belt and had wide sleeves. Her entire body was enveloped by the sparkling divinity, and she was like a god that had come from the light.

There were three more figures by her side, and they were similarly women. They each possessed varying appearances, and all of them were beautiful, elegant, and suffused with the aura of divinity. The last two figures at the back were two familiar faces. Shockingly, it was Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s number one Dao Protecting Disciple, Shi Yu, and Xiangliu Li.

Both of them had obviously advanced into the Godrank Realm, yet at this moment, they could only follow behind those four women while their expressions revealed a strand of respect and reverence.

Obviously, those four women in the lead were definitely great figures in Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

“Fellow Daoist Li Yang, Fellow Daoist Meng.” The group from Nuwa’s Dao Palace walked over under the lead of the robed woman, and they nodded to Li Yang and Meng Xinghe.

Li Yang smiled, and then she introduced via voice transmission. “These four are the Palace Masters of Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Four Spirit Palaces. The person in the lead is the Eastern Spirit Palace’s Master, Yuan Che, and the other three are respectively the Western Spirit Palace’s Master Kong Lin, the Southern Spirit Palace’s Master Yuchi Wan, and the Northern Spirit Palace’s Master Yun Su.”

“All four of them possess cultivations at the World Enlightened True God Realm, and they’re on par with the seven Godslaughter Generals of the Sovereign Sect. Especially the Eastern Spirit Palace’s Master Yuan Che, she’s a strand of spirit from Chaotic Light that attained the Dao, and her strength is unfathomable.”

As for Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li, Li Yang didn’t introduce them.

But even then, Chen Xi and the others still felt shocked in their hearts when they found out that these four beautiful and elegant women were existences that could rival the seven Godslaughter Generals.

This was the resources and reserves of the three supreme sects. They usually kept a low profile, yet when they truly made an appearance in the world, their might was sufficient to make all living beings feel reverent and not dare be disrespectful.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi greeted Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li, and they tacitly exchanged a few words before placing their attention onto the scene before them.

After all, this wasn’t the best time to catch up.

Actually, once the group from Nuwa’s Dao Palace made an appearance, the atmosphere in the surroundings had started to change abruptly. The air was filled with a murderous aura while undercurrents surged, and it seemed as if a storm was coming.

It seemed as if Li Yang was casually greeting the group from Nuwa’s Dao Palace, but everything they did was part of the ongoing confrontation with the Sovereign Sect’s forces, and it could be said to be filled with killing intent.

If an ordinary person dared to casually greet others at a time like this, then that person would have probably been annihilated countless times over.

When they saw the group from Nuwa’s Dao Palace make an appearance, the expression in the eyes of the seven Godslaughter Generals had become even colder, and it carried a trace of a murderous expression.

“The forces of Nuwa’s Dao Palace have made an appearance. What about your Oracle Mountain? The Grand Lord Wu Xuechan, the Second Lord Daoist Sheng Ji, the Third Lord Tie Yunhai, and the Old Scholar… All of them would probably be unwilling to stay out of the action, right?” Suddenly, Chi Lian spoke once more, and divine light rumbled with his eyes and flickered with a shocking aura. “Oh, I misremembered. The Second Lord Daoist Sheng Ji went missing a very long time ago. But no matter what, your Oracle Mountain wouldn’t go so far as to make you take a risk here by yourself, right?”

When he spoke up to here, he glanced at Meng Xinghe and smiled spuriously as he said, “As for him, he’s the disciple of the Criminal of the Three Dimension, the Dao Emperor, and he can be considered as an inheritor of the Oracle Mountain as well. Unfortunately, you inherited the Heaven Defying World Destruction Dao. So once the calamity descends, you’ll probably be the first one to suffer disaster.”

Meng Xinghe smiled as well when facing this, and he was indifferent and carefree about it.

However, when these words entered into Chen Xi’s ears, it caused him to think in his heart. The Heaven Defying World Destruction Dao? Looks like Senior Ji Yu and Senior Fuxi have taken completely different paths towards the Dao.

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