Chapter 1457 – The Dean Arrives

There were many legends about the ancient God Domain, and it had long been buried in the boundless annals of time.

Even if they were existences at the Godrank Realm like Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng, they were merely sure that the ancient God Domain definitely existed, and they knew that it was a place where gods resided. An eternal kingdom!

However, they didn’t know anything about the exact location of the ancient God Domain or exactly what existed there.

However, the more it was like this, the more mysterious the ancient God Domain seemed, and it was a lethal temptation to those existences at the Godrank Realm.

This was just like how the cultivators of the Mortal Dimension yearned to ascend into the Immortal Dimension. The existences at the Godrank Realm similarly yearned to escape the domain of the three dimensions and arrive at the ancient God Domain to seek the ultimate profundities of the path of gods!

Now, what Suiren Ting said had undoubtedly and directly rejected the thoughts of Zhao Taici and the others, and it naturally caused them to be slightly unable to accept it.

Yes, they’d long since discerned from what the Dean, Meng Xinghe, said that to them who were existences at the Godrank Realm, a trace of a fortuitous encounter accompanied the dangers within the arrival of this calamity.

This trace of a fortuitous encounter was the path to enter the ancient God Domain!

Yet now, Suiren Ting had flatly denied all of this, so how could they possibly accept it?

Of course, they wouldn’t become dejected or allow their Dao Hearts to be affected by this. However, when they thought about how they were unable to find that trace of fortuitous encounter within this calamity, then they felt they would be unable to escape this calamity any longer…

“Hmph! If we’re unable to avoid this calamity, then your Sovereign Sect might not necessarily be able to avoid getting involved either!” Chi Cangsheng grunted coldly.

“Heh! Such ignorance. Don’t forget that my Sovereign Sect controls and maintains the energy of the Heaven Dao, and we receive the karmic luck of the heavens. No calamity can do anything to us. This is called upholding justice for the heavens!” Suiren Ting sneered while his voice was filled with disdain and contempt.

As soon as these words were spoken, it did indeed cause Zhao Taici and the others to be unable to refute it. Because it was just as Suiren Ting had said, the Sovereign Sect’s ability to utilize the energy of the Heaven Dao hadn’t been a secret for a very long time.

For example, the tribulations cultivators experienced or the numerous calamities of the heavens and the earth that had erupted since the ancient times until now, the shadow of the Sovereign Sect could be seen behind practically all of them.

“Upholding justice for the heavens? After all is said and done, your Sovereign Sect is only a dog under the control of the Heaven Dao. Is there anything worthy of being proud of?” Chen Xi spoke coldly when he heard this, and his voice was similarly filled with a ridiculing tone. These words were spoken by the Dao Emperor, Ji Yu, and he’d just utilized it against Suiren Ting.

As soon as these words were spoken, Suiren Ting’s face instantly turned gloomy. A tiny little ant actually dared to call my Sovereign Sect a dog?! He’s simply courting death!

It wasn’t just him, Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua’s faces sank as well, and they revealed killing intent.

For a time, the atmosphere was oppressive and deathly silent, and it seemed as if a great battle would erupt in the next moment.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

However, right at this moment, a wave of clear and resounding clapping suddenly resounded from afar. It was extremely rhythmic, and it gave others a relaxing and joyful feeling.

“Well said. However, in my opinion, the members of the Sovereign Sect are even inferior to dogs, and they’re at most a group of monsters without any emotions.” Along with this clapping, a wave of fluctuation arose from the distant space, and then two figures appeared. One had an ordinary appearance and seemed like a young man, yet his eyes were filled with the color of experience and age. It seemed as if he’d experienced the baptism of countless years long ago.

When looked at from afar, he was like an expanse of a boundless starry sky, and he revealed a boundless and imposing bearing.

At his side was a beautiful young man with red lips, white teeth, and glistening eyes. The handsome young man wore an embroidered robe and possessed a natural charm.

Shockingly, these two people were Dao Emperor Academy’s Dean, Meng Xinghe, and Oracle Mountain’s Li Yang!

“Dean!” The eyes of Zhao Taici and the others lit up. They didn’t recognize Li Yang, yet their hearts instantly became calm and weren’t so heavy as it was earlier upon seeing Meng Xinghe make an appearance.

“Meng Xinghe!” At practically the exact same moment, Xuanyuan Shao, Xuanyuan Fengchen, Xuanyuan Tabei, Zuoqiu Feiming, and the others recognized him, and their spirits were refreshed because of this.

After so many years, this Dean of the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension had once again made an appearance in the world, and his arrival was indeed capable of giving others extremely great confidence.

“Oracle Mountain’s Li Yang…” Amongst the people present, besides Chen Xi, only Midnight Immortal King recognized the beautiful young man in embroidered clothes. For a time, a wisp of an unusual glow surged onto her face, and she seemed to be excited, fearful, and so on and so forth.

Of course, the most excited was definitely Chen Xi. Since he entered the Immortal Dimension, it was the still the first time he was meeting his Senior Sister, so how could he not be excited?

It could be said that in Chen Xi’s heart, his Senior Sister Li Yang was simply no different than family. In the years of the past, she’d helped him on countless occasions, and now that they’d been unexpectedly reunited, he was naturally both delighted and surprised.

“Senior Sister…” He couldn’t help but call out to her.

“Oh, Little Junior Brother.” When she saw Chen Xi, Li Yang that was dressed up as a man smiled to the point her eyes narrowed, and they curved into crescents while she smiled amiably. Moreover, her smile carried heartfelt happiness.

As she spoke, she’d arrived out of thin air by Chen Xi’s side, and she patted Chen Xi on the shoulder before sighing with emotion. “We’ve finally met each other. You’ve really suffered in these years.”

Chen Xi shook his head. “There was no such thing.”

When they saw the two of them being so intimate and even calling each other as Senior Sister and Junior Brother, Zhao Taici and the others couldn’t help but be curious. When did Chen Xi actually have a Senior Sister?

Zuoqiu Feiming and the others were stunned by this scene. Because since this young woman that was dressed as a man was able to arrive with Meng Xinghe, her background was probably extraordinary, but they’d never imagined at all that she would be Chen Xi’s Senior Sister!

Who…is she?

“Hmph! Dao Emperor Academy’s Meng Xinghe, Oracle Mountain’s 13th disciple, Li Yang. Both of you really have made an appearance here.” In the distance, when he noticed the arrival of Meng Xinghe and Li Yang, Suiren Ting’s pupils merely constricted before he recovered his calm, and he seemed as if he wasn’t really surprised.

On the other hand, the hearts of Zhao Taici and the others shook fiercely when they heard this, and they came to a complete understanding. It turned out that this beautiful young man was actually Li Yang who was ranked 13th amongst the personal disciples of Oracle Mountain!

Oracle Mountain!

That was the most mysterious and paramount existence in the three supreme sects of the three dimensions, and it only possessed a mere ten plus disciples. Even though it couldn’t compare to the forces of Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Sovereign Sect, no one dared to underestimate them, and this itself was sufficient to prove exactly how formidable the resources and reserves of Oracle Mountain were.

Most importantly, the impression Oracle Mountain gave the three dimensions had always been mysterious. Its disciples very rarely appeared within the three dimensions, and they could be said to be elusive. This caused the impression of Oracle Mountain in the eyes of the numerous sects within the Immortal Dimension to become even more mysterious and paramount.

Now, the disciple of Oracle Mountain, Li Yang, had made an appearance here. Moreover, she’d come along with the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, Meng Xinghe. So, how could this not arouse shock in the hearts of all?

However, it was precisely because of this that they quickly understood why Chen Xi addressed her as Senior Sister. Because they’d been aware since a long time ago that Chen Xi was deeply related to the Oracle Mountain, yet none of them had ever imagined that he would be a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain!

If news of this were to spread into the outside world, it would probably cause the entire world to be stirred.

The Last Days Vortex rumbled and revolved without end in the distance while Suiren Ting’s group of three were eyeing them with hostility, so this moment was obviously not suitable for them to catch up.

In next to no time, everyone placed their attention back towards the matter before them. However, the atmosphere was completely different because of the arrival of Meng Xinghe and Li Yang.

This was the imperceptible influence they possessed. It allowed others to feel at ease and embolden them greatly.

“So what if you guessed we would make an appearance? This calamity is related to your Sovereign Sect in the end. At most, your Sovereign Sect just relied on some techniques to make this calamity arrive in advance. If your Sovereign Sect was capable of fully controlling the Heaven Dao, then all of us would naturally accept our fate. But now…the outcome is still uncertain!” Li Yang spoke while her beautiful face revealed a composed expression. Her eyes glistened brilliantly, and every single move she made was filled with confidence that convinced others.

Even if Chen Xi had stepped foot into the Half-step Immortal King Realm now, he was actually still unable to see through Li Yang’s cultivation!

“Hmph! All living beings are like ants and dogs before calamity, and they’ll just be able to barely survive for a period of time. However, to all of you at the Godrank Realm and Immortal King Realm, it’s no different than the end of the world. Could it be that all of you think you’re able to go against the Heaven Dao with just that little bit of ability? Moreover, no matter what your identities are, all of you are only prisoners that’re waiting to be slaughtered before the Heaven Dao!” Suiren Ting grunted coldly, yet he didn’t deny what Li Yang said.

In other words, the Sovereign Sect was indeed only able to utilize the energy of the Heaven Dao, yet was unable to fully control it. Otherwise, the Sovereign Sect would have probably taken control of the entire three dimensions during the primeval times.

“Arguing like this is useless in the end. We’ll know the answer after we give it a try before the calamity arrives.” Li Yang replied in a casual manner. When she spoke up to here, her beautiful brows suddenly raised up, and she seemed to be smiling spuriously. “Suiren Ting, do you still intend to intentionally buy time like this?”

As she spoke, she said via voice transmission to the others, “This calamity can’t be undone any longer. Everyone, stay calm, the situation isn’t as bad as all of you think. At this point, this battle has long since exceeded the scope of the three dimensions, and it has become a struggle between my Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Sovereign Sect. Even if the calamity descends, there’ll definitely be a trace of fortune for all of you.”

The spirits of everyone were refreshed, and they felt much more relaxed when they heard this.

Especially Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng. When they heard they could obtain that trace of fortune, their hearts were moved, and they aroused a wisp of blazing hope.

What were they hoping for?

It was naturally that trace of fortune because if they were able to obtain it, then it meant that they would be able to find a path to the ancient God Domain from within the calamity!

As for Chen Xi… All of this had exceeded his understanding. All he could do was wait silently, and he seemed to have been reduced to playing a supporting role, yet only those truly observant would notice.

If Chen Xi wasn’t here, then Xuanyuan Shao, Xuanyuan Fengchen, and Xuanyuan Tabei wouldn’t have made an appearance here, whereas Midnight Immortal King wouldn’t have rushed over while in closed door cultivation to charge into the Godrank Realm.

It was even to the extent that Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng would have probably not have gotten mixed up in this battle either.

On the other hand, Meng Xinghe was Chen Xi’s Senior Brother while Li Yang was Chen Xi’s Senior Sister. It could be said that he was like a core pivot between all of them, and all he lacked was merely in terms of cultivation.

Even Suiren Ting wouldn’t underestimate Chen Xi because the Dao Calamity Sword in Chen Xi’s possession was the counter to the inheritance of the Sovereign Sect, whereas the River Diagram fragments in his possession was capable of hiding itself from the workings of the heavens and possessed numerous miraculous and heaven defying abilities.

So even though Chen Xi’s seemed to have a weak presence, it would absolutely not work without him!

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