Chapter 1456 – The Grand Dao Is Like A Cage

Along with the arrival of Suiren Ting, Zuoqiu Beiyong, and Zuoqiu Lenghua, everything became clear now.

This was a scheme that had been meticulously set up a long time ago!

After the Sovereign Sect interfered in the internal conflict within the Zuoqiu Clan, the meaning behind it had changed completely.

This caused Hua Jiankong to suddenly recall his conversation with his Master, Meng Xinghe, before he left the academy.

The Sovereign Sect has been constantly making plans in secret throughout the years, and it intends to seize the opportunity that the arrival of this calamity provides to bring disaster to the world and re-establish the Sovereign Sect’s control over the three dimensions. Now that the aura of the Five Signs of Death has descended, this is a sign that it’ll probably not be long before the Sovereign Sect’s shadow will spread throughout the Immortal Dimension…

At that time, Hua Jiankong had suspected that the Sovereign Sect intended to utilize this internal strife within the Zuoqiu Clan to be its first step to sweep through the world once more, and when he compared it to everything that had occurred before him, it proved all of this.

Presently, the Last Days Vortex had already appeared, and the Heaven Dao had transformed into a cage. Moreover, Suiren Ting had made an appearance while in control of the Sovereign Decree. All of this indicated that the internal strife of the Zuoqiu Clan was merely the first step in the Sovereign Sect’s plans.

It wasn’t just Hua Jiankong, the others had roughly guessed this as well, and a wisp of gloominess covered their faces.

Exactly what was the final objective of the Sovereign Sect?

This didn’t need to be guessed at all. Since the moment the Last Days Vortex appeared, it omened that the upheaval which was about to sweep through the three dimensions was about to erupt completely.

Moreover, all of this was caused by the Sovereign Sect!

Of course, this calamity had been predicted a long time ago, and it came from the energy of the Heaven Dao, so it was impossible for the Sovereign Sect to control it as well. However, even then, they could intensify and influence it, causing this calamity to erupt in advance!

“Everyone, I presume all of you’ve already guessed a little bit of it. However, unfortunately, your understanding is still a bit too late. Now, the Last Days Vortex has come down, and it’s impossible to turn everything around, not even for gods.” After he arrived here, Suiren Ting grinned as he spoke, and he seemed as if he controlled the world and victory was within his grasp.

The violet decree above his head emanated a supreme imposing aura, and it faintly responded and cooperated with the Last Days Vortex from afar, causing it to form a unique imposing aura. So, even if he was at the Immortal King Realm, he was actually not afraid of Zhao Taici and the others at all.

“All of this was planned by your Sovereign Sect since the beginning?” Zhao Taici spoke coldly.

“Exactly. Otherwise, how could we be able to use all of you to annihilate so many Immortal Kings and sacrifice their blood and souls to draw the Last Days Vortex down?” Suiren Ting answered in a very frank manner, and his tone was filled with absolute confidence.

“There were nine Immortal Kings and seventy Half-step Immortal Kings from your Sovereign Sect amongst them. Your Sovereign Sect really is assertive!” Zhao Taici spoke with a ridiculing tone.

“No, you’re wrong.” Suiren Ting shook his head and was still grinning. “They were just the pawns of my Sovereign Sect, and their fate was predestined when the Sect Master placed them within the Immortal Dimension all those years ago.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Only Wei Xing’s death is slightly regretful because he could be considered to be a talented person as well. However, for the sake of the future glory of the Sovereign Sect, his sacrifice is a matter of course.”

He made excuses for everything in a few words, and he seemed to be extremely ruthless and cold.

This was the way of disciples of the Sovereign Sect. The Sovereign forgot all emotion, and thus it was emotionless!

“Zuoqiu Beiyong, Zuoqiu Lenghua. Both of you’ve seen it as well, you’ll only be reduced to pawns by siding with the Sovereign Sect. Yet both of you actually willingly became their dogs. How sad is that!” Suddenly, Zuoqiu Feiming shouted angrily in a stern voice, and his voice revealed deep-rooted hatred.

However, Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua had calm expressions, and they remained unmoved.

“Early on before the last Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan perished, we were already Elders of the Sovereign Sect, and we can’t be compared to those pawns. The reason we’ve been laying dormant in the Zuoqiu Clan for all this time was none other than to gain benefits for my Sovereign Sect.” Zuoqiu Beiyong spoke indifferently and in a composed manner.

As soon as these words were spoken, the hearts of everyone went cold. All of them had never imagined that these two existences at the Godrank Realm would have actually been bought over by the Sovereign Sect long ago!

“So in this way, the death of my Big Brother was directed by the two of you from behind the scenes?” Zuoqiu Feiming’s heart shook, and he revealed boundless sorrow and rage.

“It couldn’t be helped. It was his fault for being indecisive and unwilling to join the Sovereign Sect! We could only annihilate him and support a Patriarch that was willing to surrender to the Sovereign Sect.” This time, it was Zuoqiu Lenghua that spoke.

Chen Xi’s expression turned gloomy. According to his knowledge, the last Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan was his mother’s father, his grandfather.

Now, when he heard this grandfather of his had actually died because of being unwilling to surrender to the Sovereign Sect, a wisp of fury surged out from Chen Xi’s heart, and he felt sorrowful for his mother.

Because at this moment, he finally understood why his mother who was clearly the inheritor of the position of Patriarch in the Zuoqiu Clan had her position usurped by Zuoqiu Feng in the end. The reason was actually Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua!

Moreover, the culprit behind all of this was actually the Sovereign Sect!

“How…ruthless of the two of you!” Zuoqiu Feiming’s eyes almost split apart with rage, and he almost gnashed his teeth into pieces. After that, he took a deep breath and asked. “Since both of you supported Zuoqiu Feng up to his position as Patriarch, why didn’t the two of you rescue them earlier? They’d clearly joined the Sovereign Sect already! Why?”

He wasn’t grumbling on behalf of Zuoqiu Feng and the others, and he was just slightly unable to accept such a fact.

This time, Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua didn’t speak, and they just gazed at Zuoqiu Feiming with pity and indifference. It was as if they were looking at a stupid idiot.

“They pursue the Dao of emotionlessness. Since they’re emotionless, then it’s perfectly understandable that they take actions that cause widespread indignation and discontent.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and spoke slowly.

Zuoqiu Feiming and the others had naturally guessed this a long time ago, yet they were unable to accept it in a short period of time.

Merely because of the word ‘emotionlessness,’ they were able to sever all ties of blood and betrayed their own clan and clansmen! This wasn’t just treacherous, it simply deserved death!

There was probably no one that was capable of accepting such a blow!

In an instant, the expressions of Zuoqiu Feiming and the others became gloomy to the extreme, and they revealed unparalleled anger and hatred. Because the internal strife of the clan had now been reduced to a scheme controlled by the Sovereign Sect, and it caused them to almost go mad with hatred.

“Haha! Actually, Chen Xi, you ought to thank my Sovereign Sect.” Suiren Ting’s gaze suddenly locked onto Chen Xi, and he grinned as he said, “If we didn’t stand by idly earlier, then how could you have been able to take revenge so smoothly? How is it? It feels really satisfying, right?”

Chen Xi said calmly, “So in this way, shouldn’t I have to thank all of you as well?”

Suiren Ting roared with laughter. “There’s no need for that. I’ll be satisfied so long as you hand over the Dao Calamity Sword and River Diagram fragments.”

Dao Calamity Sword!

River Diagram fragments!

Many people present here weren’t aware of this, so their hearts shook when they heard these words. They’d never expected that Chen Xi actually possessed such top-rate treasures of the three dimensions.

Even Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng were extremely moved. No matter if it was the Dao Calamity Sword or the River Diagram fragments, they were all precious treasures that the three of them didn’t dare dream of obtaining!

“So long as you agree to allow me to kill your entire Sovereign Sect just like I killed Zuoqiu Feng and the others, then not to mention these two treasures, I wouldn’t frown even if you asked for more.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

Suiren Ting’s face sank, and then he suddenly said with a smile, “Little Fellow, don’t forget that your mother is still being confined within Iris Immortal Prison. Once some sort of mishap befalls her…then you probably wouldn’t be willing to accept it as well, right?”

A cold glow flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes while a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent surged out uncontrollably from his heart.

“Don’t be affected by his exaggeration. I’m able to sense that Iris Immortal Prison still exists, and it hasn’t been infiltrated by any other external forces.” Zhao Taici spoke swiftly via voice transmission, and it undoubtedly calmed Chen Xi’s heart.

Up until this point in their conversation, the Last Days Vortex was still revolving and rumbling without end, and it pulled on the space in an area of 50,000km, causing it to collapse and break apart into a terrifying and chaotic black hole.

Moreover, this destructive force was still spreading at a shocking speed, and it wouldn’t be long before it would even swallow the entire Iris Desert.

“This fellow has been buying time since the beginning. We can’t continue waiting any longer.” Ao Jiuhui frowned as he spoke via voice transmission.

“He possesses the Sovereign Decree that’s linked to the Last Days Vortex to form a complete whole. Going against him is equivalent to going against the Last Days Vortex, so it’s probably impossible to kill him.” Chi Cangsheng sighed with a heavy voice. If it wasn’t because of this, he would have made a move to annihilate Suiren Ting as soon as Suiren Ting made an appearance. How could he have possibly listened to Suiren Ting’s nonsense until now?

“Calm yourself. Even though the Last Days Vortex is formidable, it’s unable to do anything to us for now. Perhaps there’ll be some sort of turn for the better.” Zhao Taici spoke abruptly. “Don’t forget that the Sovereign Sect is behind all of this, whereas the Dean instructed before we left that some fortuitous encounters might be hidden within all of this. No matter what, we just have to guarantee that we survive and don’t have to worry about anything else.”

Ao Jiuhui and Chi Cangsheng went silent when they heard this.

Indeed, they could only wait now, and wait for a favorable turn in the situation to arrive. However, would such a favorable turn actually appear or not?

No one was able to confirm it!

“Hahaha! What is it? Could it be that all of you think you’ll be able to escape this place today?” Suiren Ting couldn’t help but roar with laughter instead when he saw this, and his expression instantly became icy cold and merciless. “When the calamity arrives, the Grand Dao is like a cage, and no one is able to escape it. So what if all of you’ve become gods? You’ll only be reduced to prisoners in the end!”

He paused for a moment and swept Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng with his gaze before he said with a smile, “Of course, all of you probably think that perhaps you’ll be able to obtain the chance to enter the ancient God Domain from this. I’m not afraid to tell all of you that it’s utterly impossible!”

The expressions of Zhao Taici and the others turned grim as their thoughts had obviously been seen through.

On the other hand, a wisp of tempestuous waves couldn’t help but arise once more in the hearts of the others when they heard this. Could it be that the arrival of this calamity is related to the ancient God Domain of legend?

The ancient God Domain!

According to legend, that was a kingdom where gods resided, and it only existed within extremely ancient books. It was utterly not something that could exist in the three dimensions, and it had already existed a long time ago before the chaos was split open at the absolute beginning of the world!

However, in the countless years since the ancient times until now, there was rarely any news of anyone arriving at the ancient God Domain. Thus, this legend had long since faded from the memory of the world.

Only a very small portion of great figures that stood at the peak of the three dimensions were clearly aware that the existence of the ancient God Domain wasn’t a legend, and it really did exist!

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