Chapter 1456 – The Grand Dao Is Like A Cage

Along with the arrival of Suiren Ting, Zuoqiu Beiyong, and Zuoqiu Lenghua, everything became clear now.

This was a scheme that had been meticulously set up a long time ago!

After the Sovereign Sect interfered in the internal conflict within the Zuoqiu Clan, the meaning behind it had changed completely.

This caused Hua Jiankong to suddenly recall his conversation with his Master, Meng Xinghe, before he left the academy.

The Sovereign Sect has been constantly making plans in secret throughout the years, and it intends to seize the opportunity that the arrival of this calamity provides to bring disaster to the world and re-establish the Sovereign Sect’s control over the three dimensions. Now that the aura of the Five Signs of Death has descended, this is a sign that it’ll probably not be long before the Sovereign Sect’s shadow will spread throughout the Immortal Dimension…

At that time, Hua Jiankong had suspected that the Sovereign Sect intended to utilize this internal strife within the Zuoqiu Clan to be its first step to sweep through the world once more, and when he compared it to everything that had occurred before him, it proved all of this.

Presently, the Last Days Vortex had already appeared, and the Heaven Dao had transformed into a cage. Moreover, Suiren Ting had made an appearance while...

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