Chapter 1455 – The Last Days Vortex

The sky above Iris Desert was dyed red with blood, and the ground was covered in a scene of desolation.

After experiencing this world shocking battle, numerous Immortal Kings had perished, causing golden blood to dye the sky while damaged corpses covered the ground. Moreover, there were numerous formidable Immortal Artifacts amongst them that were unowned now.

If Chen Xi and the others weren’t here, then an area like this would very swiftly draw over countless experts from the Immortal Dimension to search for treasures as they would seek to obtain ‘fortuitous encounters’ from these fallen great figures.

Most of the Secret Realms throughout the three dimensions had been formed like this.

No matter how grand the scale of a battle was, once the curtains to it were drawn, then all that was left behind was those damaged corpses, ruins, blood, and treasures, causing it to become a ‘place where treasures were buried’ in the eyes of the outside world.

But it was very obvious that the curtains to all of this hadn’t been drawn yet.

After he killed Zuoqiu Feng and put the string of bloody heads away, Chen Xi’s gaze descended onto those treasures that had been left behind.

The enmity had been resolved, so it was naturally the time to reap the benefits.

Obviously, if he were able to obtain these benefits, then it would...

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