Chapter 1455 – The Last Days Vortex

The sky above Iris Desert was dyed red with blood, and the ground was covered in a scene of desolation.

After experiencing this world shocking battle, numerous Immortal Kings had perished, causing golden blood to dye the sky while damaged corpses covered the ground. Moreover, there were numerous formidable Immortal Artifacts amongst them that were unowned now.

If Chen Xi and the others weren’t here, then an area like this would very swiftly draw over countless experts from the Immortal Dimension to search for treasures as they would seek to obtain ‘fortuitous encounters’ from these fallen great figures.

Most of the Secret Realms throughout the three dimensions had been formed like this.

No matter how grand the scale of a battle was, once the curtains to it were drawn, then all that was left behind was those damaged corpses, ruins, blood, and treasures, causing it to become a ‘place where treasures were buried’ in the eyes of the outside world.

But it was very obvious that the curtains to all of this hadn’t been drawn yet.

After he killed Zuoqiu Feng and put the string of bloody heads away, Chen Xi’s gaze descended onto those treasures that had been left behind.

The enmity had been resolved, so it was naturally the time to reap the benefits.

Obviously, if he were able to obtain these benefits, then it would absolutely exceed his imagination.

After all, a few days of intense battles had occurred here, and numerous great figures had fallen. Merely in terms of Immortal Kings, over ten had perished here, and the Half-step Immortal Kings were over a hundred in number.

Obviously, how could the treasures possessed by such great figures be small in number?

Not only would it not be small in number, if they were placed in the outside world, then every single treasure would absolutely be able to cause countless people to fight for them!

“Watch out!” However, before Chen Xi could make a move, his entire body was suddenly enveloped by a strand of obscure energy of divinity, and then he uncontrollably arrived by the side of Zhao Taici and the others.

As soon as he steadied himself, a deep and dark time-space vortex suddenly surged into appearance in the sky above the area he was standing at just moments ago!

“The Last Days Vortex! As expected, I knew the Sovereign Sect wouldn’t give up just like that!” When she saw that dark vortex, the eyes of Zhao Taici that was an existence at the Godrank Realm actually focused while she revealed a shock expression, and she suddenly shouted loudly. “Retreat! Quickly!”


Her figure flashed along with Ao Jiuhui and Chi Cangsheng, and they brought Chen Xi and the others along to flash away. In an instant, they’d teleported out of this area.

However, the entire Iris Desert had suddenly been enveloped by a strand of a terrifying and mysterious force, and it actually caused Zhao Taici and the others at the Godrank Realm to be unable to break through and pass through it!

This caused their expressions to turn slightly gloomy. They immediately stopped moving and created a light barrier formed from the energy of divinity to envelop their surroundings and guard against everything.

“Why has the Last Days Vortex appeared here? Could it be that the calamity that’ll affect the three dimensions is going to erupt from here?” Ao Jiuhui had a gloomy expression while cold lightning flowed in his eyes.

“We can’t teleport anymore. Looks like it’s really as the rumors say. Once the Last Days Vortex appears, the Grand Dao is like a cage!” Chi Cangsheng frowned while his thin face revealed a wisp of a rare solemn expression.

The hearts of the others jerked when they heard this, and their expressions turned slightly grim.

A dark vortex that appeared out of thin air had actually caused three existences at the Godrank Realm to feel so fearful towards it. Then, exactly how terrifying would its might be?

Especially horrifying to them was that based on what Zhao Taici and the others said, this Last Days Vortex was actually related to the calamity that was about to sweep through the three dimensions. This was slightly shocking!

“Senior, what’s the Last Days Vortex?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask this question. He’d just finished taking revenge when he encountered such an unexpected turn of events, and he couldn’t help but be surprised and bewildered in his heart. He faintly felt that even though all of this seemed to be like a coincidence, yet it was actually planned by someone a long time ago.

“A form of Heavenly Tribulation that possesses the might to destroy the world, and it’s from the Heaven Dao. Once it appears, it means that a calamity is descending. At that time, the Grand Dao will be like a cage, and it can restrain and destroy all techniques! At that time, it might…” Zhao Taici explained swiftly, and as she finished speaking, she seemed to not dare confirm something and instantly stopped mentioning it.

Ao Jiuhui similarly warned solemnly from the side. “Everyone be careful. Even though all of this is a rumor, yet it has suddenly made an appearance now. Such a sign is slightly strange, and it’s probably being controlled by a terrifying figure from behind the scenes.”

After they heard all of this, the hearts of everyone was filled with terror. All of this actually might be controlled by someone from behind the scenes? It wouldn’t be a meticulous scheme of the Sovereign Sect, right?


Right at this moment, the dark vortex that hung in the distant sky suddenly started to revolve madly. It was like a bloody mouth had opened up in the world, and it emanated a strand of a terrifying energy that caused one’s heart to palpitate. It seemed as if it intended to swallow the world and take all things within it.

In an instant, the entire sky was suddenly effused by a layer of black color. It covered the sky and blotted out the sun, and the day was invaded by eternal night that caused the entire world to fall into darkness.

After that, an extremely oppressive pressure suddenly stretched out, causing all things to fall into terror and deathly silence. Only the dark vortex was still revolving madly.

They could clearly notice that in merely the time of a few breaths, the damaged corpses, blood, and even the treasures left behind had been completely absorbed and swallowed by the dark vortex!

“This is the energy of blood sacrifice…” When she saw this startling scene occur, Zhao Taici’s expression instantly became murderous before she gritted her teeth and said, “We seem to have fallen into the Sovereign Sect’s trap. Everything had clearly been set up in this Iris Desert since a long time ago!”

“So in this way, these fellows that died on Iris Desert are equivalent to have been used?” Divine light flashed within Ao Jiuhui’s eyes.

“Of course. Hmph! The Sovereign Sect!” Chi Cangsheng grunted coldly. “Only the Sovereign Sect would exhaust such efforts to set up all of this and rely on the blood and souls of these fallen Immortal Kings to draw out the might of the Last Days Vortex through a blood sacrifice technique!”

The expressions of the three existences at the Godrank Realm were slightly gloomy. Because they’d actually not noticed all of this earlier, and this caused a trace of a bad premonition to arise in their hearts. They faintly felt as if they were being schemed against and controlled by another.


Along with the passage of time, the Last Days Vortex revolved even more madly, and it emanated terrifying thunderclaps that resounded through the heavens and the earth, causing others to feel an extremely oppressive and terrifying feeling.

The energy emanated from it was too terrifying, and it caused Chen Xi’s scalp to go slightly numb. He felt that if he were to face it by himself, then he would probably be instantly torn into powder by the vortex.

The others didn’t seem much better. Even if they were either Half-step Immortal Kings or existences at the Godrank Realm, they still felt deep fear when facing this Last Days Vortex.

“What should we do? We can’t just sit and wait for death to arrive.” Ao Jiuhui frowned while he madly deduced the method to overcome this situation in his heart. Yet he noticed that the workings of the heavens were in a chaotic state, and all sorts of unknown auras were hidden within it.

“Even though we’ve surpassed the three dimensions and aren’t controlled by the energy of the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions, the Last Days Vortex has appeared unexpectedly now, and the Grand Dao is like a cage. Moreover, we’re in the Immortal Dimension now, so we’re bound to be unable to avoid this tribulation.” Zhao Taici sighed lightly, and then her clear eyes surged with a proud and arrogant expression. “However, even if this Last Days Vortex draws down a calamity, it might not necessarily be able to do anything to us.”

“Could it be that both of you’ve forgotten what the Dean said before we came here?” Suddenly, Chi Cangsheng seemed to have thought of something, and his thin face surged with a wisp of burning anticipation. “The chaos in the universe has arrived, and the fortuitous encounter we’ve been waiting for many years to obtain is bound to accompany it!”

The hearts of Zhao Taici and Ao Jiuhui shook when they heard this, and they seemed to have realized something, causing a wisp of burning anticipation that was exactly like Chi Cangsheng’s to surge out simultaneously from their eyes.

At this moment, their gazes towards the vortex had changed. There was no fear, no surprise, and no bewilderment any longer, and their gazes carried a trace of strange emotion instead.

The others were bewildered in their hearts and seemed to be lost in thought.

Only the eyes of Midnight Immortal King who was only a trace away from stepping into the Godrank Realm had suddenly lit up when she heard this, and she muttered. “Fortuitous encounter… Fortuitous encounter…”

“Hahaha! Sorry everyone, I’m a bit late and have made all of you wait!” Right at this moment, roaring laughter that shook the heavens suddenly reverberated through the heavens and the earth, and this voice revealed a domineering and arrogant tone as it reverberated through the heavens and the earth like a thunderclap.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Along with this voice, three figures tore through the sky and teleported over. The person in the lead had a handsome appearance while his entire body surged with blazing flames, and he had an arrogant and unrestrained bearing. He seemed like a king that controlled all flames in the world.

Surprisingly, it was Suiren Ting!

However, at this moment, a violet colored decree was floating in the sky 1m above his head. It emanated a terrifying, supreme, and eternally immovable might. Moreover, it actually formed a trace of a unique link with the Last Days Vortex and seemed to respond and cooperate with it from afar!

When he saw this person, Chen Xi’s pupils suddenly constricted. He instantly understood that it was really as Zhao Taici and the others had guessed. All of this was planned by the Sovereign Sect from behind the scenes.

There was a bearded old man in yellow robes and a woman who wore plain clothes and had an indifferent expression standing by Suiren Ting’s sides. The only similarity between them was that both of their bodies were coiled by the energy of divinity, and they possessed a supreme imposing aura.

Obviously, they were two existences at the Godrank Realm!

“Ancestors!?” When they saw these two people, the expressions of Zuoqiu Feiming and the others changed abruptly, and they revealed disbelief. After that, their expressions simultaneously turned gloomy and extremely unsightly.

These two people were the last two existences at the Godrank Realm within the Zuoqiu Clan — Zuoqiu Beiyong and Zuoqiu Lenghua!

When they saw the reactions of Zuoqiu Feiming and the others, Chen Xi and the others instantly guessed the identities of those two people, and their expressions changed slightly.

The two of them hadn’t made an appearance earlier, yet they’d simultaneously appeared with Suiren Ting who was ranked at the 2nd amongst the seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect. Even a blind person would be able to discern that they’d joined forces since a long time ago.

This wasn’t the main point. The main point was that the appearance of the Last Days Vortex was obviously related to Suiren Ting and the others. Especially when they saw the violet decree that floated above Suiren Ting, Zhao Taici and the other existences at the Godrank Realm immediately confirmed this.

Because that violet decree was the Sovereign Decree possessed by the current Sect Master of the Sovereign Sect!

In other words, the Sovereign Sect’s Master was behind all of this!

The Sect Master of the Sovereign Sect was a supreme existence comparable to the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, and the Master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, Nuwa. Since the primeval times until now, he’d personally schemed countless calamities that shook the three dimensions, and he was a paramount legend that caused others to fear and revere!

It was no wonder that they didn’t notice anything at all. Because if all of this was a scheme of the Sovereign Sect’s Master, then how many people in the three dimensions could possibly notice it?

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